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As Disney fans we can sometimes wear our fandom on our sleeves. If you walk into my basement, it's pretty apparent by the collectibles on the walls and shelves that there's a Disney fan in the house. We're not too hard to spot. Drive almost anywhere in any town and you'll find Mickey antenna toppers on quite a few cars (mine included.) Take a look at my wrist on just about any given day and you'll be sure to find a Mickey Mouse watch adorning it.

However, one of the most common things we as Disney fans, or for that matter all kinds of fans, do to show off our fandom is to wear that staple of every wardrobe: the T-shirt. I've probably got more T-shirts stuffed into my drawers than any other article of clothing. Not just Disney of course. There's a decent assortment of Grateful Dead related T's and tie-dyes and quite a few surfing and skiing related ones as well. But, I have to admit…I do have a healthy supply of Disney and Walt Disney World T-shirts in my possession. I wear them all the time. So with that said, let's take a look at some of my favorite Disney T-shirts.

Simple and classic, this Mickey shirt is probably my all-time favorite. I got it at the Disney Store years ago. It's the perfect T-shirt, worn in and comfortable.

A classic Mickey Mouse T-shirt. Photo by Chris Barry.

Speaking of the Disney Store, I've found some other favorites there. Here's a recently purchased Oswald T that seemed to get lots of comments from Walt Disney World cast members last summer.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit gets his own T-shirt. Photo by Chris Barry.

In the weeks surrounding its 2004 release, I found this very cool Syndrome shirt promoting The Incredibles. This style was gone quickly and I've never seen another one, so I'm glad I snapped it up.

A simple understated T-shirt featuring Syndrome from "The Incredibles." Photo by Chris Barry.

When Wall-E was released, the local Disney Store only had a few of these Axiom T-shirts available. What I love most about this one is the complete lack of Disney, Pixar, or the film title referenced anywhere. If you know and love the film—you'll get the shirt.

The Axiom Executive Starliner T-shirt. Photo by Chris Barry.

The 1936 Mickey classic short "Mickey's Rival" is featured on this shirt that I found at the Times Square Disney Store in New York City. You'd be hard pressed to find a T-shirt with Mortimer Mouse on it besides this one. This one has also been a favorite of Disney cast members in the parks.

Mortimer and Mickey Mouse in Mickey's Rival. Photo by Chris Barry.

Moving on to shirts from Walt Disney World, I've always loved this one, which is reminiscent of the classic Disneyland sign.

Classic and simple. Photo by Chris Barry.

I can never get enough of the Finding Nemo seagulls, so this shirt was a must-have.

Whose T-shirt is this? It's...mine, of course. Photo by Chris Barry.

It's a T-shirt with Beeker on it. Enough said.

A Beeker T-shirt purchased at Hollywood Studios. Photo by Chris Barry.

I've always been fond of this Mickey/Spaceship Earth Epcot shirt.

My favorite Epcot T-shirt. Photo by Chris Barry.

Probably my all-time favorite Walt Disney World T-shirt has to be this Pirates of the Caribbean shirt. There was a whole series of these “panel shirts” from different attractions and I wish I bought some of the other ones.

It's a Pirate's Life For Me. Photo by Chris Barry.

Of course, despite the shameless self-promotion, I do love wearing my MousePlanet T-shirt when I'm in the parks. Here's Dale giving me a hard time at the Cape May Café.

Dale and me and one cool T-shirt. Photo by Diane Dobler.

These are just some of my Disney T-shirt collection. There's more of Mickey and the gang on more different types of shirts from The Disney Store and Walt Disney World. There's a Beatles T-shirt from the United Kingdom pavilion and a Biergarten one from the Germany pavilion at Epcot. There are long-sleeve Ts, hooded Ts, and ripped ones and stained ones that I can't bear to part with that accompany me when I'm painting or working in the garden.

Like I said, sometimes we fans wear our love of Disney quite literally “on our sleeves.” These T-shirts are certainly proof of that, and I wear them with pride.

That's all for Disney Stuff this time around. If you have a favorite Disney T-shirt or like one of these or have anything else to say, click on the link below and let us hear your thoughts. As always, I'll see you next time with more of that great Disney Stuff.


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