MouseStation 286 - Interviews from the Blue Carpet at The American Idol Experience premiere

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In today's show, Mark talks about the world premiere of the attraction and shares his blue-carpet interviews.

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Feature: Interviews from the blue carpet at The American Idol Experience premiere

Mark talks about the world premiere of the attraction and shares his blue-carpet interviews.

Mark got to chat with 10 of the 28 Idol finalists and winners that came down the blue carpet. Some others were whisked past in a hurry, while still more Idols just worked the fan side of the carpet and never made it to the media side.

We're going to do something a little different with the show notes today. We're going to let you play "Match the favorite Disney memory with the Idol." The answers are in the show, but we'll put them at the end of the show notes, as well. Here goes:



Favorite Disney Memory

1. Justin Guarini


a. Seeing Aladdin in the theater, and thinking that "I'd love to be able to sing like that one day."

2. Chris Sligh


b. Getting lost when they were 6 years old at Disneyland. They got too scared to ride Splash Mountain when they saw the splash, so their brothers told them to wait. They waited about two minutes and then got lost roaming the park.

3. Bucky Covington


c. They were obsessed with Mickey when they were little and always wanted a Mickey stuffed animal, came to Walt Disney World when they were 8 or 9, and their grandmother bought them a stuffed Mickey. They still have it, even though it was chewed up by their dog, their mother sewed it up.

4. Michael Johns


d. The first time they came, at age four, and watching the fireworks behind the castle.

5. David Cook


e. Watching Aladdin—Robin Williams' genie is really really great, and the songs are genius.

6. Ace Young


f. Riding Splash Mountain for the first time the day before the blue carpet event, though they had to remember that they saw the Brer Rabbit story as a kid.

7. Sanjaya Malakar


g. Proposing to their fiancee right after the one of the fireworks shows at Epcot.

8. Jason Castro


h. They have a picture of themselves at age 3 riding Dumbo, with big smile on their face, but but their father was green from going in circles.

9. Diana DeGarmo


i. The first time that they saw The Jungle Book and realized that it took place in the Bengal forest, remembering that their father told them stories about the Bengal forest, and feeling a kinship to Mowgli.

10. Phil Stacey


j. Wanting to get a sword in the store in the castle shop the last time that they came to Walt Disney World, as a kid. Their mother decided to pay the power bill and they never got the sword (which cost about $200-$300 at the time).

You can find Mark's slideshow of the event in his extra article on Monday. Below is Walt Disney World Public Relations' official slideshow and movie of the event:

"Match the favorite Disney memory with the Idol" answers

  1. g
  2. e
  3. j
  4. a
  5. f
  6. b
  7. i
  8. c
  9. h
  10. d

Listener Feedback

John Papas wrote to ask if we recommend any "Ship your luggage services" to your hotel from your home, and also wanted to know if they sleeping bags on property.

Mark didn't know of any luggage shipping services other than putting it in a box and sending it by UPS or FedEx. He did recommend MousePlanet sponsor Owner's Locker for keeping stuff in Florida so that you don't need to ship stuff back and forth. Neither Mark nor Mike has heard of Disney selling sleeping bags on property, though Mike recommended taking a taxi to a stores at the local malls and buying a sleeping bag there. Mike thinks that he's seen some sleeping bags at World of Disney, but they were more of the kids indoor bag variety.

Bob McGovern called the feedback line to say that he would love to listen to Sean's podcast on music, and that he's also a fan of the "@ The Station" comic and would love to see it back.

Amy from Bloomington, MN also loved the segment Sean Jones presented on the Disney musical connections. She said that she learned a lot, and she would love to hear more from him. She thinks that the Disney podcast community needs a show like his.

Tracey from the Disney, Indiana Podcast called the feedback line to also say that she loved our conversation with Sean about Disney music connections. She didn't know that Louis Prima was the writer of "Jump, Jive & Wail" and "Sing, Sing, Sing" and she hopes that Sean follows up on the podcast.

She also wanted to go back to an earlier podcast and note that there are actually two tributes to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in the Magic Kingdom's Pooh attraction. In the same room as the picture of Toad handing the deed to Owl on the left-hand side, there is also a picture of Moley and Pooh on the floor on the right-hand side just before you leave that room.

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