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Parenting in the Park
Tips and ideas for the traveling family
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Adrienne Krock, editor
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Visit the parks with your children

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You can contact Adrienne here.

Parenting in the Parks with Adrienne Krock

Table of Contents

10/18/05 Fighting Boredom – Adrienne Krock reviews two Walt Disney biographies for young readers.

06/21/05 Juvenile Biographies – Adrienne Krock reviews two Walt Disney biographies for young readers.

06/14/05 Fighting Anxiety – Fighting anxiety at Disneyland.

04/10/05 Special Needs at WDW – Visiting Walt Disney World with special needs children.

06/23/04 Keeping Kids Cool at Disneyland – Lisa Perkis runs through all the cool or wet places you can take your kids at Disneyland.

3/11/03 Special Needs Children – Disneyland trip tips and stories from parents of special needs children.

1/31/03 Family Planning – Strategies for keeping the kid's in on things while planning a family trip.

10/7/02 Flik's Fun Fair – The Krocks puts the new area at California Adventure to the test. Does it pass?.

6/6/02 Kids to Kids, Heart to Heart – Meet Sarah's, who started selling lemonade, but grew way beyond that.

12/27/01 Readers Respond – Adrienne responds to your e-mail about the new measuring system.

12/12/01 Measuring Up at Disneyland – A new ride measuring system at the park, plus where to find the nearest Christmas Tree Farms to the resort.

11/26/01 Disneyland Holiday Tour – Find out what's in store for you on this new tour.

11/09/01 Legoland Information Guide – Adrienne brings back the guide for this park targeted specifically to younger children.

10/19/01 Brick or Treat – Halloween fun at Legoland.

10/12/01 Apple Picking – Old-style family fun away from the park.

9/21/01 Feeding the Baby – Adrienne on handy bags you can use, and nice places to nurse.

9/7/01 Magic Summer Memories: Final Update – Adrienne fills us in on how it went.

8/29/01 Walking to Disneyland: Tips of the Trade – How to avoid the parking lot tram and best pack the diaper bag.

8/7/01 Magical Summer Memories – Exciting news about the kid's ticket program.

8/2/01 Princess Tea – The El Capitan's new movie event.

7/31/01 Our Special Birthda Gift – A program to put your free children's DCA passes to good use.

7/6/01 Pinocchio's Workshop – The new child care service at Disneyland's Grand Californian Hotel.

6/20/01 The Subject is Strollers – Adrienne tells us about some double strollers, with help from Brian Bennett.

6/8/01 Parenting at Disneyland Paris – Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix tells us all about the centers in each of the four major parks.

5/31/01 All About WDW's Baby Care Centers – The centers in each of the four major parks.

5/9/01 Mother's Day at Disneyland – A list of things to do at the park after that wonderful brunch.

4/25/01 Taking Kids of All Ages – Tips on making it a pleasant visit for the rest of the family.

4/11/01 Magic: Year One – Tips on taking a one-year-old to Disneyland.

3/28/01 All Aboard: Visiting the Orange Empire Railroad Museum – Adrienne finds the Disney connection here.

3/14/01 Kid's Meals at Downtown Disney – Menus and prices of what is available for the little ones at the Disneyland Resort.

2/22/01 Disney Through a Kid's Eyes – How Disney magic works for the small fry.

2/8/01 What's a Kid To Do at DCA?—What do they have that's kid-friendly at California Adventure?.

1/24/01 California Adventure Overview – "Who is DCA's target audience?" and "Is my family in it?".

1/10/01 Storytelling at Disneyland – Find out more about these special performances.

12/20/00 Dealing with Holiday Crowds – It's going to be crowded this year, what to look out for.

12/6/00 Holiday Tips for Your Visit, Part II – A few more things to look out for to help make your Disneyland holiday visit extra special.

11/28/00 What if You Get Sick at Disneyland? – Sometimes illness strikes at the happiest place on earth. Read about the options available here.

11/15/00 Holiday Tips for Your Visit, Part I – A few things to look out for to help make your Disneyland holiday visit extra special.

11/2/00 Visiting While Expecting – A pregnancy needn't keep you from enjoying your visit to a Disney park, there's always something to see and do.

10/18/00 Traveling to Walt Disney World With Children – Guest Columnist Mary Kraemer on taking multiple children, including her 4 year old twins, to Walt Disney World.

10/11/00 Traveling to Disneyland With Children – Guest Columnist Mary Kraemer on taking multiple children, including her 4 year old twins, to Disneyland.

10/4/00 Ham Radio in the Parks – A quick guide to a ham radios alternative.

10/3/00 Birthday Parties at Disneyland – Yes, they have returned, here's the information on how to book them.

9/25/00 Theme Park Safety – Advice for parents in light of the recent accidents at Disneyland.

9/6/00 Keeping in Communication on Vacation – Adrienne & Byron Brainard discuss how FRS Radios may help out with your family park vacation.

9/6/00 Catching Up – Tips for the upcoming Disneyland Tour MousePlanet is offering—describes an update for the Potties site—and answers reader e-mail.

8/30/00 Lost in Disney – About the Lost Children centers at the parks .

8/16/00 Food Options in the Parks – What your family can look forward to.

8/4/00 Mary Poppins Sing-Along – Take the family to this special event.

8/2/00 Meeting Princesses – Planning ahead for—and then meeting up with—the Disney characters at the park.

7/19/00 Souvenir Shopping – Ideas for the little ones when you go to the park.

6/21/00 Bringing Your Own Stroller to Disneyland – Should you bring your own to the park?.

6/7/00 Renting Strollers at Disneyland – Should you rent a stroller at the park? Read Adrienne's review before you decide.

5/22/00 Disneyland's Baby Care Center – Adrienne tells you about herself and the terrific Baby Care Center at the park.


Mom and Matthew
Mom and son Matthew.


Adrienne gathered experience taking children to amusement parks when she worked as a day camp counselor and director. She was an elementary school teacher before she started her favorite job: being Matthew and Spencer's mom.

Adrienne, Matthew and Spencer visit Disneyland several times a month, usually with Daddy.

Besides Matthew and Spencer, Adrienne and her husband Kevin created and maintain the award-winning Happiest Potties on Earth here at MousePlanet.

You can contact Adrienne here.


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