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Parenting in the Park
Tips and ideas for the traveling family
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Adrienne Krock, editor
Adrienne's eMailbox October 19, 2000

Before I start with e-mail - let me share some information with you about an upcoming MousePlanet event:

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D I S N E Y L A N D  U S A
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Kids and MouseAdventure!

An upcoming MousePlanet event will be the MouseAdventure contests on December 10. Based on personal experience I can tell you, MouseAdventure is lots of fun. If you're considering playing and you have children, here are some tips.

First of all, MouseAdventure lasts for several hours. Consider this and your child's demeanor. Your child will need to wander around the park for several hours and not ride any rides (well, maybe you'll need to ride one or two if you don't know the answer to a question.)

The funnest category for children will be the scavenger hunt. This requires the least amount of prior knowledge and a bit of strategy, but a lot of walking around. For children under seven, this will be a challenge. You may consider bringing a stroller.

The trivia contest will require more sitting. Children may be bored. You may also need to do a bit of hiking around the park if you think you can track down answers this way.

Finally, there's my favorite category: the combined trivia and scavenger hunt. Frankly, if you have a child small enough to ride in a stroller, find a friend or a sitter to watch that child while you participate! You will be non-stop moving through the park to get everything done. Just trust me. It would be unfair to your team to have to maneuver through the park with the stroller; the stroller will slow your team down. It would be unfair to your child to be dragged around for several hours. You won't have time for leisurely potty stops or diaper changes.

In the past, my husband and I have asked a friend to watch our son or only one of us participated while the other took care of Matthew. Because of the amount of work involved in this category, I do not recommend this category for teams with children.

As a general guideline, children 10 and older may make great teammates but should have an adult teammate to supervise and add support. Those teenagers have frankly put together some tough teams to beat in the past. 13 year-olds and older will be fine forming their own teams. As for children under 10, they are welcome to "tag along" but you don't need to count them toward your maximum team total of 4 participants if you don't want to.

Adrienne's eMailbox for 10/19/00:

Jason wrote:

We're new parents with an 18-month old and are considering taking our tyke and his adorable Tigger costume to the park on Halloween. Aside from the overpriced Villians event, will Disneyland be doing anything for kids that day? What have they done in the past?

Sorry to have to tell you this, but Disneyland does not do anything special on Halloween. Nothing. Halloween is like any other regular day at the park. There is no "trick or treating," nor a costume contest. (Rumor does have it though that the park may return to doing a month of Halloween events next year - the two years they did have them were quite impressive, let's hope they do return. Special thanks to Fab for this info.)

As a mom, I have no desire or motivation to take my son to Knott's or Universal. He's too young for blood and guts and scary, and frankly, it's not my thing either! This week, my husband and I took our son to Legoland and experienced "Brick or Treat." Because it was a weekday there were no lines for attractions. Our son is over 36" tall, however, and I recommend Legoland primarily for families with children at least 34" tall. The height restrictions for Legoland attractions are listed at the Legoland Information Site.

While I love taking my son to Legoland, it's a bit of a drive. I'm really looking forward to a fun Halloween season at Disneyland next year! I would love to see some "fun" theming appropriate for families, wouldn't you?

Jason wrote back:

For those living in the shadow of the mouse (namely, Burbank / Glendale and surrounding areas) there's the LA Zoo's "Boo at the Zoo" 10 am to 4 pm the weekend before Halloween. Discount for kids with costumes. Thought you would like to know. Here's a link to their site.

Thanks for the tip!

Michelle wrote:

Thank you so much for your article. We have been debating taking our 21 month old at the end of the year (she will be almost 2) or waiting till she is a little older. We have a seven and half year old who has been three times and loves Disneyland. I really don't want to stop our every other year trips but was afraid the two year old would just be to young.

Could you recommend a Hotel within walking distance of Disneyland. We have stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and Jolly Roger. Would like something we could walk from that is clean and reasonable.

Your 2 year old will definitely be able to appreciate Disneyland! (Although I highly recommend an afternoon nap!) As for walking distance hotels, there are several off-site hotels Disneyland reviews on MousePlanet. You'll notice guest columnist Mary Kraemer's own review is the first one on the list (but only because the hotels are listed in alphabetical order!)

From Cindy:

Just wondering what the ride restrictions at Legoland are for pregnant women. I'll be about 3 1/2 months along when we take my 3 and 6 year old kids to  visit the park in November, and I'm wondering what I cannot ride. I also noticed that some rides have a maximum weight, my husband is around 225 pounds, will this restrict him from riding some rides as well?

First of all, congratulations!

As far as pregnancy restrictions go, I found the information at Legoland to be difficult to track down, but here it is! These restrictions are not listed in the map to the park so I requested them at Guest Services.

Most of the ride signs have the pregnancy warnings on them. The warning is a picture of a stork carrying a baby with the red circle and line through it. Pregnant women are advised to not ride: Spellbreaker, The Dragon, Sky Cycle (because peddling would be uncomfortable and difficult, I was told,) Sky Patrol, and Aquazone (Guest Services told me this was on the list but I did not see this warning on the Aquazone sign. Based on watching the attraction I would not ride it while pregnant)

As for maximum weights, on my various visits to Legoland I have been with individuals whose weight obviously exceeded 170 lb. yet we have never been asked to not ride a ride. In fact, on one ride, we were allowed to put multiple individuals in the ride vehicle which greatly exceeded the 170 lb. limit.

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