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Dual reViews
Opinions and discussion
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Alex Stroup and Kevin Yee
Our Mission Statement
We are committed to opinionated discussion

Alex and Kevin have spent considerable time around books. As a degreed (though non-practicing) librarian, Alex knows his books. Kevin, by obtaining a PhD in German and working for a while as an Assistant Professor, has seen his share of books as well. Together they decided to tag-team on reviewing some Disney books.

The result is what you see here. These Dual Reviews are designed to allow our understanding of the books to flow out of the conversation. True comprehension of any issue, a philosopher will readily tell you, is best achieved by having a dialogue. Hopefully, our approach should give you a good picture of what each book is like, and how strongly we would recommend it to you.

Not all of these books will be recent publications. We're interested also in building up a Disney library and possibly helping you do the same!

We liked this approach so much that we've expanded the idea to include reviews - or reViews, as we like to call them - on current events that impact the Disney Company and their theme parks. The idea is basically the same: only by talking things out can we truly hope to understand them.

What these reviews do NOT offer you is a detailed historiography of the books' production, or complex author backgrounds, or even behind- the- scenes information. We're reviewing the books as books. These are, in short, our opinions (and possibly our recommendations about whether you'd enjoy them).

We carry over the same attitude and intent to the reViews of current topics. We'd like to select controversial subjects whenever possible, and add our voices to the discussion. Hopefully, we can keep things rational, and try to show both sides of all issues.

And that's it! We don't promise to be right, but we do promise to tell the truth, at least as far as we know it. And we also promise to offer our frank opinion, and not pull punches.-

We want your feedback! Mail us both by clicking here.


Alex Stroup and Kevin Yee introduce themselves

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