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Al Lutz
A.D.D. Quest - Spring 1999 - Group Photo / Organization Team

The special A.D.D. Quest button [above] designed by Lani!

That's a LOT of people!

The group photo, taken at 2 PM in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Sunday March 21st 1999, just before the start of the event. Over 50 people came out to the park to start on the quest!

Of course, all those folks in that photo above wouldn't be having such a great time without the crack team [below] working behind the scenes.

The crack team spent most of the afternoon eating boxes upon boxes of candy sent by the lovely Beverly from Chicago to keep their stamina up, while they answered participant's questions, and then helped grade the forms to select the winners!

Crack support team

[Left to right] Tony, Jason, Debbie, Jim, a.d.d. quest host Kevin, and Michelle. Al [me!] took the photo and also helped eat lots of that candy.

[Now Beverly, you DO understand that I blame YOU for my expanding waistline.]

See the winners on the next page!

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