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Al Lutz
A.D.D. Quest - Spring 1999 - Winner's Photos

And the winners were:

First Place

First Place: [Left to right] Todd [bottom], Andrew [top], Jennifer, Kevin [bottom], Angela, a.d.d. quest host Kevin [top], Adrienne and the Freaking' Adorable One, Matthew. [Not that he had much to do with anything mind you.] Winners got a limited edition "Ultimate Disneyland Album" CD. [Don't hate them because they're good, OK?]

Second Place

Second Place: John, Doobie [top], Kaz, Rebekah [bottom]. Winners got a special collector's three show Country Bear Jamboree CD. [Amazingly they finished about half the questions, went home early, and STILL got second place, damn they're terrific.]

Third Place

Third Place: Jeff, Sheila, a.d.d. quest host Kevin, Judy. Winners got a limited edition park button. [A wonderful contender team - watch out for them next time!]

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Michelle "Fab," with a.d.d. quest host Kevin. Fab got a wonderful hug AND a button! [Amazingly Fab, just by filling in what she knew during lunch at Club 33, scored higher than many other folks. She didn't even chase any of the clues around the park! She knows her stuff!]

Everyone else who joined in were also winners, since they received a special a.d.d. quest limited edition button [shown at the top of these pages] designed by the lovely and charming Lani.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated, and especially Kevin for putting it all together so successfully!

Now the only question that remains is just WHO is going to try and beat those rather smug-looking first place winners the next time around?  ;)

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