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Al Lutz
Photos from El Capitan Special Events - Spring 1999

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea special event - May 7, 1999

From the press release [edited]: To showcase the film, a fully restored 35mm CinemaScope, Dolby Stereo print of the film was shown. Further marking the occasion, director Richard Fleischer and Academy Award-winning matte artist Peter Ellenshaw were on hand to discuss the film, preceding the 9:00 pm show. Disney historian / head of library restoration Scott MacQueen moderated the discussion.

Panel discussion

[Above - left to right] Peter Ellenshaw, Scott MacQueen, Richard Fleischer.

Peter Ellenshaw Richard Fleischer

[Above - left to right] Peter Ellenshaw, Richard Fleischer.

Scott MacQueen

[Above] Scott MacQueen.

You gotta love 'em!

[Above - left to right] A.D.D. regulars who attended this screening: Sheila, Jeff G., Illene, Jennifer, Dan, Michelle, Andrew and Karl (not pictured: John and Al).

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