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Al Lutz
Outdoor Vending - Hot Dog Kitchen Followup
Special D-I-G update 2/23/99

Right after the New Year, I had reported in an update about a problem in a kitchen used by Disneyland to prepare hot dogs for outdoor vending. [The original report can be found in the Archive section of my site.]

Well it seems the O.C. Department of Health followed up on what I had put up online, and then filed a report on it.

I've OCR'd the original one-and-a-half-page letter below - plus you can also view GIFs of the original document (which are a little hard to read) that are accessible via the link at the right.

[Seal of Orange County California]


February 2, 1999

To: File

From: Alexander D. Soles, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist I

Subject: Investigation at Disneyland Regarding DIG Article

On January 6, 1999 at approximately 7:30 a.m., Mr. Bill Ford - Assistant Director gave me an article regarding a food facility at Disneyland. Mr. Ford indicated that the article was downloaded from the Internet and that there were some areas of concern that we needed to investigate. I immediately contacted Martin Cowley - Food Operations at Disneyland and informed him that we needed to have a very important meeting A.S.A.P. Later that morning, at 10:00 a.m., I met with Martin Cowley along with Chris Carretero and Randy Dossett; also present was Scott Martz - Q. A. manager for Disneyland.

[Al's note: "Q.A." is probably short for Quality Assurance.]

I explained to Mr. Cowley and Mr. Martz that the reason for the meeting was because of an article that was brought to the Assistant Director’s attention. The article mentioned that on December 26, 1998 that there was a sewage back up in the Space Place Kitchen and that the manager decided to keep the kitchen open for operation. The article also mentioned that there was a disgusting stench in the kitchen while employees were working. I gave a copy of the report to Mr. Cowley and Mr. Martz (both indicated they knew nothing of the article) and gave them time to read the article.

After they read the article I indicated that we were here to investigate the allegations. Also my supervisor, the Assistant Director, wanted me to reemphasize the fact that if there is a sewage back up that the food facility is to immediately close and not to reopen until all the necessary repairs have been made and the contaminated area is thoroughly washed and properly disinfected.

Kimi Rapada
[Al's Note: Here's a photo of Kimi Rapada]

We all walked over to the Space Place Kitchen where we were met by Kimi Rapada - Space Place Kitchen Manager and Lisa Woods - Operations Manager of the Outdoor Vending. We walked through the kitchen and I asked Ms. Woods "was the DIG report accurate", she responded "partially". She indicated there was a drainage problem but the water that was backing up was not really sewage but water run-off from the hot dog steamer. The liquid in question was confined to the area around the floorsink. Ms. Woods indicated that the liquid was mopped up. I indicated that any time liquid has drained into a floorsink that is considered contaminated sewer water and that the food facility must close down until all the necessary repairs have been made and the contaminated area has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

February 2, 1999
Page 2

Ms. Woods went on to indicate that there was a smell / odor. The smell / odor apparently began around 3 p.m. and at approximately 6 p.m. the kitchen was voluntarily closed.

As I walked through the facility I mentioned that the floor below the hot dog steamer was dirty and needed to be cleaned. Also Mr. Dossen pointed out that the metal drainpipe for the hot dog steamer needed to be cut so as to create a 1" air gap.

I had Ms. Rapada get a bucket of water and pour it into the floorsink in question to be sure it was draining properly. She poured approximately 1 gallon of water into the floorsink and no drainage problems were observed.

As we all walked back to Mr. Cowley’s office I reiterated what Orange County’s Environmental Health expectations were and that I would hope that if there were any similar problems in the future that Disneyland would immediately close the food facility and take the necessary steps to correct the problem.

On January 7, 1999 I reviewed my findings with Mr. Ford.

That's the document as it was filed.

Hopefully this helped inform everyone about what was going on, and I hope in the future this kitchen - or any kitchen at Disneyland for that matter - that has any problem will be shut down promptly to insure customer safety.


Original Documents - scanned to GIF format

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