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Al Lutz

A P R I L  2 9,  2 0 0 1
D I S N E Y L A N D, U S A

Event coverage: ONE | TWO

Team photos: THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | SEVEN

Final Scores: EIGHT

Team photos

(Please e-mail Kevin Yee just in case we need to make any adjustments to names in the photos below.)


Team Photo, Name and Members


Scaveng-EARS - Tom Masters, Heidi Masters, Noelle Masters, A. Masters


Silly Simphony - Alexander Abbe, Lisa Takeuchi, Diane Petring


Mad Hatters - Tim Burns, Sonja Madrigal, Bonnie


More Mad Hatters - Shoshana Lewin, Lori Saito, Nathan Saito


The Mighty Matterhorns - Scot Hutton, Beth Hutton, Kelly Alexander, Jennifer Hinton


Third Place: 842 - Team 25: DF4
DF4 - Wendy Okada, John Lee, Kim Johnson, Jean Burger


Big Al's Posse - Michael Libby, John, Jessica 


Jerold Jacoby


Boeing Rocket Rangers - Michael Munoz, Jeff Lane, Carmela Rossi-Lane


The Giggle Beasts - Ryan Kay, Lisa Kay, Tim Peacock, Nicole Peacock


Ursula's Underlings - Sue Branin, Susan Petty, Mary Villanueva, Jennifer Johnson


Event coverage: ONE | TWO

Team photos: THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | SEVEN

Final Scores: EIGHT

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