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Al Lutz

MouseAdventure – Winter 2000


And the winners names are... all finally in! Below are the ones who were there to receive their prizes:

The Boeing Rocket Rangers - Mike Munoz, Carmela Rossi-Lane, Jeff Lane and Peggy Steenbergh.

The Denton Affair: Mark Williams, Laurie Stevens, Steve Zlick, and Chelsie Coffman

The Marysues: Susan Petty, Mary Villanueva, Sue Branin

The AnimaHatters: Hitomi Niimura, Rosanne Chen, Christine Whang, and Vanessa Vacca - such lovely hats ladies!

The Two Bear Rugs: Rev and Kim Vandervort

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies OTHER Hillbilly Cousins - Laurie Patlano, Devin Crawford, Andy Bell, Danny Bell

Coleen and Jim Bennett

Mickey Marauders - Leon Wier, Linda Wier, Lynn Gill, Debbie White - they even made special shirts for the event!

With special thanks to the many hard working MousePlanet staffers who helped assemble and run this event.

CONTINUE on to the rest of the list, with all teams pictured - including complete scores.