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Al Lutz
Archived D-I-G Update

D-I-G Quick Update: 6/30/00 - Fourth of July additional fireworks / DCA Attraction Round-Up / Parking & Innoventions Update / Fastpass Corrections

Here are some minor tidbits that won't hold until another full update is ready - enjoy your holiday weekend:

Fourth of July additional fireworks

There will be a short additional fireworks display after the Believe fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Original plans called for about a five minute show to "honor America" - but that word "budgets" came up again and now it may be down to just two minutes of pyro.

The good thing is the Believe show is terrific - the sad thing is that they couldn't do just a little more for the Fourth to compliment it.


DCA Attraction Round-Up

Thanks to a kind soul we have a round up of just what some of the "attractions" at tje new California Adventure park [DCA for short] really are - let's just say it's a shame this much creativity was spent on trying to justify some of these things as "attractions" when it could have been better spent on actually putting some real ones in...

In your last Ask Al you were asked about "attractions" that aren't attractions.... so I'll give you the details on the ones you listed:

- Back to Neverland: The Robin Williams & Walter Cronkite film that plays in Florida'a animation attraction. This film will be playing in one of the two theaters inside Disney Animation in Hollywood.

- Beast's Library: One of three interactive rooms that comprise the "Sorcerer's Workshop" in Disney Animation.

- Enchanted Books: The interactive kiosks inside the Beast's Library. Seems pretty desperate to count the Animation as an attraction, plus a room inside it, plus the things inside the room...

- Drawn to Animation: Will be a live show inside Disney Animation. I live CM will interact with animation on a screen. It'll be a funny little film about the making of animated films.

- Magic Mirror Realm: More interactive exhibits inside Disney Animation. This one will be a personality test where they match your personality to a Disney character based on your answers. Then they morph a picture of you onto that character.

- Ursula's Magic Voices: Interactive kiosks inside Animation, where you sing along with Ursula, along the lines of the part of the movie where she steals Ariel's voice.

It does seem like this was an odd way to inflate the number of attractions there... but what do you expect?

Sadly it's just what I expected...


Parking and Innoventions Update

Reader Dusty was kind enough to contribute the following - very interesting. if I say so myself:

Howdy Al, I noticed some interesting things at the park today and thought I'd drop you a line.

1) Part of the construction fence around the Pinocchio Tram loading area has been removed. This new loading area is beautiful! Fancy patterns in the brick work, lovely trees and flowers. In my opinion, even better looking than its other stop at the park entrance. 

2) Covers are being installed over the parking lot escalators. They are the cheap stretched fabric kind, but I have a feeling that they are only temporary. Considering how much they have completed since last weekend, I'd say that they will be finished early next week. 

3) Innoventions has several new elements. The area downstairs next to the web surfing cave has been reworked rather nicely into an "Imagination" zone. Among other things, there is a face creator which allows you to manipulate the way a face looks on the computer screen, and a series of stations that allows you to listen to music (which you can't hear unless you are standing under a clear plastic dome). I rather enjoyed this new area. 

Upstairs, Bugs Life has been replaced with the "Secret Lab" which is set up exactly as it was before, but now features the CGI film Dinosaur. The CM told me that this is just temporary. They hope to install a 102 Dalmatians theme by Thanksgiving. The Kaiser area has added some exercise equipment and made a few changes to the giant heart. As I understand from speaking with a few CM's, plans are in the works to rehab most of the downstairs and add a few surprises upstairs as well. Interesting stuff.

Thanks Dusty!


Fastpass corrections

I'd made some comments about Fastpass in recent updates - and found out afterwards things I was shown ahead of time / or had gone through and done on my own were later changed.  To clarify - 

On Autopia Fastpass I had mentioned that you would have to exit through Innoventions, but this was later changed from what I was shown. You do currently have a choice to either exit from Fastpass down a flight of stairs or to continue on into the old carousel building. 

After trying out Autopia's Fastpass on Friday night - it does seems a bit awkward as now used - but it does work in getting you into a car faster. It's plainly obvious though that the queue was not really designed for it.

On Indy's Fastpass it changed a bit after I'd first tried it. A reader was kind enough to tell me it now works somewhat akin to what they do with Autopia - the former outside queue area is now the standby line - and when you enter you proceed with your Fastpass up past the rotunda and movie room.


That should do it for now - see you at the park!

D-I-G Update: 6/26/00 - Special Thanks to Mouse Adventure participants / Haunted Mansion Holiday Makeover / Rivers of America Makeover / DCA ride film info / DCA Fastpass info / DCA artisan cutbacks / Fireworks rumor / Electrical Parade rumor / Parking garage problems / Tidbits / Disneyland's future

Special Thanks to Mouse Adventure participants 

Before we start with today's update, a very special thanks to the over one hundred people who participated in this year's Mouse Adventure! What a pleasure meeting so many of you in person - and thank you for enduring what had to be the most humid day of the year ever.

Kevin Yee, who worked long hours on this event, has all sorts of terrific coverage of this HERE ON THE SITE, and everyone should applaud him, and the team who worked so hard to make this happen.

Look for another adventure during the [much less hot and humid] holiday season!


Haunted Mansion Holiday Makeover 

You all pretty much loved the small world holiday makeover - and now the word is that they have chosen the next attraction to get the holiday treatment for this year's two month long Christmas promotion.

Yes, it's the Haunted Mansion

Now before you groan out loud - get this - it will get a Nightmare Before Christmas themed overlay. If they put in half as much care [and hey, we know what the budgets are like lately around the park] as they did with small world, this should be a very clever way to do this. It also gives them a good reason to open up this attraction right on Halloween night ready to go for the holidays.

The merchandise should be terrific [they've finally understood to do park specific stuff now, note the terrific items available for Autopia] so you Jack Skellington collectors should have a field day.

I know I'm looking forward to this one...


Rivers of America Makeover 

It now appears there is a possible part two to the Frontierland makeover we talked about here in the column a few weeks ago, and it involves reinvigorating the Rivers of America so you finally have a themed story told as you go around the river.

"Legends of the Frontier" [I may not have the title exact there] will redo the areas along the river into about six places where you can finally see Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox and any other number of classic Disney shorts favorites, as the onboard narration tells you a little bit about each legend. The Zorro theme appears to have been kept for the Casa Mexicana restaurant redo too - helping carry this theme idea through to the Twain dock [which will get a minor upgrade to pitch the voyage].

Besides giving you something new to see along the shore - you will also now have a story element added to the boat ride - a very good thing to do. Let's hope they get the go-ahead for this concept, the costs are low and the advantages are many.


DCA [Disney's California Adventure] ride film info 

Eisner and film composer Jerry Goldsmith [apparently the musical replacement for James Newton Howard] will be doing a test ride on the IMAX simulator on Tuesday.

Some interesting tidbits about this attraction: The IMAX film will be projected into a dome, which you will be thrust down a bit and into - a sort of reverse Back to the Future type of situation [think dome in front and down of you rather than above you].

The film will be projected at double the normal speed - 48 fps - to achieve a very flicker free picture. Apparently this clarity helps heighten the sense of actually being there to viewers.

Sadly, it appears this will also make the attraction very trouble prone - since this kind of speed and the technology to provide it has never been attempted in a theme park environment before - especially having to run on a continual basis. 

I keep hearing that Disney will not assign the proper technical people to this attraction at this time, when they can be properly trained. Their attitude seems to be the thing will run itself - with no understanding at all that this is a very unusual projection and ride system that will be going into entirely new territory technology- wise.

What does the previous paragraph mean to you the consumer? That unless Disney gets people assigned to this project now, it will be prone to lots of breakdowns upon opening. [With the limited loads the off the shelf rides now in the park have - this will only increase the frustration with this park for visitors.]

By the way, reader Cris was kind enough to write about the model Mad Mouse the park is now has in the carnival section of DCA, here's what he had to say:

You may have [heard] about the new roller coaster added to Six Flag's Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville. It is a mouse roller coaster and was really just added to take the vacant space occupied by the "Vampire" roller coaster that had to be removed because of constant breakdowns. 

Anyway, the new mouse coaster is called "Roadrunner Express" and it is the exact same coaster as Mulholland Madness. The exact same track lay out and everything. So it is an "off the shelf" ride in the way that say, a Tilt-a-whirl at a carnival is an off the shelf ride. The carnival leaves and a new carnival comes to town and they also have a tilt-a-whirl that is exactly the same. Do you see what I'm saying? 

Mulholland Madness is a mass produced ride. It's not like, for example, Rock 'n Roller coaster where Disney has something built to their specifications.

The only difference between Road Runner Express and Mulholland Madness is that the Road Runner cars have the sides painted in a faux wood finish. Also, I think that Six Flags may have a little bit more themeing with a desert like setting with cacti and Acme boxes, anvils suspended above your head in the waiting area, etc. 

The ride is very short, and... well... it's just a carnival mouse coaster. At Six Flags it doesn't even generate enough interest for there to ever be more than a five minute wait. Also, I've never seen more than four cars on the track at once at Six Flags, I'm not sure how many it can hold. It's also not a very fast loader. Maybe about as fast as the fantasyland dark rides. 

I made a friend of mine ride it with me at Six Flags and he said, "That was the stupidest thing I've ever ridden." Expect similar responses when DCA opens.

Thanks for the observations Cris - I get the feeling you are only one of many here with similar opinions on this one.


DCA Fastpass info

We learned a few things about upcoming Fastpass attractions at DCA. Here's the current lineup:

The Sun Wheel has been taken off the Fastpass roster. The throughput is very low on this, which doesn't lend itself easily to Fastpass. But, the boarding process is what doomed Fastpass here. You will have your choice of either a swinging or stationary cabin. Adding Fastpass to the Sun Wheel would have created four separate lines and boarding areas; Standby stationary cabin, Standby swinging cabin, Fastpass stationary cabin, Fastpass swinging cabin. Too confusing!

In it's place, Fastpass will now be added to the Mad Mouse coaster instead. The Mad Mouse is finished, except for some light themeing. There will be a few road signs put up alongside the track. The angled steel structure on the south side of the Mad Mouse will be painted to look like a giant road map. For the big grand finale', your Mad Mouse car will dive thru a hole in the "map", as if you've busted thru a roadmap of Route 66. Um, wow.

They are currently backing off the previous plan to offer Fastpass at the Hyperion Theater. Instead, they are now planning on offering Fastpass at Bug's Life and / or MuppetVision instead. Fastpass has also been canceled at the Limo Ride, at least for now. 

With these changes and cancellations, that still leaves a minimum of 6, and possibly 7, Fastpass attractions in DCA on opening day. Soarin', Screamin', the raft ride, the Maliboomer, the Mad Mouse, and one or two of the 3-D shows are the current lineup of Fastpass attractions at DCA. This list may possibly change again closer to February, but as opening day draws near the Fastpass list becomes more definite.


DCA Artisan cutback

Have you noticed that not much has been said about the DCA "Artisans Workplace" recently? You'll remember that Artisans Workplace was one of the DCA concepts that Eisner was all hyped up about in the late 90's. The artwork displayed in 1998-99 in the Preview Center for this attraction showed a collection of California businesses showcasing their products and manufacturing techniques. See's Candy was alluded to, as well as other eclectic California industries. This was going to be the exciting "Factory Tour" component that Eisner was excited about.

Well, Artisans Workplace has been cancelled. It will not be there on opening day, and likely will never appear in DCA. It seems Disney could not garner any interest in the conept, or in DCA in general, from many California based business or industries. The building space, located near the Golden Dreams Whoopi Goldberg movie, may be used as a Character meet n' greet location, and some of the area will be turned over to ODV so they can set up more slushy carts and glow stands.

This is really an interesting story here. From 1996 thru 1998, Eisner touted DCA as being a showcase for California industries and products. There were going to be exciting and innovative "factory tour" experiences that would show guests all that California industry and commerce offers to the world. Eisner literally gushed about this DCA concept, and in interviews he would recall fondly how he was fascinated as a young boy when he would go on factory tours with his school or family.

The reality is that there was no California industry or business willing to step up to the plate to invest in DCA however. On opening day, the great economic giant of California will be simply represented by Mission Foods and their tortilla exhibit, Boudin Bakery and their bread baking display, Mondavi Winery with their scintillating "Seasons of the Vine" movie about the life cycle of grapes, and Caterpillar with their three tractors on display that kids can climb on. And of course, Disney will be plugging it's contribution to the entertainment industry over in the Hollywood Backlot District. 

But, there is no aerospace company (Soarin' over California and the Condor Flats area had space planned for corporate sponsored displays). There is no fashion company. No surfboard or recreational equipment company. No one from the Silicon Valley and the technology based industries of the last 20 years. There is no one to sponsor the beer garden. They couldn't even get See's or Ghiradelli's to host a candy production line or simple display about cocoa beans.

I guess the word is out about this park?


DCA recruitment

Starting July 17th, CM's [Cast Members - Disneyspeak for employees] will be scheduled an appointment to talk about their "Cast Opportunity". This is the official period when they go in and fill out a series of forms that basically say "I want to transfer over to DCA", or "I want to stay in my present location at Disneyland." 

This is going to be a major push from TDA, they are really going to hype this up backstage with banners and balloons and free food, etc. They need to really turn the level up on the DCA excitement rating with the hourly CM's because presently the backstage buzz is not too positive about transferring over to the new park.

All costumes, with the exception of two, at DCA will be Fasttracked, CM's will have to give up their permanent locker, and they will stop being paid the 15 minutes of "walk time" they currently get at Disneyland. These seem like minor setbacks when viewed in the big scheme of things, but these are major grievances amongst the hourly CM's, and are reason enough to be wary of transferring over to the new park.


Fireworks rumor 

Here's a two part rumor - "Believe" [the new fireworks show] will be expanded to ring both parks [and run for both parks] when California Adventure opens - and it may continue to run weekends [Friday and Saturdays] after the daily summer shows in the off-season, just like Fantasmic did in the past. We'll see what comes of this rumor. Interesting. 


Electrical Parade rumor 

Composer / arranger Don Dorsey [who worked on the original] would like to do a new recording of the music for the return of the parade next year - but it's not budgeted yet. 

You'd THINK they'd jump at the chance wouldn't you? Imagine how many CD's they could sell of the new recording alone - not to mention they'd have the ability to advertise it as an upgraded show.

Let's hope they let him update it - they can do a lot more with synth music nowadays.


Parking garage problems

Remember when the parking garage was going to open June 27th? That date is now pushed back indefinitely because someone made a big mistake. 

It seems the escalators (that will be overwhelmed at rush times anyway) all are supposed to have coverings over them according to the building codes! The Starway escalators at Universal Studios have covers over them, but Disney built their parking garage with five story high escalators that are completely exposed. 

The building inspectors are saying "You can't open this structure without covers on the escalators". And Disney is saying "These escalators weren't designed to support a structure to cover them! How can we retrofit something like that?"

Meanwhile, finishing work on the escalators has been stopped, since they may have to be torn out or radically altered. And just think, someone at Disney is paid to know what the building codes are ahead of time, and the building inspectors for the County of Orange are supposed to be objective enough to not automatically give Disney the okay on anything they want to build without looking for major errors.

Disney is trying to wrangle a good faith deal wherein they promise to retrofit coverings for the escalators within a reasonable amount of time, and are then allowed to open the parking structure to the public in the meantime. If a deal like that can't be reached, the parking structure won't be able to open for several more months.

Other things of note about the new structure:

The Kennel is not being built yet at the new parking structure: there's a space for it, but there's just handicapped parking in its place for the time being. There is a visitor room now set up on the first floor.

Most visitor parking in the new structure will be on the 3rd--5th levels. There's handicapped parking on each level, and a 20-minute zone on one half of the bottom level as well. The other half of the bottom level is strictly in-bound traffic lanes, with the toll booths themselves on the far back side of the structure. The 2nd - 5th levels have very low ceilings... when cars are parked in there, supposedly you won't even be able to see across the structure

Group sales has a satellite office in the building (with bulletproof glass!). Eventually, all of Group Sales will be located there, and the current group sales building will become an Annual Passport processing center (when, I don't know... this is still being confirmed - it seems unlikely that folks parking in Simba or Timon won't have access to the Group Sales facility without tramming all the way over to the structure. [BTW- The Bank of Main Street [which used to host the AP processing center] will finally get the Junior Bank makeover - with Union Bank sponsoring a children's bank complete with kid-sized teller windows where they can open accounts and learn about simple finance matters.]

The rumor continues to stay strong that the parking charge will jump to $10 when the structure opens, we'll see if they want to do that.

One nice thing? Assistance "panic" buttons are set up all through the structure and if a visitor has a problem, by hitting the button video cameras focus in on that area - and security is sent out to help. Buttons are placed low enough so people in wheelchairs can use them. 

One bad thing? Apparently one contracting crew on its last day was so angry with Disney that they vandalized the second floor of the structure - even defecating in places. Yuck.



* The working title for the new DCA parade: "Eureka" [The California state motto - "we have found it"]. It's supposed to have some sort of multicultural theme to it, kind of like the Tapestry of Nations at Epcot.

* When DCA opens, Disneyland will be getting new ticket stock, WITHOUT characters, instead a "Disneyland Resort" logo. Why? "Because DCA is not a character-based park, and these tickets will be used for both parks"

* Annual Passes are going to stay "card-like" for awhile, and soon also have a magnetic stripe on them. We won't get the paper-like passports as they have in Florida, that get taken into the entry turnstile machines like the regular tickets now do.  The reason for this is that Florida's ticket stock is much sturdier -- coated in plastic -- and Disneyland's current ticket stock is of a cheaper variety, and wouldn't be durable enough to be used as Annual Passports here.

* Liver Lips [in the Country Bear Show] is history. That's right, evidently somebody complained that "Liver Lips" is a derogatory term for African-Americans, so the park is taking action by not only pulling all Liver Lips merchandise from the shelves, but either taking him out of the attraction, or (more likely), changing the character's name. Why it took this long for this change to be made - had nobody complained UNTIL NOW? - I don't know, but what little merchandise there is, is currently being cleared from shelves and being sent back to the manufacturers. I assume Florida is going to be "affected" by this too, we'll see.

*Autopia Fastpass works rather well in an odd way - it seems lots of riders in the limited times the service was available have found that they can get the Fastpass ticket, then go wait in the queue anyway. Why? By the time they get off the ride, the Fastpass will get you right back on to it. Nice way to get two rides in a row.


Disneyland's future

Thanks to some kind souls I had a recent chance to peer into Disneyland's future "crystal ball" for about the next five years. There are some wonderful ideas under consideration and being worked on for Disneyland itself, some lesser ones for DCA.

Thanks to some really hard working and very concerned people who truly do understand and care about the place, there exists a chance to keep Disneyland among the best theme parks in the world with some of these concepts. The creativity and ingenuity is terrific, especially considering the rather hostile environment these people find themselves in at this time.

The problems in ever seeing these projects fulfilled at this time lies pretty much with the lack of vision at the uppermost levels of the company. The ideas and the concepts really are there - and will amaze and delight visitors from everywhere. But sadly right now we have some gatekeepers [Pressler and Eisner] with no skill or talents to understand what to let proceed.

If even a fraction of these concepts see the light of day, it could very well be that a lot of the inevitable disappointment from DCA's opening could be somewhat blunted.

Here's hoping they eventually see what is so clear to everyone else here.


That's it for today! See you at the park soon!

D-I-G Update: 6/19/00 - Autopia recap / Speaking of Innoventions / California Adventure problems continue to mount, gimme a disembodied Whoopie head / Rods history, Bears too it seems, More Electrical Parade info / The culprit behind the peeling paint / Indy Fastpass

Autopia recap 

We had the chance to see up close just what was done for Autopia's redo last week - but before we continue, please make sure you read Jason Schultz's excellent ride review and report here on the D-I-G first - so you can refer to the photos he has as you read the rest of this update today.

They have really worked hard on refurbishing this attraction, especially now with budgets more constrained than ever. For the most part they have succeeded in upgrading the ride rather nicely. Mind you, as Jason says in his update, this was never really meant to be an "E" ticket [top of the line] ride, but as a solid compliment to all the other rides the park offers, it continues to succeed within those qualifications quite well.

Basically there are now four lanes of track, combining the two separate Autopias [Fantasyland, which lost their loading station during the redo and Tomorrowland]. Here's a little known tip, if you want a slightly longer ride, try to get a car that travels on the two inside tracks (the ones closest to the "Grandstand" queue area). 

The cars themselves, besides being rather spiffy, are much quieter and have some really great new advancements in the engines - they now shut themselves off automatically after two minutes spent idle, and will turn themselves back on when you hit the go pedal.

Nice eh?

Very sporty...

Spiffy no?
The three types of cars in close-up above.

Jason covers the highlights of the new track layout - it's important to note that they really wanted to do more, such as add more billboards and ride effects, but the accountanteers won those skirmishes. One thing that may still be added is a car that has careened off the road - in the "off-road" section of course - which they want teetering off the edge of a wall. Skid marks / tire tracks have already been embedded in the mud appearing cement work to show the path the car took to get there.

While some sections of the track are brand new - there are still some areas that have old track - complete with broken concrete that shows rebar. Hopefully they will patch these areas and also at the same time take care of cleaning up and fixing all those Monorail track awnings that are there to prevent the Monorail from dripping anything onto things / people below them. Many of them are quite beat up or broken.

If you really look at the main tower you will notice there are really two stories - a top level where you will see the displays for the sponsor, and which has the queue / "grandstand" area adjacent to it.  On the first level, cars will be stored under the grandstand area itself to help keep them sheltered during inclement weather - but there's a unique surprise to the bottom of the main tower.

VIP door
The VIP lounge can be entered from behind the tower, between the Autopia and the Monorail station

Chevron got a VIP lounge put in down there - appointed in rich copper colors, complete with wet bar and fridge, a really nice seating area, and a few coffee tables scattered about.  Autopia concept art adorns the walls, and this VIP suite will probably be used to host Chevron and Disneyland special guests as they visit the attraction. Very nice.

...of course not you silly gibbon!  ;)
Can't be Disneyland without a shop, right?

An Autopia shop has been added to the exit of the ride - it looks temporary at this time, and basically takes up what little area was left in front of the subs right now. I keep getting re-assured this will only be a temporary set up, but that's what they have said about a LOT of things in the past.

One negative thing done by the park [apparently not by WDI] was in the installation of Fastpass for the ride - it was built into the unused queue area for Innoventions adjacent to the Mod Hatter shop. What makes it unpleasant is that once you pick up your Fastpass, the only exit for you that will be provided is into Innoventions itself, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Let's hope SOME kind of exit is provided for people who no longer can endure all that Regis all the time on every computer screen in there.


Speaking of Innoventions...

Ever so tasteful...
The banners have been brightened a bit in this shot so you can see them better.

Some changes are proceeding here - banners were added out to the front of the building last week. When I first heard about them I was concerned they would look like junk, but they have done a nice job on them and they are hoping they will help entice more visitors in. There is also a side benefit, it may help reduce the growing crowds that head up there for fireworks now - as the view is considerably reduced.

Banners block the view
View obscured.

Inside they have curtained off the "Bug's Life" show, apparently to replace it. It's probably too late for a Dinosaur tie-in, so who knows just what they may have in mind here. Keep in mind so far, this exhibit area could make more money under an outside sponsor, rather than one in house such as a Disney film tie-in. A few of the lower areas have also been curtained off - but this has been done before in the past with minor changes.

By the way - if you are a guest of any of the sponsoring companies for Innoventions - just by asking you may get to be able to visit the VIP rooms built out back just under the Rocket Rods shed.  Apparently they seem to have some kind of full- time concierge handy, a rather nicely done sofa / lounging area, and a conference room [complete with those very expensive wingback office chairs you see in movies about the future like Gattica] along with hidden entrances and exits.  

It's too bad visitors entering from behind have to go through a backstage area where trash is kept for Pizza Port and the Tomorrowland Terrace among other things. [It's of note that this meeting room is always highly sought after by Disneyland employees for their own meetings] 


California Adventure problems continue to mount 

Before more bad news, some good stuff: They apparently do have a very good new ride with the IMAX simulator "California Soaring." Besides being spritzed with three scents [Orange and Ocean among them] and a little wind being blown in your face, the ride system seems to be quite unique and responsive, and has a motion area of about three feet in any one direction for the rider. 

Disney is excited about this system, and as the Fabulous Disney Babe herself has mentioned a few times before in her column, they will be installing these attractions in other parks now. [Tokyo Disney Sea has one variation on this one now being built called "StormCatcher."]

Now let's detail some of the major problems visitors will face in trying to visit this park the first year...

* Capacity of this park, with the current attractions now in place, is estimated to be roughly 6 million for the first year. Management now wants 7 million put through, and is trying to squeeze more capacity in. The reality of the experience for most people will really be that they will see even less of this park than they could before - since these estimates do not take into account any kind of breakdowns that may happen, as are standard in new parks such as this.

* How tight is ride capacity? The Ferris "wonder / sun" wheel can seat six per car - all seats will be filled, no empty ones will be allowed. [If you have a party of four, you will be seated with two strangers.] Once the whole thing is loaded [you know how slow it can be on these things] the riders will get ONE, yes, EXACTLY ONE revolution around before they are unloaded. ONE revolution. Not two, not three, ONE. Talk about anti-climatic! That should really delight the folks. 

Speaking of capacity, the coaster people are having a long standing argument with Disney about the coaster's capacity - Disney is increasing estimates of riders by at least one third. The coaster folks are telling them there is no way they can meet those numbers. Disney apparently doesn't seem to care and is proceeding with the numbers anyway. 

* Cast Members [employees, CM for short] led through the site report that while the Hollywood section is quite good in keeping the outside world from view, that illusion is lost when you visit the other end of the park, where the raft ride and the carnival is at. "You can see the Hilton, the wires, everything. The view is horrible, to put it kindly." one soul related to me. Another said "They kept telling us when we complained, "that Disneyland is about fantasy and magic, so the outside world doesn't come in there. California Adventure [DCA] is about the real world and is based on "now" - it's OK to see out around the park here."  The person continued "Sounded to me like they were making excuses."

* Here's some depressing news - guess who is the sponsor for "Burger Invasion" in the carnival area? McDonalds. And the location will be serving a full-fledged McDonalds menu to boot. You know, if they had to theme it, why oh why did they NOT bother to just duplicate the original golden arches as seen in Downey California [one of the last original stands left.] It would have fit right into the carnival area quite well. I myself cannot wait until this sucker opens and people find out they will be paying Disneyland prices for McDonalds food. That should delight the teeming millions...  ;)

* A beer sponsor cannot be found, putting the planned "beer garden" in flux. It seems no local California brewery will spend the money Disney is demanding for a sponsorship. Since Coors is out [Colorado based] it looks like Busch will be the vendor of choice here for now, only because they have a service contract in Orlando for the parks.

* Yes, the tortilla making and bread baking ARE attractions - and will even have turnstile counters to keep track of all the visitors who will come to gawk at these marvels. "Al," one soul offered, "they even are calling three panel displays in the animation building 'attractions' - the reality is that there are very few things for people to ride here. Climbing on tractors is considered an attraction if you can also believe that." Sheesh I said out loud, "Sheesh is right" the poor soul volunteered.

* Both Disneyland and the new park will share maintenance people. The great fear many attractions managers now have in Disneyland is that such importance will be placed on keeping the limited capacity attractions in DCA running, that it will mean longer and longer down times for things like Pirates and Splash should they go down. Expect longer lines than normal the first few years the new park gets the kinks out - Fastpass or not.

* Yes, it's true, to save some money the Madame Leota crystal ball effect from the Haunted Mansion has been reused in the history of California movie Whoopie Goldberg is hosting. Duplicate disembodied Whoopie heads will flank the screen and narrate the show. "It's creepy Al, honest." says another source. You don't have to convince me. ;) Now I wonder what the merchandising possibilities are for disembodied Whoopie heads?  A disembodied Whoopie head key chain for me please...

* The new parking structure was supposed to have a new state of the art overnight kennel for your pets - but apparently it is not done yet, and may be cut from the budget to save a few bucks. Great, they try and sell the park as a "destination resort" where you will stay a few days, but if you bring Pluto along, he can't stay overnight. SMART aren't they?


Rods history, Bears too it seems / Electrical parade news

The Rods will be going away soon. And so will the Country Bears, apparently even sooner:  "They [WDI types] have been coming into the Bears show, and they watch the crowds and make notes," someone volunteered, "they also are relocating a computer trunk station from the Bears building to inside Pirates, which means they are up to something."  If you have been reading the D-I-G all this time, you may have a pretty good clue as to what now seems on the way for this area.

Meanwhile - the Electrical Parade's return is confirmed for next year now. No word on how something that "glowed away forever" suddenly shows up again, and don't we all own the bulbs now anyway?  ;)  No updates, no changes, nothing is planned to freshen it up or update it. The same old parade will return yet again

How thrilling.

Let's hope this is a limited engagement as something else is developed. We can always hope.


The culprit behind the peeling paint 

Finally we know who to point the finger at for the accelerated deterioration of Disneyland this past year. 

It turns out that the guy was in charge of upkeep for Disneyland Paris and let that park decline [apparently you will now be seeing a DisneylandParisBlues site soon it seems] is now the guy in charge here at this park of the same thing.

His name is Chaz Mcquein. To quote someone "He is a lap dog for [the] operations [people]." Which means "he only wants to deliver on the numbers," and could care less about upkeep quality and will not fight for it. 

What a shame someone like this is employed by the company - a person who allows the park to look so totally shabby.  What an ambassador for Disney quality this man, and his superiors such as Pressler and Eisner are for the brand. People do notice you know, it's harder and harder to ignore how bad some areas of the park are now looking.

Hey Cynthia, are you going to start to let buildings fall down before they get fixed? That's how this guy operates from what I hear. In Paris they are now finding out all his "savvy management" is going to cost them untold millions in overhauls that could have all been avoided by just spending the required pennies in upkeep.


Indy Fastpass

Is running behind schedule, but should finally be up in the next few days I was told. "Everything that could go wrong went wrong" and they have yet to still test how it will work on this ride.


That's it for now, see you all at the park soon! 

...Now where is that disembodied Whoopie head super bounce ball DCA limited edition souvenir I just purchased...

D-I-G Update: 6/13/00 - Water main break floods Tomorrowland on the evening of 6/12

From kind reader Brett, comes the following:

I've been an avid reader of your site for over a year and I have never written you before because I know you must receive so much e-mail, but I feel that this is of special importance.

I arrived at DL around 7:15 PM tonight (6/12) and wanted to check out the construction on the new Autopia. As I was heading into Tomorrowland, I noticed that the Rocket Rods were down (big surprise). As I walked toward Innoventions, I saw that it was down too. As I looked further, I noticed the section between the Innoventions show building and Pizza Port was roped off. There were three Tomorrowland cast members standing around there directing traffic away from the roped off area. 

As I looked closer I saw that a water pipe had ruptured and was leaking a steady stream of water into the drainage system of the Cosmic Waves fountain. The water pipe must have burst and it forced the pavement up and you could see the water gushing from the beak point.

Because of the leak Pizza Port, Innoventions, Cosmic Waves, and Rocket Rods were all closed down. I could see the managers from backstage next to Pizza Port scrambling to figure out what to do. If it wasn't for the drainage system of the Cosmic Waves fountain there would have been water everywhere!

I didn't get to see how the situation was resolved because I left shortly after that but it was interesting to see this. I am sure they are going to have to do some major work to repair this.

Sounds like it Brett! I have calls in to find out just what may have actually happened, the speculation I got tonight was that the water that gets pumped into the center of the "Cosmic Waves" fountain to keep the granite ball swiviling was probably the problem here - it has to be pumped at a high pressure to keep the ball rotating at a touch of your finger.  I understand the pressure is so intense that if the ball were to be removed, the jet of water shooting up would be taller than the Matterhorn.

Hopefully this won't affect any attractions in the next few days - I can imagine the restaurants may be affected since they cannot operate without water if they do end up shutting it down.

We'll see what happens...

D-I-G Update: 6/12/00 - Something Neat / Downtown Disney will succeed or else - MSEP details / DCA tidbits / The Tomorrowland salvage job / They're b-a-a-a-a-a-c-k / Indy problems / Casa Mex steel goes up

Here's something neat to look at...

...ever wonder what one of those metal "Sword in the Stone" medals look like that Merlin gives out in Fantasyland? Here below are photos of the front and back of one of them [in a child's hand]. Very nice.

Medal front Medal back
Medal Art © Disney


Downtown Disney will succeed, or else...

From a kind soul:

Next Fiscal Year (starting in October), all 10 am -- 8 pm operational days will change back to 10 am -- 6 pms. The main driving factor behind this is to get people to visit (and eat at) Downtown Disney for dinner, as that's where the "nighttime entertainment" is, right?

Next Summer: The return of the MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE. That's what I was told, anyway... I *thought* they were just working on an 'update' of it... something new... but I was told that this will be a "return"... so we'll see what exactly we get. Expect the same music. I don't know how they're going to advertise it, or how they'll explain its "Farewell Season" in '96, but that's beside the point, I guess :)

The first item does match up with what I'd been hearing - why run an expensive park full of attractions when they can shoo you out to the mall next door, and still milk you without having to run and staff those rides. 

This works in Orlando pretty well - since Walt Disney World is self-contained for the most part - but here? They must be dreaming if they think the 60% of the attendance that is locals will confine their visits to just the Disney mall. There are too many other options for all of them very close by, that offer as much or more, and at slightly more economical prices no less.

Look for a major re-jiggering of this policy once they come to understand this market better. Keep in mind - they will NOT be pulling in a larger out of town crowd - they made the mistake of building a park with too many repeated attractions which gives no incentives for east coasters to come visit. That will be the first problem they will face, the second being they have too many movies being pushed as attractions - which always have short life spans in parks. They apparently did not learn their lesson from EPCOT.

As far as the Electrical Parade - I hear rumors going both ways on this one.  Either we are just getting the same old thing back, [which is probably what parks head Paul Pressler would be just delighted to do to keep costs in check] or we are getting a whole new parade - with newly re-scored music and parade units. We'll see next year I guess.


Speaking of DCA [Disney's California Adventure], here's a recent conversation I had with someone on-line:

Al: I hear there are ten animatronics in superstar limo - movie stars and such. True? And are they more than just cutouts? Are they well animated and such? 

????: The figures haven't been installed yet.  They have cutouts now as placeholders. There's a Drew Carey, Tim Allen, Cher, Whoopi, etc... 

Al: All the Disney studio contract players... :) 

????: I have been told that they will be "Animatronics" and there was a definite distinction between that and "Audio-animatronics" 

Al: More like wax figures then. 

????: With like a moving hand, or turning arm, etc. 

Al: Real low budget. :) I imagined. Is it like a dark ride like Pinocchio, but a little faster? 

????: Same speed, 3 ft pre second.  I'd compare it more to Toad. Although its longer than any dark ride the park now has.  It has more black lights than all of Disneyland combined. It does have the onboard audio / visual and a few little effects here and there, but its basically a pretty simple dark ride. 

BTW - did you hear the composer for the Soarin' Over California score was fired? It was the guy that did "Dave" I forget his name, he won an Academy-award™.

Al: James Newton Howard I think.  Love the Dave soundtrack, bought that CD.

????: I have a feeling Soarin' will be the big hit of the park ("big" = "only"), I think it'll surprise a lot of people.

Al: That's what I hear. :)  Did they solve the problem with stuff falling down on the screen below yet? There was an issue with shaking / moving around a group of people over the screen [since it scoops down "below" you] and the occasional thing falling out of people's pockets and such. 

????: Right, I've heard that, I don't know what the solution was / is. I know they did a whole seatbelt redesign, but not sure what the issues were.

Al: Can't wait for the first code V [park code for vomit] on that one.

????: ;) 

Al: And they will get one. ;) 

????: The range of motion of the carriages is quite extensive, too. It sounds like it will be quite a ride. 

Al: I heard from one of the people involved in the tech end - he was excited about it. Thought it was a good idea. It goes into Tokyo too, and they are looking at WDW for it now.  Different movies I think. 


Speaking of DCA, here's a photo from the lobby display at the Disneyland Pacific [soon to be Paradise Pier] Hotel.  

It shows the very minimal makeover it will get to try and theme it to the carnival next door.

Concept art
Concept art © Disney

All that's missing are the slot machines huh?  ;)


From someone over in Glendale:

Concerning the Subs, there is nothing being planned for them at the moment. No refurbishment is taking place and all the concepts are on hold. 

From someone in Anaheim:

They don't know what we are looking at.

From someone over in Glendale:

Shutting down Rocket Rods is being considered by DL management. Whether they try to remove the beamway is something else. 

There would be a strong push to replace Rods with some other attraction that would still use the beamway.

From someone in Anaheim:

Rods will be gone sooner than you think.

From someone over in Glendale:

Circlevision would probably be put back on line, though not with Timekeeper. A new film would cost them and you know what that means. It would probably end up as some sort of CV retrospective using old films. 

If they were smart (fat chance), they'd convert the old films to digital and use digital projectors. In the long run it would save them money, but you know that Disney is only looking at the short term now.

From someone in Anaheim:

Pressler hates Timekeeper. He may just let the theater sit there empty. There are rumors that he wouldn't be adverse to building another shop or eating thing there.

Sheesh, why even bother with attractions right?

Speaking of Tomorrowland...


Innoventions - hmmm...

A reader was kind enough to send the following via e-mail - a little bit of checking around confirmed they are looking into doing something with Innoventions, just what is not decided yet:

I went into Innoventions over the weekend. "Why," you may ask and indeed, I tend to ask myself that very question quite often. In this case, my wife wanted AC and we decided we play Millionaire for a few minutes while we waited on our Space Mountain fast pass. Upon exit, we were cornered by survey CM. I say "cornered" but I have to admit, I look forward  to taking a Disney survey... it's a good chance to talk and maybe have an effect....

Anyway, the CM asked us questions entirely related to Innoventions. In no particular order, here are a couple of the questions and my answers:

1. Which exhibitors do you recall seeing inside? A: Compaq, GM, Honeywell, Kaiser(?)

2. In which exhibit did you spend the most time? A: Compaq

3. Which opening "show" did you see? A: Don't know, we snuck past it 

4. On a scale of 1-10 (ten = the best), how was Innoventions? A: 3

5. If you could change anything about Innoventions, what would it be? A: I'd like to see a real attraction back in the show building

So, those were a few of the questions. Perhaps this is my own wishful thinking, but they were all based on ways to improve Innoventions. Perhaps  you can tell by this, but I think Innoventions is such a major waste of real estate at the park. I confessed to the CM at the only reason I go in is to take advantage of the AC, to view the fireworks, or to occasionally play a few free video games.

Thank you kind reader for sharing that with us.


They're b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-k!

Stop it! No YOU stop it! STOP IT!! No YOU!!
Forgive the quality of the photo folks - Mavicas just can't do dark scenes.

They keep on fighting each other back in Primeval World. Except now the T-Rex has stripes, and his arms flail around like the Dinosaur from Toy Story - in other words just a twee bit too much.

I don't think big mean T-Rexs should throw wrists around like Richard Simmons, do you?  ;)


Indy Fastpass a mess...

And no one has a firm date as to it coming online. Autopia is getting their version of it now also.


The steel is going up in Frontierland...

Steel going up!
The view from the Carnation Gardens bandstand out towards Frontierland.

You can finally see the work being done on the new replacement for Casa Mexicana / Carnation Gardens restaurant. Looks like they are salvaging as much of the exterior as possible on it.


Stars visiting Disneyland...

Tom Hanks weekend before last, one of many recent visits with lots of kids.

Joey Buttafucco last weekend, you just want to bathe even if you only look at him...


That's about it for this week, see you at the park!

D-I-G Update: 6/5/00 - DisneylandBlues updates / Frontierland "rolling" rehab / All sorts of tidbits / DCA attraction, shop and food listings

DisneylandBlues updates

I want to thank everyone for their kind notes about the sad return of the DisneylandBlues part of the site.  It's a shame pictures of the park in this condition have to go up on on line - but it's important to let people know just how much of the park is being let go as Michael Eisner and Paul Pressler deem more and more of the normal park upkeep to be unimportant.  It's really starting to look bad again out there.

The photos originally here in this update have been moved to a new page on the DisneylandBlues part of the site.


Here's the latest about the upcoming Frontierland rehab...

The new restaurant, which still hasn't been officially named, [where Casa Mexicana used to be] isn't the only thing coming to Frontierland in the Fall. The area around what is now El Zocalo Plaza (the small plaza adjacent to Big Thunder and Casa Mexicana) will also be redone entirely. 

There will be a small stage built near the restaurant patio where mariachi bands and area entertainment will be able to perform. Next to the stage will be a small yard where a "Miner" and "his Burro" will hang out and chat with Guests and offer a natural photo opportunity. (Don't forget, the storyline behind Big Thunder Mt. is that it is a gold mine and accompanying Gold Rush mining town. The CM's working the attraction are miners, not cowboys and cowgirls as some Guests mistake them for.) 

Across the plaza from the official Frontierland Miner will be a new "Pan For Gold!" attraction. Just like Knott's, Disneyland will now offer panning for gold as an additional price activity.

Big Thunder will be closing for a big rehab on Labor Day. Some major refurbishments will be made to the attraction operationally, as well as a general cleaning and a rehab of the attraction's "show." Some new effects will also be added in the Earthquake scene. Fastpass will also be added at this time. Once visitors get their Fastpass for Big Thunder, the thinking is that many will naturally head over to the Pan For Gold area and spend a little extra money while they aren't waiting in line.

Frontierland will receive new ground treatment, replacing the painted pavement that has been used since the 1950's. Think Indy, and look for wagon ruts molded into the ground covering.  New landscaping will also be installed, removing some planting's and tree's, and adding new ones.

This will all be "Phase One" of Frontierland's rolling refurbishment. Instead of closing the entire land and refurbishing it all at once like they did with Tomorrowland during 1997-98, the Frontierland redo will roll along in stages over the next few years. The new Frontierland additions should be completed just before the busy Christmas, 2000 season starts. 

Big Thunder Barbeque will close permanently once the new Frontierland restaurant opens. The fate of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies is less than certain. The Big Thunder Barbeque area will almost certainly be used as space for a new Frontierland attraction, as soon as Paul Pressler can decide when the current drought of new Disneyland attractions will be ending. 

Pressler has made it very clear that no major new attraction will be coming to Disneyland within the next few years. Perhaps 2005 and the 50th Anniversary will be the year the dry spell ends.  Right now the only thing on the horizon is the new nighttime parade.


Here's a few tidbits....

From the latest Disneyland Line employee newsletter: The new "Mickey and Friends" parking structure will open June 27th.  It has ten escalators, only THREE elevators [better count on carrying those strollers down or up those escalators to avoid waiting forever to get out or into the structure] and will hold over 10,000 cars.  It will have ten inbound lanes, and six out - and an exhaust system will move air out of the ground floor vehicle wait area through a chimney up to the top floor. The structure will also have offices built in for Group sales [I guess they didn't rate] the transportation / parking department, security and toll plaza.  It will also be the home of the new kennel, which will for the first time allow overnight stays for your pets.  The Disneyland kennel will be closed once the new one opens.

The newsletter also included a complete list of the shops / dining locations for the new California Adventure [DCA] park and adjacent mall - they are included below at the end of this update, and also will incorporated into the DCA preview pages online here as time permits.

The Tiki Room was closed last week for a sudden "unscheduled rehab". It was to fix the wood deck and stairs at the Tiki Room's exit. That exit deck was horribly decayed with wood rot, and had to be repaired and replaced before it collapsed. Remember the entrance hut and marquee that collapsed earlier this year and was removed? The wood rot and neglect at the exit was worse. The inside of the attraction went untouched during this rehab.

They really are shooting for the 17th for Autopia's opening. The big Chevron and media schmooze party is on the 29th. The cars are all parked behind Critter Country, and they look great. They're a vast improvement over the older, blander cars from the 60's. It gives hope that the ride experience and show will be great too. That's what happens when you have the deep pockets of a rich oil company funding your rehab.

They recently gave all CM's a "Countdown Watch", which has the new Disneyland Resort logo on it and counts down the days until DCA opens. It's a nice thought on Cynthia's part, and a clever idea. The Backstage buzz amongst CM's is fairly negative towards moving over to DCA, so every little bit of hype and a freebie can't hurt.

However, the watches are spectacularly tacky, and clash with almost every single costume in the Park or at the Hotels. The Countdown Watch is a plastic, "Swatch" style watch. The wristband is bright blue, and the face is bright yellow. The wristband has "Opening Team" written in bold yellow letters. 

Humorously, the Countdown Watch is "unacceptable" according to the Disney Look Guidelines, and shouldn't be worn Onstage at all. The Disney Look Guidelines state that watches worn Onstage must be "a conservative, business-style wristwatch". Previously, Leads and Managers had been telling CM's that they can't wear trendy "Swatch" watches, or the fashionable plastic diving or surf watches with colored wristbands. 

Now, all CM's have been given watches that break the current costume rules, and they are being encouraged to wear them Onstage while in costume. It's obvious to many that the person who approved the Countdown Watch has never worked inside the berm and tried to maintain the "Show" by upholding the important Disney Look Guidelines.

Look for the Countdown Watch on a CM next time you are in the Park and ask them how many day's until DCA opens. You can't miss them. There are also a few of them available for sale on Ebay.


As promised above - here are the listings for DCA "area" and mall shops / attractions / food locations in alphabetical order:

Entry Plaza

Shops: Engine-Ears Toys / Greetings from California

Food: Baker's Field / Bur-r-r-r Bank Ice Cream

Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Attractions: Art of Animation / Back to Neverland / Beast's Library / Disney Animation / Drawn to Animation / Enchanted Books / Hyperion Theater / Jim Henson's MuppetVision 4-D / Magic Mirror Realm / Sorcerer's Workshop / Superstar Limo / Ursula's Grotto / Ursula's Magic Voices

Shops: ABC SoapLink / Gone Hollywood / Off the Page / Rizzo's Prop and Pawn Shop

Food: ABC Soap Opera Bistro / Award Wieners / Between Takes / Fairfax Market / Hollywood & Dine / Pop-arazzi Popcorn / Schmoozies

Golden State

Condor Flats

Attraction: Soarin' Over California

Shop: Fly 'n' Buy

Food: Earbourne Popcorn / Taste Pilot's Grill

Bountiful Valley Farm

Attractions: It's Tough to be a Bug!

Shops: Santa Rosa Seed and Supply

Food: Bountiful Valley Farmer's Market / Sam Andreas Shakes

Grizzly Peak Recreation Area

Attractions: Grizzly River Run / Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Shops: Rushin' River Outfitters

Pacific Wharf

Attractions: Boudin Bakery / Mission Tortilla Factory [no kidding, both are listed as attractions]

Food: Cocina Cucamongoa Mexican Grill / Lucky Fortune Cookie / Pacific Wharf Cafe / Rita's Margaritas

Bay Area

Attractions: Golden Dreams [Whoopie Goldberg movie] / Artisan's Workplace

Golden Vine Winery

Attractions: Seasons of the Vine

Shops: Wine Country Market

Food: Wine Country Market / Golden Vine Terrace / Vineyard Room

Paradise Pier (the carnival)

Attractions: California Screamin' [coaster] / Golden Zephyr [spinner] / Jumpin Jellyfish [parachute drop] / King Triton's Carousel / Mailboomer [space shot] / Mulholland Madness [mad mouse] / Orange Stinger [spinner] / Sun Wheel [ferris wheel] / S.S. Rustworthy

Midway games: Angels in the Outfield / Boardwalk Bowl / Cowhuenga Pass / Dolphin Derby / Hew Haul Fishery / Reboundo Beach / San Joaquin Volley / Shore Shot

Shops: Dinosaur Jack's Sunglass Shack / Man Hat 'n' Beach / Point Magu Tattoo / Sideshow Shirts / Souvenir 66 / Treasures in Paradise

Food: Avalon Cove [Wolfgang Puck] / Burger Invasion / Catch a Flave / Corn Dog Castle / Cove Bar / Malibu-Ritos / Pizza Oom Mow Mow / Strips, Dips 'n' Chips


Night Clubs / Bars / Entertainment: House of Blues / ESPN Zone / Y Arriba Y Arriba / Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen / 12-screen AMC Multiplex

Dining: La Brea Bakery / Naples Ristorante and Pizzeria / Rainforest Cafe / Patina Group restaurant [name to be announced later] 

Food: Wetzel's Pretzels / Haagen-Dazs

Shops: Marceline's Confectionery [sweet shop] / Basin [Bath / Body] / Starabilla's [restored / signed memorabilia] / World of Disney / Main Spring [watches] / Liquid Planet [surfwear] / Soliton [sunglasses] / Sephora [cosmetics] / Petals [leathergoods] / Something Silver [jewelry] / Hoypoli [artist made gifts]

Grand Californian Hotel

Amenities: Two presidential suites - two vice-presidential suites - 34 artisan suites  / Room amenities, safes [that can hold laptops] - bunk beds for kids - lighted wardrobes - writing desks with dual-line speakerphones [with computer and fax accessible data ports - irons and boards - mini bars - coffee makers - portable cribs - triple sheeted beds - robes / Three Pools,  Fountain [quiet] - Redwood [active with slide] - Mickey Mouse shaped kids only one / Health Club, two spas - two massage rooms - dry and steam saunas - full locker facilities - exercise facility / Conventions - 20,000 square foot meeting space including executive boardroom - 12,000 sq. ft. ballroom with double air-walls - nine break-out rooms [seven with patios]

Dining:  Grand Napa / Storytellers Cafe / Hearthstone Lounge / White Water Snacks

Disneyland Pacific Hotel

Gets a minor makeover / re-theming, and will be renamed in October to "Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel"


Ok folks, that should about do it for today.  See you at the park!


D-I-G Quick Update: 6/30/00 - Fourth of July additional fireworks / DCA Attraction Round-Up / Parking & Innoventions Update / Fastpass Corrections

D-I-G Update: 6/26/00 - Special Thanks to Mouse Adventure participants / Haunted Mansion Holiday Makeover / Rivers of America Makeover / DCA ride film info / DCA Fastpass info / DCA artisan cutbacks / Fireworks rumor / Electrical Parade rumor / Parking garage problems / Tidbits / Disneyland's future

D-I-G Update: 6/19/00 - Autopia recap / Speaking of Innoventions / California Adventure problems continue to mount, gimme a disembodied Whoopie head / Rods history, Bears too it seems, More Electrical Parade info / The culprit behind the peeling paint / Indy Fastpass

D-I-G Update: 6/13/00 - Water main break floods Tomorrowland on the evening of 6/12

D-I-G Update: 6/12/00 - Something Neat / Downtown Disney will succeed or else - MSEP details / DCA tidbits / The Tomorrowland salvage job / They're b-a-a-a-a-a-c-k / Indy problems / Casa Mex steel goes up

D-I-G Update: 6/5/00 - DisneylandBlues updates / Frontierland "rolling" rehab / All sorts of tidbits / DCA attraction, shop and food listings

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