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Beyond the Berm
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Exploring the world outside of the park
Part Three: The Grove at Farmer's Market

The Grove at Farmer's Market


For those of you just joining in - please refer to the first page of the last tour in this series to find out what it is all about.

We've visited Hollywood and Highland, and the ArcLight Cinerama Dome Complex, two of three brand spanking new Los Angeles developments. Now let's drive over (it's only a few minutes away) to the new Grove at Farmer's Market.

The Grove expansion of the Farmer's Market consists of a huge parking structure, a medium sized 50 store upscale mall anchored by a Nordstrom's, and a stadium seating style 14 theater cineplex. The Farmer's Market itself is left pretty much untouched, but benefiting from some upgrading of restroom facilities.  Two new buildings adjacent to the Market itself accommodate a few additional retailers, and even offer some top of the line office space.

One of the biggest problems facing this development is the horrendous traffic in the area - in particular the block on Fairfax between Beverly and 3rd Streets where not only the Farmer's Market is located, but also the CBS Television City complex and a very busy discount mall, with a Ross clothing store and a large Kmart.

The best way to access the Grove is to approach it from the east - either on Beverly or 3rd Street - turning onto a new road built across the back of the property named The Grove Drive. (Try to avoid coming from the west, and entering via the other new street in the middle of the complex, named Gilmore.)

The first thing you'll notice upon entering the car parking structure is a spiffy new digital car counter system - with a listing of each of the parking levels, and how many spaces are left on each one.  As you reach each level driving up the ramps inside, a reminder sign will indicate the totals on each floor (below).

The Grove at Farmer's Market

Most people will drive around in circles on the lower levels to avoid having to park too far up. Mostly they do this because access to each floor in other developments may be low capacity, meaning a long trip down or up.

At the Grove I'd suggest you head up to the highest and most sparsely parked levels - since there is an excellent system of both spacious escalators (below) and roomy elevators that will ferry you down quickly to the mall ground level.

The Grove at Farmer's Market

You even get an added benefit parking up there, a view from the structure down into the new central plaza area...

The Grove at Farmer's Market

...another bonus is a closer peek at some of the architectural details they've placed all throughout the complex (below).

The Grove at Farmer's Market

Upon reaching the ground level, you'll notice the parking structure has a rather lavish lobby, that opens to the mall itself. Note the details (below), such as a chandelier and fresh plants on the tables... again this is the parking lobby folks.

The Grove at Farmer's Market

Right away you can see this is a very upscale development - as they offer Concierge Service (the picture on the left below shows the desk in the garage structure).

The Grove at Farmer's Market The Grove at Farmer's Market

There is a level of richness in construction that really stands out about this development, for example rather than just stained cement, most of the walkways are done in some kind of marble or tile (above photo right).

Buildings are detailed from floor to roof levels, featuring elaborate cornices, and wrought iron work. Even the street lamps are made of stained glass. (Below).

The Grove at Farmer's Market

Let's continue, shall we?


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