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Carousel Inn and Suites
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1530 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim
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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.4 out of 53.4 out of 53.4 out of 53.4 out of 53.4 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 40 ( Displaying Reviews: 21 - 30 )
1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   10/29-10/31
Reviewer: pompom616 Las Vegas     November 01, 2004
I have always recommended this motel in the past but not anymore. We had the worst visit and will no longer stay there. When I made the reservation I indicated that we had 5 people staying in the room. They said there are only 2 queen beds and I said we would get a roll away for the 5th person. We checked in early so our room was not ready, again I asked about the roll away and they said it would be in the room. We got back to the room after 3pm and it was ready, I asked if the roll away was in there; this is when they asked if I knew about the $12/night charge. Well I did now, what choice did we have. I told her it was OK and she said she would have the bed sent up right away. I asked if we needed to be in the room and she said no. We were in the room for about 1 hour and the bed had not been delivered. We went back to the park for about 4 more hours and when we got back to the room there was no bed. We were not happy. So a 14 and an 8 year old slept in the bed with there Mother. We were just to tired to wait. The next morning we went down to make sure we were not charged for the roll away and sure enough we were. She remembered to charge us just forgot to bring the bed up. They said they removed the charge from the room and would bring the bed up ASAP. We got back to the room for our afternoon nap and there was still no bed. We called down and they finally brought it to the room. We woke up about 5:30 pm and started getting ready to go back out when we realized we had no cold water at all. I called the front desk and they said it would be out for only 15 minutes. Well 15 minutes had past and still no cold water which meant we could not use the bathroom. I called back down and they could not tell us when the water would be turned back. We had to wait to get into the park to use the restroom. Before we returned to the room we went to the front desk to ask if the water had been turned back on. He didn't know and said it had been off for a few hours. He called maintenance and had them meet us at our room to see if the water was back on, fortunately it was. When we went to check out I asked to view our folio to make sure they did not over charge us and of course they did. The charge for the first night roll away was never taken off although he pretended to take it off right in front of us. They didn't ask us how our stay was and no compensation was made for not having the use of our bathroom. I would never stay here again.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   09/18/04 - 09/25/04
Reviewer: Kanga-Roo North Providence, Rhode Island     September 28, 2004
I would recommend this hotel!! We arrived on Sat. 09/18 and were suprised to fine a very nice room with two queen beds and a nice cabinet with the TV, ref. and micro in it. We paid $62. a night. The shampoo and hand lotion was great to see also. I had read other reviews about the pillows, so I brought a small one of my own. On Monday, there was an extra pillow on my bed!! We called the front desk and got a bus to Universal Studios for $23. On of my friends is disabled and they put her scooter on the bus. The breakfast is O.K. Just small muffins, danish, coffee, 2 kinds of juice, hot cereal and toast. We had a wonderful time and would stay there again.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   aug 27-29 2004
Reviewer: disneyperson sacramento ca.     September 11, 2004
We booked through Orbitz paid an average of 68.00 per night. I would say it was Ok for what we paid, but certainly not worth much more. we had stayed there twice before but had stayed away for a few years because of a very rude desk clerk. I work in customer service myself and have little tolerance for rudenss in front of desk employees. Anyway, this time the desk person was efficient but very cool, and polite in a very surface "let's get it done" sort of way. I didn't like being required to put down a thirty dollar deposit up front. We asked for a top floor room and we got one, but it was directly under the pool so it was very noisy with all the stomping going on above. It was quiet at night, however.The room was cllean enough, but the door to the fridge cabinet was broken and kept swinging open and was never repaired. Our coffee pot was never cleaned or restocked (even after we mentioned it to the front desk) and the water in the ice bucket was never emptied . There were cards in the room asking that we reuse towels and forgo having the sheets changed. Even for 68.00 bucks a night I want clean towels, and I didn't care for being asked to do otherwise. We had muffins for breakfast and they were fine. The Continental Breakfast looked OK to me although we didn't really use it much. The grounds staff was very nice and friendly. One of them was particullarly nice to my daughter in helping her with thei ice machine. The location is great and we spend very little time in our room, so if the deal were good enough, we'd stay there again. But we'd check out all the other S. Harbor hotels first.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   8/24/04 thru 8/28/04
Reviewer: Hakuna Makarla Montana     August 31, 2004
we booked our package thru a travel agent and paid 132.00 a night and for a non smoking room with 2 queen beds.
we chose the carousel because of the distance from the park to the hotel room which was so close. we liked the fact it was very quiet and we thought the rooms were nice sized to fit us three comfortably.The pillows were not good here ( to paper thin, and the pool was not bad but there was no shade to sit and watch the kids swim which is a must if one needs to sit for more then half an hour in the heat. a few well placed potted plants would have helped or even an umbrella would have helped. This was a bother for me since my kids wanted to swim a lot and it was just to hot sitting on the roof with no shade. The breakfast was nothing special and they could add milk for the guests and more then one choice of juice. Also a bagle would have been a good choice.The motel was clean and we were glad to be on the fifth floor and away from noise and such. the elevator works well and is on the outside of the building so getting to my room took just a minute or so. we stayed by the breakfast room which made it easy for my kids and I to get to and back to our room. This motel is so close to the park that it was easy for us to walk back and forth several times a day. It was very quiet staying here which was a big plus!
we paid more then we should have thru a travel agent ($132.00 a night) so I would check out prices from another source next time,Or stay at a more fancy motel.
I would stay here again for 65.00 but not for the price I paid. Also this motel does not have a resturant or convient store, we had to go to another motel for these things.
The staff were not overly helpful and would not let us check in early even though there were rooms available.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   8/17/04-8/21/04
Reviewer: Silvrezs Santa Cruz, California     August 21, 2004
We booked our reservation with after reading reviews for $55/ night (before the $5/night fee). We requested the ground floor for easy access with our children (boys 4 and 7), non smoking with 2 queen beds.
We arrived at noon and we able to leave the car and come back at 4pm for the room keys. We headed to DCA for the afternoon and returned around 5pm for dinner. We were given room number 125 in the back on the ground floor with 2 queen beds and we able to park our car right in front of the room for the easiest unpacking possible.
The room had a refrigerator and a microwave in the tv cabinet cherry wood stained. Our boys loved that the refrigerator had a soda can dispenser and happily unloaded all the drinks we carried from the mini van to the fridge. There is a coffee pot in the room with coffee, no tea. I am a tea drinker and found this place lacked tea selections, so I would recommend bringing tea if that is your thing.
The pool was on the top floor and small but adequate. The boys loved it and we spent many afternoons there breaking from the park.
The continental breakfast was very sparse. If this is a motivating factor for yoru choice don't rely on this. We were choosing between the Carousel and the Portofino and chose the Carousel based on the distance (we gauged the walk from the Portofino while there and it was really far for our children) and the free continental breakfast. They had orange juice, no apple (we have an apple drinker), coffee (only black tea), hot cocoa and punch. They had toast with jam, oatmeal and brown sugar, muffins and pastries with apples and oranges. I brought peanut butter up one morning for my son who loves toast with peanut butter and red bull for those 8am early morning starts.
The walk was awesome! The location is so close. You walk out from the hotel and down the street past a couple hotels to the crosswalk to the main entrance. We did it several times a day with our children and it was very handy.
We slept the best here. I think being in the back on the ground with only one floor above us helped. The park itself wasn't overly packed and we waited an adverage of 10-20 minutes for rides without fast passes. The 8am opening is the way to do it. There isn't anyone there and the weather is wonderful and we managed to get a whole section of the park done in 1 hour!
We were not in the tower section of this hotel. It does have a tower that goes up several floors. I could see how this would be louder as people use the stairs and elevators and walk past your room as the park closed at midnight each night. I would suggest asking to be on the ground floor or not in the tower to avoid this.
We thought the rooms were quiet and pretty sound proofed. We all were very comfortable with the size of the room and the staff was very friendly. We did get a check in call on the first day to make sure everything was working out ok. We enjoyed our stay and would reccomend it based on location, price and comfort. It was worth our time and thank you to others who left reviews and showed us the path..................
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   07-21-04 to 07-25-04
Reviewer: MOUSELUVR Sacramento, Ca     July 27, 2004
We recently stayed at the Carousel for 4 nights at a rate of $119 per night for a 2 room suite which had 2 queen beds and a queen sofa sleeper. The room was clean and nicely decorated. About an hour after we checked in we recieved a call from the front desk asking if everything was ok in the room, very nice front desk staff. The few times we called down to the front desk were to request things like towels and extra cups, they were brought to the room almost immediately. We stayed the fisrt night of our trip at a different hotel and got such better service at the Carousel, that we will stay here on all our future trips to Disneyland. The breakfast was ok, wish they would have offered cold cereal, other than that it was a great stay.
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   7/10/04 - 7/15/04
Reviewer: Dwagnfly Phoenix, Arizona     July 15, 2004
We paid $64 per night for a standard room, booked online. We had tried to book two queen beds but ended up with a queen and a queen size sleeper sofa. Our travel site did say it couldn't guarentee the two beds. It worked out well as our kids got the sleeper sofa , lol. We did ask to change but the hotel was booked full. They did call our room after we checked in to see if everything was to our liking also. Most hotels do not do this. Our bed was very comfortable. I have compared many hotel beds and my back is the judge of the comfort, it didn't hurt a bit which gives it good marks. The pillows weren't soft though. The refrigerator was a nice size and had a freezer compartment that I could fit four water bottles and some chicken nuggets for my child who will only eat 'dinosaur meat'. The door even had a vertical soda can 'dispenser' which held about 8-10 sodas. You can't see the fridge/micros either as they are in a dark wood cradenza. The television is in a nice dark wood armoire.

The bathroom and dressing area was done in reddish brown polished granite 12 inch tiles. The size of the rooms is very standard compared to many different hotels and as a bonus the dressing area is actually quite large. It can be shut off from the room w/ its off-white sturdy wooden pocket door. The rooms windows have complimenting plantation shutters.

If you eat before 9am the continental breakfast crowd isn't as large. They had seating for about 50 people or so. We always got a seat, no problem. Many guests took their food to their rooms and this helped with the seating.

Someone earlier on this site complained about the electric outlets. I found them to be very standard compared to other hotels. Most hotels put the coffee maker either on the desk or on the bathroom sink counter as that's where the outlets are. They couldn't have put it near the fridge as the microwave and fridge already had that outlet. It was very normal . The light switch in the 'water closet' is next to the cammode instead of the door which took just a little getting used to. The cold water was warm in the afternoons but cool in the mornings and night. The pipes must set out in the sun. The showers hot and cold water were reversed. This happens occassionally and was not a problem. Also, the hot water was immediate and could be made very hot if one wanted. I enjoyed a hot bath after walking all day.

I stay in hotels all over the country as I'm a flight attendant. The only thing that makes it "feel" like it's not on the Doubletree scale is that the rooms enter from the outside, the lobby is not as grand (but who sleeps in the lobby or hallways?). And the bedspreads could be updated and cleaned, I just skooted them to the floor and didn't look at them. But the sheets and everything esle was very clean and the maids came every day with no problem. They didn't get to our room until around 2 in the afternoon on one day. But for goodness sakes the hotel was completely full. Someone also complained here about the parking. The hotel was full when we were there and always had a few empty spaces.

You don't get all these ammenities in your chain hotels/motels. They also make the outside feel charming w/ flower baskets hanging outside each room on all the upper levels. With the thick wood shutters and flowers it looked a little like a NewOrleans corridor. The outdoor elevators even have a charming garden mural hand painted on them.

I would say for the money it was excellent. If I had to pay a hundred bucks a night, I'd expect a little more but I really felt very comfortable with this hotel and would stay there again. You also really can't beat being within a very short walking distance to the parks.
9 out of 9 people found this review helpful
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   July 3-7, 2004
Reviewer: bassett1976 Pasadena, California     July 07, 2004
I just got back from staying at the Carousel Inn with my wife. We stayed from July 3-7 for our honeymoon. We paid $79.99 a night and a $1.00 a day fee for the in room safe. You also have to pay $30.00 for a security deposit for your room keys that is refundable when you check out.

The room was nice, simply decorated. The rooms have a refridge and a small microwave and two queen beds. We stayed on the fifth floor and it was fairly quiet. You will hear people getting breakfast in the morning and the occasional person walking back to their room at night. Breakfast is like running with the bulls in Spain and has the feeling of every person for themselves. The observation room is a nice place to watch the fireworks. The pool is very small and is located on the roof.

The service was lacking a little. We ended up calling the front desk 3 times about replacing the battery in the smoke detector. We also had to almost drag the people in to make up our room on two different days.

Overall, it was nice but I don't think we will be back. The location can't be beat but with so many places to try that are just as close, we will try something new next time.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   13 Nov - 16 Nov 2003
Reviewer: CarlieB New Zealand     February 23, 2004
We had originally booked the Anabella for this trip, but due to a large conference starting during the weekend we were staying our travel agent had to move us elsewhere at fairly short notice. We attempted to book into the Howard Johnson, but alas, that too was fully booked. Our travel agent then suggested The Carousel. None of the 5 of us had ever stayed here before, but the website looked okay and it was very close to the Parks (plus we were running out of options) so we agreed. We arrived at LAX after a long flight from Munich (we'd all been in Europe for 3 weeks prior to going to DL), caught the shuttle almost straight away and 30 minutes later we were checking into the Carousel. The front desk staff were very friendly and check in was smooth. As it was the afternoon our rooms were ready and we went to unpack quickly and take showers before hitting the Parks. Our rooms were on the 3rd floor, and while they weren't as nice as rooms at the Howard Johnson or Anabella they were perfectly fine. There is an elevator as well as stair access to the upper levels. We had 2 people in one room, and 3 in another (which was a little bit of a squash, but okay). The rooms had 2 Queen beds and an okay-sized bathroom with shower (over a tub), sink and toilet. There wasn't a huge amount of spare room, but for 3 nights is was perfectly adequate. Housekeeping was very thorough and didn't disturb us early either (a problem we had at the Anabella last time). The Carousel advertises its complimentary breakfast, which we checked out on our first morning, but were a bit disappointed in. The coffee was extemely weak (coloured water, really) and the breakfast offerings weren't very exciting. We really enjoy going out for breakfast though, so it didn't really bother us that much. What the Carousel really has going for it is its proximity to the Parks - it really is just a couple of minutes walk to the gates, which is very handy. There didn't seem to be a gift shop onsite, but we went to one at a nearby hotel (the Tropicana?) a couple of times. The Carousel is a good place to stay if you don't want to spend heaps of money and want to be close to the parks. I probably would choose the HoJo or Annabella over it,as I like to stay at slightly nicer places when I'm on holiday, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out in future - it's a good price-friendly option.
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   12/8/03-12/11/03
Reviewer: termoo San Francisco Bay Area     December 13, 2003
This place was very conveniently located (just a 5-min. walk to the main gate) and nicely redecorated. We were allowed to check in a little early, which was very helpful. My 10-year-old daughter and I had a Qu/Qu room ($58/night on Orbitz) on the 5th floor, which was good (no one above us!) but we often had a long wait for the elevator at the end of the day. The room was very pretty with new bedspreads, attractive furniture and granite countertops in the bathroom. The only downsides to the room were a lack of outlets (both the alarm clock and coffeemaker were set up in places with NO nearby outlets!), and, as mentioned before in other reviews, hard to regulate room temperature. However, the window opened which was great--yeah, it was noisy, but the fresh air was welcome. There seemed to be wool in the bedding, itchy for my daughter and me, but the beds were fine--although not as comfy as other places I've stayed. I also didn't like the 75 cent charge for local and 800 calls on the phone, but that seems to be the rule at many places nowadays.

Breakfast was basic (Danish, muffins, toast, fruit, juice, coffee and oatmeal) We would have liked milk and cereal to be available, but we sure appreciated having the fruit. We always got extra to take for snacks at the parks. The coffee in the breakfast room was awful, but it was fine in our room coffeemaker. We didn't encounter any crowds in the breakfast room, or anyone objecting to us taking more than one danish/muffin as others have mentioned. We didn't use the pool (too cold out) but wished there would have been a hot tub to soak our aching feet each night!

Maid service was fine. On our last morning, however, the maid knocked on the door at 8:30 am! I thought that was weird, since we were checking out that day, and check out wasn't until 11.

The front desk let us store our bags after check out. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful.

We talked to one family on the elevator who said they always stay there in one of the suites and that it was very nice. I would recommend this as a pleasant, nice-looking and convenient property--especially for the price!
7 out of 7 people found this review helpful
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