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Café Orleans
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Table service restaurant featuring sandwiches, crepes, gumbo and the Monte Cristo. In New Orleans Square.
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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 16 ( Displaying Reviews: 11 - 16 )
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   April 2, 2007
Reviewer: Moonchilde Los Angeles, CA     April 05, 2007
Since I couldn't get into the Blue Bayou (which in my opinion is overrated, but the overall food situation at the Park is not good, so anything above hamburgers is considered "great"), and I saw that the Cafe Orleans took reservations, I went for a lunch preservation. I was actually seated *before* my time.

I felt the menu was decently varied, with something available for various tastes. I ordered an avocado and crab salad sandwich on a baguette. I asked the server if it was real crab, expecting her to say no, but indeed it is genuine crab, and it was delicious - as good as a similar sandwich would be anywhere, and far better than I expect from Disneyland. There was plenty of crab in it, with a decent amount of fresh avocado and tomato on a fresh baguette. I also ordered a mint julep, and the Mickey-shaped beignets. The julep I wouldn't order again, but the servers checked frequently and I was topped up as much as I wanted. The beignets were delicious, and served with yummy creme anglaise and raspberry puree.

I wish I'd made a dinner reservation at the Cafe as well, as the sit down meal choices in the Park are few and I ended up at the Zocalo for dinner, with nasty heartburn for hours afterwards.

In short, for me the service was attentive, the food was delicious, the atmosphere (I had a table outside directly overlooking Tom Sawyer's Island and the Mark Twain, just behind the pirate singers) wonderful, and the price - well, not cheap, but anywhere you can get more than hamburgers, sit down in a nice area and be served within the Park is not going to be cheap. My lunch was just about an even $30 with tax and tip, and worth it, for Disneyland. If I'd only had the sandwich and skipped dessert, it would have been quite reasonable.

Would definitely recommend!
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   December 28, 2006
Reviewer: tmickey East Bay, California     January 09, 2007
After our 30-45 minute wait for lunch (at a completely different restaurant), we decided to make a last-minute reservation through Disney Dining for dinner. It was a wonderful surprise that only was there an opening, but for our preferred time! We arrived a few minutes late (ran over from Space Mountain), and were behind several other parties, all with reservations. It was 7:35 pm at this point, and the hostess was turning away anyone without a reservation. We were seated in under ten minutes. I think I should also note that, though I was informed by Disney Dining that we would be seated inside, we were seated outside (and it was cold!), though I'm not sure whose fault this was.

Anyway, as for service once seated, our server was an absolute delight! She made a couple mistakes (e.g. appetizer came out with the food), her apologies and quick response to make up for things more than compensated.

The price - close to $60 for two hungry adults - was higher than I expected, but well worth it in our opinion.

As for food, we ordered the pommes frites, chicken gumbo crepe, Monte Cristo sandwich, coffee and tea. All really hit the spot. As for quantity, the pommes frites were too much. Also, a warning: the Monte Cristo is very greasy! Not necessarily in a bad way, just more than I anticipated for something you can't buy at a fast food joint. Because of this, it's also quite heavy. So, again - on quantity of food - I'd recommend sharing the sandwich with a friend, and then going for the pomme frites and even a side salad, (or dessert!) The chicken gumbo crepe, on the other hand, is small. Not for sharing! Unless you're friend only wants a taste.

Lastly, atmosphere: Cafe Orleans is almost a haven in the middle of the chaos and crowds; it was wonderful to sit back and be served for an hour, and just watch the other visitors push their way by the front of the restaurant's patio! It's also quieter at this restaurant than at most others. There were definitely more adults than children here, compared to the rest of the park.

So, in summary: service is not great but friendly, price is higher than most restaurants - but worth it!, food is delicious, and atmosphere is sort of grown-up - and can even be romantic.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   Aug. 14th, 2006
Reviewer: ferliemom Ventura, CA     August 15, 2006
We visited C.O. on an August Monday. We had Priority Seating for our party of 5, for 11:30. We were starved and tried to check in early, but the restaurant doesn't open until 11:30, and they don't check you in until 10 minutes prior. We were the first party seated at 11:35. We sat inside, and the place is very cute. The wait staff was very efficient, friendly, and did a great job with service. It's nice to sit down at DL and take a break! We ordered 2 Pommes Frites (garlic fries). They're yummy, but one basket would have been better for our party of 5-- we had no room for the desserts, which are supposed to be great. Between us, we ordered the regular and cheese-only Monte Cristos, shrimp salad, and chicken gumbo crepes. The MCs are delicious, but so rich. I wish you could get a half order as an appetizer. I was glad my friend and I split 2 dishes-- I wouldn't want a whole MC to myself on a warm day with roller coasters in my future! ;) But they're great. The fruit sauce is to-die-for. The chicken crepes were fabulous. Really wonderful gumbo sauce, so delicate, yet filling. I would get those again, absolutely! My friend had the shrimp salad, which is only four shrimp, stuck on skewers in literally a head of Iceburg lettuce. Dramatic, pretty presentation, and she said the flavor was wonderful, but not that filling for the price. I don't know if she'd order that again, probably would try something else. Most dishes are about $15, and overall the food was good, service good, the atmosphere so French Quarter. It was a pleasure to eat here, and I would do it again and recommend it. Make your reservations ahead of time to avoid the waiting--this place was packed with folks trying to eat at noon.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   7/22/06
Reviewer: Doofy South Jordan, UT     July 26, 2006
We had a priority seating for 12:50. We showed up the recommended 10 minutes early and their computer was down so they were having problems locating our name. When it came up they had us seated in about 5 minutes. Now here is my only problem with this visit. After we were seated it took about 15 minutes for someone to come and take our drink order. I was later told that our server had gone on break. He didn't do a very good job of making sure that his tables were covered. The only real reason that this annoyed me was because we were there on what I have heard was the hottest day in Southern California in 10 years. We also had to sit inside and that would have been nice except that the door was open and I don't think that they had air conditioning.

We started our meal with the pommes frites. They are French Fries with parmesan cheese and garlic and a dipping sauce. The fries were very good and dipping sauce was excellent.

Both of us ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich. My wife was not sure if she would like anything else on the menu and I had not had one in years. The sandwiches came out hot and delicious. I was not sure that my wife would like them since she is a little bit picky about what she eats, but she loved it. I know that the side was a few grapes and strawberries but I don't know if I would have wanted anything else. As it was my wife only finished half of her sandwich.

Since this was the first time we had been there since they reopened we decided to get dessert. We ordered the Mickey shaped beignets. They were very good. I only wish that the Mint Julep Bar or Royal Street Veranda served them so that I didn't have to sit down here to get them.

Our total with tax and tip was about $45 and I felt that it was worth the price. Once a server showed up and took our order she was back frequently refilling drinks and making sure that we had everything that we needed. I can't wait to go back when the temperature is a little cooler so that we can sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere.
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   July 4, 2006
Reviewer: alfredo212 San Marino, CA     July 19, 2006
Very disapointing. I don't normally write reviews but after our experience here I felt I should share. My girlfriend and I decided to try out the new menu at Cafe Orleans and were very disapointed, both with the food and amazingly the service too. We have been premium annual passholders for 4 years and frequent the Disneyland resort area quite often.

I made a priority seating reservation about 2 weeks before for 6:30pm, a perfect time for dinner. We arrive exactly on time to a big group of people trying to get on a walk-in waiting list. We were told there would be a 10-15 minute wait, so to hang out nearby. We asked to use the bathroom, they told us they had none inside. So we go to the closest bathroom and come back, literally taking no more than 5 mins. I ask if my name has been called yet, and the young lady answers "Oh you're the couple that left, we called your name a long time ago" We passed by and saw a lot of empty tables. We were already annoyed with the lack of communication among the staff and also telling us 10-15 minutes to wait for a reservation when they called us in less than 5 minutes.

The menu had very few things to choose from. I specifically went for the monte cristo sandwhich. One of my favorite treats to have at Disneyland, but can only be found during the lunch hours at the Blue Bayou, which means getting to the Blue Bayou before 4pm. (this was the old menu @ the Blue Bayou) I was expecting the same sandwhich and a side of the wonderful pasta salad that comes with it. The price of the monte cristo was few dollars more than the old Blue Bayou lunch price and not as good. The size of the sandwhich was smaller, not as crispy, very bland in taste, and the cheese wasn't even melted, no pasta salad, I got a few grapes and two strawberries as my side. Sad to say to my treat wasn't what I expected.

My girlfriend had a salad and we shared an order of the fries on the menu. She wasn't too happy with the food either. Smaller portions and mediocre food. Our waiter seemed distracted and didn't come by too often, we hardly saw him to be honest, and the few times he did come around he just didn't seem to happy to be there. He could of just been having a bad day being the 4th and all, he just wasn't attentive.

The place functions well as a sit-down type of place. The extra you pay does not make up for the bad service you recieve from the hosts and the bad table service. If the menu is not going to change, Disney should consider lowering the prices and making it a counter service place. I feel they would get more people in the door instead of telling walk-ins there's a 45 minute wait.

This place wasn't what we expected from Disneyland, especially after a major remodel. Others may go and be completely happy and satisfied with the service and the food. For us, after this experience, we won't be returning any time soon.
5 out of 12 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   June 30, 2006
Reviewer: joymarv Corona, California     July 01, 2006
My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Cafe Orleans around 5 p.m. We were told there was a 5-10 minute wait and they took our name. However, they called us within about 3 minutes and we were given the choice of dining inside or outside. Because it was a very hot day, we chose to dine inside.

We ordered the Pommes Frites which was basically french fries with parmesan, garlic and parsley. It was a light seasoning, but the Cajun spice aioli sauce was excellent. We had to ask for another cup of sauce halfway through (for which we were not charged extra).

My husband ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich that Blue Bayou was so famous for, and found it to be just as good as it always had been. It came with a berry puree that he says is better than it used to be, less jelly-like and more sauce-like.

I ordered the Chicken Gumbo Crepes. Now this was my first experience with gumbo and it turned out to be excellent. This was ham, sausage, and chicken chunks in a gumbo sauce all wrapped like a burrito in a crepe. Two of these came on the plate surrounded by wedge potatoes, gumbo sauce and topped with butter-sauteed asparagus. It was excellent. Just spicy enough!

For dessert we ordered the Chocolate Crepe Souffes (just a note here that it takes 15 minutes for your dessert to be prepared so order it early if you are in a hurry). This has to be the best dessert I have ever had. A crepe with a scrumptious mixture of rich chocolate (mousse-like texture), raspberries and raspberry sauce inside. This was surrounded by a warm rich chocolate sauce and covered in powdered sugar. Mmm...very decadent!

I also watched a lot of other food being served to other tables and noted that the visual presentation of each plate was very appealling.

Overall, I give what I tried from the new menu an A+. We left the restaurant full and very satified. I can't wait to go back and try another dish!
8 out of 8 people found this review helpful
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