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Tomorrowland Terrace
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This quick service restaurant features fried chicken, burgers and salads, along with specialty snack and dessert items.
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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.2 out of 53.2 out of 53.2 out of 53.2 out of 53.2 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 14 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 10 )
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   Sept 3-6 2010
Reviewer: disminfan San Francisco     September 11, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised by the Tomorrowland Terrace. I thought it was going to be a little like McDonald's, but I actually enjoyed it. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich, which had an avocado salsa sauce and my husband ordered the bacon cheeseburger. We had a choice of fruit, chips or fries. My chicken sandwich was very tender and tasted great with the avocado salsa. If you are looking for a quick lunch, I would definitely try it.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   January 10, 2009
Reviewer: ebstus Huntington Beach, CA     January 16, 2009
This place has slipped a bit in recent years. The burger was a bit cold. I did enjoy the Jedi academy show.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   Week of Dec 3-Dec 7 2 or 3 times
Reviewer: WhichIsStitch Flagstaff, AZ     December 27, 2007
This place has quite a variety of choices from sandwiches to yogurt to burgers. We didn't expect much because of some of the reviews but we were pleasantly surprised. The first time we had cheeseburgers and fries which were not bad at all. Better, in fact, than most fast food places and we didn't get sick afterwards! I like the choice of fruit, yogurt and granola that is available. It seems that a lot is dependent on the time of year you visit. Even though there were many visitors during the week, the lines for food were not horrible and the servers/CMs were all friendly and helpful. We weren't there for the show cause it really gets crowded then especially with all the kids running around. Avoid it then and the experience is quite pleasant!
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   July 16th, 2007
Reviewer: SLG Seattle, Washington     July 22, 2007
This place is not club Buzz anymore, actually. It's a restaurant themed after the new star wars show, Star Wars: Jedi Academy. The food was , um, not so great. The chicken was cold. The show was cute, though! Little kids get to battle Darth Vader!!!
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   August 1, 2006
Reviewer: backsthepack Phoenix, Arizona     August 03, 2006
We decided to grab breakfast here on this particular morning since we were already on that side of the park. So not worth it. No childs menu. So we paid $6.99 (or more) for french toast sticks for a kid that ate all of 2. A childs menu for breakfast would be great. We also had the crescent breakfast sandwhiches. The eggs were soggy, bacon under cooked and it was just not very good. Totally not a good breakfast.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   April 11,2006
Reviewer: utscrapbooker SLC, UT     April 15, 2006
We grabbed a quick bite to eat here while waiting to get Buzz's autograph. The roast beef sandwich on the foccacia bread was to die for, and huge. My husband and I could have easily split this along with adding a bag of chips or another side. It also seemed as if you could order items from the other side as well (lots of people were walking away with sandwiches and burgers). Definitely our favorite spot to eat in DL.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   Oct 9-19
Reviewer: Disney4Me Canada     October 21, 2005
We stopped for a bite to eat and some shade. The shade was great and so was the company at the table. The Cheeseburger was dry and the bun kind of stale. The chickenburger was dry too. The kids seemed to like their lunch boxes with mini corn dogs. They missed the carrots we had ordered. The kids liked the coloured straws. The person we ordered from seemed distracted. Maybe it was just a bad day there? Lunch cost around 15 dollars for and adult and child. We later had a much better burger at Taste Pilots Grill. They had fresh lettuce/onions and all and the chicken nuggets for the kids seemed to be a way better portion than Club Buzz. The price was similar. We ate there a few times on the trip. The staff was friendly too.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   2/5/2005
Reviewer: Sunbun California (45 minutes from DLR)     May 31, 2005
Even though this happened three months ago, my memory of this has become fuzzy. This is the most accurate account of what happened that day.

This is probably my third time coming here for lunch. The lines are a bit long, but not a problem. I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich and a coke. The lettuce and tomato were good, and the sauce complemented the chicken well. Service was concise. The nearby show was a distraction. I would eat here again, but I heard it had closed.

I never knew they served breakfast, though. Hmm... (4 out of 5)
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   2/22/05 - 2/26/05
Reviewer: Sussya Phoenix, AZ     March 01, 2005
We'd planned on eating lunch here and catch the show, but Club Buzz was closed that day. They were only serving funnel cakes and sodas. GRRR! There was a sign telling us that we could make the trek over to Village Haus for lunch. My SIL and I trekked over to Village Haus to pick up food while the guys stayed with the kids to watch the Buzz show. The show was cute, and the kids really enjoyed it.

After the show (and lunch) we picked up a funnel cake here for dessert. A few of the people in our party munched on the funnel cake, and it was okay. It was nothing spectacular, but edible. Unfortunately, everyone who ate the funnel cake got really sick about an hour later. Some were even vomitting. You'd think if all Club Buzz had to do for the day was make funnel cakes (& not worry about the lunch crowd), they could at least get that right, but apparently not.

I've heard the food here is decent, but don't get the funnel cake unless you want to spend the rest of the day in your hotel room!
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   10/16/2003
Reviewer: whiles Oakland, CA     January 09, 2004
Ah! Club Buzz - the center of the Tom Morrow Land universe (That is at least for Breakfast!)

Nothing like starting your day at Club Buzz for Breakfast and catching the first show of "Calling all Space Scouts"

Breakfast fare here is by far the best they provide all-day, just like all other counter service resturants at Disneyland there will be a delay in getting your food ordered and filled since everyone must wait for the customer ahead in line to have there ordered completely filled first.

The food is of average to above average quality, but a descent bargain for the price. Kids love the French toast sticks and I personally love the scrambled egg & bacon crossant` meal. Coffee is average, but fresh and being able to catch the buzz show while you enjoy your meal maximizes precious park time for those trying to "Do It All"

I do not recommend Club Buzz for lunch or dinner as the better tomorrowland resturant for these meals is Red Rocket's pizza port near Space Mountain.

As normal you will get a clean table, fast service and a free show if you time it right at Club Buzz - "To Infinity and Beyond"

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