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Disneyland Hotel, Paris
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Average Reviewer Rating: 4.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 6 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 6 )
2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   2004 july 7th to july 14th
Reviewer: tom77 Newcastle,England     February 21, 2007
Now my wife managed to convince me to book a week trip to disneyland purely because our 6 year old daughter and 9 year old son had been nagging us for months that that was where they wanted to go.

We tossed a coin to see whether we went to the Disneyland or NBC as they the only 2 we fancied, when we got to the hotel it was around 10pm and we where all knackered, especially our daughter who i had to carry from the moment we got off the eurostar.

To be honest all we wanted to do was check-in and go to our room, so we checked in and went to our room, but we coudn't find our room, so we had to go back to the counter to ask the guy for directions BUT we had to wait in a line which consisted of about 10 different familes, when we finally got directions to our room it was now 11 and i was carrying 2 sleeping kids! by this point i was quite annoyed but i didnt really care as all i wanted was to go to sleep so we went into our room and went straight to bed.

Only was it the next morning at breakfast that the hotel was full of Germans, i coudn't believe it but my wife told me not to worry and throughout the holiday the germans didnt seem to bad.

I thought our holiday had gone OK but on the fifth day at breakfast i noticed there where cockroaches in the hallway as we went to breakfast, i headed straight to the management and demanded to know why there where cockroaches in the hotel, the man said that he was terribly sorry and offered us a free drink but i declined and told him how i wasnt very satisified with my stay, and that for my last to days i wanted to be relocated, luckily for us there was a vacancy at the NBC, but we had to pay extra so we where at the NBC 3 days instead of 2 but when we where transferred to them the NBC sorted our travel and park passes immediately and i was very impressed with them.

We will be going back next year but this time to the NBC instead
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   November 24-26, 2003
Reviewer: MusicMagic Los Angeles, CA     May 27, 2006
So far The Disneyland Hotel in Paris is the best hotel that I have ever stayed in (although I will be staying at the Grand Floridian next month, so we'll see). It was a stopover trip for a friend and I, who had just traveled from Rome, and on our way to London. Being that I was going to be in Europe and that my Disney Vacation Points would have expired had I not used them, I decided to book the Disneyland Hotel in Paris for the heck of it. In Disney Vacation Points, the hotel costed me 140 points for 2 nights in a Standard Room with admission included (to give you an idea of the value of points, 2 nights for the same dates at the Grand Floridian would have cost 92 points).

I had visited Disneyland Paris before and stayed at the Newport Bay Club, where we had a great time at the parks, but an awful time at the hotel. One of these days I might write about it. We did not know what to expect when we got to Disneyland Hotel. BTW, we're from Los Angeles, CA and Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim has a totally different meaning when you talk about the Disneyland Hotel.
We arrived in the morning, and were amazed at the how elegant the lobby was decorated. They had just put up a Christmas tree as well as Christmas decorations. We got to front desk with no one in line, and there was a little discrepancy. They had said that we needed our voucher to check in. I gave them my confirmation, the only thing that was sent to me in the mail, which I thought was the voucher. I guess the front desk was expecting something different because he had called DVC and straightened it out, so he gave us an early check-in and our admission tickets to the parks.

The room was just flat out amazing, the most comfortable beds in the world. It was a relief from the hard beds that we were sleeping on in Rome. Our view faced the front entrance of the theme park. A few minutes later, a guy comes in with a box of chocolates and a bucket filled with ice and a bottle of champagne. I wasnt sure what was happening, so I asked how much is the champagne, and he said it was included with the room. This champagne was excellent, especially since I dont like champagne, and the chocolates were delicious and addicting.

Breakfast was also included in the room, so the next morning we had went downstairs expecting small continental breakfast of just breads and coffee, like at the Newport Bay Club. This breakfast was a full on bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles, and more buffet. And the food was not just sitting out for awhile.

When we left on our way to London, the hotel is the most conveniently located to get us to the train station, to get us to the Chunnel.

Now I must say, for me it was a costly hotel. I have stayed at very nice hotels in London, New York, and Las Vegas, but this hotel really puts them all to shame. In comparison to the other Disney Hotels around the world, this hotel is in a class of its own.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   16 to 18 October 2005
Reviewer: Liesbeth ( Netherlands     October 20, 2005
This is a great hotel. We stayed in the Castle Club and had a separate check-inn desk on the second floor While my husband was checking in the kids and I were having a drink at the Castle Club Lounge (free non-alcoholic drinks all day). Other benefits of the Castle Club: Castle Club elevator to the park, VIP fast Passes, breakfast at the Castle Club lounge (no queue), tea time in the afternoon.
The characters came into the lounge one morning!
The room we had was spacious with two double beds, overlooking another part of the hotel and part of the disney park. The theming in the hotel is wonderfull (Tinkerbell door knob etc).
In the hotel most of the cast members were very helpfull, the only "bad" thing was that you had to wait a long time before you got your drinks in the CC lounge.
We had character dinner (buffet) at Inventions, very pricey (46 euro/Adult, 24 euro/child) but worth it.
It was a great trip. We were in the New York hotel in Februar and that was big fun too, but we all agree that the Disney hotel is even better than the New York. We will go back there.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   April 2005
Reviewer: geoffa London U.K. - WE ARE NOT AFRAID     August 06, 2005
This is one superb hotel, although as previous comments make the main entrance is somewhat hidden - it happens to be at the far right end of the hotel. It's a pink palace and the architecture and detail are superb. It's pricey but what isn't in Europe? If the cost was in dollars it would be extreme value for money. Contrary to previous comments, the breakfast buffet is superb catering for British, French, German and other continental tastes - the range on offer is extensive. You have your own entrance to the park - again on the right and you get quite a few "any ride" Fast passes thrown in. The evening dinner is a joy although trying to eat langustine and mussels whilst coping with two hyperactive nephews and Mickey Mouse is quite a new experience! The character interaction is unparalleled and this is throughout the resort. Things have changed dramatically since my 2000 visit. Cast members seem to be enjoying themselves as much as the guests and they all now speak at least two European languages. The Downtown Disney area is now safe and fun because of security controlled entrance. Long gone are the Yoyos from the Paris suburbs who hung about making life unpleasant. The new Panoramique balloon ride is most exhilarating. Frustrating, though, are rides with prodominent French soundtracks whilst other nations have to cope with feeble headphones. Why can't there be one language shows at different times of the day?
If you're celebrating a birthday then book Cafe Mickey with cake. One 37 year old had a birthday party they'll never forget.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   March - Spring Break - 2004
Reviewer: clmelton Texas     June 18, 2004
We had a Standard room but it had a view of DLP. The hotel was beautiful - reminded us a lot of Grand Floridian at WDW, but our teen daughters were not impressed with the indoor pool area - too many people, water not warm enough. We stayed three nights and loved the decor (Fantasia wallpaper border, Tinker Bell door knob, etc.).

It was very easy to get to both parks and downtown area - easy walking distance. I was very glad we had chosen this hotel even though it cost us more points than the other Disney hotels would have as the others are much further away - we didn't have a reason to try the shuttle service.

Our only complaint about the hotel was a lack of signage on how to get in - winding paths led to dead ends. We weren't the only ones that had that problem - we showed the entrance to 3 or 4 people that were wandering around looking bewildered during our stay.

We used our Disney Vacation Club points for our stay and it included park passes for all four of us. The staff made us wait until the next morning for a replacement pass after a pickpocket found Hubby in The Metro when we went into Paris one day. It wasn't a real issue since the park was closed by the time we went to two police stations to do paperwork, but it was surprising that they weren't able to make a new pass immediately.

The character breakfast was handled differently and as old folks we decided we like it. All the characters are outside the restaurants so if you don't want photos done you can walk on in and eat a nice breakfast buffet (ours was included with our room) although there was not as much on the buffet to choose from as at WDW - it was certainly more healthy for us I'm sure.

The Fantasia-themed lounge was a very pleasant way to end the day. Secluded areas overlooking the parks and grounds and they were quite gracious about our girls ordering "virgin drinks."

All in all - a very pleasant stay - but we were ready to book another visit to WDW on our return!
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   28/07/2002
Reviewer: carob Kent, England     August 28, 2002
We walked in off the street late on a Sunday afternoon and got a room here for £114 for one night excluding park passes. We are a family of two adults in their thirties and two girls aged 3 and 6. Our room was a standard, with two double beds, overlooking the swimming pool and garden. This hotel is by far the most luxurious we have ever stayed in, and much more so than our last resort hotel, the New York. The Disney theming is evident but not overdone, the children would have appreciated a bit more glitz I think (their appetite for all things sparkly is insatiable). The girls felt they were sleeping in a castle and it would be true to say it was like a dream come true for them. The kids club (you get to leave them for a whole cocktail hour!) was a hit with kids and adults alike. The nearness of the park entrance was a real plus, ensuring we saved all our energies for the park itself. You do feel that you are staying in the park rather than next to it, truly 'in the magic'.

I have seen the swimming pool criticised but I thought it was a perfect adult pool, with the atmosphere of a private country house rather than a hotel. Not great for kids but then there is enough in the resort to keep them happy.

The restaurants were extremely pricey but we didn't plan to eat in the hotel anyway, we never have on previous visits and the kids love to explore the Disney village.

Obviously, at the price we paid it would be hard to criticise this magnificent hotel. If you have to scrape to get here it's probably not worth the price differential over any of the other hotels, but if money is no object or you get a special deal, then I would definitely recommend a visit.
152 out of 159 people found this review helpful
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