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Sequoia Lodge
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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 4 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 4 )
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   January 12 thru January 15, 2006
Reviewer: Nancywitt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania     January 21, 2006
This is a beautiful hotel but not quite the wow factor of the Wilderness Lodge. You can tell they tried to get the national park theme down. The cast members were dressed like park rangers and we even saw Goofy dressed like a ranger! (The characters tend to show up when you least expect it.) There is a huge working fireplace in the main bar which we would have loved to take advantage of, but by the end of the evening the whole place was full of cigerette smoke. The French sure do smoke a lot! We checked it at 11AM and had to store our luggage until our room was available at 3PM. But that was ok since the receptionist gave us our park tickets and we were off to explore the parks, which were only a short ten minute walk away!

Every morning you were offered a free continental breakfast at one of the two hotel restaurants, or you could eat your free breakfast at Fantasyland. The meal was very filling, and the restaurant was nice and the staff very friendly. Breakfast included croisants, cereal, cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, coffee and juice. Very tasty. We did not eat in these restaurants for lunch or dinner though since we were in the parks. The menu looked good but it also looked a bit too pricey for us. My husband went to investigate one evening and the Beaver Creek Tavern could fit us in at 9PM for their buffet but the final cost would be 100 euros for the four of us! Too much!

There is a pool on site. The pool did not have a shallow end and the water was too cold for us, but it did have a fun slide and a hot tub, but again, the water was not hot enough. There is a locker room for your convience but we just ran to our room. Unlike the hotels at Disney in the states, this hotel had a charge for towel usage at the pool. That was dissapointing.

We stayed in the main building in what they call a Montana room. It is slightly bigger then the standard room but they charged us the same rate ($750 for three nights, breakfast and park tickets included. Our two boys were free). We had a view of the front of the resort which was beautiful because there were huge evergreen trees right outside the window. You could request a room overlooking the lake.

There is a shop at the hotel to buy gifts and snacks. They even have wine for sale. Those French and their wine! The shop was very nice and the staff were great.

Check out was easy, they just tally up your bill and leave it on your door. If the charges make sense, they just bill your credit card. A very nice place to stay, I recommend it!
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   July 15-21, 2004
Reviewer: TweedlDum9 Upland, California     November 14, 2005
My friends and I were going to go the cheap route and stay at the Santa Fe, but one of my fellow Disneyland CMs stayed there a few months earlier and said it was horrible. We stayed for a whole week, and as Disney Cast Members we got 30% off the room.

The main reason for upgrading to the Sequoia Lodge was because it was the cheapest hotel to offer both a pool and air conditioning (the Santa Fe and Cheyenne only come with ceiling fans). To our surprise, the weather was fairly cool all week (we hardly used the A/C), but it was still a nicer hotel.

STANDARD ROOM: We stayed in one of the standard "Lodge" buildings, which are actually outside behind the main building. Our room was at the very end of the second floor. After all the long days we had, the flight of stairs (no elevators in the Lodge buildings) suddenly became very frustrating and tiring. The Lodge buildings are a little bit closer to the walkway to the Parks than the main building, so that was nice. The bathroom was small by American standards but was fine. There was no fan in our bathroom, however, so we sometimes had to leave the door open to air it out. The room came with a nice chair, small table, big dresser, and two double beds. Beware, though, that requesting the free "cot" will not get you a typical American Boy Scout cot (which was what we'd expected). Instead, they define "cot" as "portable baby crib." Whoops.

THEMING: The whole hotel is very nicely themed from the wooden interiors of the lobby and restaurants to the lush landscaping along all the outside walkways.
A few areas were being remodeled during our visit, and I noticed some other things needing maintenance. In particular, there were several places where the wallpaper was badly peeling. Some of the woodwork looked like it needed to be touched up or replaced. Like I said earlier, this is typical of moderate European hotels.

POOL: The pool is designed to be half-inside and half-outside. Since it was cool most of the days we were there, almost everyone stayed inside so it felt a little crowded and very humid. There was also a short waterslide and a small spa.

PARK SHUTTLES: We actually opted to walk from the hotel to the parks almost every time. If you missed the bus, it sometimes took almost 30 minutes to catch the next one (our bus went to both Sequoia Lodge and Newport Bay Hotel). Timewise, though, it seemed like the bus ride took almost as long as walking... but with walking, we never had to wait. That being said, the walk from Sequoia Lodge to the parks took anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how quickly we walked. Bring everything you'll for the entire day when you first leave the hotel; you'll lose at least a half-hour every time we had to go back to the hotel to get something.

CAST MEMBERS: The hotel Cast Members were very friendly, and most I saw spoke English. I've heard bad stories about rude Cast Members, but I had plenty of pleasant experiences. When calling the Front Desk or Concierge by phone, I would always say both "Bonjour" and "Hello" to kinda signal that I only spoke English. I'm not sure if it was proper, but it made me feel less embarrassed.

CONCIERGE: Concierge was very helpful in terms of helping us get priority seating for restaurants and also provided information about some of the sightseeing in Paris itself. We booked the day-long sightseeing tour offered through DLRP and, although I think it was about 50 Euros per person, it was totally worth the money.

BREAKFAST: For breakfast at the hotel, be aware that you need to pick out a card with a set Breakfast Time for your room (a la Fastpass) when you check in. You will need a separate card for each day of your stay, so bring the correct card with you in order to get into the restaurant. The breakfast buffet is included in the room rates, but we slept in since we didn't get a very good selection of times (we arrived late the day we checked in). They also offer a free "Breakfast in the Park" option if you want to get up early and eat in Fantasyland before Park opening instead of at the hotel restaurant, but we did not take advantage of it.

CHECK-IN/OUT: The Cast Member was very friendly, welcoming, and efficient. Like I said, he made sure we selected our breakfast cards and also gave us some information about the parks. We also got a sort of Resort ID Card (like WDW), but we never used it since they don't actively restrict the Hotel shuttles to Hotel Guests and we never charged anything to the room. But the card makes a nice souvenir. And if you want to play in the Parks after you check out, you can leave your bags at the Left Luggage room for free.
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   September 25-29, 2004
Reviewer: mmurray Austin, Texas     May 13, 2005
The exterior of the main building and grounds are beautiful and impeccably maintained, as one expects from Disney. Check-in was completed in under 15 minutes. The landscaping is beautiful. The main pool is inside its own building. I did not use it, but peeked inside. Check for photos of it online. It is beautiful and quite unique. I walked past it to my room daily and saw many families having a great time there.

I looked forward to seeing my room, but was severely disappointed. Being a regular visitor to WDW hotels, I was surprised to find my standard room to be unclean and smelling of sweat. Lightswitches on lamps and walls were encrusted with dirt-- I've never seen such a thing. The bedspread looked soiled and slept on. The room was very dark and the lightbulbs in all lights were extremely dim. I will say, however, that when I returned to Guest Services, the woman there quickly found me another room that was better in that it was clean and did not smell. However, the lighting is extremely poor and the dark colors of the furniture (dark walnut) and natural maroons/deep oranges/yellows of the bedspread and curtains make the room seem like a cave. The bathroom was in good shape so I decided to stay. Besides, as a woman traveling solo, I didn't think it was a good idea to press the issue and try to find another room at a different hotel. I would highly recommend opting for the next hotel class, I believe Hotel New York or the water-themed hotel (Newport?), as the rooms there would hopefully be better for the premium, or even better, the magnificent Disneyland Hotel at the park's entrance. I would try to stay at least one night there and then move to a cheaper hotel if price is an issue. It is truly beautiful and reminiscent of the Grand Floridian in architectural style. A final warning to those taking first trips to France: hotels there are not of the same quality as we are used to in the U.S.-- in fact, you could say this about many places in Europe. Be prepared for worn furnishings, carpets and a bit of grime anywhere you go except for chain hotels that cater to more international visitors/business travelers. On 3 trips to France I rarely stayed in a hotel I would ever consider staying at in the U.S. We have better options here.

I had 3 breakfasts (included in cost of the hotel room) here and was pleasantly surprised at the quantity and quality of food offered. "Upgrades" can be purchased for more traditional American fare, like pancakes, on a separate buffet, but the free buffet is excellent and you can have a filling breakfast with an assortment of European pastries, breads, chocolate croissants (yay), fresh fruits, yogurts, cereals....and a big surprise for big coffee drinkers, the Nescafe coffee machines have very good coffee in them. The dining area is beautifully themed and really does remind one of the Wilderness Lodge, as does much of the main building's design and interior.
The main building has a very nice store as well with snacks, magazines, and a nice selection of souveniers. At the newstand behind the cashiers, check for the French version of cartoon books-- I purchased a great Donald Duck Adventures book for under 4 euro.
Have fun! Disneyland Paris is a wonderful, unique place!
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   29-11-2002
Reviewer: saskia Netherlands     November 05, 2003
Last year my friend and I went to DLP at Christmastime.
The first three nights we slept at the Santa Fe hotel, wich we liked so much that we wanted to stay another night. Unfortunatelly there was no room available. But they found out that there was a room available at the Seqoia Lodge hotel. So we went there.
We only wanted to stay overnight because we planned a trip to Paris. We had to pay 155 euro for one night including breakfast (29-11-2002) and no further entrance for the park.
At first we thought that was a lot of money, but to be hounest it was really worth it!!
Our montana room was situated on the third floor in the main building with a view over the entrance of the hotel.
The room wasn't that much bigger than our room at Santa Fe, but it felt more luxurious to us. The dark wood furniture fitted exactly into the the theme of the hotel ( in our DLP guide the picture of a room in Seqouia Lodge showed light coloured wood furniture, but personally we really loved the dark colours). The room was equipped with two double beds and was very clean. Our bathroom at Seqoia Lodge was clean and also in dark wood colours. Here the washing table was separated from the bath and the toilet. Next to the separated washing-table there was a mini bar wich we didn't use, so cannot tell if it's expensive or not.
The restaurants of the hotel were very well themed and we had dinner at Hunters Grill. Little expensive, but a very good dinner with table service! It maybe sounds weird, but after self service at Santa Fe we experienced the table service as a very welcome extra added to the total service of the hotel. Also our breakfast was table service!
In the hotel guide we could read that the pool was closed at the time we stayed at this hotel, but we were lucky again. So we went for a swim. The pool is a good place to relax and take a swim. There was also a waterslide and a waterfall. Here again everything was very clean.
If I want to say something negative about the pool than it must be that it's situated outside the main building in a Lodge. In winter it can be frustrating to go back at the hotel because it's so cold outside. On the other way, we thought it was a refreshing cold. Back at the hotel we warmed up at the huge fireplace wich is the most impressive fire place I've ever seen.
As I mentioned before, we wanted to go to Paris for a day and not to the park. We took the RATP to Paris, that's why I can tell something about the distance to the park because the entrance of the trainstation is close to the entrance of the park. There were busses to the park, but we decided to walk. For us it took about 7 minutes to walk to the trainstation from Seqoia (we walked slowly and stopped a few times at the Disney Village to look at some shopwindows).
Over all we loved our stay at Seqouia Lodge.
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