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Anaheim Marriott Suites
12015 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove
Average Reviewer Rating: 3.8 out of 53.8 out of 53.8 out of 53.8 out of 53.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 6 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 2 )
3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   April 13, 2012
Reviewer: bennette Southern California     April 26, 2012
I stayed in this property for one night when I was meeting friends for dinner and then brunch at the resort. I was not planning to initially stay the night and when I did, it was a little late to be searching out discount accommodations. I obtained a standard room for the Marriot suites for $70 plus tax and parking using Priceline's name your own price feature.

I can't quite figure out where this chain fits into the Marriot family and indeed it is not described with their other chains on their home site. It doesn't offer the full services of a regular Marriot, it's not quite as inexpensive as the Fairfield Suites, or as family friendly as the Residence Inn--all of which are represented near the Disneyland Resort.

At any rate, the reviews were decent and I was sure it could meet my needs. I put in a request for a high floor away from the elevator, not much expecting it would be honored as a Priceline guest.

The parking lot behind the hotel was a bit dismal. I made sure to park under a light and remove any valuables.

Entering the building from the back, the carpets were clean and cheerful and there were occasional pleasant seating areas in corners.

When I arrived, I was placed on a low floor, directly next to an elevator. When I asked if anything else was available, I was told by the single desk staff person on duty that they were full but I had been upgraded to an Executive king suite. She stated to me she had never had a complaint about noise from any of these rooms but given the prominent "trainee" tag on her name badge, I wasn't entirely reassured. I asked for parking ($8) and she handed me a fairly nondescript piece of paper. When queried, said it wasn't really necessary to go back out and place it on my car for the one night.

The bank of elevators was maddeningly slow so I grabbed a glass of wine from the small but clean bar with affable business patrons and bartender while I was waiting for the backlog of guests to clear. The wine choices were broader than expected. (I took the stairs back down the next morning since I was only on the fourth floor.)

The executive king/queen suites are only two to a floor, one at each end of the hallway. There is a little seating area and some nice window space coming out of the elevator but I was still expecting some noise in my suite, despite this buffer zone.

The suite was definitely a good size at 550 square feet; 120 square feet larger than a standard suite, with a large bedroom and very ample living space. I can't say I had a view of anything spectacular but some rooms face the parks and there are huge windows so you may have a great view.

There were two big TV's, one in each area. There was a very small coffee maker with the prefilled filters and a small fridge. The rooms do not contain microwaves but other reviews indicate they are available for $5 per day.

The bedroom is separated by French doors and each area has a full door to the restroom. The bedroom area's bathroom door, however, cuts off the sink from the other half of the suite when shut. It makes sense for times when a group is getting ready; the bathroom can be shared. But I'm not sure how well it works in the middle of the night if someone sleeping on the foldout couch needs to wash their hands?

The hotel lists soundproof windows as an amenity, which I've never seen on a Harbor property before. Sadly they were not entirely soundproof and I could hear limited street noise as well as the expected noise of people at the elevator and in the hallway. It was not excessive, however, and with earplugs, I had no problem falling asleep. (I'm a light sleeper.) I think the street noise would be less at the far end of the hall.

The bathroom amenities were adequate--Bath and Body Works toiletries and medium weight towels. The shower area was somewhat dark. The sink area was generous and the flooring tile and paint appeared fairly new (it really was pretty dark!).

The beds were okay--I don't think this was the typical Marriott Revive bedding found at the full Marriotts, the mattress wasn't as comfortable. The sheets and such were fine.

In the morning, the lone trainee was still the only person at the desk but she was efficient. I had (or tried to have) tea in the minimal Starbuck's in the lobby. The staff were cheerful and efficient, providing me with a free beverage when they didn't have my first choice.

I didn't eat breakfast in the small restaurant but many people seemed to have received vouchers as part of a Getaway Today package and what I saw looked adequate, with some hot and cold items. Others were lounging in the small but pleasant common area.

They no longer offer a free shuttle but like some other nearby properties, now offer a direct hotel shuttle for a per-day cost equivalent to ART.

When I left the parking lot, there was no mechanism whatsoever in place to ensure I'd paid, making me wonder if it's enforced?

I'm still not sure what the planned market for this hotel is but if you can get a good rate and like a lot of space, this might work for you. I wouldn't seek it out again but it was okay.
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   December 27-31, 2009
Reviewer: wwomant Sacramento, California     January 10, 2010
This was a nice hotel, overall we were very happy with it. I only had 2 minor complaints about the room. 1) The bedroom was only separated from the living room area by glass french doors and windows with semi sheer curtains. I would have preferred solid walls, or at least non-sheer curtains. 2) There was a $5 daily charge if you would like a microwave, which I thought was unusual for a suite hotel. Most suite hotels I have stayed at come standard with a microwave. Other than those fairly minor things everything was perfect.

I personally did not like staying this far from the parks and relying on ART for transportation and so will not stay there again, but that is not a reflection of the service or quality of the hotel.