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Balboa Inn
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105 Main Street, Balboa
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Average Reviewer Rating: 1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   8/15/2002
Reviewer: satellite_chris Saint Louis, Missouri     November 19, 2002
Date(s) of Stay: 8/15/2002
Type/Class of room: Ocean View Suite, Jacuzzi
Accommodations Review: Poor. Please read full review below.
Rate/Night (for your stay): $460/night

Prior to my very brief stay at Balboa Inn in Balboa/Newport Beach, California, I was unable to find any online reviews of the hotel. This was to my detriment as I soon discovered that it is NOT worth the money in my opinion. I learned the hard way - I hope that others will consider my opinion so that you too do not loose out on hundreds of dollars on sub par accommodations.

I had reserved the best one bedroom suite in the complex that had a step price tag of over $400. I was not given any cancellation policy. The reservation was verbal and when I asked about the policy they told me there was NO WAY that I would not love this room. It was said to have an ocean view. It turns out that this ocean view is very far in the distance. There is about a half a mile of parking lots and other junk before your eyes ever meet the ocean. Considering this is only a two-story establishment; the view of the ocean is minimal at best. Don't forget that what they call the ocean is really only a bay.

I could live with this; however, the accommodations were so far grade below the price and what was advertised. The Jacuzzi tub that I was told was big enough for two was nothing more than a tiny tub with a few jets. The sales person told me that I would be able to see the ocean while sitting in this Jacuzzi. Let me tell you that this did not happen, nor was it possible. In fact the tub looked disgusting and the jets were encrusted with rust and the finish of the tub was chipping away. I would not have bathed in this tub if you paid me. Lets move on to the tiles on the floor in the bathroom. They appeared as if they had not been cleaned for several years. Disgusting looking grout made me feel as though the toilet was unfit for use. I would not feel comfortable walking in the bathroom with socks on, let along barefoot.

These issues were enough for me to not stay in the room for more than 10 minutes. (Most of which were spent using their phone book to try to find other accommodations at the last minute on my cell phone).

I removed all my bags and headed straight back to the lobby and requested to speak with the manager. I explained that the room did not meet the expectations I made based on the information on their website: I explained my disgust for the sanitary condition of the room as well as the false advertising. She told me that I could not leave without signing a credit card slip for one nights rate, even though I REFUSED to stay in this dump. They said that normally they would have charged me for my entire stay but they wanted to do me a "favor" so that I would not give them a bad name. TOO LATE. What could I do? Leave and be arrested? I signed the slip so that I could leave, but not by my own choice.

So I leave aggravated and $525 dollars poorer with nothing to show. I stayed at another hotel for the evening. In the morning I called my credit card company to put in a dispute for this charge. The credit card company said that there was a charge for over $2000 on my card from Balboa Inn. I immediately called Balboa Inn and complained about this mischarge as well as my nights stay (this was a different manager on the phone) and how I felt I should not be charged anything. The manager would not remove the $525 in charges but did agree to take care of the $2000+ charge.

Since then I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau of Los Angelos. The initial response from Balboa Inn was "we will give you a free nights stay". Why would I want a free night in a place that was not suitable for sleeping in? I sent a rebuttal, but have not heard back from the BBB.

I have also started a dispute claim with my credit card company. It is still pending and being investigated.

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