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Embassy Suites - North Anaheim
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3100 E. Frontera Street, Anaheim
(Near 91 Freeway at Kraemer / Glassell)
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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.8 out of 53.8 out of 53.8 out of 53.8 out of 53.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 5 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 5 )
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   June 7-11, 2007
Reviewer: julbright ( Illinois     June 23, 2007
DH (46), ME (35), DD 9 and DD 5 stayed at this location in June 2007. This was our second stay at this location, the first being December 2005 (with DS 16 along also that time, making 5 of us staying in the room comfortably). Both stays are reflected in this review. I believe the rate for this recent stay was about 129 per night for their typical 2 double bed room. (it was a business expense as my husband was on travel for work, so I didn't see the bill). Staff were friendly and rooms and property were clean. Rooms are spacious with two rooms seperated by a door. Both rooms have a tv. Bathroom is accessible through bedroom side, which is a little inconvenient cuz the sleepers are in there, but it worked out fine. there is also a second vanity area with a sink outside the bathroom, which is a plus for our family. in the other room there is a wet bar, coffee maker, fridge and microwave which is yet another plus. There is also a sleeper sofa in this room allowing for 2 more sleepers. The hotel is a little older but that had absolutely no impact on the stay. The breakfast is a big plus for our family, and the cook/manager on our recent trip was a fabulous personality and chef who made you feel like you were in a luxury dining establishment. The shuttle was a nice perk too. I would say with moderate traffic it is 10-15 minutes away from Disneyland. The shuttle runs to the park on the hour and from the park on the 1/2 hour. You do need to make a reservation, but we had no trouble making last minute ones on the way TO the parks, and changing them FROM the parks by cell phone within a reasonable amount of time's notice. The shuttle only runs if someone is scheduled on it, so don't count on one showing up at the parks on the 1/2 hour if you haven't reserved it. The only downside to this property is that the pool area is small and indoors. This could be a perk if the weather is too cold to be swimming outside, but I felt robbed of the California sun when my kids were swimming indoors.There is a sun patio off the pool, but I wasnt able to take advantage of it as my children are still young enough to require supervision in the pool. It is a lovely little pool area, though and clean. There is a nice-looking onsite restaurant and bar, though we never tried it. The koi ponds and little gift shop in the atrium are lovely. Overall, this is a great hotel and the price is right for what you get. If convenience to Disneyland is a priority, this isn't the tops for that but the shuttle is nice and the hotel is a bit cheaper than it's sister hotel on Harbour which is right near Disney. The overall location is kinda blah - it is basically on an off ramp for the freeway with one restaurant next door and nothing else around. Once inside the hotel, though, this has little impact on the overall stay. Even though we enojoyed this property, we have agreed that next time we will move over to the Embassy on Harbor as it is more convenient for Disney. If cost is a factor for your family, though and you'll be staying more than a couple nights, the $20 a night or so you save by choosing this location could be enough motivation for you to choose this property.
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   Feb. 2002 and August 2002
Reviewer: actran Erie, Colorado     March 12, 2004
My family of 5 has stayed at the La Jolla Embassy Suites before and been very happy. However, after 2 disappointing stays at the Anaheim North we'd no longer stay at another ES. During our stay in Feb. there were repeated problemes with the shuttle, being overbooked, leaving early, but the last straw was when we returned to go back to the hotel one rainy night. Although we had made reservations (which is a pain because it's hard to know when you'll want to go back) the shuttle was full and we were told to take a cab and the hotel would reimburse us. So we had to wait in the rain for the cab and then the driver said we had to pay him and get our money back from the hotel. I was so mad (at ES) and went in and asked to see the manager. The front desk girl was reluctant to call him, and she actually had to call him twice before he showed up. He was so rude! No apology, just threw the money at me and said the hotel had fulfilled it's "obligation". Customer service 101 should have taught him when your establishment has messed up and your customer is irate a simple apology would go a long way. I wrote to the GM who to her credit, Fedexed me a reply, complete with an apology, gift cert for a 3 night free stay (good at that ES only) and a partial refund. So we went back. It was immediately clear the problems with the shuttle hadn't been fixed. Our room had paper thin walls (I didn't remember that from our previous stay) and I got no sleep. We checked out the next day and the front desk clerk didn't even ask why. At that point I was "done" with ES, so we just left. The GM's response was appreciated, but it means nothing if there's no follow through. This hotel is so far from DSL, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   November 16-26 2003
Reviewer: seattlemom Seattle, WA     December 05, 2003
We stayed at this Embassy Suites for ten days, and had a great stay. The main reasons we chose the Embassy Suites was the full breakfast, and that we are a family of six and most of the hotels in the area only allow five people per room.

Price- Four of our nights were booked through Walt Disney Travel Co with our vacation package, and we booked the other 6 nights on their website for $129 a night. Interesting to note that arriving a day later the price would have been $139, and two days later would have been $179. If your dates are flexible, you may want to keep that in mind.

Breakfast - The reason we tend to frequent this chain. Full breakfast with cooked to order omelets, eggs, pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns. Beverage stations with milk, juice, coffee, tea, and hot cereal. Toast your own toast, bagels, english muffins. Rolls, muffins, danishes, fresh fruit, yogurt, cold cereal, and I'm sure I'm forgeting something. There is plenty of seating. We always found an empty large round (seats 6) table. There were always several of the smaller square (seats 4) tables too. We never had to wait more than 5 minutes in line for eggs even when we came at the "busy" time. The one issue we did have was that breakfast is served 6-9:30 during the week, and 7-10:30 on the weekends. On the Saturday we were there, Disneyland opened at 8am. We had to choose either the breakfast or the first shuttle to DL to get there before the park opened. We only had that issue on the one day, but if you are going when DL is opening earlier every day and you like to get to the park early, that might be an issue for you.

Shuttle - Very friendly and efficient service. The ride took 10-20 minutes depending on the time of day. It drops you off and picks you up at the same place right in front of the parks. We got to know the shuttle drivers really well, as we tended to go to DL in the morning and again in the afternoon or evening. The shuttle runs once an hour on the hour from the motel to DL with the first shuttle starting an hour before the park opens. The return shuttle is once an hour on the half hour with the last shuttle leaving thirty minutes after the park closes. You need to make reservations for the shuttle at least one hour before so that they can make sure they have enough seats. (They will run two shuttles if there are more people signed up.) You can jump on the shuttle without making a reservation if there is room, but if noone is on the list to go out and noone is one the list to come back, they won't make the shuttle run that hour. There were conventioneers the first several days we were there, so the shuttle ran to disneyland first and then took them to the convention center. Coming back it picked them up first and then picked us up from DL, so we never had an extra stop.

Room - We had a standard suite with two double beds. It had a separate room for the living area with a fold out sofa. Two TVs, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. A kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, sink, counter, and drawers. The one issue we had with the bedroom was that there was only one reading light per bed. We like to have a light on each side.

The indoor pool was nice as my kids are just learning to swim. There was one other family there once, otherwise we had the pool to ourselves whenever we were there. There is also a hot tub and exercise room, although we didn't use either. I did notice that the pool is open for adults only from 10pm to midnight if you like to swim without the kiddies. There were plenty of towels and chairs and tables for the non-swimmers of the family.

Manager's Reception - Free drinks and snacks from 5:30 to 7:30. Mixed drinks, beer, wine, soft drinks, juice, etc. I'll agree with the previous poster that the mixed drinks were strong. Also, they had plenty of non-alcoholic options for the kids. It was nice to have a glass (actually a cup) of wine at 5:30 and then take the 6:00 shuttle for an evening at DL. They also were willing to give you a tray if you wanted to take your drinks and snacks up to your suite. I got twelve drinks (two for each of us) and a tray one night, and they were fine with that. The snacks were pretzels one night, chips and salsa another night, and popcorn every night. Things like that.

Laundry - they have one washer and dryer on each of the even numbered levels. Which meant that to do three loads of laundry, I had to go to three different levels to put the laundry in, move it to the dryer, and take it out. The machines were always available when I needed them. They didn't have a change machine though. You need to get change from the front desk.

The front desk - They were very friendly and helpful. One night we called to ask where to order pizza. They not only gave us the name and phone number of a local pizza place, but gave us a menu with coupons too.

We had a very pleasant stay. Will definitely stay there again.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   Feb 19 - Mar 1, 2003
Reviewer: marciemi Berkley, Michigan     March 02, 2003
First thing I'd like to say, is the previous poster must have stayed at a different ES. This one definitely had an indoor pool and always has according to the staff. So I'd keep in mind when considering his comments that he must be referring to one of the other ES's in the area (perhaps Buena Park)!

Anyways - we stayed 10 nights at this Embassy Suites. We'd actually made reservations to switch to the Disneyland Hotel for the last 4 nights because we got an $111 rate there, but liked the ES so much we decided to stay.

The main reasons we stayed there were the indoor pool, breakfast, and suite. We had a 2 double bed suite, which was more than adequate for our family of five. The sofa bed was much more comfortable than usual at a hotel and the room was very soundproofed. You could occasionally hear noise (running kids, etc.) from the living room area, but not the bedroom part. The bedroom had the bathroom in it, then an access door to your living room area and kitchenette (hidden in cupboards!)

The pool was nice - reasonably sized with an outdoor tanning area right off of it (the pool was all inside though). The whirlpool was always hot and there were lots of towels available. There was also a small exercise room off the pool which opened at 5am (the pool at 7). These areas were rarely crowded - we'd occasionally find one other family in the pool with us and maybe one person in the workout room. This area seemed well maintained.

The breakfast was outstanding. There were eggs to order, omelets (with fillings changing daily), pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage all at the counter. Then on your own you could get muffins, biscuits, bagels, toast, cereals, fresh fruit (oranges, apples, bananas, watermelon, canteloupe), oatmeal, and yogurt. Beverages included apple, orange, guava & cranberry juice, milk, hot chocolate and coffee. I'm sure there was other misc stuff I'm missing but this was the primary selection. In the room was a chart telling you basically to come early to avoid crowds (it opened at 6am weekdays, 7 weekends), but it never seemed that crowded. 7am on Saturday was bad because there were large groups staying at the hotel who were all leaving at the same time, but we ate anytime between 6 and 9:30 and never encountered a long wait other than that once.

The manager's reception was each evening from 5:30-7:30. Strangely enough our schedule worked out that we made most of them. The reception was heavy on alcohol (my margarita was VERY strong), but low on snacks - usually pretzels & chips and HOT salsa. There didn't seem to be a limit on drinks - we got 2 apiece several times without question. They seemed to expect tips during this time, but not at breakfast (ie tip jar). They had a board with a list of about 20 mixed drinks available plus stuff for kids & cokes.

We didn't enounter the expected problems with traffic. It was about 15 minutes to Disneyland, including parking. The greatest amount of times seemed to be spend actually driving through levels of the parking garage, walking back down, and taking the tram. The drive itself to there only added 5-10 minutes. We drove in the direction of the other ES (South) & there were a million traffic lights. It seemed to take a lot longer to go that way than the way we came (91 to 57 to Ball road). However, we were usually there before opening. But 4 of those days were weekdays and we were in supposedly peak traffic times (8:30-9:30 am). We were also out of the most congested area for our trips to the beach, Knotts, northern suburbs, Magic Mountain and San Diego (although going down 5 was bad for that trip).

As far as the shuttle, we never took it, but ALWAYS saw it leaving about the exact same time we were in the morning before opening. They had 2 buses which never seemed packed. I don't know how the return worked.

There was also a gift shop in the middle plus a koi pond which was the highlight of my kids' stay. Apparently they'd learned about koi and were excited to see them. And if you asked at the front desk, you could get food to feed the fish, which was fun!

Only problem we had with the hotel was that we were there in a variable temperature season. It was 70 during the day and 40's at night. The hotel runs on a all AC or all heat system - ie everyone's on one or the other. They were on AC the whole time we were there and I was freezing at night. I am, however, always cold and the rest of my family was fine. When we complained, the hotel sent up extra blankets. If you were there when it was hot or cold & not both, you'd be fine.

Another suggestion would be to request the side of the hotel away from the freeway if you're noise sensitive. We were on the side with the freeway and could occasionally hear trucks, horns beeping, etc. I think the other side would have been much quieter plus you wouldn't look right out over the freeway.

Overall, however, we had a great stay. The extra room, food, and pool definitely made it worth it. After my kids set off an elevator alarm, the hotel sent up a gift basket of snacks (never quite figured out that reasoning!) I'd say the hotel was about 75 percent business people, 25 percent families - more families on weekends. So it was very quiet and relaxing after a day at the parks.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   7/29/2002-8/2/2002
Reviewer: mm42 Atlanta, GA     August 01, 2002
I am a big fan of Embassy Suites. I have stayed in 20+ hotels from this fine chain throughout the US. This property is typical of the chain in many respects, but there were some surprises, both good and bad.

First, the standard features of all Embassy Suites hotels, and my primary reason for patronizing the chain:

1) Free full breakfast for the whole family. This is no "continental" breakfast, it's the whole nine yards, including cooked-to-order omelettes, eggs, bacon, sausage, breads, pastries, bagels, cereals, fruit, yogurt, pancakes, french toast, juice, milk, coffee, and more.

2) Free happy hour in the evening with beer, wine, and bar drinks. I like to end the day with a couple of margaritas or beers, but whatever your pleasure you will find it here. There are also snacks available like chips, popcorn, or pretzels.

3) A true suite room with a separate room for the kids including a sofa bed, their own TV, and a door. I go on vacation to spend time with the kids, of course, but at night I like some private time with the Mrs. as well!

Now the points which distinguish this property from your average Embassy Suites:

Good) The rooms are the best decorated and finished of any ES I have seen. Granite countertops, large spaces, and tasteful southwestern decor set these rooms apart.

Bad) The breakfast gets outrageously overcrowded after 8:00 AM. We normally get up early and get out of the hotel, and in that case the breakfast service was typical, but the one day we slept late the breakfast was a madhouse. It was a very unpleasant experience, including having to scrounge for a table for 10 minutes.

Bad) The elevator service has insufficient capacity and is very slow. Waits for the elevator either direction were much longer than they should have been, and it was rare to be on one that was less than crammed full.

Bad) Parking is also a mess. The lot for the hotel has incredibly small parking spaces. There are difficult to get in and out of, and it's even harder to access your car once you do.

Neutral) The pool is outdoors, rather than the typical ES indoor pool. This can be quite chilly in the evening when we prefer to swim, but it was nicer than indoors in the daytime.

Neutral) The shuttle bus to Disneyland is OK. The buses are typical charter buses, so they are reasonably comfortable and air-conditioned, but zero personality. (In contrast to the trolley-type shuttles which many hotels use which are much more attractive, but open air and many with wooden bench seats.) The shuttle runs every 30 minutes each way, with reliable service, good drivers, and only 1 extraneous stop each way. (Going to the park you stop by the Hilton Garden Inn, returning you hit the Hampton Inn first. Both of these hotels are adjacent and the bus doesn't have to go on the road to make the stops.)

I certainly recommend the hotel for any family going to Disneyland, but I do caution that it is not up to ES standards in all respects.
17 out of 17 people found this review helpful
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