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Super Shuttle
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Super Shuttle offers shared-ride van, sedan and bus service to and from Orange County- and Los Angeles-area airports, cruise terminals, bus and railroad stations.
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Average Reviewer Rating: 2.6 out of 52.6 out of 52.6 out of 52.6 out of 52.6 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 13 ( Displaying Reviews: 11 - 13 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   Nov 30 - Dec 4, 2004
Reviewer: poohfan Northern California     January 02, 2005
I have used Super Shuttle many times thru Orange Co Airport to the Disneyland Resort. I made reservations a few months in advance. Easy to confirm by phone. They are waiting for you directly across the street from the baggage claim area. The shuttle is a large van with 3 rows of seating. It was very clean. Do know that they take about 7 to 8 people and you could be going to 2 hotels, or so, before your dropoff. (Seems that Disney is always the last to be dropped off for some reason.) But, for $10 bucks plus tip, and as long as you are not in a big hurry, you can't beat it. We were at Disneys Grand within the hour. When making your airline reservations, also think about traffic in LA. If its around the 5pm hour, know that your driver will be stuck in traffic a little bit. Even in the car pool lane. On departure day, we were picked up in the time frame given to us. Again, remember LA traffic and plan your return trip accordingly. At reservation time, they will give you a pick up time. If you don't feel its enough time to get to the airport and security airport, ask them to change it. They are very accomodating!
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   11/7/04 and 11/11/04
Reviewer: sleepyjeff Portland, Oregon     November 13, 2004
From Orange County Airport to the Hilton Towers we used Super Shuttle. Normally when we fly into John Wayne we take a Taxi to our Hotel but since we were traveling on a package deal that included Super Shuttle we felt compelled to use it.

From the Airport our rather large group of 15 were whisked away nearly immediatley to our Hotel in rather nice somewhat clean vans. Both drivers were courteous and very helpfull with our luggage.

From the Hotel back to the Airport we were treated well by the Super Shuttle repersentative stationed at the Hilton but one of our drivers was very unkempt and was more worried about getting our vouchers than loading our luggage. We ended up loading most of it ourselves into a very dirty and smoky van. The van stank of old coffee and ciggerrette smoke and had papers and food wrappers all over the front area. The driver drove like he was being chased and offered even less help unloading our van than he did loading it.

Next time Taxi.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   2004
Reviewer: disneyhound Pacific Northwest     September 14, 2004
We had used the Airport Bus in previous years. The Shuttle Vans are a better trasnportation option from John Wayne to the park. The van only had space for three groups of travelers (can only seat 6-7), so only three stops total. They drop you right to your hotel front door. You call their office the day before your flight out to schedule a pick-up; and they pick you up at your hotel front door. Very convient and economical!
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