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Reviewer: RockDoc07 New York     July 08, 2009
My Uncle surprised us all on our trip with a booking of the VIP Tour services. We were to meet our "Plaid" Andy early in the morning for our "tour" I must first point out that this really isn't much of a tour but rather a sort of concierge service of sorts, at least that's how it was for us. Andy walked around with us and first got to know all of us a little bit better. We ranged in the group from my mid 50s parents, my mid 40s aunt and uncle, DW and myself in our mid 20s, and my two cousins, 10 and 7. So Andy did a great job playing to everyone's interests. He was great with the kids and just really wanted to know what we liked. Did we want to go on all the E tickets, did we want to stroll, or what. The kids are fearless and the very first thing we did was Bee Line it to Space Mountain. I must also mention that we bypassed the ENTIRE line waiting to enter the park through a separate entrance. It was made very clear to us that Andy was not a "front of the line" ticket, but he did help us jump a lot of the line most of the time. My mother doesn't go on many "big" rides and so a lot of the time he was just hanging out with her, and sometimes my father too. He would tell them fun facts and was just really cool. He found out that DW and I are big Disney folks, so he even stepped it up a notch and tried to stump us with some Disney Trivia and even taught us a few things! He got us PS day of at a restaurant we wanted, and then while we ate he asked us what our plans were and what atractions we would hit in the afternoon. He left while we ate and returned at the end of our meal to sign off with us with fast passes for every attraction we mentioned for the rest of the day. Is this service worth it? Maybe/maybe not, but it was fun, and we had a great time goofing around with Andy all morning.
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