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River Belle Terrace
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A popular breakfast spot, offering a view of the Rivers of America. The lunch and dinner menus feature soups, salads and sandwiches.
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Average Reviewer Rating: 4.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 23 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 10 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   March 4, 2012 and March 7, 2012 10:00 am both times
Reviewer: missm Washington     July 01, 2012
We really like Riverbelle Terrace for breakfast. We get the same thing every time which is a Steamboat with bacon and a Steamboat with sausage. My husband gets a coffee with his, I typically get a latte somewhere before I get there. The first visit we bought an orange juice but at $4.29 each we decided to bring our own from then on.

The Steamboat comes with scrambles eggs, meat, and pancakes. The pancakes are the best in the resort to us. I'm not sure what they do differently but they are so light and fluffy and have a hint of vanilla.

There is not much to say about the service because it is pretty much serve yourself. I do like the outdoor seating area though. The first visit our bill came to $24.85 (we ordered an oj that time), the second time it came to $20.22. I really think that is a value for breakfast at DLR.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   Leap Day 2012
Reviewer: ralfrick San Francisco Bay     April 22, 2012
For clarity all my ratings are compared to restaurants within the Disneyland Resort only.

While I'd been to the River Belle a couple of times for breakfast, this was my first lunch visit. The madness of Leap Day's evening was still hours away, so I was able to get my food, pay and secure a table quickly. Being southern born, I was naturally skeptical, but also curious, about the BBQ pork sandwich. Now, of course I've had better. On the other hand, it beat out the one I got in Dollywood last summer, and did have a decent amount of meat. The beans were tasty, and there was a good selection of cold sides. I went with a fruit salad, and it was good. I'd split hairs and give 3 1/2 planets if that was an option. Breakfast is still more likely than lunch here, but I wouldn't rule it out.

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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   3/19/09-3/22/09
Reviewer: backsthepack Litchfield Park, AZ     March 23, 2009
This is our favorite breakfast spot each morning when visiting Disneyland. We usually arrive when the park opens, hop on a few quick rides with no lines and then head over.
The changes sort of stink, grab your tray and then order. It gets a little congested. But it isn't that big of a deal.
The only thing that bothered me this trip is that they changed the potatoes. I use to love them, but the recipe does not taste the same any longer. So I just don't order that now.
The pancakes are always fresh and yummy. Our kid loves the Mickey pancake. It is really a pretty inexpensive meal for us, running around $30.00 for 2 adults and 1 child.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   August 3, 2008 - lunch
Reviewer: cstephens Los Angeles, California     August 03, 2008
River Belle Terrace had changed their menu some time ago, but the new menu, which only has a couple of salads and a couple of sandwiches, seemed very limited, and I just didn't feel motivated to go. I've had breakfast at River Belle several times in the last six months, and I've rather enjoyed those, so today, we decided to give it a shot for lunch.

Because it was a fairly warm day out, it wasn't surprising that the indoor air-conditioned seating was fairly crowded. We found an empty table that would fit our party of five, so I staked out the table while the rest of our group went to get food.

In deciding what I wanted, I looked at the salads which had been made for display, and while both the prime rib and turkey salads looked good, I decided on the prime rib this time. On this day, salad sounded better to me than a sandwich. The sandwiches come with one side, but salads do not, so I had the husband get me a side of pasta salad as well. The husband and one friend both also got the prime rib salad, with the husband getting a side of lentil salad, and our two other friends both got the pork sandwich. One got a side of fruit and I can't remember what the other person had for a side.

I very much enjoyed my prime rib salad. I thought the flavoring of the dressing was quite nice, and it was pretty light on dressing, which I like. I am not a fan of salad swimming in dressing soup. Since I wasn't in line, I didn't know how everything was made, but the husband said the salad was made back in the kitchen and then delivered to the line to give to the guest. The dressing is only on the salad, and then the meat added on top, which is nice because then you're not drenching the prime rib in the salad dressing. The salad had a nice mix of lettuces as well as sliced cherry tomatoes, and the prime rib was very tasty. The roll was a nice side, and it was very soft. All in all, it was a very tasty salad that I would definitely recommend. I also enjoyed my pasta salad, which was nicely seasoned, though the portion size is a bit small for the price charged, even by theme park price standards. My only disappointment is that they've chosen to use only plastic plates and plastic utensils in the restaurant, which really detracts from a nice salad like this. I would also think that using plastic ware doesn't go well with Disney's green and conservation efforts.

The husband also liked his prime rib salad as well as his side lentil salad, though he was disappointed that they didn't have the three-bean salad that we'd seen on a previous breakfast visit. Our friends seemed to enjoy their meals as well, though we all remarked that the sandwiches came on fairly thick French rolls, and one of our friends mostly scooped out the meat to eat and left most of the bread.

Here's a picture of the prime rib salad:

I would definitely return for lunch to try their prime rib sandwich and turkey salad.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   February 25, 2008
Reviewer: Mike in Mesa Mesa, Arizona     February 26, 2008
This was our first visit to the River Belle Terrace after the renovation. The inside of the restaurant was opened up and there is much more room to move around.
The problem now is in the organization of ordering, picking up and paying for your food.
In the past, you ordered food and paid for your food at the cashier. Your order was transmitted to the staff via computer, and you picked up your food which had been placed on a tray.
Now you get in line. then find our that you need a tray. You passed the trays when you entered the restaurant. Then you wait in line until you get to the order/pick-up window. One person takes your order, and dishes up your food. You then are faced with a large display of drinks and sides. Then you arrive at the cashier to pay.
We went on a relatively slow Monday, and the line was very slow. I can't imagine how it will be during the busy days of Summer.
Also, when we were there, "Supervisor" types in dress shirts and ties were bringing out the pancakes a few at a time.

Over all, the same food, more inside eating room, but not a well thought out serving system.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   12/21/2007
Reviewer: Maus Southern California     December 21, 2007
I decided to check out the new menu for the recently re-opened restaurant. I always like a good prime rib sandwich, so I tried that today, but the turkey also looked very good. They slice the meat as you order and place it on a very tasty roll. Sandwiches are accompanied by baked beans (very sweet and thick) and your choice from several different cold salads. I chose the lentil, which I liked but it seemed to be highly salted. My sandwich was filled with a good amount of meat. I was happy to see horseradish sauce at the condiment bar, along with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a couple of other sauces. I had asked if the beef could be on the pink side, and they said yes but when I sat down to eat the meat was no longer pink (if it had ever been). All in all I enjoyed my lunch. It was all very fresh; I appreciate a made-to-order meal.

There was no line in the restaurant at 11:45. Even so, the servers were slow to acknowledge the people waiting. They seemed to still be doing some training. One thing that was confusing is that the cold accompaniements were in a case just before you get to the register and from behind the serving counter they were calling out to people "Don't forget to pick up your cold salad." If the restaurant were busy I can see how people would miss picking them up.

I'll return to try the turkey.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   July 12th, 2007
Reviewer: SLG Seattle, Washington     July 22, 2007
This place is cool. We had a table outlooking the water! Our breakfast included pancakes, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and eggs. All were delicious! We were stuffed until that afternoon!!
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   May 15th
Reviewer: superhero99 Alberta, Canada     May 17, 2007
This is my favorite place for breakfast in the park! On my last visit, I had the Mickey Mouse pancakes with an orange juice, which came to $8.81. A little pricey, but the pancake was pretty big, made fresh, and shaped like Mickey, so I didn't mind. My boyfriend had the Mark Twain, which included scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, and a buiscuit, plus he got a side of pancakes. He found it filling and delicious. I loved my pancake, and I am not usually a pancake person. The only downside was it took a really long time for my pancake to be made. But it was worth the wait, and the staff was very friendly and talkative (as well as apologetic) while I waited, so I didn't mind. There was construction for the Pirates Premier which took away from the atmosphere, but it was still enjoyable and I plan to return for more Mickey pancakes!
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   7/15/06
Reviewer: DisneyBubbles California     August 02, 2006
Ok I have to say that my husband and I absolutley love the ribs meal at The River Belle Terrace. It's always very tender and juicy and the BBQ sauce is very tasty. It's funny because we went to BB and spent a lot more money and had their ribs (which were horrible) and ended up always returning to the River Belle Terrace for their ribs meal. The meal comes with corn on the cob, corn bread, beans and cole slaw and it is all soooo good. I would reccomend it to everyone. They have a BBQ ribs and chicken combo plate too which is also good but we prefer the all ribs plate.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   6/10/06
Reviewer: Doofy South Jordan, UT     July 17, 2006
The Riverbelle Terrace is my favorite spot for breakfast in the park. I know that there aren't many places to get breakfast but that is beside the point. This restaurant is located at my favorite junction in the park. Frontierland, Adventureland, and New Orleans Square are all right here. You get to sit just off the Rivers of America and watch the Mark Twain steam past. Now that Pirates is open again you will see people lining up for that. Before DL changed the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse you could hear the Swisskapolka in the distance. Now that Tarzan inhabites the treehouse you don't hear the music but it does little to diminish the wonderful environment you are surrounded by during your meal.

Now on to the food. This is the home of the Mickey Mouse pancake. As a child this was my favorite meal at Disneyland. My son is still a year or two away from a pancake but I am sure he will enjoy them just as much as I did. My wife has always loved the breakfast potatoes that are served here. We both get the pancake breakfast with potatoes, eggs, and bacon. This is our favorite way to start our day here. The only problem that I ever have is that sometimes the eggs will be a little dry. We also recently tried the cinnamon roll. It was very soft and tasted very good. I believe that they are the same rolls available in the Blue Ribbon Bakery on Main Street.

For the two of us a meal is around $20. A little less with the annual passholder discount. This is one of the few restaurants in Disneyland that they could charge me a premium just to sit outside and eat there and I would gladly pay.
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful
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