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Joe's Crab Shack
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12011 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove

Table service restaurant featuring seafood and fun.

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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.6 out of 53.6 out of 53.6 out of 53.6 out of 53.6 out of 5
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   March 26, 2005
Reviewer: hockeymom13 Nelson, BC Canada     April 19, 2005
I read all the reviews about Joe's Crab Shack off this site before we went to Calif. I was so excited to go and experience it. WHAT A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! :( The service and the food were lousy. We went in the afternoon around 2PM, and we had to take a Taxi down to Joe's. We arrived and asked for a booth and were told that (even though the booths were all empty) we couldn't sit there. Even though the entire time we were there they were never filled.
We ordered some drinks, the only thing we liked about the meal. It was some kind of a frosty frozen peach long Island tea thing.
It was also extremely LOUD in the place and we couldn't hear ourselves think much less talk.
My Hubby ordered the BBQ crab, ($23.00) and I ordered the Crab stuffed Shrimp.
My 9 year old had Mac & Cheese, while my 7 year old had the coconut shrimp.
My hubby hated the crab, it was over cooked, and WAY WAY too Salty. He did tell the waitress and she just shruged it off. The Crab stuffed shrimp was terrible, overcooked, and just like rubber. Rice came with it and it was again super SALTY. I'm not sure why everything seemed so salty.
My 9 yr. old had old Mac & Cheese that looked like it had been in the fridge for a week and then warmed up in the Microwave. My 7 yr. old liked the coconut shrimp, but they only gave him like 3 of these tiny little shrimp, and then a big bunch of limp greasy fries.
The waitress seemed like she would much rather be socializing with her co-workers then serving anyone. I heard people at the next table complaining to her about the food as well.
After the reviews I read her I could not wait to go to this place. The total bill came to over $75.00. And we ate hardly any of it. I wouldn't waste the taxi fare to drive to this place again. We would have been better off going to McDonalds. :(
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   2/22/05 - 2/26/05
Reviewer: Sussya Phoenix, AZ     February 27, 2005
Hands down the best dining experience of our Disneyland stay. We LOVED this place. Parking is a bit crazy, and we had to park across the street at Target and walk to the restaurant. It was worth it, though. They sat our large party of 8 within 25 minutes (at about 7:30 pm). There is a playground out back for the kids, so the wait went by really fast. The food was WONDERFUL and the waiters FUN! They were dancing and singing and having a great time. Lots of things to look at, and it kept the kids enthralled. The menu is huge, and we had so many choices. The kids menu is fun, too. We had lots of crab, shrimp, starters, kids meals for 3 kids, drinks--and it all came to $75 with tip for a family of 5! That's $10 less than we paid at Ariel's Grotto for crappy food and worse service! Save your money and go cheap at Disneyland--splurge here! It's worth it!
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   March 26, 2003
Reviewer: kowen ( Hagerman, Idaho     April 22, 2003
We went here for dinner and had the best time. Wish we could have gone again during our stay. We actually found out about the restaurant on accident when we heard some folks asking the ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation) driver how to get there. It is only 2-3 blocks from Disneyland on Harbor.

The food is excellent. The entire experience was a blast. They are extremely busy though (parking was difficult to find as there are other restaurants and a hotel in the vicinity), and we waited a while for a table but it was compeltely worth it! The entire place is just like a beach shack on fisherman's wharf. Be sure to listen for the call to your table ("Smith, party of six, Let's get crackin!"). The staff is so friendly and the waiters and waitresses do dancing to certain songs - some on the tables! It's not too rowdy for families though. In fact, the kids raved about it and wanted to go back. They got elaborate hats made out of balloons - made to order right at the table (free). My son's was a huge tarantula, my daughter's was a princess. My niece's hat was a fishing pole with a fish at the end of it and my nephew had a palm tree with bananas and a monkey climbing it. You'd have to see the hats to believe it! They also had a great gift shop where we picked up some shirts and mugs to take home.

Prices were very reasonable. I think the four in our family spent about $50-$60 (not including the gift shop). They did have an extensive kids' menu which was nice.

A must-see, must-do restaurant!! And bring your camera!
71 out of 72 people found this review helpful
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