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Holiday Inn Sunspree Lake Buena Vista
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13351 State Road 535, Lake Buena Vista
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Average Reviewer Rating: 1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 2 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 2 )
1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   June 7-9 2006
Reviewer: cakediva Oregon     June 15, 2006
My husband and I were in Orlando for a convention and moved to the Holiday Inn Sunspree for a couple of days to visit WDW. We are Holiday Inn platinum members and are usually treated very well at Holiday Inns. We were not upgraded, put in a ground floor room that was filthy. There was blood or feces or both on the wall near the microwave. The drawers in the chest of drawers were filthy as well.
The guest services were adequate, at least they were competent in answering questions about transportation.
The hours of operation for the busses are very limited.
The little convienence store didnt have very convienent hours, and I paid over 3.00 for two little bags of chips(snack size).
The restraunt isnt open for lunch at all, and opens at 7:00 am for breakfast, and is not open very late. The lounge closes very early as well.
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   Dec 25 2004 - Jan 3 2005
Reviewer: ptarcher1 Virginia     January 06, 2005
Me and my daughter stayed at this hotel from Dec 25th 2004 until Jan 3 2005. It started off bad.

The hotel sounds great on paper but in reality it is lacking. Some of the service was good, most was horrible. At check in I was not even greeted with a hello, or smile. There was no check-in for the kids desk which they advertise on their web-site. My daughter was looking forward to her own check-in, but had to settle for just writting her name in notebook left on the kids check in counter like the other kids.

That night we ate on the buffet and the food tasted fine but I woke up around 4am sick to my stomach. At 6am after vomiting multiple times I called the front desk and was told "Oh, you have the food poisioning. You ate on the buffet yes?" The woman at the front desk offered to contact the doctor the hotel has on call so I could be checked out and fill a claim with their insurance but I declined.

The only good service I received was housekeeping. They always responded quickly and were polite. Unfortunately I had to call housekeeping alot because the towels and washclothes they would bring to us were often dirty or with hairs in them.

The guest services employees are suppost to help you get tickets/transportation to attractions/events. I inquired to them about the Pirates of the Carribean dinner show. I was told that me and my daughter could see the show for free. Great I thought. The employee explained to me all I needed to do to get the free tickets was to eat breakfast at another local hotel and listen to speakers over breakfast. After paying my $10 non-refundable deposit I looked at my recipt and read that I had to sit thru a 90min+ time share lecture to get the tickets. No way was I spending my valuable vacation time listening to time share info. You cant get sometime for nothing so I should have known, but all I wanted was tickets.

My second day at there I called down to guest services to get them to arrange a cab to take us to Sea World. When we went down to the lobby 1hr30min later there was not cab. I went to the guest services counter and was told in a very rude way " Well did you even look out there to see". I was eventually told by another employee that the person who took my request for a cab never called the cab. I eventually just called my own cab (I recommend you just do the same) but ended up wasting 2hours. When I complained to the manager on duty he never even apologized. He just gave me excuses and was defensive. If they had not told me to call guest services to reserve a cab when I needed it would have just called myself. This is what I did for the remainder of my stay.

They hotel advertises free transportation to all of the major Walt Disney Parks. Beware of this also. The scheduled transportation drop-off times and pick-up times don't fit in with every schedule. I wanted to arrive at the parks at opening to avoid the crowds. While the parks opened at 8am the first bus did not leave the hotel until 8:15. This may not sound so bad but the bus drives at bus speed and goes to all four parks. If the park you want to get to is the last stop you may not get there until well after 9am. Traveling with kids you may not want to spend that much wasted time riding on a bus when you can get there by taxi in 15min. The pick-up times from the park were also annoying. I didn't know where in the parking lot the bus would be. Once I found the bus it was standing room only and picks up from all the Disney Parks so again long drive back to the hotel. Sometimes the last pick-up time for a park is well before the park closes. One day the last pick up for Animal Kindom was 5:45 but the park closed at 8pm. I took a taxi or van almost all of the time.

In conclusion there are many more problems (elevator smells like vomit, pool water not the cleanest, a 15% grautituty is added to dine-in or room service food, along with a room service fee). With the 15% gratuity already added the waitstaff has little motivation to do a good job. The staff were sometimes plan rude, and not helpful or professional.

My advice, find another place to stay or do not rely on any hotel services or advertised features.
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