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Miguel's El Dorado Cantina
Counter service featuring Mexican food (fajitas, etc.)
Average Reviewer Rating: 3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 1 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 1 )
3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   January 27
Reviewer: shinichi ( Tokyo, Japan     February 09, 2004
I bought an annual pass for TDS this year so I will be trying all of the eateries at this amazing park. This is the third time I've eaten at Miguel's so it is time for a review.

The first time I came here, everything about the decor inside and out was so exotic and authentically not Japan, I just had to try the restaurant. I had the beef fajitas...however did not think it was good. There was just not enough spice to the food. I tried the chicken fajita the second time and still didn't like the food.

On my third try, I was pleasantly surprised. My friends and I decided to try other things on the menu we never tried before. Here are the recommendations: The Soft Tacos, The chicken wrap sandwich,and mexican flan. The soft tacos were made with tortillas that are made fresh on the premises. They were delicate and quite tasty. The chicken wrap was much smaller than anything you'd find in America...however it was very good and better than a lot of the wraps I've had in America. It was filled with chicken, guacamole and some veggies. The mexican flan was just absolutely wonderful! I definitely recommend having this for dessert. Or you might just stop by here just for dessert and coffee. Very good flan in my opinion.

The menu had slightly changed and had some additional items we never tried so I will be going back again to try those items next time. Try getting a seat next to the river on a cool or warm day. Live musicians play and sing for you right in front of you if you are lucky.