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Animal Kingdom Lodge Animal Kingdom Lodge
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2901 Osceola Parkway, Lake Buena Vista
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Average Reviewer Rating: 4.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 40 ( Displaying Reviews: 31 - 40 )
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   August 2002
Reviewer: disneygirl99 Northern Indiana     September 27, 2003
Just a stunning hotel. Set apart from the norm by all the unbelievable eye candy everywhere you look in the lobby and grounds. We stayed in a Savannah View Room which my daughter who was just 3 at the time loved and has since thought that any hotel we stay in has animals roaming the land outside the windows. You could even hear the animals make their noises at night, so it was like really staying in the wild. The music playing in the lobby and restaurants were so authentic, you really thought you were in Africa. The fire pit outside was a great place to sit and mingle...but don't forget to turn around and look at the stunning wall of windows with it's winding tree on it...breathtaking! The pool was simply gorgeous, and my daughter made so many friends, the zero depth pool was a feature that made us feel so comfortable with her around. The only thing I would say bad about it was that our room was in the north 40 of the hotel and it was a hike to the carry out restaurant in the lowest level of the hotel by the pool if she wanted chocolate milk! And the food in the restaurants are a little too authentic for our tastes...not our choice in food, but everything else was amazing. It is a great place to see and stay, I really highly recommend it!
11 out of 13 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   November 15 - 20, 2001
Reviewer: liroi Katy, TX     September 10, 2003
The Lodge was on our list of resorts to try as soon as we heard about it--and we couldn't get there fast enough. We were not disappointed. The lobby is spectacular! We got there just before and stayed until just after the holiday decorations were going up. Amazing--the towering columns, the decorations, the masks, the attention to detail is everything I would have expected from Disney. Three restaurants in the hotel, plus a bar in the lobby. We only ate at the cafeteria/grab-n-go place. Food was good, pricey as expected, but the hours were good, the refill mugs a great buy and generally they were there when we wanted them to be. The rooms were same size as most of the double bed rooms-enough to move around in, not to live in. The bathroom space was smallish, but not too much so. We had a TERRIBLE room in terms of seeing animals as we were directly above the spot where the carts come and go for feeding. But, we were still able to see animals--just nothing closer than at a zoo. HOWEVER, that said, there are TERRIFIC viewing areas just to the back of the lobby where you can learn about the animals and CMs who are willing to answer any questions you have. The only other complaint I would make is that the bus stops are not convenient--a fact which I assume is necessary to make the animals available to all. They're all out front, down the walk from the main lobby--no external stops. All in all a wonderful place to stay with great themes, great service and great animals!
6 out of 6 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   October 2002 (one night)
Reviewer: Music Mole Fort Worth, Texas     April 27, 2003
we stayed in three hotels on property on this trip and finished up here. AKL is everything everyone says - beautifully themed, wonderful setting. When we first checked in we were given a room at the end of one of the trails. From this room you can see two savannahs if you lean around a bit. However the two were divided by a fence, and we really didn't want to be looking at a fence - i *know* they are there - but we wanted the "illusion" I guess. Anyway, they were very accomodating about moving us to a room just off the lobby on the same wing. This had a lot of noise from people passing who hadn't yet realized they were in the "rooms" part of the hotel, but for one night it was not a problem for us. We had a lovely view of the overlook area where guests walk out to look at the animals. Again, beautifully themed rooms and the hotel is full of wonderful displays of art, etc. that would take you days to explore, I think.

Service from CMs was outstanding from check-in to bell services.

Highlight of our stay - going to the spa around 9 PM and talking with a really nice CM from South Africa, and seeing three giraffes not 15 feet from us feeding on the trees! Of course we'd left the camera in the room. So if you stay here - bring a waterproof disposable camera with you to the pool spa so you can snap pictures at those priceless moments without the worry over your regular camera getting wet.

Only "negative" about our stay - my allergies played up here (maybe because of the proximity to the animals or the grasses etc. they eat?), so if you are prone to allergies, bring your medicines with you, but by all means go, stay and experience this - and go to the spa at night!
22 out of 22 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   March 2, 2003- March 7, 2003
Reviewer: NicoleReuben3Kids ( Kokomo, IN     March 19, 2003
We went to tha AKL for our honeymoon. We got the spring savings plan so I am not sure as to how much it cost per night. Our total with Park hoppers, rental car, and room for 5 nights 6 days was a little under 2,000.00. We purchased a deluxe king size Savannah room however, after being disappointed with it's location we were moved to a concierge room (but we couldn't use the concierge amenities darnit). The rooms were VERY beautiful. The furniture had a very ethnic feel and appeared to be hand-carved. Our view was spectacular, we were located right in the center of the inner U. Therefore, we could see everything. It is really an awe inspiring thing to wake up and have a giraffe ( my absolute FAVE animal) right in front of you. My husband just couldn't believe how nice everything was. The whole trip he kept trying to find something that Disney had cut corners on and he sure couldn't. The lobby was also a a site to be seen with it's soaring ceilings and wall of glass that faces the savannahs. This was the most comfortable place that either of us has ever stayed. We obviously weren't the only ones to feel that way as every night families were sitting downstairs in the lobby watching 'toons. We even caught a number of older gentlemen taking naps. That was a good-feeling. We have decided that as soon as we can get the $$$ up we are going to bring my 3 children ages 4,3, & 1 for a week at Disney. And I bet you can guess where we're gonna stay.
8 out of 9 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   Oct 2002, Oct 2001
Reviewer: AkiraRaptor York, PA     January 20, 2003
We've stayed at AKL now twice, both times were wonderful. The first, October of 2001, we stayed in a savanna view room on the sencond floor, the second was October of 2002, where we stayed in a deluxe savanna and added concierge service as well.

Where to begin...we just love this place and we will only stay here from now on.

Our mornings always began with a breakfast at Boma's. We just love the food their. While that could quite expensive for a family after a week, it was good for us two. We also used our wishes (part of our package) to pay for them to offset the cost. The food select is wide and veryied, and always freash.

On our first visit, we also tried Jiko and The Mara. The Mara is basicaly a quick stop food mart, nothing special for us. Jiko, however, is a wonderful full service resteraunt. Everyone should eat here once. I equate the food at the same level as the Chefs de France in Epcot. Very good indeed!

The animals are also great to see every morning and evening. I even stayed up late to do a little night viewing as well. AKL has night vision glasses that you can use to see them even better.

The Concierge server was such a nice add-on on our last trip. It gave us access to the Concierge Lobby, where they served food and drink up to 10pm every night. Plus it was a nice private area away from the main lobby if that got to busy.

We also did the Sunrise Safari tour that is only offered to Concierge guests. That was great. A personal tour, slow tour of the Kilamagaro ride at AK, followed by a heck of a breakfast spread at the Tusker House in AK. If you do Concierge, don't miss this tour.

In all, AKL is a wonderful place to stay. The rooms are a bit smaller than the other deluxe resorts, but you do get the animals, and the wonder theaming that only the Poly comes close to.

Everyone should do AKL at least ones in their lives!
15 out of 17 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   11/21/02 to 11/26/02
Reviewer: mckinfam ( Warrington, Pennsylvania     December 02, 2002
This was a beautiful hotel and I highly recommend it. We stayed in a savannah room for $159 per night and had views of giraffe, ostriche, cattle, antelope and birds every day. The room was very nice with a comfortable queen size bed and bunk beds which the kids loved. The lobby was decorated for the holidays and was really breathtaking. Every time we entered the hotel a wonderful aroma from the wood fires and African cooking greeted us. We breakfasted at The Mara every day and took advantage of the souvenir mugs (with free refills) costing $10.99 each. We also had dinner at Boma once. I guess we're not that adventuresome in our tastes, because we were not overwhelmed there. Also, my 14 year old daughter ate a child's meal, but was charged the adult price. We never had more than a 15 minute wait for a shuttle bus to the parks. The only drawback was that it was a bit noisy when trying to sleep at night, but we were staying during Thanksgiving week and the hotel did seem pretty full. I would definitely stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge again.
10 out of 11 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   January 12-20, 2002
Reviewer: Roberta Lincoln Salem, Oregon     November 26, 2002

First impression? Larger than life - WOW!

The theme and decorations, atmosphere and staff... GREAT! I stayed in a Savannah-view room on the 4th floor that was quite clean. It was about $200 p/night. It was one of the furthest rooms from the lobby and after a long day in the parks, it's a LOT of walking, but well worth it for the view of the animals.

They provided a "checklist" of all the different kinds of animals you may see during your stay, and I saw all but one kind! I'd sit and eat breakfast on the balcony every morning watching the animal caretakers put out the food (hiding it in the trees or logs)... it was so neat to watch the herds coming up in the early morning from "the far beyond" to "forage" for their meal!! And before dinner, I'd sit on the balcony in amazement-giddy as the animals walked by! (Since FL is notorious for mosquitoes, I didn't go out on the balcony after dark.)

The pool was never full in the evenings, although the hot tubs tended to fill up after dinner.

Food in the Boma (buffet) for dinner was excellent - I'm extremely picky, and there wasnt much for me to turn my nose up to... they had all kinds of meats, chicken, fish, soups, salads, breads and deserts-everything was very tasty. The staff were happy to explain what each dish tasted like (e.g., they said that one of the soups tasted like pumpkin - and they were right-on in their description!) The white bean hummus (there were several kinds) was my favorite. The service was great and staff were very friendly. And, the Mara (cafeteria geared toward kids) had good food too - pizza, pop, cereal and snacks, and other American type dinners/lunches, etc. All staff around the entire AKL and especially in the restaurants were more than willing to talk about their home countries in Africa.

An additional nice touch was when Housekeeping would leave cute little animals made out of towels on the bed (about every other night)! The only real problem was on the first night - the toilet wasn't flushing properly. I had a little trouble getting them to come fix it, but by bedtime on Day 2 they were sincerely apologetic they said that the maintenance department hadnt been notified, and they came right up to fix the problem - even the manager of housekeeping came to say sorry!

The AKL seemed to be quite booked based on how many people you could see out on their balconies but you never got a sense of it being crowded due to the size of the lobby area. And one of the funnies moments was seeing Pluto playing on the floor with the kids in the morning (when Mickey's pals came to visit the hotel) it had me in stitches (laughing)! You would always see lots of people, but it always seemed to be very quiet (nice change from the parks).

I just loved how the giraffes walked by so close to the balcony in my room that it felt like they'd be able to reach you if they tried!! And you could see some right up close through the windows as you walked down the hallway to the room some afternoons!

Oh, and Id be remiss in my duties of reporting if I didnt mention how fantastic the gift shop is! So much to see and buy with that African theme and much of it made in Africa too! They also had an African artist on location in the store doing paintings you could buy - great touch!

The worst thing about the stay? Walking so much - after a day in the park (the pedometer clocked it at about 10 miles each day) it was almost painful to hike the last bit from the parking lot out to one of the furthest rooms in the hotel to my room! Id have paid a pretty penny for a tram or golf cart anything! Ha ha!

Best thing about the AKL? It's a 3-way tie... authenticity of the decor, the service and friendliness of the staff and the animals! I've never stayed anywhere on the Disney property before and I don't want to stay anywhere else but here from now on! I'm SOLD!
19 out of 19 people found this review helpful
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   January 2002
Reviewer: mbaker1277 Northport,Alabama     September 13, 2002
I was slightly disappointed in my stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We split our stay between the Wilderness Lodge and the AKL. I guess that the WL spoiled us for any other resort at Disney, now we don't want to stay anywhere else!

The lodge itself is stunning, with the soaring ceilings, large glass windows, and regional artwork around every corner. The decor is simply beautiful! Everywhere it seems the finest materials have been used, especially with lots of hand carved woods and attention to detail.
We also enjoyed greatly the restaurants on property. We had an unforgettable meal at Boma; everyone should try it at least once. We also really enjoyed The Mara, the food court. They had your usual offerings of burgers etc.., but also offered wonderful chicken caesar salads, sugar cane chicken, beer battered shrimp and fish, and other high quality meals.
Our disappointment came with our view from our room. I was so excited from other reviews I read, people stating that they never wanted to go to a theme park because of the animals. Unfortunately this wasn't the case with us. Our room was beautifully decorated, with hand carved furniture, mosquito netting over the beds, and lovely ceramic tile in the bath. We just hardly saw any animals during our stay. We viewed 2 giraffe and some water buffalo from our balcony, but that was all. No birds, zebras, or any other animals. It seemed during that time there were very few animals anywhere around the property. This was the main reason for my dissatisfied stay,other than that I would say the AKL is wonderful!
14 out of 27 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   February 2002
Reviewer: poweraap Millburn, New Jersey     July 31, 2002
We stayed in a savannah view room at $140/ night. We were able to take advantage of a special offer. When we first arrived and exited the cab, no bellman was there to take our bags. I guess that it was a busy time, but it was pretty inconvenient for us. However, there was no line at check-in and we were helped immediately. The walk to the room was pretty long, however, once we arrived it was great. The room was quite large with very interesting decor. We immediately went to the balcony where we saw a giraffe! The lobby was incredible. You could spend a couple of hours admiring the workmanship that went into the lobby. Although we didn't eat at the restaurants, the food from Boma smelled wonderful. The pool area was very nice. However, the bus ride to every destination was a little longer than we prefer. One of the beauties of staying at a deluxe resorts is the proximity to the theme parks. AKL does not really offer this luxury. Overall, though, it is a beautiful resort. I would recommend that animal lovers stay there! It truly is amazing to simply look out your balcony and see these large, wild animals!
24 out of 26 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   6/23/02-6/27/02
Reviewer: Annemart ( Boston, MA     June 29, 2002
My husband and I loved this place!! He swears he will never stay anywhere else at Disney except for "the Lodge" from now on. Upon check-in, we were upgraded from a savannah view to a deluxe savannah view (I overheard others being upgraded too). This meant we were in an end room with a half-circle balcony that overlooked two savannah areas. Despite frequent rain, there were different animals outside our balcony at all times. We saw all the ones on the checklist provided in the room and shot two rolls of film (ok, maybe we got a little over excited). The room had two queen-sized beds, double sink and a standard, small bathroom. The central air was silent and we didn't hear a peep our entire stay. The only drawback to our room was that it was the absolute farthest from the lobby, but it is an indoor walk and nothing compared to Dixie Landings. The lobby is jaw-dropping beautiful and filled with African art. Native Africans happily explain all the artifacts. There is just one main pool but you can watch the giraffes graze from the pool. There are three resaurants Mara, for rapid service, open all day until 11:30pm (we just got our free beverages there). Boma serves a buffet breakfast and dinner. The breakfast buffet ($30 for two), provided good standards such as bacon, french toast, waffles, pastries, etc. along with some excellent breakfast pizzas (scrambled egg, cheese, onion and squash on flat bread). The fresh tropical juice was wonderful, but at this price you feel you may want to skip lunch. Dinner ($50 for 2) was a better value. We both loved the roasted chicken, roasted pork and beef tenderloin. African side dishes such as Pap and marinated watermelon rind make the meal memorable. Our server was very helpful in describing the unusual dishes. Save room for desert, the Zebra dome is amazing! The worst food on the buffet was the mac and cheese, it was bland. Jiko is the nice resaurant, open for dinner only. We at there twice ($90-$100 for 2, three courses, no drinks) . We loved the duck firecrackers, cinnamon beef sticks, and lobster tail for the apps. The beef tenderloin was perfectly cooked and the monkfish was flavorful and tasty. We sampled several wines from South Africa too. Our server was very helpful and we actually tasted two different wines before selecting one. Our biggest complaint of our entire stay was the parking lot. Unlike other resorts where you can park near your room, there is just one lot for all that leads you to the lobby. There are no row numbers so our rental car soon disappeared. Twice we lost our car completely and had to spend 10 minutes in the lot trying to remember where it was. Overall it was a real treat.
71 out of 74 people found this review helpful
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