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Animal Kingdom Lodge Animal Kingdom Lodge
2901 Osceola Parkway, Lake Buena Vista
Average Reviewer Rating: 4.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 40 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 2 )
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   4-14 Thru 4-10 2010
Reviewer: DJH62179 Columbiana, OH     August 11, 2010
What an awesome time we had on our stay, I have three young daughters and can't imagine a more perfect place for them to enjoy. The atmosphere in the lobby (my favorite part of the trip) was amazing, the smells coming from the two restaurants, Boma and Jiko, make it hard to go anywhere else. The rooms are very nice, however, we booked a bunk bed room and I have to say when we return I don't think we'll get another one. It made the room feel a little small not to mention they are more expensive. By the way, our rates were $240/night on the weekdays and I believe they were around $50 more on the weekend but trust me with all there is to do the price is great. There is a resort we go to a couple times a year close to where we live and the price is more than AKL and there is nothing to do. Any preconceived notions we had about the WDW resort pricing went out the window when we experienced AKL for ourselves.

That being said, I guess with anything there are things you wish were better. As good as Boma smells from the lobby the selection although varied was not the best, I basically focused on a couple of things and was happy but my wife did not like it too much and there wasn't a lot for the kids to choose from. I would still go back just for the atmosphere if nothing else. It is African cuisine after all so it may not suit everyone.

One of our favorite places was the lower level of the lobby in front of the glass wall overlooking the savannahs. My girls loved going up and down the stairs and dancing down below which was never crowded, we usually had the rocking chairs to ourselves. The fire pit outside is also very nice and the veranda overlooking it again is never crowded and a nice place to relax.

I think the Savannah views are a must if you have young children, my girls had breakfast on the balcony every morning and watched the animals and to my surprise all of them come pretty close. We were on the 3rd floor, a little scary for me but it had nice high railings. I never heard a peep from any neighbors which again was something I was worried about given past resort experience outside WDW.

All-in-all it was a near perfect stay, when we go again next year it will be hard not to come back to AKL, I highly recommend it!
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   January 29 to February 7, 2010
Reviewer: deefordisney Ontario     February 18, 2010
I just came home from a spectacular 10-day/9-night stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House. While I have stayed at and loved resorts in all value, moderate, deluxe, and deluxe villa categories, I have never felt so at home in a resort as I did at Jambo House. From the first moment I walked into the jaw-dropping lobby and ventured outside to the Arusha overlook, to the very last moment when I picked up my suitcases and boarded Magical Express, I felt as comfortable as I do in my own living room.

The lobby at Jambo House is truly amazing. Take a few minutes to walk around and appreciate the art and artistry. The seating is comfortable and the whole lobby area is beautiful. And while I knew that AKL had animals, obviously, there is no way to describe the feeling of walking out the back door of the resort and coming within 20 feet of a giraffe. And red river hogs. And zebras.

I had a standard view room located close to the lobby, and ate at Mara, Boma, and Jiko over the course of the trip. I attended two cultural safaris in the Sunset Lounge, and saw the animals via night vision goggles on the Uzima Savanna one night. Both activities, and any of the many others offered at Jambo and Kidani, are highly recommended.

I remain convinced that the Arusha overlook in the middle of the afternoon (preferably in one of the rocking chairs) is the most peaceful place on earth.

While the lobby, savannas, and general atmosphere at AKL are breathtaking on their own, Animal Kingdom Lodge is made truly special by the people who work there. Animals guides on the savannas, the servers and hosts at Boma and Jiko, the cashiers at Mara and Ziwani Traders, registration and concierge hosts, and the people who stand around to give you directions are all available all the time to answer questions, give you assistance, provide company and conversation, and tell you anything and everything you want to know about the animals. Ive never had so many friendly and open conversations at one place in my life.

The one singular downside of the resort is the relative remoteness, considering AKL is a deluxe resort. All theme parks are serviced by buses, whereas at other deluxes, some destinations are serviced by boat or monorail. The commute is no further than that of the Port Orleans or All Star Resorts, however. Also, buses are only shared with Kidani Village, so it doesnt make numerous stops as some other buses do.

I will also add that I booked a standard view room, as many reviews recommended that animal viewing was perfectly fine from the outlooks and a savanna view room wasnt necessary. While I was fine with my standard view room (I had a view of the front entrance), if and when I travel to AKL again, I will book a savanna view room. The outlooks are fine, but Uzima and Sunset savannas only have small ones so you can only see a piece of each of those. While Arusha has a good size and beautiful overlook, you need a savanna view room to get any expansive view of the savanna or a view further back. Savanna view rooms would also be quieter, as they face the savanna my standard view room was a bit noisier, given that it faced the front entrance and experienced car and bus traffic, etc. My recommendation for future will be savanna view, though the standard view room was just fine.