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Beach Club Resort Beach Club Resort
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1800 Epcot Resorts Blvd, Lake Buena Vista
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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.7 out of 53.7 out of 53.7 out of 53.7 out of 53.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 12 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 10 )
2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   5/8/10-5/15/10
Reviewer: jen unhappy guest Massachusetts     May 16, 2010
FAMILIES BEWARE..NORWALK VIRUS. Well our first family vacation...Things got off to a pretty good start. We were looking forward to staying at the Disney Beach Club.

Growing up my Mom had taken us almost every year to the Polynesian Resort, and a few years ago I had gone with an Aunt of mine to the Disney Beach Club, so I knew where I wanted to stay with my own young children when we planned our trip to see Mickey Mouse for their first time.

Well we had a seven night stay, we took the magical express and I was slightly annoyed with that, but I thought if that's the worst thing that could happen than, I'll get over it.

Boy was I wrong... can you say Norwalk/Norovirus, yeah both my husband and daughter got extremely sick, so from Tuesday - Friday vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and on Saturday we left at 7am, so most of the trip was ruined. The most troubling thing with the whole Norwalk virus is I found out from the cast coordinator and from the lifeguard at disney BC, that most of the cast members (staff) in rec, housekeeping and DINING services have/had been sick with the same virus.

My family and I never left disney property, we had their meal plan, so we eat all of our meals there and my family difinitely picked up the NORWALK VIRUS from DISNEY BEACH CLUB. Hotel staff was calling the illness the flu, but this is not flu. Doctor came to check my daughter and doctor said people refer the illness as the stomach flu. The whole latter half of the week was a nightmare. And in retrospect, from beginning to end several different times through out...vomit was everywhere, at the parks, out at the hotel pool (staff calls it Mickey Poo), and of course in our hotel room.

Oh when we checked in our bed comforter was dirty, and it looked like there was a period stain on it. Not sure if that's what it was or not. But that was gross.

Another thing Disney food is horrible, especially Magic Kingdom. There are a few exceptions to finding some decent food like Animal Kingdom, some places in epcot, and we got really good food at the character buffets, but that is it. Good luck finding good food especially with small children.

Have a magical day...agh, yeah right!!!!

One question, why would honeymooners ever want to take their honeymoon there? I can think of a million other places to vacation than listen to screaming children on my honeymoon.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   Feb 28-March 7 2010
Reviewer: dawz1026 Long Island NY     March 13, 2010
We just returned from yet another wonderful stay at the Beach Club FROM 2/28-3/7 2010. Upon check in we were given a room location choice for standard view as we had paid and ended up in Room 1581. It was conveniently located between the lobby and quiet pool nearer to Epcot. The room rehabs were lovely with darker woods and carpeting accenting the bright beachy decor and the flat screen was a pleasure to have on the wall especially with a 3 year old who like to touch everything. Clean and fresh throughout our stay with towel animals every evening awaiting our arrival. The bus system was no longer than 5-10 minutes for MK and AK. We used the boat to DHS and again 5-10 minute wait the most. We had a wonderful top rated character breakfast at Cape May with amazing character interaction several times during our seating. We also ate a wonderful Clam Bake Dinner at Cape May as well and surprisingly enough were Family of the Day! A great magical surprise with buttons and a special table set up at the entrance awaiting us. The grounds were kept filled with flowers and greenery and fresh and lovely to see each day. We walked to Epcot most evenings and enjoyed walking the Boardwalk after park closing. The room has wonderful comfort and the bedding is pure luxury! The pool is and always will be the best in my opinion at any of the resorts. I did not have a chance to go in as we did have a few very cold days but it did not stop many brave souls as it is heated to a warm 82 degrees. I have been coming back for years and these are the reasons why! Everything is at your fingertips!
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   July 2006
Reviewer: beachclubbasics Jersey shore     February 18, 2007
Beautiful room, spacious for 5 people, great A/C (sometimes too good), comfortable beds, gracious staff, rockin' pool!

We come from the part of NJ that both the Beach Club and Boardwalk are patterned after and this place remnded us so much of home (the gate security woman was actually from the town where I teach and she attended my school!). The only thing that we felt was lacking was a 24 hour food court/mart like the Contemporary has.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   July 28-31, 2006
Reviewer: Drince88 New Orleans     October 11, 2006
This was our first stay at a Deluxe resort, after 1 Value and 3 moderate stays for my sister and I (plus a couple other Value and Moderate stays on my own).

We knew we needed to try out the pool one evening, since that's one of the big draws of that location. We decided that if we'd stayed someplace with a pool like that when we were kids, our parents would have had a hard time getting us out of it to go to the parks. It's a sand bottom, there is a LARGE 'kiddie' area (or at least it seemed really large right before closing when there were only a couple kids in it!), a large slide (I almost, but didn't try it), and a large area where at one point there was a water volleyball game going on. The BEST part, though, was the 'lazy river' area - they've go a decent current going in one section that you literally can just float around. There appeared to be some inner tube type floats you could use, but I'm not sure how that works when the pool is crowded.

The location, right next to Epcot, is divine, and we even walked to/from the studios a time or two instead of waiting for the boat. There were some issues with the bus to AK on early entry day - so bad the CM working outside went inside to get his supervisor to call in that we needed more buses NOW, so that was clearly an unusual situation.

My only complaint is the lack of food court. We like to grab something besides just a muffin for breakfast, and the only real option they had was a couple of different versions of eggs and meat on a croissant. On my last morning, though - I did grab something at the counter there and went to the solarium (I think that's what it was), right across the hall from the store, and that was VERY pleasant. I wish we'd found that on our first morning (we were only there 3 nights).

Our room was overlooking the entry of the hotel, ALMOST to the edge of the building on the Yacht Club Side, so we had a bit of a trek from the elevators, but that wasn't a big deal for us.

The lobby concierge was able to take my flight information and check me in on-line for my Southwest flight almost exactly 24 hours before take off, while I was off in the parks, so that was a nice perk. I was afraid I'd have to go to another hotel near where we were at the time to be able to get the needed boarding pass.

We got a great AP rate for our trip (one of the reasons we decided to stay here) and would stay here again if we were able to as good a rate.
12 out of 12 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   March 31 - April 5, 2006
Reviewer: tiki room fan Chicago, Illinois     April 15, 2006
My daughter and I just got back from an absolutely delightful stay at the Beach Club Resort. The atmosphere was airy and summery, and our visit was filled with lovely, special, personal touches.

First of all, we used the "Disney's Magical Express" service, which meant that once we checked our bags at the airport, we didn't need to deal with them again--the bellman delivered them to our room about two hours after we arrived. Meanwhile, we had walked off of the plane, walked almost directly onto a DME bus (ushered by a very cheerful woman with a Mickey Mouse glove on, who suggested with sincere enthusiasm that my daughter "give her four." Think how many times she has to say that every day!) For certain airlines (not Southwest), you can also check your bag for the RETURN flight right at the hotel. We had to take our bags back on the bus to the airport, but it wasn't a big deal.

We had a standard room on the fourth floor facing the woods and the Beach Club Villas. We had a balcony with two wrought-iron chairs and a little table, and we could see the edge of the Epcot fireworks from the balcony. It looked to us like the big balconies were a feature of the second and fourth floors--so see if you can get that. The third floor had what looked like little mini-balconies.

The room itself was charming and had a real Cape May feeling. We loved having a refrigerator and four separate dimmable lamps. The wallpaper and linens were cheerful and subtly themed. The bellman who "magically" delivered our suitcases took time to talk to us about the hotel, and just seemed really excited for us that we were there.

This hotel is great in having quick access both to Epcot and to MGM--you can walk or take a water launch, which is fun. The bus access to the Magic Kingdom or Downtown Disney was fine, and we never waited more than five minutes for a bus--allow some time to get around though--we decided to do a last minute shopping trip the day we left, and cut it pretty close.

We also went to SeaWorld one day, which involved taking a taxi, since we didn't have a car--but the trip was only about $25 each way, and there was no extra cost for additional passangers.

They have a wonderful buffet character breakfast in the Cape May Cafe, with Minnie, Goofy, and Dale (you can tell by the nose), all dressed in cheery beach wear. There's also the Beaches and Cream restaurant right off of the pool which serves very nice fifties-style diner food, plus a caesar salad option which is tasty and involves vegetables.

The pool is really beautiful--white sandy bottom, "lazy river," elaborate (but not particularly scary) water slide, lots of room, lots of deck chairs, bazillions of nice attendents holding towels. There were also two hot(ish) tubs, one of which was closed, and the other of which was populated by a group of people whom, as my daughter pointed out, were breaking virtually all of the posted rules, but what can you do? It was still nice.

Okay, but here is the best thing about our whole trip, which is saying a lot, because we loved the parks, we saw La Noula, and we had a great time shopping and so on. My daughter has a stuffed polar bear named Ruth whom we left in the room when we went out. Each day when we came back, the room had been exquisitely and carefully cleaned, but we would "catch" Ruth in the midst of some activity, just as we always thought we would one day--the first day she was watching TV, which was on (she was holding the remote), the second day she was watching TV with Shamu (who got picked up at SeaWorld), the third day, the TV was off, and Ruth was reading a magazine to Shamu. How fun is that? I felt so well taken care of!

The CMs are humans, and of course we met people with varying levels of innate cheer and good humor, but I have to say the vast majority of the CMs we encountered at the Beach Club were cheerful, engaged, helpful, and supportive. You would think this would be the same at all of the resorts, but I wonder if there might be cultural differences--we went to the Contemporary Resort one night for dinner, and our experience there was totally different--we really felt the staff there didn't like us as much as the apparently affluent family sitting next to us who literally ignored the fact that their baby screamed for an hour during dinner. Could have been a bad night though.

Anyway, we're tempted to try something closer to the Magic Kingdom next time, but the service at the Beach Club was so good, we may HAVE to come back.
69 out of 69 people found this review helpful
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   December 26 through 31, 2005
Reviewer: BigStan727 Burbank, IL near Midway airport     January 22, 2006
This is a really nice resort with a fantastic location if you really enjoy Epcot. But there are some rough spots on this diamond. We checked into our Jr 1 bedroom suite and discovered double french doors with windows from the floor to top of the doors separating the day bed in the sitting area from the bedroom. There were no drapes to draw over them and afford privacy to my son or us. I called down to the front desk and they told me contact the manager of housekeeping. I called housekeeping and explained the problem and they sent up a man with a do not disturb sign. I told him we needed curtains or something to cover the windows on the French doors. I called the concierge and she said she would have the housekeeping manager call us. One hour later we called again as I was angry the manager had not called. Finally I called housekeeping and was told some engineers were on the way. They came and cut material and stapled it to the door. I looked at the phone later and there were messages on the phone from the housekeeping manager. It had not rung but sent the calls to messages. A couple days later I called the operator as the messages were still on the phone. I asked her to delete them as there is nothing on the phone to do it. Our final two days there the phone quit working entirely. The concierge lounge was nice but the last few days it was very crowded. I tried and tried to get the rack of lambs at dinner time but they always disappeared before I could get there. The staff working at the lounge are slow at times to refill items. This is the stingiest concierge food service we have experienced at any of the Disney Resorts. I recommend Polynesian or the Yacht Club concierge far and above the Beach Club. The Beach Club added concierge much later than the other resorts and it was an afterthought. This really shows during crowded days. The sad part of it is the extra money this service cost was not worth it. Avoid the concierge if you stay here and hopefully the elevators will not break down during your stay too.
7 out of 19 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   August 16-25, 2005
Reviewer: MattyMouse330 Massachusetts     September 02, 2005
My family and I recently had the magnificent pleasure of staying at Disney's Beach Club Resort. When we got there, the morning of August 16, 2005, the day started out pretty rocky. Our travel agent had apparently not submitted our reservations completely so the hotel had our info., but not a room. Naturally we were insanely disappointed, and thought about moving to Universal Studios (which crushed me, considering I had dreamt of staying at WDW for ever). However, the BC was there to help us all the way. Not only did they give us IMO the BEST room there (directly in the middle, 4th floor- beautiful view of the Lagoon, TTZ Tower of Terror, and the Boardwalk- especially at night, plus- it was over $100 dollars more than what we would have paid!), they re-embursed us for the day we missed (and the passes they gave us are valid until 2015!), and gave us spectacular service. The room itself was breathtaking. As you stepped inside, you saw a full view on the full balcony of (as stated) Disney's Boardwalk, TTZ Tower of Terror, and the Lagoon outside. Inside were two queen size beds and a day bed. Luckily, I got the real bed. The other bed- my parents, and the day bed for my brother (which he thought was great, compared to sleeping with his brother- me.) The deco. of the room was (obviously) styled in a beach-y manner. Two beautiful paintings of 1920's beach scenes hung on the walls. There was a T.V. (DVD players were also available on request- and payment), a mini-fridge, coffee maker, hair dryer etc. etc. The shower and toilet were tremendous, and everything was meticulously cleaned everyday by the very friendly housekeepers. If you haven't purchased passes until you get there, your housekey will also be you pass to all the parks including DisneyQuest (at DownTown Disney). Down on the first floor is the Beach Club Marketplace which has a healthy amount of merchandise including tee-shirts, pins, CDs, and stuffed toys, and food and drink. One of the big pluses at the MP was the refillable mug. When you bought the mug, designed to look (SURPRISE!) like a beach scene with Disney characters, for $11.99 you could refill it anytime (including coffee, milk, juice etc.- not just soft drinks) until the store closed. This was particularly good for my dad, who would have spent about $70+ dollars on drinks if he hadn't purchased the cup. This also serves as a fun novelty item at home! (You can also rent DVDs at the store). The restaurants at the BC were the Cape May Cafe (which has a tremendous character breakfast), a basic family style buffet) and Beaches and Cream a 50's style diner. The 3-acre pool area- Stormalong Bay, is basically a mini waterpark in itself with a great waterslide, and sand on the bottom of the pool. The biggest plus for me, was the distances away from Epcot and the Disney Studios. You can, and should walk to Epcot. It was only about 3 1/2 minutes, walking briskly. However, I would recommend taking the water taxi to DS, considering it is a little bit over a mile walk, but you can choose what ever. I personally also loved the colors of the BC compared to the Yacht Club, the latter being boring a boring white, with white trimming, and the Beach Club being a very nice baby blue/turqouise also with a white trim. I suppose it is just personal taste. Regardless of what hotel you choose, you WILL have fun at Walt Disney World, and I highly recommend Disney's Beach Club Resort anyday.
23 out of 24 people found this review helpful
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   4/29/05-5/01/05
Reviewer: randall8060 Indiana     May 03, 2005
Well, I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with this resort. Although the proximity to Epcot and MGM are nice and the pool was really great, the room itself was a disaster and to get anyone to do anything about it was like pulling teeth. Disney has always been about the details but these details were disgusting.... We arrived and checked in. Went up to our room and checked everything out...peered out our tiny balcony for a view and the first thing we noticed was that there was discarded dirty mens underwear and socks in the courtyard directly below us. I brought this to the attention over the next two days to the front desk twice, housekeeping and the manager at the front desk and up until talking to the manager, they promised to have it cleaned up and yet it never was. Until I walked the mgr down to the underwear herself, was it then picked up. Second, the room was covered in red marker, as if a child has taken to it like a coloring book. Third, the alarm clock was broken and kept going off every half hour in the middle of the night and woke us all up, while we tried to figure out how to turn it off (found out where it was plugged in at and yanked it) And finally, most disgusting, was that there was a bloody booger, YES! booger on the in room dining menu! It was disgusting! This might have all been forgiven if the attitude of the Cm's were more helpful in resolving these issues, but it seemed that these were made light of. I think that since we paid almost $300 a night for a Deluxe Disney Resort and not some Super 8 along side the road, things should be as DISNEY as possible and it didn't seem that way. We won't go back to this hotel!
8 out of 26 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   September 27 - September 30, 2004
Reviewer: GusMan Chicago area, IL     October 06, 2004
Our stay at the BCR was supposed to be from 9/26 - 9/30 2004, but due to hurricane Jeanne, we were unable to check in until 9/27. We had reserved a standard non-smoking room that was included in our land and sea package. From what we can tell, we spent about @200/night on the room portion.

Being that we got there as soon as the "all clear" signal was given, our room was not ready. At the same time, the cast member seemed to be in a big hurry to check us in and get us out of the way. I was very understanding considering the hurricane really stretched peoples patience - both CM's and guests.

I will say that the BCR has a real nice charm to it. The grounds were clean and I loved the vintage beach club decorum. It was ever-so charming. The lobby, though, seemed a little small for such a large resort. Off the lobby was a solarium, which looked like a nice place to sit back and enjoy a good book if you did not want to sit by the beach or the pool. There seemed to be so many ways that one can relax on the resort grounds.

We proceeded to the parks after checking in. When we finally got to our room, it smelled musty. I went to the front desk to inquire if the room we were in was a non-smoking room and they told me it was a "smoking optional" room. Apparently, someone chose that option recently. It was a real nice room with 2 queen beds, a nice desk and a day bed. It also had a small fridge as well. The balcony was more of a single-person space to stand outside. This room appeared to have a view of a rooftop below. No biggie. Smoke smell aside, a real nice room.

I did, however, ask the front desk for a non-smoking room. They asked if I had a preference of floors, which I said no. To make a long story short, they gave us a corner room on the second floor that was twice the size as the first room. It had a balcony that was at least 20 feet long and overlooked the courtyard by the entrance. The beds were so great my wife wants those same mattresses. It had the same day bed and fridge as the other room. In essence, I was very happy with the switch.

The pool has a "sand" floor to it which was a unique touch. It looked odd from above but felt so nice on the feet, especially after a day of walking. The only problem is that the pool tended to close early. (Like 8 PM) The waterslide on the feature pool was also a nice treat. It was long and a lot of fun, even for the smaller kids. An alternative pool was the quiet pool near the "Epcot" end of the resort. We spent a lot of time there after the parks. That pool area also had a nice hot-tub area as well.

The gift shop area was well-appointed with a nice selection of beach-club gifts and the like.

We loved how close it was to Epcot. A short 5 minute walk and you are right there in the World Showcase. In addition, you are right across the lively boardwalk. At the same time, the boat access to/from Disney Studios was equally as easy. To top it off, the bus service was the best that I have seen so far in the area of frequency of service.

We twice ate at Cape May Cafe, the restaruant inside of the BCR, and found it tasty and fun with Goofy and friends coming around during breakfast. It also has a Clambake in the evening which has seafood as well as other American faire on the buffet. For a quick dinner or an ice cream treat, you have to try Beaches and Cream. Portions there were large and tasty!

We really enjoied our stay at the BCR and would consider going back.
31 out of 31 people found this review helpful
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   June 24, 2001 - July 1, 2001
Reviewer: ppmuse Sacramento, CA     January 06, 2004
I know it's been awhile, but this hotel won't get my business ever again. It was our honeymoon, and my wifes first time to Disneyworld. We were excited, and could not wait to see what the disney folks did for Honeymooners. Our dream was finally going to come true.

First, we arrived the day after our wedding, probably not a great idea. We were exhausted from the previous days festivities, as well as excited to finally be at WDW. We travelled from Sacramento, CA, took a limo from the airport, and then checked in to our room, drop off our bags, and skip down the path to Epcot for dinner, followed by a duck, not Donald.

When we got back and laid down on the bed, exhausted, we found out that the room is a smoking room. We quickly go to our reservation, and it clearly says "NO SMOKING." My wife is extremely allergic to smoke, and we made this clear a half dozen times while making the reservation. We called up the front desk to tell them. They apologized, and said that we would have to pack up our bags and sit in the lower lobby until another room was available. We were at WDW and exhausted, we weren't going to sit around for who knows how long waiting for another room. So we told them to forget it, and laid down to go to sleep.

That's when we saw what looked to be some kind of cigarrette burn on the top sheet. So we went to the other bed, where we found what looked to be a blood stain (could be jam, but I wasn't going to taste it) on the white sheets below. So we took the top cover off the second bed and used it on the first bed, and went to sleep. After all the problems, the next morning, we were giggling with anticipation.

After about 5 days of WDW running around, the bottom of the shower started to get a bit dirty. So we called house keeping. They promised it was going to be cleaned up on the following day, and they continued to promise to clean the shower every day leading up to the final day. It was never done.

As for the smoking room, my wife only had one major asthma attack, and one minor one. She was able to get it under control with an inhaler and some medication. The bed was always made, but the sheets were never changed. And by the end of the last day, the shower was growing something fierce.

As for our "special honeymoon", we went down on the third day to ask if they did anything special. They took a look at our reservation, and sure enough, there on our reservation read "HONEYMOON." The gentlemen behind the counter called over his boss and he apologized and said that we would get something "special" in our room later on in the day. After another full day of running around, we came back to the room to....a postcard signed by Mickey. That was it.

Yeah, I probably should give it a 1 in rating. But there were some good things to the hotel. The pool was awesome, though we didn't have much time to spend in it. The arcade was fun, I was a fireman for about 10 minutes. The buffet was delicious, and Minnie Mouse gave my wife a huge smile. Chip and Dale gave us an arguement for about 15 minutes, my wife thought Chip had a red nose...set her straight I did. And the store had some of the nicest people I have ever met. Unfortunately, you go to a hotel to sleep, and if you aren't comfortable, you probably aren't going to come back. My mom, who loves this hotel, was appalled. We would've thought we were the only ones, but we heard other guests complaining too. Maybe the problem has been fixed, I don't know. But I'm not going to spend that much money on a hotel that doesn't deliver. The following year, we went to Dixie Landings for a lot less, and got so much more.

Type/Class of room: Nice view of the smaller pool, closest to Epcot

Rate/Night (for your stay): Got a package deal, the whole trip came to just over $6,000 for the 7 days, 8 nights (this included flights, limo, 3 meals a day, and all the recreation we could get).

Ease of Disney Park Access: This hotel was the best to go to Epcot, and was a good walk to MGM Studios, but you usually beat the boats. 15 minute walk to MGM, 5 minute walk to Epcot

Park Shuttle Comments: Busses were easy to use, but if you walked through Epcot and hopped on the monorail, you could get to the Magic Kingdom faster. Walk to either Epcot or MGM, or take a boat if its raining. Animal Kingdom and some of the water parks took a while by bus.
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