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Located in Dinoland, this McDonald's features the standard fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Breakfast character dining no longer available - moved to Tusker House.)
Average Reviewer Rating: 4.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.2 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 7 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 2 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   11-24-2006
Reviewer: shotwell Michigan     June 05, 2007
We had a wonderful breakfast experience at Restaurantosaurus. The food was delicious (my daughter loved the biscuits and gravy, and the waffles were hot and fresh), the service was good, and the character visits were absolutely wonderful. My family remembers this as the very best part of Animal Kingdom, which is saying a lot since we had a great time at the park. Based on the other reviews and our experience, I would *highly* recommend going there for a character breakfast (and skip lunch there instead!).
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   June 18, 2006
Reviewer: Gislef Iowa City, Iowa     June 18, 2006
We had originally planned a breakfast character meal for 8 a.m. here, but a late night and bad weather forced us to cancel. We hit the park around noon after a late breakfast and ended up in Dinoland about 2 p.m. and decided to take a break from the rain.

Basically the place is a limited-selection McDonald's. A bit overpriced based on our Mickey D's at home. The one thing we weren't aware of was that there was a fixings bar and I probably would have got a cheeseburger if I had known (rather than chicken nuggets). The bar is the same one you find at Pecos Bill and as there, they're smart enough to separate the mushrooms from the onions.

I enjoyed the decor and got a few photos, but the rest of the family weren't that interested. In their defense, we were all pretty soaked from the rain. Still, the place is very large and spacious (giving us room to lay out our wet ponchos) and has some cute atmosphering. Service was a bit slow during a peak period and they probably should have opened up one more line.

Overall we found Restaurantosaurus a nice safe "generic" place for everyone to grab a bite to eat for a (relatively) reasonable price.