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Monsieur Paul
Formerly the Bistro de Paris restaurant in Epcot, Monsieur Paul is recently refurbished and located upstairs in the France Pavilion. Featuring a focused wine list and twists on French cuisine.
Average Reviewer Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   4/20/2013
Reviewer: OneForTheTeam Boston, MA     May 02, 2013
Two words: butter knife.

When I eat at a restaurant that trades on the name of Paul Bocuse, I expect the place setting to include a butter knife. Why? Because when they clear the table knife after the first course, you are left without anything to spread butter on the bread which is being dropped on your plate as servers carelessly reach across your table. Hello?! Even the waitstaff at Be Our Guest know to serve from the left.

Let's continue from the beginning. After a fifteen minute wait for our scheduled reservation in a hallway with two chairs and no bar, we were coldly taken upstairs to a dining room where we immediately felt over dressed. But there's a dress code, you say? Not as far as we could tell. And don't think that playing by the rules will get you anything. The guy who showed up after us wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned to his stomach got the table by the window. Maybe he slipped the hostess a Lincoln.

It's not all bad. The food is actually pretty good. The presentations are interesting in their use and placement of components on the plate. The sauces were to die for. While the preparation of each protein was a bit mundane, each dish had a sauce that was both complementary and powerfully flavored. Our only disappointment was with the use of truffle; believing that if it's included, you should be able to smell it. We could not.

Wine is a sore subject. I never order bottles. Instead, I prefer to have the sommelier choose glasses to go with each course. At many Disney restaurants the menu suggests a wine to go with each dish, which I find acceptable if less refined than offering a personal touch. Monsieur Paul goes with door number three: "would you like white or red?" There is no question I hate more. I haven't tasted the food. I haven't tasted the wine. What difference does it matter if it is white or red?

As soon as our waiter said he "would think about" what wine to pick for us, we should have left. With no sommelier on staff, this guy is going to guess at what we would like? My point is that Disney "Signature Dining" should do a bit of research before customers show up.

On the plus side, our desserts were very good. Then the waiter confessed that the same dessert can be purchased at the patisserie in the French pavilion. Sigh.