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Mears Shuttle Service
Mears Shuttle offers continuous service between Orlando International Airport and WDW, as well as private car and van service.
Average Reviewer Rating: 2.2 out of 52.2 out of 52.2 out of 52.2 out of 52.2 out of 5
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   Feb 2-6
Reviewer: photobaker Wyoming     February 12, 2013
I wasn't sure how to update my review so I thought I would just leave another....

Just when I thought big companies didn't care about the individual I was proven wrong. I received a phone call from Tonya with Mears this morning. She took the time to call me personally and apologized for the way my family was treated and for the situation. Her care and personal approach made me realize this was just a bad moment for a good company. She has completely resolved this issue and I look forward to working with Mears again!

Thanks Tonya!
1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   2/2/2013
Reviewer: photobaker Wyoming     February 09, 2013
this is the worst company I have unfortunately had to deal with in a very long time!!!! I went online and booked a shuttle to transport my huband, myself and my toddler to and from the airport in Orlando. I put in the special instructions that I needed a carseat for this trip and also if it was an extra fee to let me know and I would just bring my own, but if there was no charge I preferred to not drag mine along. I even went so far to email back once I received the confirmation email make sure that carseat was included. I received the email confirming no charge for the carseat and believed everything would be fine. I have to say I was lucky enough to have our flight to Orlando change times and so I called Mears to make sure they could take care of the change. I instantly had a rude customer service agent who said just go to level 1. I accepted that answer and hung up. My husband questioned the carseat with our time change and wanted to make sure that the seat would be there when we got in since the woman took no personal information when she took my call. So I called back a second time and got a rude person yet again (I couldn't tell if this was the same person or not but it seemed to be a really small operation, not what I expected). I woman informed me they don't do carseats in shuttles. When I started to tell her that I emailed to make sure we would have one, she cut me off repeatedly by just saying, NO NO NO, we don't email. I told her I wanted a supervisor since she was being so rude & it was not called for. Once the supervisor came on the line I started to explain my problem and again I was CUT OFF BY THE SUPERVISOR!!!! She said she already had been told what was going on and they don't email. I told her she was being very rude and not even letting me (the customer) explain to her my side of what was going on. The next words out of her mouth were "FINE FINISH". I them explained to her about the email and that I would be happy to forward her the email so we can hopefully resolve this. She called me back shortly after I sent her the email. She just said you booked our company through (or some site as such) and it was their customer service agent that misinformed me. I told her that I being the customer had done everything right, I booked and shuttle and emailed my concerns and received a response. If bookingshuttle was Mear's agent then Mears is being represented by them and needs to resolve this. She basically said oh well, and it's not their problem. I asked if they would be willing to upgrade my reservation to a car so we can have a carseat, she again rudely said no, I'll just have to pay for a mears taxi. I told her if she thought I would spend any money with their company after the way I was treated and spoken to then she was crazy. I told them to refund my money (which they did) but it was the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE DEALT WITH & I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR ALL PEOPLE TO AVOID WORKING WITH THEM..... IF YOU EVER HAVE A PROBLEM, IT WILL NOT BE RESOLVED, YOU WILL BE MET WITH RUDE/TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BE TOLD IT'S ON YOU NOT THEM. I feel the way a company handles the problems (the bad times not the good times) is the way they should be judged and whether or not they upgraded my reservation was not the point it was the horrible attitudes & horrendous customer service that really shows what the company is made of. A nice apologetic voice on the other line would have gotten me to keep my reservation and work something out and I would have been happy since I was at least treated with respect!