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Mears Shuttle Service
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Mears Shuttle offers continuous service between Orlando International Airport and WDW, as well as private car and van service.
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Average Reviewer Rating: 2.2 out of 52.2 out of 52.2 out of 52.2 out of 52.2 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 7 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 7 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   Feb 2-6
Reviewer: photobaker Wyoming     February 12, 2013
I wasn't sure how to update my review so I thought I would just leave another....

Just when I thought big companies didn't care about the individual I was proven wrong. I received a phone call from Tonya with Mears this morning. She took the time to call me personally and apologized for the way my family was treated and for the situation. Her care and personal approach made me realize this was just a bad moment for a good company. She has completely resolved this issue and I look forward to working with Mears again!

Thanks Tonya!
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   2/2/2013
Reviewer: photobaker Wyoming     February 09, 2013
this is the worst company I have unfortunately had to deal with in a very long time!!!! I went online and booked a shuttle to transport my huband, myself and my toddler to and from the airport in Orlando. I put in the special instructions that I needed a carseat for this trip and also if it was an extra fee to let me know and I would just bring my own, but if there was no charge I preferred to not drag mine along. I even went so far to email back once I received the confirmation email make sure that carseat was included. I received the email confirming no charge for the carseat and believed everything would be fine. I have to say I was lucky enough to have our flight to Orlando change times and so I called Mears to make sure they could take care of the change. I instantly had a rude customer service agent who said just go to level 1. I accepted that answer and hung up. My husband questioned the carseat with our time change and wanted to make sure that the seat would be there when we got in since the woman took no personal information when she took my call. So I called back a second time and got a rude person yet again (I couldn't tell if this was the same person or not but it seemed to be a really small operation, not what I expected). I woman informed me they don't do carseats in shuttles. When I started to tell her that I emailed to make sure we would have one, she cut me off repeatedly by just saying, NO NO NO, we don't email. I told her I wanted a supervisor since she was being so rude & it was not called for. Once the supervisor came on the line I started to explain my problem and again I was CUT OFF BY THE SUPERVISOR!!!! She said she already had been told what was going on and they don't email. I told her she was being very rude and not even letting me (the customer) explain to her my side of what was going on. The next words out of her mouth were "FINE FINISH". I them explained to her about the email and that I would be happy to forward her the email so we can hopefully resolve this. She called me back shortly after I sent her the email. She just said you booked our company through (or some site as such) and it was their customer service agent that misinformed me. I told her that I being the customer had done everything right, I booked and shuttle and emailed my concerns and received a response. If bookingshuttle was Mear's agent then Mears is being represented by them and needs to resolve this. She basically said oh well, and it's not their problem. I asked if they would be willing to upgrade my reservation to a car so we can have a carseat, she again rudely said no, I'll just have to pay for a mears taxi. I told her if she thought I would spend any money with their company after the way I was treated and spoken to then she was crazy. I told them to refund my money (which they did) but it was the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE DEALT WITH & I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR ALL PEOPLE TO AVOID WORKING WITH THEM..... IF YOU EVER HAVE A PROBLEM, IT WILL NOT BE RESOLVED, YOU WILL BE MET WITH RUDE/TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BE TOLD IT'S ON YOU NOT THEM. I feel the way a company handles the problems (the bad times not the good times) is the way they should be judged and whether or not they upgraded my reservation was not the point it was the horrible attitudes & horrendous customer service that really shows what the company is made of. A nice apologetic voice on the other line would have gotten me to keep my reservation and work something out and I would have been happy since I was at least treated with respect!
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   April 2011
Reviewer: keywis Kissimmee, Fl     June 11, 2011
I took Mears taxi from Disney to my house which was 23 miles away. Before we left Disney I told them where we were going and how far. It was me a female and my daughter who is 8 in the car. We got half way there and the driver started to tell me it was to dark and to far to go to my house and he wanted to dump me on the side of the road. I told him to take me at least as far as the publix and he agrued that it was to far. I said well I am not getting out til you take me at least there. So he concured I paid my fare with out a tip and he was upset by this. But I figure you don't provide me a full service you get no tip. I called dispatch and they said they would talk to the driver but they offered me no compensation and no follow up. I will never use them again.
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   12/12/2005
Reviewer: notamearsfan Minneapolis, MN     December 15, 2005
I purchased round trip shuttle services on Mears Transportation from the Orlando airport to the hotel and back for 3 people. Even though I made reservations more than a week ahead of time and double checked/confirmed the reservation the morning of the return trip to the airport the return shuttle did not pick us up. We started waiting for the shuttle 30 minutes before it was due to arrive, called Mears when it was 10 minutes late, and was told it had gotten a late start and was on its way. After another 15 minutes my husband called again was told the shuttle had noted us as a no show. My husband was standing at the entrance to the hotel the whole time and there is no way he missed seeing a big shuttle. The concierge and two limo drivers also confirmed the shuttle had not shown up.

After being put on hold for 8 minutes, Mears disconnected the call. My husband called back and was again put on hold for 7 minutes. He was told dispatch was looking into the situation. I called back again to ask that another shuttle or taxi be sent since obviously the first one had not picked us up. Mears reiterated that we were no shows and there was nothing they could do. At that point, in a panic that we were going to miss our plane we paid for one of the limo drivers out front to take us to the airport. I feel it is fraud for Mears to take $75 dollars for 3 passengers and then not fulfill their obligation. I want my money back.

While in the limo I called Mears again and asked to speak to a manager. After waiting and waiting, and being told the manager was on the phone, I finally convinced the rep to connect me. The manager said if the limo was one of their fleet he would comp the ride. When it turned out it wasn't, he said I should have taken a Mears taxi or limo then he could have done something for me. I explained in frustration that was what we had been pleading for. He offered to send me a voucher for next time I'm in Orlando. I have no idea if or when I may go back and I certainly wouldn't trust Mears to deliver me anywhere.

I reiterate. I want my money back - preferably all $75 due to the inconvenience and scrambling we had to do to get to the airport on time!!! At the very least I want to be reimbursed for the extra $55 dollars I unnecessarily had to spend on a limo ($48 + tip). I am considering filing a claim with the Florida attorney general and better business bureau for fraudulent practices.

Mears finally said to send a complaint to their refund department and in 6-8 weeks they would let me know if they could make any adjustment but couldn't promise anything.

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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   4/29/05 & 5/4/05
Reviewer: bthomas Alexandria, VA     May 30, 2005
We were disappointed with Mears going both to and from the airport, while staying at a WDW resort. We had purchased our tickets online beforehand, so that did speed things up as far as waiting for the shuttle from the airport. The service was fairly efficient both ways, although we were taken back to the airport very early. Our main gripe was the staff. Both of our drivers were, frankly, rude and unprofessional. When our shuttle pulled up and the driver got out, I asked her whether it went to the airport (there was no indication it did and she had only mumbled something). She snapped back, "didn't you hear what I said?" The other driver, going to WDW, loudly made racial slurs over her CB radio. I just hope that Disney's new shuttle service will incorporate the Disney standard of service with a smile. Mears has a long way to go.
8 out of 9 people found this review helpful
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   Bus ride of the darned!
Reviewer: Buckythepooh Da South!     January 13, 2005
I have used the Mears Shuttle Buses to get to and from my WDW resorts for several years. Sometimes it has been a swift and pleasant experience, and sometimes it has been an exercise in waiting. In the past I have been at my resort within two hours of buying my Mears ticket.

HOWEVER...this past September, I had an experience on a Mears bus that was so horrific that I will never again set foot on one of their buses. After the hurricane that charged through Florida in early September, Disney hired a bunch of Mears' buses to take guests bound for the next cruise down to Port Lauderdale, where the ship was docked (instead of Port Canaveral.)

It was not until we were all loaded cheek by jowl on this bus and halfway out of Orlando, that we discovered that our bus had no air-conditioning. The bus was packed, it was September, and we were sweltering. To make matters worse, for the folks in the back, the onboard bathroom started stinking up a storm.

We were told when we set out that the ride to Port Lauderdale would take about 2 hours.

That was before our bus started losing power. At one point, we were on the highway doing 25 miles and hour.
Our bus became a rolling, reeking, creeping sauna.

It took 4 hours to get to Port Lauderdale.

I am of the opinion that the Mears company had to know what kind of shape that bus was in when they sent it out on the road. And that they figured that once we were on it, we'd be stuck with no alternatives. They were right. What they did was irresponsible and dangerous.

I am so glad that Disney has now begun providing their own transportation to and from the airport. Now I never have to ride another stinking Mears bus again.

I gave them one star because I have to and another star for all the previous rides I took that went well. I took off three stars for the Bus Ride of the Darned.
8 out of 9 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   December 13
Reviewer: micknminmouse Knox, Indiana     January 13, 2005
After checking out many different ground transportations to transport us from the Orlando airport to Walt Disney World Resort, we chose Mears travel to take us. We were a party of 5, including one child under three, he rode free, three adults and one child paid a total of around $100.00 for round trip tickets, after using the $3.00 off coupons we received from our Disney resort reservations. The driver was very pleasent and informative, (he deserves 5 stars himself) his name was Angel, the bus was very clean and comfortable, and the price was reasonable. We will use them again.
12 out of 13 people found this review helpful
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