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Cinderella's Royal Table
Table service restaurant inside of Cinderella's Castle. Open for regular service during lunch and dinner. (See Character dining / Cinderella's Royal Table for breakfast character meal reviews.)
Average Reviewer Rating: 4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 24 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 2 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   2/19/11
Reviewer: thetony45 Steeleville Illinois     April 26, 2011
The Castle in the Magic Kingdom is my favorite building in the world so dining at the restuarant inside was always a dream of mine. I called at my 180 days out mark but wasnt able to get an ADR. Me being as stubborn as I am I called back every day until 3 weeks away from my trip a spot opened up.

My ADR was for breakfast at 8:35 AM. In my excitment I ended up getting there a good half hour before my appointment and was prepared to wait. The cast members said it is ok to go ahead in. They gave me a royal invitation with Cinderella's picture and bowed as i walked inside.

The entrance hall was excellently themed with a suit of armor and other things youd expect to see in a castle including Cinderella's mouse freinds in the rafters. Cinderella herself was there to greet me. A royal photographer was on hand to take my picture with her.

I was then lead up a spiral staircase past a beautiful stained glass window wiith Cinderella on it and past restrooms labeled for "Lords" and "Ladies".

The Dining hall was very large and decorted with all sorts of medieval flags. I was given a wishing star and a toy sword and lead to a table next to a window with a beautiful view of Fantasyland.

My server kept refering to me as "Lord" and was quick to bring me my fresh squeezed Orange Juice. The meal consided of all you care to eat pastries (the cinnamon rolls were my favorite) a large bowl of sliced fruit and french toast stuffed with creme cheese. The food was better than anything else I've ever had.

Shortly after getting my food a narrator told an abridged story of Snow White as Snow White herself entered. Mine was the 3rd table she visited. I was worried that being an adult and dining alone would cause the characters to either bypass me or come and go quickly. I was very pleased with the amount of time she speant with me. Due to the kindness of a man at the next table I was able to get my picture with her.

Once Snow White was a few tables away the narrator told the tale of Sleeping Beauty as Princess Aurora entered. Once again I was greatly pleased with the amount of time she speant with me. Especially when she asked me to help protect her kingdom with my sword.

Shortly after Aurora left the royal photographer brought my packet with an 8 x 10 of me and Cinderella, an 8 X 10 of the Castle and 4 5 x 7s of me and Cinderella which was included in the price of the meal.

My favorite princess of all was next out. Ariel in human form. The highlight of the entire meal was when she spotted a pin of herself in mermaid form on my lanyard and declared her love for it.

Last but not least was Belle. I made her happy when I said I respect a well read woman. She got a laugh out of me when she asked me to use my sword to take care of her Gaston problem.

After all 4 princesses entered came the wishing ceremony. I wont spoil it here other that to say that I'm a 26 year old man and it brought a tear to my eye.

The food was the best I had during my stay at Disney and the princess interaction was something I'll remember the rest of my life. at $52.99 per person its a bit pricy, but worth every penny. Reservations go very quickly but if you cant get them right away don't give up.
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   04/05/08-04/11/08
Reviewer: brs214 Philadelphia, PA     April 13, 2008
This review is getting 4 planets because I was torn between 3-4 planets, but I had to choose one. I went with 4 because the show was good. Going into this dinner, I had no idea there was a show. As an adult with no kids I do not recommend this restaurant or show, but I would recommend it to anyone with children. We had dinner reservations for 6:15 but we arrived early at 6pm. The staff asked us to wait until closer to our reserved time, so we waited until 6:15 and then went in and waited to meet the princess. We met Cinderella and had our picture taken (you get two pictures, and the cost is included in dinner). They called our name at 6:45 and we were shown to our table. I ordered the Castle Salad and my husband ordered the Corn and Crab Soup. Our appetizers did not come out together; a soup and a salad. How could that be? My husband liked his soup, but he enjoyed it while I sat there watching. When I got my salad I was unimpressed. There was barely any dressing on it and the walnuts and blue cheese sunk to the bottom of the plate. For our main dishes my husband ordered the Port Tenderloin and I had the Lemon Lavender Chicken. I thought the chicken had really good flavor, but overall both main dishes were mediocre. For dessert we both had the Chocolate Cream Cheese Buckle, it was OK, I was expecting it to be rich in flavor, but it wasnt. We finished our dinner way before the show with the mice and the Fairy Godmother. We were going to leave, but we felt obligated to stay. The mice came around to every table to greet the guests. The Fairy Godmother put on a small show that involved singing and audience participation, which was really great for the kids; they all seemed to enjoy it. Overall the food was OK, but not worth the price or the 2 points on the dining plan.