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Port Orleans Resorts Port Orleans Resorts
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2201 Orleans Drive, Lake Buena Vista
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Average Reviewer Rating: 4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 66 ( Displaying Reviews: 11 - 20 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   2/06/08 - 2/13/08
Reviewer: SuzieQ Western NY     February 16, 2008
Hi Everyone!
We just got back 3 days ago from a fabulous stay at Port Orleans french Quarter! We loved this resort! We paid for a standard view, our room overlooked a lovely courtyard and we could see the river around the bend. We were in building 5 which was a fabulous location! just steps away from the lobby, food court, boat dock, and bus stop. Mousekeeping was great! Our mousekeeper, Fanny, even left us 3 towel animals! The food court was not big or fancy but the food we had was good. All in all we had a great stay and will definitely stay here again!
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   Novemeber 16-22 2007
Reviewer: HauntedGabe Chicago, IL     November 26, 2007
I must start with I love this resort and have stayed here since its Dixie Days. We stayed in the Mansions my favorite of the three. Our room was neat and clean minus two guncky stains in our rug, which were not addressed prior to our arrival (in the middle of the night) nor our entire stay. The room was cleaned early in the day, average service you'd receive from any other moderate hotel in Anywhere USA, with the exception of one day, where things were stepped up a bit, more Disney style. We tipped daily however this didn't seem to change anything. The grounds are beginning to surprise me. Some areas down right dirty. The tunnel by the elevators food and beverage stained, never cleaned while we were there, walk ways in the buildings never washed down and we began to jokingly name the pieces of garbage that remained for 6 straight days on the ground.
The hotel is now smoke free with outdoor areas. Good idea, but Disney seems to have forgotten to empty ash trays and garbage cans in these areas around their rooms, yuck. The food court needed some table cleaners, each day at breakfast we needed to wipe down our own tables, a sharp change from years past. Many of the chairs in need of some paint, odd for a dining area just rehabed. The food and the service were still good in this area. Check in and the general store were very nice and so were all the CM's. The wake up service was perfect. The pool area at night was still littered with old towels on chairs but otherwise the pool areas were nice, clean and fun to be around. The ME bus could use a safer area. Too many people standing in the drive through area. An accident waiting to happen. French Quarter has a better area. The bus also did not have enough seats for the return trip to the airport, many three to a double seat. The French Quarter also needs to reopen their sit down dining. Way to large of a resort for one sit down. We could not get res. for ours at all yet every time we passed apx. 1/3 of the tables were empty with people waiting outside. The CM greeter is the only cast member we tripped upon that could use a refresher at Smile School. The CM were by far the best we encountered as a whole during our trip. The resort itself is so pretty and calm, a great place to unwind after a day in the parks. Not all the deluxe hotels can boast that as they attractions in themselves.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   november 11and 12th 2007
Reviewer: Honey2222 Florida     September 05, 2007
My Husband and I went there to celebrate our anniversary and had a wonderful stay. Our room was not at all what we had requested though, We asked for a room facing the lake but instead got a room on a corner in building 5. the good thing was that our room was right across from the food court area. so very convient for morning coffee. our room was very nice. we had little towel animals left for us. We thought it would be very nousy there but to our surprise it was not. We have stayed at the port orleans french quarter every time we go to disney we love it!! What we like is that you are the first stop for pick up to the parks (between french and riverside)and the first to be dropped off. But We do have to say that the apple pie and hotchocolate at the french quarter eatery is very good!and the restraunt at riverside Boatwrights is very good!! especially the sweet potato pancakes (EXELLENT) there food is great. We try to always have our bk there. There is some good and bad but over all it's very comfortable. Oh and ya must try the boat ride to down town disney or over to the restraunt to riverside its wonderful. But for those of you that like a moring walk We would suggest the wak over (not to long) its really nice..........
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   August 15th thru August 21st
Reviewer: sleepyjeff Portland, Oregon     August 21, 2007
Checked into the Port Orleans French Quarter really late(about 2am). No one greeted us at this late hour at the door or even at registration....had to ring a bell for service. A distracted employee then greeted us...not very warmly but courteous. She quickly explained the bare bones of what we needed to know about the hotel policies regarding checking in/out/etc. Got our Keys to the World cards and sent us to our rooms(she did wish us a magical stay.....again, with no enthusiasm--it was after 2am, so I suppose I shouldn't expect more than that.)

THE GOOD: Maid service; top notch. Food service; only has a food court but the variety and the food itself is quite nice. Grounds; dreamlike. It has all of these small narrow streets going in between all the buildings and even though it looks spread out and sprawling somehow everythings arranged in such a way that long walks to the main buildings/pool area are not required(although, the same cannont be said for those staying over at Riverside) Pool; Dragon slide is a delight for kids of all ages and the pool is large enough to accomodate a sold out hotel in the heavy heat of mid-August without seeming too crowded.

THE BAD: The bus service is ok at first but over the course of our stay(6 nights) we grew to dread all those extra stops it has to make either before or after going to primary destinations.......sometimes both going and coming. It can be quite maddening too. Sometimes they will drive within yards of our stop only to turn away from it and make 4 other stops first....and sometimes they don't(no rhyme or reason to it either). One time they did this to us----came up to the front gate of the French Quarter--where we were staying--with about 30 passengers on board. Turned away from it and continued down to the first Stop at one got on or off. Next stop same thing. At the third Riverside stop there was a party of 10 people waiting to get on including one person in a Rascal.....after spending the next 20 minutes trying to wedge all of these new people on we make our way to the final Riverside stop....where, once again, no one gets on or off. Finally he drives us to the French Quarter and we all departed except for the 10 at the third RS stop......several days of dealing with this sort of inconsistancy can be quite frustrating. Many will report that the French Quarter is the first stop on the bus line and that the Riverside stops follow.....we found that this is only true about 2/3 of the time....the rest of the time it seems like it is up to driver(or maybe dispatcher) don't count on anything.

THE UGLY: Room curtains. I know, I know, it seems like such a petty thing but the curtians/shutters here don't block near enough light. Afternoon naps are very important to my family when on vacaction and the curtains here do not permit this to happen.

We will probably stay here again if we can get a good deal once more....but I do hope that Disney soon addresses the issue of those curtians and un-imaginative, un-magical, and so unpredictable busses....
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   Friday June 15, 2007 through Wednesday June 20, 2007
Reviewer: Chicago Wookiee Chicago, Illinois     July 28, 2007
Port Orleans Riverside.
Five night stay starting Friday June 15, 2007.
Booked through AAA and received a price of $300 less than the WDW website offered.
Cost was about $3,000 with five night premium plan and nine day park hopper tickets.
Had we booked room only the cost would have been $158 per night before AAA discount.
Stayed in the Magnolia Terrace building 85. First floor corner room facing the marina.

We stayed on the premium plan that includes a breakfast, lunch and dinner per person per night at over 100 participating restaurants, unlimited use of selected recreation including golf and parasailing, admission to Cirque du Soleil La Nouba, and unlimited tours. With everything we did and ate we saved over $1,400 by going with the pre-paid plan. Not a plan we can afford every year but when you can it may pay off big!

To get the most out of the unlimited tours and recreation we worked it out so that we could check in at 6am the first day and hit the ground running. Arriving at the resort just before 6am I found a long line of people checking into the Magical Express desk for their return home and not one guest at the check-in counter. The only cast member at this counter was newer and had never checked in someone on a package before leading to a rather long delay with this process and taking just over 25 minutes. There seemed to be another cast member (possibly a manager) just on the other side of an open cast member door that the person I was dealing with kept checking with (more than 10 times) but the other person never came out to help and speed things along. I was informed that we would be unable to get into our room prior to 3pm but was given the room key/ticket card and simply needed to call a listed number after 3pm to get my room location. The card was active and we were ready to head to our first activity.

When returning to the resort later that evening I was able to drive directly to our parking lot and bypass the check-in desk again saving time and aggravation. With the water view room it put the room on the far side of the building from where the parking lot was located and a longer walk than desired after a day of trudging around in the parks. We couldnt see the water anyway from the windows and a regular room may have been better.

The room was bigger than expected with a table and chairs near the front, two queen size beds, a large TV cabinet with closing mirrored doors, good sized mini frig, a wall mirror closer to the front of the room, a ceiling fan, bathroom with separate vanity area containing two sinks and two mirrors, and possibly the feature we enjoyed the most was the curtain that could be pulled across the vanity area to close it from the sleeping area.

The theme of the room was simpler than that of many of the deluxe resorts or even what we have found at Coronado Springs or All-Stars Movies. There was simple wallpaper, a plain looking paper border, basic floral comforters, and plain carpeting. I understand that this is to be a upper class plantation home but something just seemed missing. Themeing of the main resort building was nicer and it was a pleasant place to walk around in.

Mousekeeping was pretty good on this trip (we had big issues at All-Star Movies last year) and didnt find any reasons to complain. We also pre-printed tip envelopes for the Mousekeeper and left a small tip each day. For the tips we did seem to get an increased number of Mickey shampoos and soaps.

A number of nights we returned to find a good size green Cuban Treefrog sitting on our room door facing the light next to the door. It was cool to watch him eat the bugs flying around. It was only after returning home to Chicago that we learned this frog is not native to Florida and is considered very destructive. Cuban treefrogs are SO successful at taking over habitat and eating Florida's native species that they are considered an invasive exotic (non-native) species -- they are a threat to the biodiversity of Florida's native ecosystems and wildlife.

The resort itself is much more open and sprawling than Port Orleans French Quarter or any of the value resorts. There are some advantages to this larger area with none of the rooms being too close to the pool noise and also allowing for the resort itself to feel less crowded. The marina offers rentals of a couple different sized pontoon boats, small boats for about five people, and sea racers for one or two people. There is also boat taxi from the resort to DTD and back that runs most of the day through about 9pm. We took advantage of the horse-drawn carriage ride rentals one evening and also watched some people at the Fishin Hole one afternoon. The resort has one big noisy pool with water slide and five much smaller quiet pools. The game room is a good size and the store seemed a little small with few registers as every time we went past there was a long line of people waiting to make purchases. With exception to a few buildings (14 and 15) in the Alligator Bayou area of the resort the main bus stop can be quite a walk and the four outlying bus stops didnt seem close to many rooms either.

I believe we would have enjoyed the Alligator Bayou area of the resort more than the Magnolia bend section because the bayou has smaller buildings and closer parking lots. The grounds here are all very beautiful and lush but the tr
18 out of 22 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   May5-May 13 2007
Reviewer: jewelmom23 Appomattox Virginia     May 15, 2007
We love this resort! We stayed in a standard room at $145 per night we had a lovely view of landscaping. There are all kinds of little animals around we saw a lot of bunnies. The food court was a little crowded at breakfast but most places at Disney are. I enjoyed the create-your-own-pasta bar and the milk shakes that you can get as your dessert on the dining plan. We will definitely be going back next year.
18 out of 21 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   04/27/07-05/06-07
Reviewer: Imjusta babyduck Pace, Florida     May 14, 2007
This was our first time staying at the Port Orleans French Quarter. It was very nice. Disney did a good job recreating the ambience of the French Quarter -- cobblestone streets, architecture, horse drawn carriage. We stayed in a standard room $145.00 per night overlooking the park/garden in building 5. The rooms were quiet, clean and adequate for our family of four. Housekeeping did a good job with the room and making sure we had enough towels. We were close to the pool, food court, front desk and fairly close to the parking lot. One thing we were not close to, and they did not have nearly enough of, was elevators. I would recommend staying on the ground floor because of this. Check in was fast and easy, as was check out. Although, they would not allow us to take our own luggage up. We had to use the bell boy. I had a hard time with my room key (to which my meal plan was attached) and had to go back several times to get a new key issued. Once, they didn't add some of my meals on and I had to go back to get that corrected. The hotel manager was very nice and he gave me additional meals to make up for the problem. The kids loved the pool and we swam just about every day. The food court had good food for counter service, but the clerks didn't know what they were doing when you went to pay. We loved the place and will be back.
11 out of 12 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   September 2006
Reviewer: Mtnthumper Minnesota     March 30, 2007
We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside on our last visit, prior to this we stayed at Carribean Beach Resort and some off site locations. WE LOVED RIVERSIDE! We had a standard room (for our trip in May we requested waterview). The grounds are beautiful and easy to traverse. The easiest way to get to our room was to cut through the lobby/lounge area and go over the pool bridge......which forced us to stumble upon Bob Jackson. he performs several nights a week in the lounge area and we stopped in to watch. What a wonderful show! He was so much fun and he made it an all inclusive show involving the kids as much as the adults in his one man piano show. It's a nice way for the adults to stop with the kids and have a drink and unwind from a day at the parks but the kids stayed entertained too! We ended up stopping in there every evening on our way back to our room! The rooms were fairly sized and clean. The pool was in a nice location and it was very nice to take nighttime swim. I never saw the pool overcrowded or wild. The pool has a little open air bar adjacent to it that, it served pop, beer, smoothies etc., was also very enjoyable and relaxing! The other plus is the water taxi that is available. What a great choice for transportation. We took the water taxi to Downtown Disney several times during our stay. It's about a 20 minute ride but the scenery is great and it's a nice and relaxing alternative to a buss all the time. We are currently looking into the Disney Vacation Club and we have discussed making PO-Riverside our Disney Home:)
35 out of 36 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   3/1/2007 - 3/7/2007
Reviewer: thewall2k Beverly, MA     March 14, 2007
I recently stayed at POFQ on a trip with my girlfriend and one of my best friends. We stayed in building three on the far side towards the parking lot. It was about a five minute walk to the main building or the bus stop which wasnt bad and was considerably better than the walk I had when I stayed at the Pop Century several years ago.

The room was clean, our mousekeeper usually came late in the afternoon as it seemed like we were one of the last rooms. One day we came back to find towel animals one we think was supposed to resemble our mousekeeper not completely sure though. Check in and check out were fairly painless.

The food was good standard Disney at times the lines were really long, I attribute this mainly to the Riverside Dining area being closed. They could have had more cashiers on there was one night at around 9 where the lines were so long my girlfriend waited in line while I got cheeseburgers and we still had a five minute wait till we got to a cashier.

Overall I would say it was a very nice place to stay the rooms were as spacious as they can be for this level at Disney. In the past I have stayed at Pop Century, Riverside, Carribean Beach, and Coranado Springs and POFQ is by far my favorite.
25 out of 27 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   February 3-10, 2007
Reviewer: debbiemorrell St. Louis, Missouri     February 22, 2007
This was our first stay at Riverside (previous stays off property or at Beach Club Resort)...We opted for Magical Express transportation / baggage handling to the resort and absolutely loved it! Our wait at the airport looked daunting at first (all those people all in one place), but the "check in" for ground transportation was quicker than any car rental counter I've ever encountered at Orlando Airport. We were funneled into a line that was promptly boarded onto a bus for the short trip to the resort. We had a short wait for room check in, received our keys, but were given a phone number to contact for regular updates since our room was not yet ready (part of the downfall of arriving early in the day on your first day). We knew that our bags would not arrive till later - so we boarded the boat to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping prior to the full onset press of unpacking into our room. Our weather was chilly so we didn't feel the need to change into warm climate clothes we packed in our carry ons. Our room, waterview in Magnolia section, was "ready" around 3:00 (as promised). When we walked in - we were pleasantly surprised by its size. We had only stayed at Beach Club before so were kind of expecting a smaller room for the price savings. It was, however, a little dirty. The shelf in the closet "area" (attached to sink / changing / bath area) was filthy dusty and there were visible cob webs hanging from the ceiling in front of the draperies. (I left notes for 3 consecutive days asking the housekeeping staff member to take care of these items, but they did we did). Asked at front desk for the maintenance staff to adjust the throttle on our toilet which ran overnight - but they lost the request. We had to phone later in the first full day to follow up - which they did very promptly. Not WDW's fault, but we had to call security at 3:00 am because of abusive language from the adjacent room. Not a pleasant first night at Riverside by any means. But it did get better. We knew that the food court would be closed during our stay (with limited menu - all knowledge thanks to, but since we were opting for the dining plan (which is another story)... we were kind of relieved that we didn't have to feel compelled to eat food court meals each and every sitting. Soda refills - a must!...the main pool was pleasant and, thankfully, not crowded, because it is somewhat small but our 4 year loved it anyway. Transportation to the parks was close to our building but somewhat unreliable. Don't believe that story about every 20 minutes.. it should be every 20 minutes give or take 20 minutes. Literally, 2 buses at one time for one park - but nothing for 40 minutes for others.

Now - the Dining plan...our family of 3 loves to eat. We love to eat good food. So, that being said - we enjoyed having sit down meals that would have cost us excess of $100 for the one fixed daily price. We found, however, that it ended up being too much food. Your plan includes appetizer, entree, desert, and soft beverage. We never eat that much every single day at one sitting. But it was nice now and then to have the luxury to do so. We found, however, that because we paid for a "sit down" meal for each day we felt compelled to use it. Which meant reservations - because you cannot find sit down service available when you want it without it. Some of the restaurants we wanted to try would be booked until 9:00 pm, for example - way too late for our 4 year old. And, to top it off, we ended up planning our day around our table reservations. Not a good idea when you didn't get to see everything you wanted to see at Magic Kingdom but you have 5:00 reservations at Epcot. Summing up - good plan if you have older kids that can roam free. Mom and Dad can be extravagant at dinner time and the kids are on a fixed "allowance" that they can consume at their own pace.

Overall, we enjoyed Riverside, the fantastic gift shop, and friendly luggage staff. Would recommend a retraining of some Cast Members on the Disney attitude (housekeeping, concierge, and front desk could have been more attentive) but it wasn't a trip buster.
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