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Port Orleans Resorts Port Orleans Resorts
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2201 Orleans Drive, Lake Buena Vista
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Average Reviewer Rating: 4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 66 ( Displaying Reviews: 51 - 60 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   July 26, 2002 - August 4, 2002
Reviewer: ppmuse Sacramento, CA     January 06, 2004
After a bad experience at the Beach Resort, see my Beach Review, my wife and I returned to WDW with my Aunt and father and stayed at a cheaper hotel, the Dixie Landings. The most amazing thing, we got better service, a better room, and even enjoyed ourselves, except for the fact that my dad and his sister had a snoring problem, not the hotel's fault.

Checking in was easy on Friday morning at around 7:00 AM. They watched our bags, and the bell boys were extremely nice. We had breakfast at the hotel, and the French Toast was delicious.

The room was a bit small for four adults, and the bathroom had enough room for one person to use the sinks, and one person to take a shower. We didn't spend much time in the hotel room, but it achieved everything 4 adults needed, even if they spent only 7 hours in the room each day.

Every night, after the parks, we walked a short distance to the pool. We would swim for about an hour, and it relaxed us from a long day in the park.

The maids were awesome. Twice, we would show up to our room and find our wash cloths wrapped up into some cute little animal. We would also occasionally find chocolates on our pillows, and our beds ready to sleep in.

We also bought two mugs from the Hotel Cafeteria. So every morning, afternoon, and evening we would run down to the cafeteria and fill our mugs with soda. We received unlimited refills for our entire stay. It was probably one of the greatest ideas Disney has had.

We also spent some time on the bikes, riding around the hotel. People seemed more relaxed and having a good time, compared to the Beach Club.

The store had everything one could wish for. We got candy, bathroom products, candy, magazines, and, did I mention candy?

All in all, one of the best hotels I've ever stayed at. I would stay there again, if I wasn't trying to stay at every hotel on the Disney property. Just 22 left, I think. Maybe they added some more...

Type/Class of room: We stayed in the Standard room. It was a quick walk to the pool, 30 seconds and you were in the air, then splash down.

· Rate/Night (for your stay): For 4 adults, 9 nights, 10 days, 3 meals a day, all recreation, it cost just shy of $11,000

· Ease of Disney Park Access: About a 3 minute walk to the bus stop. Some bus rides, like to Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, and Animal Kingdom, took about 30 minutes to arrive at the destination. The others, about 15 minutes. Also, about a 5 minute walk to the cafeteria and the main Dixie Landing area. New Orlean was about a 10 minute walk.

Pool Description/Comments: Main pool was awesome, but usually packed with people. The waterfall was a plus. The regular pool right next to our area was just a normal pool, great for relaxing and cooling off from a long day at the park.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   Feb 7-13, 2003
Reviewer: hivey Athens, Georgia     November 18, 2003
We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter in Building 5. It was perfectly located. We had taken the advice of other MousePlanet readers and called ahead to request a certain building. This has worked on all of our trips for the past 3 years. We always seem to get buildings close to the bus stops, food courts, and parking areas. Building 5 was located next to the main pool and a quick 2 min walk found us at the bus stop to the parks or the ferry boats to Downtown Disney. The best part of the resort was the bus route. The buses to the parks stop at the French Quarter first and then drive over to pick up guests at Riverside. This meant that we always had a seat and were first to exit when returning to the resort. It doesn't seem like much, but in the mornings, our bus could almost fill up heading into the parks and left little room for all of the people waiting to board at Riverside. I'm sure that is why some reviews said that they waited 30-60 minutes for buses to the parks. I don't know about peak seasons. They might have separate buses running to each resort, but not in February.

Since we were there in Feb, the parks close earlier than other times of the year. This left us lots of time in the evenings to venture to Downtown Disney. This was excellent due to the ferryboats that ran every 15-20 minutes. It was really fun to see some parts of Disney I had never seen before. We traveled down the stream and passed some of the holes on the golf courses and the tree houses which were under construction. It is always nice to be able to travel around Disney without getting into your car.

I would highly recommend the French Quarter once the construction is over. Especially with all new features they may be adding.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   October 22,23,24, 2002
Reviewer: GusMan Chicago, IL     November 16, 2003
This was my first trip to Disney, let alone our first real vacation as a family. As we planned our trip, we found several options outside the parks. However, the more we read, the more we started investigating Disney Hotels. As we planned, we got a room rate of $109/night and we decided to give it a try. For starters, we got there rather tired from a long day of travel and found the check in process to be smooth and easy. The CM's answered our newbee questions with a smile. As we got to our room in Mongolia Terrace, we found it to be clean, comfortable and charming. All the buildings were well kept and reminded me of the "old south" sort of speak. The feature pool was fun and well kept up with a neat waterslide. We also used the quiet pool that was near our building and found it to be a dream. It was huge and hardly anyone was there because of the feature pool. This was great for a quiet dip with the family. Boatwrights, the main restaraunt, was wonderful. We ate 1 dinner and 2 breakfasts there and thought it was well worth the money. The dinner was our first impression of the great hospitality. Also, if you looked at the prices for a good breakfast at the cafe, and compared it to BW's, you would find very little difference in cost (if not even cheaper) but a lot more food for your money. (Something to consider.) The Banana-stuffed French Toast is to die for!! (During our 2003 trip - we made a special trip back just for the French Toast!) It was a small walk from our room, but it was no big deal as the atmosphere of the grounds was just lovely. The grounds were nicley landscaped and colorful.

The bus rides to the parks and downtown were more than adaquate. However, as I found out with many of the resorts, bus coverage to early character meals needs to be reviewed and improved. (Even with my stay at WL, this was the case, so it wasnt a "moderate" vs. "Deluxe" resort thing.)

As mentioned, this was our first Disney trip and POR gave us a great first impression. Sure, when we compared it with off-site hotels, this was more expensive but quickly found that the little extras and choice (Pools, Disney Transportation, hospitality) more than made up for it.

For the price range, Port Orleans Riverside is worth investigating.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   June 2001
Reviewer: disneygirl99 Northern Indiana     September 27, 2003
We stayed here in probably the hottest month I can remember at 107 degrees one of the days we were there. However, it didn't phase our happiness level in the least, as the grounds of this hotel were just amazing and the pool was about the nicest I have seen at a moderate hotel at WDW. Alot of places to walk and get lost if you want to. The boats that take you to Downtown Disney were an added bonus as they could wisk you away without too much planning and the captains were just the friendliest I have ever seen. The restaurants were great! And the walk from our building to them was peaceful and relaxing, finding all the little lizards on the way. Very picturesqe and such a great bargain for the money. The only drawback is that if it rains, you are pretty much stuck in your room because there is no lobby to walk around in unless you make a break for it in rain ponchos to the main building. Other than that, such a nice place and have recommended it to friends who have said the same as us.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   May 01-10, 2003
Reviewer: dweck Limerick, PA     May 21, 2003
POR was a terrific spot; I wouldn't have chosen it otherwise, but a close friend is also a Disney travel agent/specialist, and she RAVED about it. Good choice.

I knew we were in for a good time from the second we arrived. We were unGodly late, owing to a plane problem, and when we pulled into the security gate, I said, Hello, I'm Mr. X, and we're checking in, and we're impossibly late. And the guard just smiled a Disney-trademarked smile and said, "In WDW, you're NEVER late!"

I could have kissed him.

Stayed in Parterre Place, rm 9581. Gorgeous views of the Sassagoula. Close to the bridge to Ol' Man Island and the Food Court/Boatwrights.

Room was spotless. Housekeeping was terrific; towels were in seashell shapes one afternoon, and the kids' stuffed animals were reading books/watching TV, etc.

POR was a great place to stay--I'd go back in a minute. I really miss the smell of Magnolia blossoms and the sight of hanging moss on the tree branches.

Can't wait to go back!!!!!!
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   january2003
Reviewer: mbaker1277 Alabama     May 14, 2003
We decided to break up a week long stay between the POR and the WL to save some money. We checked in late in the evening, so we basically just threw our suitcases in the room and went to dinner. Upon arriving back to our room, we noticed that 4 light bulbs were out; one over one of the beds, the lamp over the table and chairs, one over the vanity, and one(the only one) in the bathroom area. Housekeeping replaced them in the morning. Now that we could see the bathroom, the tub was covered in black dirt and mildew. It was so nasty that I didn't want to put my big toe in it. We called housekeeping and they told us to go ahead and shower in it and they would give it a deep cleaning while we were at the parks. Also the bathroom walls were covered in mold, and wallpaper was peeling all over the room. When we pulled back the sheets there were little hairs in them and dark yellow and brown stains on the underside of the blankets. We have stayed at almost every resort on the proprty, and this is the only one we have ever had a problem with. The grounds of the hotel were beautiful, but the cleanliness of the rooms left alot to be desired. We did request to move to another room and were denied.
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   6/02
Reviewer: Glen Burbank Ca.     May 14, 2003
This was my families first trip to WDW. We stayed at the French Quarter side of Port Orleans. Our room was very clean, the room service was good, the pool nicely heated and the food at the resturaunts was very good. My wife forgot her bathing suit but the store had plenty. She even found a bathing suit she liked better than her original one.
We loved it and will be going back again.
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   Dec. 2 -7, 2002
Reviewer: arm00leg Westland, Michigan     March 24, 2003
As a regular Disney guest I cannot say how disappointing our last stay was at Port Orleans Riveside (or as we remember it - Dixie Landings). The room and service was so bad that I have sent letters to all the executives at Disney World. I would like to post a copy of the letter : January 31st, 2003

To Whom It May Concern;

Among our family and friends we are know as Disney Freaks or Disney Geeks. A title we were proud to bare - until our last vacation in December 2002. We LOVE Disney World and make regular trips - usually every two years, we would save for a couple of years to afford the trip. Even though you offer moderate priced hotels the cost is still significant for the average person ... but usually worth the two years of saving and anticipating. Not so last December .
Because of our enthusiasm and urging - my brother, sister in-law, nephew, and niece joined us. I cannot tell you how excited I was to show them The World! Our flight was delayed two hours (I know - not your fault), when we checked in we were told that even though we made our reservations at Port Orleans Riverside almost a year in advance, we could not have a river view room in Alligator Bayou. The cast member curtly informed us that we still had a water view, a pool. When we made our reservation we asked for a lower level room because I have a bad hip, we asked for a room near the Bowen family - but NOT adjoining rooms. When we got to our rooms they were adjoining, upper level, and our water view, which we paid extra for, was a view of the pool if you looked really hard between the pine trees! So far we have gotten nothing that we requested. Imagine how happy we were when we opened the door to our room and found huge stains on the carpet, stains on the chair pads, peeling wallpaper, and a light in the bathroom so dim I thought I was going blind. I thought Disney had a reputation for accommodating guests with special needs, I guess those stories were untrue. After the not so Disney like treatment when questioning our river view we didnt return to the front desk to push the issue of the upper level room. During our 5 night 6 day stay, the hot tub was broken until the final day, the big pool on Old Man Island was closed - even on the one 80 degree day we had. So we decided to take the kids to the water park - Blizzard Beach. So we sat and sat and sat at the bus stop, finally another guest asked what bus we were waiting for, we told him Blizzard Beach. He told us that we had to get on the bus to Animal Kingdom to get there, and that the same thing had happened him, he waited and waited until someone told him. No place on the signs, no where in the transportation guide did we find this information!
Blizzard Beach, fun place to be ... if you dont have to use the changing rooms! I understand that it is a water park, wet and sandy, but the changing rooms were disgusting, with absolutely filthy bathrooms. There were three employees at the front gate with nothing to do, couldnt one of them drag a mop through the changing rooms? I was afraid to let my niece stand on the floor in her bare feet!
Port Orleans Riverside - or as we know it from out previous stays, Dixie Landings, always had such beautiful grounds, as well as the rest of Disneys property. It was sad and disappointing to see a broken railing on one of the small bridges, chipped paint on a small bridge, a knocked over sign, and burnt out lights.
Lets talk transportation - the water taxis now limited service, the buses have gotten extremely bad. We had to wait 30 minutes for a bus to Magic Kingdoms early morning entry. We spoke with other guests who were extremely disappointed with their rooms and service also. There was a family waiting for a bus who missed their special tour because of the slow bus service.
Cut backs at the parks were disappointing also. A broken fountain in the gift shop at Pirates of the Caribbean, no snack stands open until 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 pm (rather late when youre doing the early mornings). Food stands closed at 5:00 pm when the park is open until 7:00 pm!

As far as a return trip goes, my brother and his family will probably not visit again. My husband and I are holding onto the hope that things will return to the standards that Disney used to have, still it will be some time before we return.
We have always loved and appreciated Disneys service and the helpful cast members. The Disney magic always brought us back. People I work with used to call me Michigans Disney Ambassador. After our last trip I would like to hand the title over to someone else, someone who isnt familiar with way Disney used to be. The magic, the fun, the way I used to feel that rush of happiness as I stood on Main Street looking in the distance at the castle in the Florida sunshine.

I miss the Disney I used to know and love ...

L. McTigue

I was happy to come home one day and find a message from "Judy", a representative of Disney, telling me that someone would be in contact with me about my coments. She left no information on how I may contact her back. That was a month ago and I have failed to hear from them! It's obvious to me that the guests and customer service are no longer the number one priority it used to be.
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   02/13/03-02/21/03
Reviewer: emwilson Utica, New York     February 25, 2003
The grounds on first glance were beautiful. We stayed in Magnolia Bend. Very close to bridge and pool. The people checking you in were wonderful.(very knowledgeable,& helpful) Baggage handlers A-plus. The room was a great disappointment.(Rug had a huge stain in the middle of the floor) Sink and toilet not cleaned. No soap. I did call and they came and fixed everything. I was very upset because at $195.00 a night I had hoped it would be better than it was.
Boatwrights- the food was excellent, Waiters A-plus.
Food Court-the food was excellent.
The Food Court was not very clean, They didn't have enough bus boys to wipe the tables and remove garbage, the service bar was sticky with coffee and soda spilled all over it. The price was a little high, but buy the refillable mugs and you have got yourself a great deal..The staff where you ordered were slow but when you got the food it was very tasty. The cashiers were very nice also.

After being there for several days we began to notice that we saw a great amount of trash on the walkways and in the bushes. Alot of cigarette butts all over.
There was not alot of people working on the grounds. The bus route was very efficient. We waited no longer that 10 min. for buses. The drivers were all very friendly.
We were told by many Disney employees, that there had been a hiring freeze and this is the reason that the attention to the little details that we have enjoyed for 20 years are not taken care of any more. It was noticable!!!Fultons General Store- excellent staff & misc sundries. Boat ride to Pleasure Island & French Quarter awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pools heated and very clean.
Arcade adaquate.
Quiet surroundings overall.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   Oct 27 - Nov2 2002
Reviewer: jeffann5 Wisconsin     December 28, 2002
This was my first trip to WDW with my family. I had planned this trip my self and everything went well. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and I was really impressed. The staff was very friendly and the room was very clean. I found that if you leave a very small tip for the maid each day she would leave extra items in the room. I left $2 each morning. We were originally concerened about the food prices being too high but all in all they were ok. We spent on average $30 per meal. I found that we only needed to eat twice during the day(breafast and dinner). After eating breakfast we would head out to the parks and come back to the hotel for dinner then went back out to the parks again. My only tip would to bring your own water bottles. A bottle of water at WDW is $2.50 each. We used Brita water bottles and that worked out well.
I read alot of reviews and heard alot of horror stories before we left and my advice is, throw everything people tell you in the garbage and go, relax and just have a good time.
32 out of 35 people found this review helpful
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