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Pepper Market
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Food court-styled restaurant featuring Mexican cuisine at the Coronado Springs resort.
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Average Reviewer Rating: 3.1 out of 53.1 out of 53.1 out of 53.1 out of 53.1 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 6 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 6 )
4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   June 3 - 9, 2007
Reviewer: geekacres Central Pennsylvania     August 16, 2007
The Pepper Market was the sleeper hit of our most recent Disney Dining experience. From the Breakfast to the Dinner offerings, everything was good. The quality of the food at the Coronado Springs food court is comparable to some of the sit down offerings elsewhere in "the World".

The ordering system takes a little getting used to, but there is a wide variety of food, both southwestern - and otherwise. A server will bring the drinks to your table and you can browse the various stations to decide what it is that you'd like to eat.

We had two adults and a toddler in our group and everyone found the food to be delicious, with more than ample portions. Certainly a nice change of pace from the standard 'burger and fries' offerings that permeate the parks. That said, there are burgers and fries available, too. For those who like to take a mid day break, the Pepper Market makes a great alternative to slugging it out at The Electric Umbrella or Pizza Planet.
6 out of 6 people found this review helpful
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1.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.01.0/5.0   June 2, However We stayed @ this Disney Property
Reviewer: Disney Don ( Boise, Idaho     June 15, 2005
I'm sorry, I just read one of the reviews of this restaurants and I can only think one thought. This guy say's this restaurant is the best and then proceeds to EXPLAIN HOW TO EAT THERE! Since when has a meal out needed any explanation? It occurs to me that kids do not exist in his world.

I went in with a party of five two of which were children. We were waiting to be seated as I READ ON THE SIGN when some CM walked by and said just take a table and left us on our own. This guy then walks up to the table and explains how we need this card for each one ( kids included ) of us, stations, check things off, stamps, cards etc, I'm sorry but I looked at my wife and then at him and said, eating out is simple, I go in, YOU get my food for me and keep track of it and charge me or call it a buffett & charge me a flat fee. Why would you complicate a simple process? All he could do was offer to explain it again for me only slower and louder I'm sure. I said I'm sorry but this needlessly complicates things. It also puts me in the position of server and cashier and the prices don't reflect that involentary contribution of service. To add insult to injury don't forget, you have an automatic 10% gratuity added to your "card" ( or was that a stamp? ) for all this SERVICE. It's worth mentioning that this was not a cafeteria type setting but appeared to be the 'nice' on-property restaurant. So I guess you can lump me in the category of all the other babies who found this place annoying except I got out lucky and didn't have to endure 'finding' my food.

Do you really want to turn your kids loose in this setting with a ticket and a tray for their food? Imagine the surprise nutrition/value/choice combo you will be in for when they return.

We all got up and left vowing never to return unless this place decides to act like every other restaurant in the "World".
5 out of 21 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   03/21/04-03/27/04
Reviewer: carliebelle Norwich, CT     September 13, 2004
Family of 8; breakfast, lunch and dinner

To begin, in order to eat successfully at the Pepper Market, you must be able to read and understand simple directions, be patient, and not act like a spoiled child. I have to say that some of the reviews on this "restaurant" really start to aggitate me. People go into this place blind, I swear. We loooved the Pepper Market, but mainly because we all knew how to read. We ate there pretty much at least once a day and never really had a problem. When you walk towards the entrance, you will notice signs that say, "please wait to be seated". BEHIND this sign is the basket of napkins and silverware.(eh hem, eh hem) When the wait staff comes to ask you how many people are in the party, he/she will grab the silverware and seat you. You will then recieve a menu, a food ticket, and order your drinks. So far so good? Now it is time to go and get your food. For some people, this may be a problem, especially if you have been served on a silver platter your entire life. Basically, you can find what you want on the menu, find the coinsiding food station and place your order or you can just patiently and leisurely walk around and decide what to order just by reading the menu signs. When you make your decision, hand the cook your ticket and he/she will stamp it for you. Then you take the ticket back. If you are getting food from more than one station, you can move right along while your other food is being prepared and place the other order. Remember that ticket! It is actually really fun if you can just take a load off. Then you just wait for your order. The nice thing is that you can watch them make your food right there in front of you. On our first visit here, we were nervous because of so many bad reviews with the service. After we were done, we couldn't believe how easy it actually was. One valuble lesson we learned is that patience is a virtue. One night we had gone for dinner after we got back from a park. It was very busy. We went straight for the Mexican station... awesome food I might add... the cook was swamped. People were so rude to him and getting frustrated for the smallest of reasons. When it was our turn to order, he forgot to give us some rice and beans that came with one of our meals. We knew that he was working hard so we quietly told him what he had forgotten. The fact that we didn't make a huge dramatic scene about it got us some free food, and lots of it. It pays to be patient. Another common complaint is the 10% gratuity. First of all- you don't have to pay it if you get take out. The signs are there, people, read 'em. The reason for this gratuity is that it goes towards the people that prepare your food, and to the people that clean up the messes that are left behind. Also, when you first show up, they get your drinks for you, and refill them and make sure that everyone undrestands how the food court works. Now it is time to pay: Remember those tickets? Just hand them to the cashier at the kiosk towards the exit and they will ad up your meals. Pay and you're done. Pretty simple, really.
All in all, if you're a patient person, you know how to read, and don't mind leaving your seat to get a bite to eat, you'll do fine. If not, there is always the Maya Grill. They will wait on you and you'll only have to get up to use the bathroom.
30 out of 32 people found this review helpful
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2.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.02.0/5.0   October 19-22
Reviewer: Wiley Los Angeles, CA     November 08, 2003
On a four night stay at the Coronado resort, I ate at the Pepper Market cafeteria once. Yes, the atmosphere is festive and colorful, but the food and service fall flat.

I'm personally not fond of the card and stamp routine for ordering food and wasn't prepared for it when I walked into the cafeteria. Somewhere in the mishmash of food stalls I eventually found oatmeal. I made my request and took a bowl, but had to return my food as I didn't have a card for them to stamp my order on. More than annoyed, I had to walk back to the cafeteria entrance, find an attendant and figure out what this stamp thing was all about.

With my order card in hand, I returned for my bowl of oatmeal, received my stamp, then went to a second food stall and stood in another line for more food. I added eggs and hashbrowns which I had to order al a carte. At this point I had three stamps on my card and no idea what my meal was going to cost since menus at this restaurant don't exist and those that do, do not have listings for oatmeal and al a carte items.

I found a pile of cloth napkins folded with silverware and grabbed one on my way to a table. Frankly, I was impressed that a cafeteria would have cloth napkins, but was again annoyed when I unrolled it to find that it only contained a fork and knife, but no spoon for my oatmeal. Up from my table to hunt down a spoon and back again to take a bite, I soon realized I'd need a drink for the dry hashbrowns and was up a second time for a cup of tea. Since I forgot my stamp card at the table, I had to make a return trip to grab it from under my plate, get another stamp and receive my cup. While my teabag steeped in styrofoam, I tried digging into those hashbrowns again and realized ketchup would have been nice, but I wasn't going to get up for a fourth time so I ate what I had which was unremarkable.

Now here comes the really insulting part. Ready? After finishing this breakfast I read the fine print on this stamp card I had been hauling all over the place. It read that a 10% "service" charge will be added to my meal at the cash register. What service?, I ask. I had to get up from my table three times in order to get a spoon, my stamp card and a drink. I had to wait in two lines three times just to get food. I never received any service at the Pepper Market, just quizical faces asking for a stamp card.

My meal of four stamps cost $9 in the end. I had already decided I wouldn't return to this cafeteria, but after that unjustified 10% addition to my bill I decided I would post this little note on MousePlanet too. Please don't bother going to the Pepper Market. It's not worth it.
8 out of 12 people found this review helpful
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   November 13, 2002 to November 15, 2002
Reviewer: pmurphy713 Mobile, Alabama     January 05, 2003
This was our first stay at Coronado Springs and also our first visit to the Pepper Market. While I have read many bad and just OK reviews of the Pepper Market, my family of four (my husband and two daughters 7 & 8) would definitely recommend it. However, it was not wonderful enough to make a special trip to Coronado Springs just to dine there.

Our lunch consisted of rotisserie chicken, vegetables (wonderful) and fries for my husband, my oldest daughter and I split a pizza and my youngest dined on chicken fingers and fries. While we feel that the food was a great value for the price (1/2 of a chicken, veggies & fries for $12.99), my youngest daughter wound up eating some of the rotisserie chicken. We could have saved the cost of her meal! The roasted vegetables were outstanding!
Our second meal was a to go meal that I went down to purchase after a long day at the park while the kids got ready for bed. The chef at the pizza place was less than wonderful and very slow. I did, however, find a wonderful taco salad (huge) a two very nice ladies who prepared it for me. Total with drinks for both of our meals was less than $30.00 for all four and believe me, we could have gotten by for less.
I also liked the way you purchase and pay for your food. They give each person a card as you sit down and it is stamped for each purchase. You then pay for all of your food at one central cashier as you leave. Don't forget to take any blank cards with you or they will ask you for them.
So, in our opinion, the atmosphere was ok (it is a food court after all), the food and price were excellent, and the service left a little to be desired. But, don't hesitate to eat there if you stay at Coronado Springs.
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful
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3.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.03.0/5.0   December 7, 2002
Reviewer: DisneyDec Gaithersburg, MD     December 19, 2002
Although we stayed at Coronado Springs during our visit, this was the only time we ate here. The design of this food court is very festive and pleasant, and the way that you get an pay for food (having your card stamped any paying at the end of the meal), is also very well done.

The problem we had was with the service. In most cases, the food stations only had one person manning the area. At the grill station there was only one person to handle burger, chicken, and steak orders. At the children's food station they ran out of Pizza and it took them 10 minutes to make a new one. This shouldn't happen on a Saturday evening, even during the off-season.

I had a cheeseburger and fries from the grill, which was a little dry (the burgers at the Magic Kingdom were better) and both my wife and 2-year-old daughter had a child's pizza platter which consisted of a slice of pizza, a slice of fruit, and a cookie. My wife enjoyed the pizza initially, but had a bad reaction to either the cheese or the tomato sauce later in the evening.

All together, the meal cost about $23 (including mandatory %10 tip added on.). While we really enjoyed the rest of Coronado Springs this is not someplace we'll eat again.
4 out of 4 people found this review helpful
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