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1900 Park Fare
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Moderately-priced American cuisine in a turn-of-the-century-styled English restaurant at the Grand Floridian. Lunch menu. (See Character Dining / 1900 Park Fare for reviews of the breakfast and dinner character buffets.)
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Average Reviewer Rating: 4.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 54.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 6 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 6 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   September 29th 2010
Reviewer: Vegitabeta England     October 11, 2010
We went to 1900 Park Fare for breakfast, since I had been before and enjoyed it, however it was my boyfriend's first time there. There was a bit of a line outside, but that was expected. We were seated fairly quickly, and it did take a while for our server to come, but not too long, and when she finally turned up, she was filling our juice up almost every time we took a drink! The characters took a while to come round (not much of a problem to us) but when one came, they all turned up! The atmosphere was very relaxed considering it was a character breakfast. The food was quite a lot different to what we'd had the day before at Chef Mickey's; I'm sure there was something to do with lobster on one of the dishes. There was also the usual like mickey pancakes and french toast, all of which were nice and warm. Overall, very nice place that I would go back to again and again, and it is cheaper than other character meals, possibly because there's no Mickey here? Either way, I would recommend this to anyone!
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   April 21, 2007
Reviewer: Lynn57 Boston, MA     June 21, 2007
Type of meal: Breakfast

The atmosphere walking into 1900 Park Fare was great. Mary Poppings was greetings guests before entering the dining room, taking pictures with anyone who wanted to. Our reservation was for 11:10am, which made it more of a lunch meal and we found that the dining room wasn't full, which meant more time with characters. The breakfast buffet covered anything you could ever want at breakfast, and all the food was fresh and hot even with it being one of the last seatings. The french toast was very good, as were the southwestern style eggs and hash browns.

It took our waitress longer than I would have liked to come to our table. My opinion of her improved when we mentioned my friend and I were both there to celebrate our 24th birthdays. She brought us each a "Happy Birthday" placemat, tiara, and birthday button. We also had special birthday cupcakes after breakfast where some staff sung to us and Tigger came over to give us hugs! All of the characters came by our table at least once and spent some time with each guest. At breakfast we met Mary Poppins, Pooh, Tigger, Alice, and the Mad Hatter.

After breakfast we were both full and had a great opportunity to explore the Grand Floridian!
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   21 December 2002
Reviewer: chezp United Kingdom     June 08, 2003
Dinner on 21 December 2002, my 30th birthday!

Service: Excellent
Price: Unable to comment (you'll see why in the review!)
Food: Excellent, a good choice for vegetarians and some unusual choices for a buffet
Atmosphere: One of the most fun meals we've had at Disney!

The food here was exceptionally good, with a fantastic range and an excellent choice for vegetarians. One of my favourites was the five cheese lasagne, completely meat free and something you really don't find very often at restaurants. My husband, who's a confirmed meat eater, was also impressed with the range of food on offer and pronounced it to the best of any Disney buffet he'd been to.

The restaurant was in a lovely setting, with some great theming (the organ in particular was a lovely touch) and Tigger, Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore were all great fun. We came here for my birthday dinner with my favourite character Eeyore but while I could see Tigger, Piglet and Pooh circulating around the tables, I began to worry about where Eeyore was. I hadnt seen him at all! I kept checking with our server and he kept telling me hed be over shortly and that he was outside, greeting people. But as time wore on, I worried more and more that I wouldnt see my favourite character again on my birthday.

Imagine my surprise then when I got a rendition of Happy Birthday, not from Tigger, whod celebrated with everyone else so far during the meal, but from Eeyore! He was superb, miming along to the song and making wonderful memories for our videotape! I have never had such individual attention from a character before and it was perfect. Eeyore then presented me with an Eeyore beanie in a little sledge, more chocolates and two more cards, one signed by Eeyore, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger and the other simply said the meal was on my parents. They had organised the whole thing for me from the UK, apparently my dad told me afterwards it only took a couple of quick phone calls to sort it all out. Wow! Talk about magical! Disney is the place to be for a special birthday, they really do make dreams come true!

However, this is where my only warning comes in. Had it not been for my parents organising that, I wouldn't have seen Eeyore at all, as he never circulated around the tables while we were there. Therefore, bear in mind, you may not always see the character you (or your children) want to, especially if theyre greeting people out front, because when we arrived, there was no character greeting people, Eeyore was out there while we were eating and by the time we left, it was Minnie. If you want to see one particular character, tell your server.

Theres no score for value for money, as we felt we couldn't judge the meal on that, as my parents paid for it as a birthday present and we never even saw the check!

I don't think we could have gone for a better evening meal for my 30th birthday, just about everything about it was perfect. Beforehand, I have to confess I was worried about going to 1900 Park Fare, as wed never been there before and I wanted something special, but thanks to my parents, I certainly got that and even without those extra celebrations, we had an excellent meal there.
6 out of 7 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   December 11, 2002
Reviewer: DisneyDec Gaithersburg, MD     December 17, 2002
We were able to get a 5:50 Priority Seating at this restaurant at the last minute on a Wednesday. Hence, one good reason to visit WDW in the off-season. When we entered the lobby of the Grand Floridian we knew we were in for a very nice experience. Piglet greeted us in the restaurant's entryway. He was extremely friendly and even encouraged a child coloring nearby to sit on his lap and watch TV. Unfortunately, my 2-year-old daughter was sleeping at the time and miss this (luckily, she woke up later in the dinner). The restaurant is bright and cozy, and much smaller than Chef Mickey, making this a better dining experience.

A small loaf of delicious bread was at the table, which tied me over while we waited for the server to come over for our drink orders. Everything we ate was very good and was a bit more upscale than at Chef Mickey's. My wife (who was 3-months pregnant during the visit) filled up on sliced ham and sticky rice. I enjoyed the turkey and sweet & red russet mashed potatoes. The desserts were wonderful, especially the cheesecake tarts and the milk chocolate fudge. There was a great deal of character interaction here with Pooh, Eyeore and Tigger visiting the table several times during dinner.

I hear that the Pooh characters will be replaced by Cinderella characters in 2003, so get a seat while you can!
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4.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0   Nov. 3, 2002
Reviewer: jmmom Memphis, TN     November 13, 2002
We had a group of 10 people (4 little kids) and we were seated within minutes of our arrival. My son didn't want to go to the table. He wanted to sit in the waiting area and watch Disney movies.
A large variety of standard American fare. Enough to delight just about anyone. I even ate from the kids bar. The corn dog nuggets were great. There were several desert options including cup cakes to decorate and a delicious lemon tart.
The bill for the four of us (2 adults and 2 kids) was $89.00 including tax and tip.
Although Pooh, Tigger, and Piglett each came to our table twice, I wasn't delighted with with the pictures. We were in a back alcove with lots of tables packed in. There wasn't enough room to take good pictures.
Next time I would make sure I have a place to take pictures with the characters.
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   June 17,2002
Reviewer: Ebisoman Pittsburgh, Pa     June 26, 2002
We are empty nesters, so we look for good service, good food, atmosphere, and the little extras that make for a good dinner experiance. You get all of these at 1900 Park Fare. A coupe or a party of 8, all receive the same superior service and treatment here. Located in the onlyWDW Resort Hotel to really deserve a "Deluxe" rating, the Grand Floridian. This is a buffet style, but the food was outstanding. We both tried the prime rib, chicken, various vegges, choice of 5 different salads, soup, the rolls are outstanding and the 4 different kinds of adult deserts topped off a great dinner experiance. Kids have their own food area, mac/cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pudding,cookies,ice cream, etc. Actually the top off was the character inter-action. Pooh, Tigger and friends not only visited the kids but spent a lot of time interacting with all the adults. We got some great pictures to send to our grandchildren. Our server was Linda, excelled at service (bringing iced tea refills, before you get to the bottom of the glass) The price for two adult dinners was $43.98 plus $2.64 tax =$46.62 which was half the price we had paid the night before at the Contemporary Steakhouse, for just an average dinner. If you are traveling without children, but still enjoy seeing them interact with the Disney Characters( they sign autographs, too) this is the place to go. As an added attraction, you can sit in the Lobby of the GF and enjoy the sounds of a real band, either before or after dinner. Great place. Oh, I almost forgot, I had made Priority Seating for 6:30 pm, because of the rain, we went a little early to look over the GF and I stopped by the greeting area of the restaurant to confirm our PS and they told me to stop back when I was ready, because they were ready for us. When dinner was over, Linda mentioned that we could stay as long as we wanted, or we could go enjoy the music in the Lobby. The overall atmosphere was bright, lively and very enjoyable. When our grandkids are old enough, guess were grandpap will take them to meet Pooh Bear and Tigger.
21 out of 22 people found this review helpful
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