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Villas at Wilderness Lodge Villas at Wilderness Lodge
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901 Timberline Drive, Lake Buena Vista
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Average Reviewer Rating: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 6 ( Displaying Reviews: 1 - 6 )
5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   March 8, 2009 through March 11, 2009
Reviewer: BrandonHRich ( Nashville, TN     March 23, 2009
We were at WDW for a week-long trip March 8-15, 2009. We are DVC members and decided to stay three nights at the Villas (Wilderness Lodge) before moving to the Boardwalk. I LOVE Disney's Wilderness Lodge! It is so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. After a fun day in the parks it is so nice to retire to the natural beauty that surrounds the lodge & villas. We greatly enjoyed the ferry boat rides to Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary and Fort Wilderness. The walking trails, pools, the geyser, the watercraft rentals, the restaurants (especially Whispering Canyon Cafe) and the lobbies of the main hotel and the villas are fabulous! A couple of evenings we went to the lobby of the villas and just sat in the leather rocking chairs and enjoyed the ambiance and the fireplace. I would love to go back and spend a day or two just soaking up the resort. The lodge isn't perfect, of course. The walk from the parking lot to our room was quite long which was an issue with luggage and groceries. We could have used the bellman, but I'm cheap! Really, that was the only negative about the whole stay. (You want to talk about a walk from car to room? It was so long at the Boardwalk Villas I lost the will to live.) We've stayed at Saratoga Springs, The Boardwalk, Old Key West, Animal Kingdom and now Wilderness Lodge. All of the on-property resorts have their finer points and advantages, but Wilderness Lodge is really something special!
30 out of 31 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   9/23/07 - 9/29/07
Reviewer: dcreinken Trenton, NJ     October 29, 2007
We stayed in a dedicated studio in the Villas on the 4th floor.

The room was a well-maintained corner room with view of pool and woods through which we could see Bay Lake. Everything was in top condition. The one question mark was the pine scent when entering the room - I couldn't tell if it was a freshener or something else. It was a bit of an odd touch (clearly artificial) but not unpleasant.

Grounds, setting, and public spaces are absolutely wonderful. There are always nooks and crannies to explore and many areas of the resort are comfortable for just hanging out. It's as much a place to relax as it is to use as a center for park touring.

Transportation to the parks was efficient and without long waits, given Disney standards. Bell services, concierge, and valet were all at the top of their game.

My only criticism focuses on Roaring Forks Snacks. It has a smaller selection than Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge (which I consider a comparable resort), and the check-out is very confusing when there are large crowds of people.
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   May 24 - June 2 2005
Reviewer: bandontherun Fairfield, CT     April 19, 2006
· Date(s) of Stay: May 24 - June 2 2005
· Type/Class of room Studio and 1 Bedroom Villa

· Accommodations Review:

We are DVC members and generally break up our stay to start in a studio and then switch to a 1 bedroom about 2/3rds through our trip. The best part about the WL Villas is that you use all the same lobby/check-in and facilities as the core hotel plus you have the health club and the quiet pool located conveniently at the Villas. So while separate from the main hotel, you really feel like you're just in an exclusive area.
The Villas lobby is about 3 stories high and has rocking chairs and a fireplace. The Iron Spike room just off to the right. This room has oversized rocking leather chairs (apparently this was Walt's favorite type of "thinking" chair) and all sorts of railroad memorabilia including an actual train car from Walt's set. The room also has games like checkers etc. These are great spots to relax and plan the rest of your stay.
The studios are generously sized and have sinks/refrigerators while the 1 bedrooms have washer/dryers and jacuzzi tubs along with a full size kitchen. The beds are very soft and the room theming perfectly compliments the Lodge.
There is a 1 mile walking trail through the woods which takes you to Fort Wilderness for easy access to a petting zoo and/or the hoop-de-doo review. You are likely to see some wild life such as deer, ducks etc along the trail. You can also rent speedboats and bicycles from this resort. There is also a daycare center for kids over 4 and also an arcade and large gift shop. Walking around the facilities, there are bear and deer tracks etc. built into the pavement for added ambiance. Music comes from hidden speakers and at night, there are flickering lights and crickets chirping a la DL Blue Bayou. Even outside of going to the parks, this resort is really a destination in itself and is easily our favorite resort at WDW.

· Rate/Night (for your stay): Approx 213 points

· Ease of Disney Park Access: The bus is actually the fastest way to the MK, but the boat is a lot of fun and adds to the memories/experiences of the stay. You can also get a boat to the Contemporary and hop right on the monorail to Epcot or other monorail resorts. The bus stops are right in between the main hotel and the villas. Sometimes the boat to the MK will stop at Fort Wilderness first but WL is always the first stop coming back from MK. Both buses and boats seem to come about every 10-20 minutes. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get to the Animal Kingdom which is the longest ride.

· General Restaurant/Lounge Impressions: This hotel is one of the nicer dining options outside of the Grand Floridian - this hotel features High/Middle/Low cost dining. Artist point is probably one of the best restaurants on WDW property, Whispering Canyon has great food and is a lot of fun for the kids and Roaring Fork has a nice selection of quick items and is conveniently located close to the main pool.

· Pool Description/Comments:
The main pool has a water slide and there is also a kiddie pool and 2 hot tubs. There is also a walk-up bar right by the pool and close to the geyser which erupts every hour or so. The Villas quiet pool also has a hot tub and is a favorite for adults, although kids can play there also without gettting dirty looks.
50 out of 50 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   9/28/05-10/3/05
Reviewer: netsirk Poconos, PA     October 07, 2005

· Date(s) of Stay: 9/28-10/3/2005
· Type/Class of room: Concierge w/ Courtyard View
· Accommodations Review: This hotel truly is as beautiful an impressive as everyone says. The lobby is breathtaking and the pools are the best I've seen. Our 4 year old daughter loved the water slide and geyser as much as we did! We stayed on concierge level and I was a little disappointed with this. The snacks and beverages were quite good and mousekeeping was excellent, however we didn't see the personalized level of service that I was expecting. We were never contacted for trip planning and when we had a question for concierge staff, they were about as helpful as 'regular' cast members. That being said, having the snacks and drinks on hand, especially for breakfast, was well worth the price, so we would probably do it again. And, oh, we did get our room preferences, and the room was lovely and very clean.

Rate/Night (for your stay): around $300/nt
· Ease of Disney Park Access: VERY close to Magic Kingdom, not too close to much else
· Park Shuttle Comments: The Boat to MK was awesome, however the Buses to anywhere else were SLOW (we waited 25 minutes for a bus to come for Animal Kingdom and 20 minutes for one to Epcot).
· General Restaurant/Lounge Impressions: We ate at Whispering Canyon the first night there and I think it was a mistake. We were tired and crabby and the place was packed, so I don't think we enjoyed it as much as we would have later in the trip. The food was delicious - my spouse and I got all the all-you-care-to-eat barbeque and it did not disappoint. And my daughter enjoyed her food as well as playing at the lincoln log table. Server was pretty good, though not very friendly. We asked for ketchup for my daughter and we got exactly one bottle of ketchup and no fanfare.
We also ate once at Roaring Forks and it had a decent selection of counter service food and good seating. It was close to the pool area too.
· Pool Description/Comments: The pool was totally a highlight of this hotel. We spent most late afternoons here and we all loved it. For my 4 year old, we 'borrowed' a life vest from the marina area for our stay, so that was nice. There is also a kiddie pool and two spas (one hot and one cooler) and you can see the geyser blow every hour. And there's a bar so the grownups can get a cocktail while the kids play. An excellent pool all around.

9 out of 9 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   1/16/05-1/23/05
Reviewer: manofsteel75 McLeansville, N.C.     February 01, 2005
I know we are not supposed to rate anything as "perfect", but this was pretty darn close. My family and I (2 kids, wife, mother and grandmother) arrived on a Sunday at 1:30pm and walked right up to the check-in area, THERE WAS NOT ANOTHER GUEST IN SIGHT. After a speedy check-in we roamed the grounds, ate in the food court (excellent for what it is by the way) and took pictures. Our villa was ready around 3:00pm. Luggage was brought to our room promptly(within 5 minutes).
The room was well appointed with comfy furnishings and a full kitchen, we had a 2 bedroom by the way. The master suite jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower were worth the price alone. The in-room washer and dryer were also a big help, we only packed clothes for 4 days and did laundry halfway through. The one hint I can offer is request a room near the elevators, we walked what my kids called "The hall of doom" everyday after trudging through the parks all day. The good thing was it extremely quiet, we wondered on several occasions if there were other people on the same floor, we only saw another person on our hallway once.
The pools at both the lodge and villas are not to be missed. The large lodge pool was a real favorite with kids, while the "quiet pool" at the villas was always deserted, which a real favorite with the rest of us.
We decided to do this trip all inclusive and went with the now defunct gold plan, all meals and recreation included, the price for the whole trip was just under $12000.00, but the price was worth it. No hassles of how much will dinner cost, where should we eat breakfast, what if I want to play golf and the others want to play tennis, it was all taken care of. I would highly reccomend this option to anyone.
Either our timing or transportation was perfect this trip. Everytime we went for a bus, monorail or boat there was one waiting for us or appeared within 2-3 minutes, it was incredible. I would like to reccomend taking the bus to the TTC and catching a monorail or ferry to the MK rather than the boat from the resort. The boat was slow and crowded and often stopped at Fort Wilderness and the Contemporary before getting to the MK.
Another "can't miss" if staying at the Wilderness Lodge or Villas is the Whispering Canyon Cafe. The place is a real hoot and will be loved by all, be sure to request ketchup(hehehe). Another cool event are the morning stick-pony races for the kids followed by a pledge to "Never, ever visit Seaworld or Universal". Birthdays are something else all together. We saw one teenage girl turned very red when all of the servers brought her out a bithday treat and then eat it right in front her.
Artist Point was a great diversion for my wife and I while the kids, mom and grandma went to dinner at Whispering Canyon. It was very elegant in an understated way. The food was excellent and the servers were very attentive.
All in all, this trip will be hard to beat. Everything just seemed to click and fall in place. The wife, kids and I are going back in November and staying at either the Polynesian or Grand Floridian(just for something different), but it going to be tough to top this one.
33 out of 35 people found this review helpful
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5.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.05.0/5.0   February 2002
Reviewer: Wickie New York     August 27, 2002
We are DVC members, and arrived at the WLV in early February for a 1-week stay, (plus 1 night at the Lodge).
It was about 12:30 PM, and our check-in at the Lodge front desk was rapid; we had a two-bedroom villa and it was ready at check-in. The only problem was the location; it was overlooking the dumpsters! (why the dumpsters would be situated underneath villa balconies, instead of at the blank end of the villas where there aren't any windows or balconies, is beyond me.) This has to be the only "bad" location in the entire villas building. Every other view is of woodlands, pathways to the lodge & bus-stop, or of water. Anyway, we requested a location change and this time we were placed overlooking the villas pool and the lake beyond - a great spot! I must say that the CM who helped with this change was very accomodating.

The villas themselves are GORGEOUS - deeply themed in the northwoods style, earthy tones and colors, and antithema to the beach look. The hallways are woodsy fragrant, and hidden mickeys are everywhere. Our two-bedroom was more than large enough for us and our two children; every amenity was in place. Love having a washer/dryer right in the villa! The kitchen was fully stocked with appliances, cutlery & crockery. A nice living room area has a fold-out queen bed (which we did not use), plus counter with stools and a dining table with chairs.

The master bedroom has a king bed, jacuzzi, full counter with sink and cabinet storage, shower, large closet, and seat & sink in a separate area that can be closed off. The second bedroom was dedicated, which made for lots of space and a huge sink counter and large closet, and two queen beds. (Some of these bedrooms are lock-outs, which means they can be used as a studio and have a kitchenette, a queen bed and a queen fold-out sofa bed.)

In the evening we could watch the Electric Water Pageant from our balconies; we enjoyed this even though the lake view is partially blocked by pine trees.
Also located in the villas is a fully equipped exercise room (lots of people used this), a bank of elevators with beautiful brass embossed doors, a stunning atrium, and the Iron Spike room which has several of the railroad cars from Walt Disney's mini-railroad that was at his home.

The main lodge is only steps away. The lodge has a small but well-stocked food court, and two sit-down restaurants, Whispering Canyon and Artist Point. Whispering Canyon is a real hoot - continuous entertainment! The kids loved this lively place. We did not dine at Artist Point, which is a more "formal" type of atmosphere but which offers some outstanding fare, such as planked salmon.

Every morning several ducks would arrive to swim in the main pool - very tame. We did not use this pool, since we were close to the villas pool and jacuzzi - both of which were very nice. There is also a guyser at the main lodge, which goes off every 20 minutes or so.
There is a boat and bike rental; we rented bikes and rode a lovely shady pathway over to Fort Wilderness.

The walk to the bus-stop from the villas was only a few steps, and we found the buses to be efficient. The boat at the main lodge was the only transportation to the Magic Kingdon, but even this was not a long walk, and is a pleasant ride to boot. Sometimes this boat stopped at the Comtemporary or at Fort Wilderness.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and the WLV. The themeing is complete, down to the moose and bear tracks in the walkways. If you like a peaceful and quiet resort after your busy day at the parks, try WLV.

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