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“Chef Kevin”
Views and opinions about food
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Kevin Yee
NEW 9/25
An exclusive interview with Cynthia Hanel highlights this follow up
A recent O.C. Weekly story has ignited some controversy

A column looking at Disney eateries -- from fine dining down to food courts -- and their role in the larger Disney experience.

Everyone from families to first- dates sample Disney food... let's see how it all stacks up!

Also, don't forget to visit our Disneyland Restaurant Review

Welcome to Chef Kevin! Entrez-Vous!

Table of Contents

MOUSE IN THE HOUSE II - September 25, 2002: Kevin Yee has an exclusive interview with Cynthia Hanel, formerly of Goofy's Kitchen

MOUSE IN THE HOUSE? - September 18, 2002: Kevin Yee looks into Goofy's Kitchen as a recent O.C. Weekly story has ignited some controversy

YESTERAUNTS - August 7, 2002: Kevin takes a look at how dining has changed (for the good, or bad?) at the Disneyland Resort

DOWNTOWN DINING, READER FEEDBACK & MORE - March 6, 2002: Readers also look back at the Anaheim Downtown Disney dining experience

DOWNTOWN DINING, ONE YEAR LATER - February 13, 2002: A look back at the Anaheim Downtown Disney dining experience

HOLIDAY FOODS AT DISNEYLAND - November 2, 2001: A quick guide to finding holiday foods at the Disneyland Resort

THE LAST SUPPER - AVALON COVE - October 3, 2001: Kevin takes you on a photo tour of this shuttered restaurant

DCA DINING OVERVIEW - July 26, 2001: Kevin considers the overall dining experience at DCA, and the possible problems

CHEAP EATS - July 24, 2001: Kevin helps you find the cheaper food selections at the Disneyland Resort

MCDONALD'S AT DISNEYLAND - June 29, 2001: An look into how McDonald's worked its way in, and why so many people don't like it at all

AVALON COVE - June 21, 2001: A look at one of DCA's premiere restaurants - is it a fish out of water?

BEER AT DCA - June 19, 2001: Walt Disney was told he needed beer at Disneyland, but he wasn't all that interested - how that has changed with the new California Adventure park

DISNEYLAND PARIS - June 7, 2001: A look at dining in while at Disneyland Paris

DISNEYLAND FOOD - May 17, 2001: A look behind the scenes

CLUB 33 - PART TWO - May 15, 2001: Part two where Chef Kevin takes you inside this Disneyland secret club.

CLUB 33 - PART ONE - May 14, 2001: Part one of Chef Kevin's history and description of this Disneyland secret club.

DISNEY'S PRE-PURCHASED DINING PLAN - April 24, 2001: An evaluation of the meal voucher "coupon book" for purchase from Disney or your travel agent.

UPDATE TO MONDAVI AND RANCHO - April 16, 2001: Changes undergone by both restaurants as they settle into operations.

MONDAVI'S HANGOVER - March 8, 2001: The first financial casualty at Disney's California Adventure?

END OF THE TRAIL FOR BIG THUNDER BBQ - January 21, 2001: Disneyland's Big Thunder Barbecue serves up its last ribs.

RANCHO DEL ZOCALO OPENS - February 5, 2001: Disneyland's Casa Mexicana replacement.

HARBOUR GALLEY CLOSES - July 8, 2000: the popular seafood snack stand at Disneyland shutters its doors forever.


Kev and pal
Paul Pressler (left) and author Kevin Yee


June 19, 2001

May 17, 2001


July 11, 2001

June 27, 2001

March 21, 2001

March 12, 2001

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