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The Business of Magic
A look at the business of Disney
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Alex Stroup, Editor
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Learn more about the business behind the Disney magic!

Let’s get down to business!

Table of Contents

9/30/05 His Legacy – On his last day of work, a look at Eisner's legacy.

9/14/05 Downsizing – Bit by bit, Disney has slowly be shedding hundreds of positions.

7/14/05 Disney Peace – The details and implications of the agreement between Roy Disney, Stanley Gold, and the Walt Disney Company.

6/15/05 Parks & Resorts – With Disneyland's 50th birthday approaching, Mark Goldhaber takes a look at the Parks & Resorts division.

5/11/05 Meet the New Boss – Mark Goldhaber introduces Robert Iger.

2/15/05 Easy Room – Mark Goldhaber has the details from the 2005 Shareholders' Meeting.

1/12/05 2004 in Review – Mark Goldhaber looks back on the big Disney events of 2004.

9/22/04 Lame Duck – Mark Goldhaber thinks through Michael Eisner's retirement announcement.

3/30/04 Save Michael Eisner? – Lani Teshima interviews a web site operator with a view that may surprise many of our readers.

3/9/04 Media Consolidation – Guest contributor Sarah Olson makes her case against media consolidation.

3/4/04 No Confidence! – Mark Goldhaber continues his reporting of the big events happening in Philadelphia.

3/3/04 Philly Rally – Mark Goldhaber reports from the pre-meeting rally.

2/17/04 Merger Q&A, Part 2 – Alex Stroup continues his effort to answer questions about the possible takeover.

2/12/04 Comcast vs. Disney – Alex Stroup tries to answer some of the confusing questions surrounding Comcast's takeover offer.

10/11/01 Reader mailbag – Find out what our readers are saying

8/28/01 Fox Family, Part II – The value of Disney’s recent purchase

8/23/01 Fox Family, Part I – The details, the positives, and the negatives of Disney’s recent purchase

8/13/01 Numbers today, Q2, Q3 – How do Disney’s numbers for the first six months stack up?

7/24/01 Layoffs – How were they handled at Disney? Were there alternatives?

6/12/01 Billboards and More – Some recent park marketing tactics

4/13/01 Wassup? – Disney’s Q1 2001 Results

2/6/01 Numbers Today – Disney’s Q4 Results and Q1 Expectations

12/12/00 Poor Choices? – On Imagineers, parking, hotels and narketing strategy

11/9/00 How's Disney really doing? – Part 3: The bad and the ugly…

11/8/00 How's Disney really doing? – Part 2: The good…

10/24/00 How's Disney really doing? – Part 1: What to look for

8/10/00 10 reasons why DCA is a bad idea – Part 2 of 2

7/10/00 10 reasons why DCA is a bad idea – Part 1 of 2

8/10/00 An introduction to this column – Dan fills you in on what he’s going to cover here


Curious about why they make the decisions they do? Confused by what all those numbers in the newspapers and the annual report mean? Interested in what Eisner and his team are really up to, and why?


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