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Disney's California Adventure
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News and Information
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A look at the festivities, plus some observations on the land


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The latest DCA news & gossip is in the D-I-G Update

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Here's what else is new/added/changed on the site:

2/11/03 Two Year Review – A look at the changes and trends in DCA on the park's second birthday.

10/10/02 Flik's Grand Opening – A look at the festivities, plus some observations on the land

9/17/02 Flik's Fun FairA four-page photo tour shows you around the new land

11/26/01 Its' a Blast – The replacement for the Steps in Time show looks like a hit

11/12/01 LuminAira Holiday Lagoon Show
Sue Kruse wonders what happened | Al Lutz was afraid, very afraid

9/21/01 Is it Time for Disney's America? ...and yes, they are rumors, but take a look at what could be done!

7/3/01 Electrical ParadeJoin us on a photo tour of the Electric Parade in DCA

7/2/01 DCA ShowsAl tells you the great, the so-so, and the ugly; what to expect

3/28/01 Parky in CaliforniaMousePlanet's Paris correspondent visits the new Anaheim park

2/12/01 A Perfect DayKarl Buiter's sleepover opening-day experience

2/9/01 Grand Opening - IIIRead all about the opening ceremony and see who was there; in a video watch Roy Disney give the coaster and MousePlanet a thumbs up

2/9/01 The Line IISee if you recognize any more of these hardy souls waiting in line to be the first in

2/8/01 The Line - ISee if you recognize any of these hardy souls waiting in line to be the first into the new park

2/8/01 Grand Opening - IISome of the attractions are dedicated; see the celebs arrive to the party

2/7/01 Grand Opening - IThe hotel is dedicated

Taken 1/28/01New Overview Photos
Taken 1/28/01SuperPanorama Photo

1/22/01 DCA Merchandise Special Event

Event Panel Photos by Al Lutz & Karl Buiter
Scavenger Event review by Lani Teshima and Alex Stroup

1/18 Part 1: Let's start shall we? The entry and Hollywood areas

1/19 Part 2: The tour continues Condor Flats, the Farm and Wharf areas

1/23 Part 3: Paradise Pier What went wrong?

1/24 Part 4: The rest of the park Including the Whoopi movie and Grizzly raft ride, plus a summary and preview of the future

1/26 Readers respond record numbers no less! Here are some responses, with comments from Al

1/30 - More readers respond More from you, with comments from Al. The response is amazing

1/9 See Inside the Park Again! – More views from inside the new park

1/8 The first review of the new parkAdrienne Vincent-Phoenix visits DCA

1/8 See Inside the Park!A photo whirlwind tour inside the new park

1/6 Entrance Walls DownThe first unobstructed views of the entrance

1/4 Pictures from the MonorailViews of Hollywood, Entry Plaza, Condor Flats

1/3 - Night Pictures

12/31 - Grand Californian HotelWe take you inside

Additional Updates about the new park are available on the same named page on the D-I-G, you may want to check there every once in a while to see what the latest gossip is.

Table of Contents

What is this thing? Park layout and attraction listings:

Hours – Finally, see what we were talking about when we said the new park and mall hours would cut into Disneyland's operating schedule


Introduction: Main Gate/Grand Californian Hotel – A map of the new park and where it all fits in, includes a description of the "Picture Postcard" front gate, and some quick info about the new hotel

Hollywood Area

Hollywood Pictures Backlot – The Muppets move in to Anaheim, along with a full blown live theater...

Golden State Area

Grizzly Peak/Condor Flats – Another Mt. to add to the Disney range... and here is the first ride review / A family friendly yet still "Right Stuff" kind of place...

Bountiful Valley Farm – Winery/San Francisco/Pacific Wharf – Watch things grow, and gaze upon bread being baked, yeah – I know...

Carnival Area

Paradise Pier – Everything Walt didn't want in Disneyland, but Eisner doesn't care!

Attraction Round-Up – Height restrictions and a ride capacity, load and unload cycle chart

Downtown Disney – Just can't have a resort complex without a mall alongside it can we?

Super Panorama Shots – Taken overlooking the Paradise Pier area

Overview Photos – Close-ups of the park, taken overlooking the Paradise Pier area

Other Information

Major portions of this site are from the Orange County Register:

October 14, 1998
May 5, 1999

The articles quoted on this site, along with the map graphic, are copyright 1999 / 1998 by The Orange County Register.

They are reproduced here by kind permission of Jerry Hirsch. He has been kind enough to allow the detailed information about the park first provided in the paper to be used here online.

Jerry did a lot of research to track down key attraction info and location and area names for his original article to supplement the information that Disney gave out during various press conferences. His original and continuing work published in the Register serves as a basis for this preview site.

Please note that my opinions offered here are not endorsed, nor represent the views of the O.C. Register.

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