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Disney's California Adventure
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Monorail Trip through Disney's California Adventure (page 1)

Visit the SUPER PANORAMA PAGE and SUPER PANORAMA PAGE 2 for larger views of the Paradise Pier section of the new park.

Photos in this new section were taken 1/4 by Karl Buiter using a Sony TRV-900.  Some older shots were taken 12/3 by Al Lutz using a Mavica with special assistance from David Lane on another Mavica and Bruce Bergman with a regular film camera. 

All shots are of California Adventure and were taken from the monorail - which doesn't slow down - making the photos a bit hard to take.  

One of the most disappointing things you will first notice on your trek through the former parking lot, is just how many walls and backstage areas you are going through and past. I'd say about a quarter of the monorail trip is now spent passing between buildings and / or walls. 

A 2.5 Mb Quicktime video of the monorail trip through California Adventure is available showing the views and obstructions you experience on this journey.  This video appears in a new window and will take some time to download, so we advise performing a download during off-peak times.

On entering the new park on the monorail, the first area we visit is the Hollywood Section, beginning with the Hollywood & Dine food court. Scatter serve, lots of selection from what I understand. The Hyperion Theater is the wall on the right of the building.

Hollywood & Dine

A Science Fiction Mural adorns the Hyperion Theatre Wall along the Food Court.  Send us email if you know the particular artist credit.

SF Mural

The Monorail moves quickly.  In this view, we get a wider view of the Hollywood & Dine food court area.

Hollywood & Dine area

As the monorail goes over the SuperStar Limo exit (this appears to be where they hawk your ride photos), you can see that across the way is (behind of what looks like a copy of the Max Factor building in Hollywood) the animation exhibit. Passing the massive building, you finally get a peek into Hollywood Blvd. One person related to me that it was constructed at the same scale as Disneyland's Main Street. Which means of course, (taking into account Disneyland's experiences with this size area) it also is going to be a crowded street to walk through on busy days. 

Muscle Restaurant

Note how the facades have been left unfinished - to give the impression it's a movie set. It also impresses the accountants too - since it's cheaper to build something this way.

Unfinished Sets

Unfinished Sets

You can also see the entryway to the Hyperion Theater (on the left). Note in this shot how you can "look out" of this park to the nearby hotels - there's no berm to help hide the outside world.

Older view

Disneyland Publicity offers the press shot below of the billboard- like entrance to SuperStar Limo - which you see the back of in the above photo. If you look closely, you can see the monorail track at the left of the shot, next to the painted palm tree. Of course all you see from the monorail is the framework above.

California Adventure publicity art  Disney
California Adventure publicity art Disney

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