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Disney's California Adventure
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Paradise Pier section


(MAP #4 - at the bottom of the illustration)

PARADISE PIER - California Screamin', a looping steel roller coaster disguised as a white wooden coaster, is the big ride in this area, patterned after the amusement parks that populated California's beach communities early this century. The coaster is powered by a linear induction catapult launching system and has a 107-foot drop. It's a three-minute ride with a 360-degree loop in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.

"You go from zero to 55 mph in just about four seconds in a catapult-like launch," Braverman said. The coaster will be the fastest ride at either Anaheim Disney theme park.

The Sun Wheel, a 156-foot Ferris wheel adorned with the park's sun emblem is the visual centerpiece of this area. Half the carriages on the ride slide to the center of the wheel in an unusual twist on the standard ride.

Just what Walt did NOT want in his parks, the carny Ferris wheel [one that's even taller than the Matterhorn] is only one of the many disappointing, off-the-shelf and inexpensive attractions planned for this area of the park.

Personally I can't tell you how disappointed I am to hear that midway games and chain bucket rides are the best Disney can do nowadays. It's a real disappointment they had to go this route in this part of the park, they no longer lead the pack with unique attractions anymore it seems, they just do what Knott's is doing just down the freeway.

By the way, here's a quote from Walt Disney that's of particular interest when it comes to the carnival booth area:

A word may be said in regard to the concept and conduct of Disneyland's operational tone. Although various sections will have the fun and flavor of a carnival or amusement park, there will be none of the 'pitches,' game wheels, sharp practices and devices designed to milk the visitor's pocketbook.
- Walt Disney

If you're thinking I'm a little angry here - well yes I am. They can do better than this and just refuse to do so. What an insult to the Disney legacy.

Other rides here include:

Orange Stinger: a swing ride inside an orange peel. Forty-eight passengers can sit in the bumblebee swings, which make the noise of a buzzing bee.

Monkey buckets, how carny.

Golden Zephyr: A carnival ride that spins 360 degrees.

King Triton's Carousel: A merry-go-round that instead of horses has 68 ocean creatures, such as otters and dolphins.

Walt Disney World only has one carousel among all four parks. Why do we need two in the Anaheim complex?

Mulholland Madness: A small coaster themed like a crazy drive on a Southern California freeway.

Think Mad Mouse carnival ride here.

Space Shot: The "up" version of the Knott's ride that shoots down. Disney is still considering whether to buy the ride and dress it up as a giant "High Strike" that's the carnival muscle game with a hammer and a bell. Braverman said Disney is reviewing engineering and design issues before it decides. If Disney doesn't go for the Space Shot it will put another "high-thrill ride" in its place, he said.

I shudder to think how much lower they can go here - it's bad enough Knott's has the same ride already.

There's even a McDonalds here. Maybe they wanted to theme this to a local strip mall?

This area of the park is the most disappointing of them all - eliminating it would certainly cast a different shadow over the rest of the project for many people I would think.

[Also, a parade route is planned that meanders from this pier area up to the hub, it will help connect the park.]


Theme: Seaside carnival

Rides & Attractions: California Screamin' [coaster] / Golden Zephyr [spinner] / Jumpin Jellyfish [parachute drop] / King Triton's Carousel / Mailboomer [space shot] / Mulholland Madness [mad mouse] / Orange Stinger [spinner] / Sun Wheel [ferris wheel] / S.S. Rustworthy [fireboat children's play area]

Midway games: Angels in the Outfield / Boardwalk Bowl / Cowhuenga Pass / Dolphin Derby / Hew Haul Fishery / Reboundo Beach / San Joaquin Volley / Shore Shot

Shows & Parade: Street entertainment, Parade route runs all the way up to the hub area

Shops: Dinosaur Jack's Sunglass Shack / Man Hat 'n' Beach / Point Magu Tattoo / Sideshow Shirts / Souvenir 66 / Treasures in Paradise

Restaurants: Avalon Cove [Wolfgang Puck] / Burger Invasion [McDonalds] / Catch a Flave / Corn Dog Castle / Cove Bar / Malibu-Ritos / Pizza Oom Mow Mow / Strips, Dips 'n' Chips


October 14, 1998

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