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Free Computer Desktops
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Sprinkle a little magic on your computer's monitor
1024 x 768 FREE Desktop Wallpaper
STEP ONE: The picture shown in the monitor below is 1024 x 768 size. If this matches your monitor settings, proceed to step two below. If not, click the correct number in the right-hand column to choose the resolution that you will need.

Place your pointer on the picture BELOW
Place your pointer on the picture to the RIGHTLoading Wallpaper...Place your pointer on the picture to the LEFT
Place your pointer on the picture ABOVE

STEP TWO: Right-click the picture inside the monitor graphic above. You will then see the following menu pop up:

Choose "Set as Wallpaper"

STEP THREE: Choose "Set as Wallpaper" with the right-click menu, as shown above.

CONGRATULATIONS: You should now have the photo shown above as your new desktop screen background! Isn't it wonderful? I think so.

NETSCAPE USERS ONLY:  If you get only a small image as your screen background, try again. But, this time first click the image in the monitor to see the picture in full size, and then right-click the full size picture to set as wallpaper.


If the picture doesn't fit well onto your desktop, try this other size:


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