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Brian Bennett

WDW Trip Planning Guide Reader Feedback

by Brian Bennett


-In this special edition of "Notes From the World" I'm going to share some of the feedback that I've received from my recent trip report.  Just to give you some background, I'll quote from the report as we go.

Take note, this is NOT the most pleasant Notes From the World piece that I've ever done.  There is a lot of strong criticism of Walt Disney World here, so if you're planning a trip of your own, read on... but if you're just trying to enjoy some Disney Magic, I'd suggest you read my old "My Favorite Things at Walt Disney World" piece instead.  ;)

Part I | Part II 



Richard writes: Hi Brian, I have to disagree with you about the Sorcerer's Hat at Disney/MGM Studios. I saw it in July when it was almost finished and thought it was grand. It reminds me of one of those wonderful balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan. It would, of course, have made more sense if located in the Magic Kingdom, but they obviously feel (and with good reason, I think) that the Studios need some help. The Magic Kingdom does just fine in attracting visitors (as does Epcot).

I've always thought that the reproduction of Mann's Chinese Theater was an under whelming icon for the park, so placing the hat in front of it doesn't bother me at all (even though I am a great fan of The Great Movie Ride, which is probably the last attraction built based almost entirely on AA figures, and probably WILL BE THE LAST one built with so many AA figures because of the expense).

Regarding your negative experiences, I have to say that you sound like a spoiled child when you make remarks like "I won't be going back for a year." I am also a DVC member and go to the parks several times a year (and have gone to all the parks around the world more than once). I have also had some negative experiences, however I NEVER let them spoil my vacation. We usually encounter a rude or stupid CM at least once or twice during a vacation. Frankly, that's far far fewer stupid or rude workers than I encounter anywhere else on the planet during seven consecutive days.

Given the events of September 11, and the severe psychological and financial strain those events have placed on workers and corporations all around the country (the ripple effects still spreading), I think one can easily forgive some ill-tempered behavior. The CMs are probably extremely stressed out since Disney has been one of the locations which the terrorists were known to be thinking of attacking, and since the company is doing so poorly financially, they are also stressed out about loosing their jobs. Like many people in the current workplace, they are just plain scared. Frankly, I don't see how you make broad statements about not going back for a year after dealing with people who are still reeling from the events of September 11th.



Regarding your comments about the Studios hat icon, I can only say "to each his own." :) Personally, I prefer themeing that takes me away to a different time and place. Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset do that. That hat doesn't (at least for me).

On the issue of poor customer service that I received, you stated "I have to say that you sound like a spoiled child when you make remarks like 'I won't be going back for a year,'" and "Frankly, I don't see how you make broad statements about not going back for a year after dealing with people who are still reeling from the events of September 11th." I really don't have much to say there. You really don't have any idea what I experienced as I intentionally did not include a full disclosure in my trip report of the incidents that happened. You don't understand, and I don't expect you to.

For me, the issue ultimately comes down to getting value out of my vacation dollar. With the cutbacks, the incredible glitches in customer service, and the fact that I'm paying top dollar for my experience tells me that I can do better elsewhere.

For you that might not be the case. If you're satisfied with the experience you receive, you can certainly continue to enjoy your visits to WDW. I certainly don't want to dissuade you from doing that.

I hope you enjoy your next visit. :)



Sue Writes: Hi, I just wanted to respond to one of your readers' questions. John wanted to know why one of the CM's in Tower Of Terror was dressed in casual shirt and shorts. This person is the Fastpass ticket taker. Every cast member who works Fastpass wears this uniform. They work for "Fastpass" not the attraction. I agree, it totally disrupts the atmosphere of Tower Of Terror. Hope this helps you out.

Joel shares: This is the "costume" for the new Fastpass department. They are in all the attractions that have Fastpass. They are badly out of place, especially in TOT, which is the most elaborately themed attraction at WDW. It seems like management just doesn't care about quality of "show" anymore.

and finally, Chris points out: Brian, this is a result of Fastpass. Fastpass is now its own "area" and everyone working this area is dressed exactly the same. This enables someone working Fastpass at Tower to go to Rock N Roller Coaster, Millionaire, or anywhere else w/o having to change costume. It is slowly happening everywhere in all of the parks.

Tower is extremely obvious and distracting because they are inside the attraction-- The Haunted Mansion is another one that is very distracting.

Fastpass has led to the creation lines w/ attractions that are very high capacity like Tower and Mansion. It has also led to the destruction of theme in regards to costumes.


Thanks for the notes, folks. Doh... I should have realized that Fastpass was the issue there.



Providing more details, "Heather" writes: Hi there Brian! I just read your WDW Trip Planning Guide Reader Feedback and wanted to comment on two things...

In response to the following:

"P.S. Have you heard a reason why Tower of Terror has changed its costuming so that everyone is in ToT costumes EXCEPT the person who tells you what library room to enter? It's weird. They're dressed in casual T-shirts and shorts. I asked one CM if he was just "filling in" and he said, "Nope, this is how they have us dressed now."

"John, That was new one for me, too. I saw it on my recent trip, but assumed it was an isolated case (we only rode the tower one day)."

I'm wondering if this was because at WDW, each park has its own separate Fastpass team. They usually have three positions - first being the person who helps with the FP distribution machines, the other one who checks the FP tickets on your way in and the third position, usually called "merge point" where FP cast members control the flow of FP guests and Standby guests to make sure that guests with FPs are not waiting in line as long. The third position is usually inside the attraction itself and at the Disney-MGM studios, the FP costume is a white polo shirt and khaki pants.

Although lots of people have complained about how the Fastpass costumes do not match those of the actual attraction, there really is little that the cast members can do because FP cast members get sent to different attractions everyday.

It may seem that a separate FP team is unnecessary but from what I hear, before WDW had a separate FP team, a guest would be allowed 30 minutes before the time on their ticket stated at one attraction, but wouldn't be let in early at another attraction, some guests with wheelchairs were allowed immediate access through the FP queue but others weren't and there was just no consistency. So, as a guest it would be extremely frustrating because everyone told you something different. But this way, all FP cast members tell you the same thing which makes it easier on both cast members and guests.. for the most part at least. =)

Also... Pam, in her response to you said the following:

"I do know that WDW does tend to pay on the low end of the scale and maybe that is adding to the frustration, but they also do provide many perks for the cast members that other jobs do not. My brother in law works on the Jungle Cruise and he is thrilled with the "free trading pins" often included in his pay check as well as the perk of free entrance to other Disney parks (he visited Disneyland Paris recently due to this perk!)"

At WDW, many of their cast members actually do not receive the perks that comes with working for Disney. Most WDW CM's are full time employees of the company but a very good handful of CM's in the park are either on the WDW College Program or the International Program. CP's only get paid $6 an hour, get deducted a large sum of their paychecks for their apartments and are working in positions that do not pertain to their studies and are not given anything that was promised. CP's do not enjoy the benefits of a main gate pass which allows family members to come into the park for free, do not get to go to other Disney parks such as Disneyland for free, and are basically looked upon as "slave labor". The IP CM's get paid a little bit more, but are still charged a high price for rent and are charged for their plane ride to Orlando.  They were told that they would be "cultural representatives" but in actuality, work attractions, and are pretty much stuck in their situations because if they left, they would have to pay Disney a hefty sum for breaking their contract. And for the most part, the CP's and IP's are very good cast members, but you sometimes have to realize that they went to Orlando expecting one thing and got something that was totally different. It's not the same as full time cast members who knew exactly what they were getting into.

Sorry for the incredibly long note... just a few things I wanted to say!

Have a great day! (That's not my real name.. but I am in a position where I really shouldn't use my real name!)


Thanks for the extra information.  I didn't realize that WDW CMs felt that they were treated poorly.  I'm sure that's a major contributing factor to the drop in customer service, though.



Jennifer shares: Brian, if they do remove the Great Movie Ride when Disney's contract with MGM expires, wouldn't it make sense to make the attraction the Great Disney Movie Ride? They could theme it to the live action movies of the past, The Absent-Minded Professor, The Shaggy Dog, The Love Bug, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Old Yeller, etc.

Sure, they'd have to do different animatronic figures, but it wouldn't be as big an expense as gutting the theater for a different use, or even shutting it down altogether (the cost there would be in guest relationship and a perceived lesser experience for the cost of admission).

Anyway, just a thought.

One more quick thought about your recent negative experiences at WDW. Perhaps in the wake of the terrorist attacks, everyone is a bit more edgy, including the CM's. They are human, after all, and all the Pixie Dust in the world can't insulate people from what happened. We all need a little time to adjust to how the world has changed in the past few weeks. Perhaps some of your bad experiences can be chalked up to that.

Except of course for the hat. ;)

Still, I think your self-imposed hiatus is a good idea. Go back when the magic will seem like something new, not something to be taken for granted.

Enjoy your column and the site. Keep up the great work.


Thanks for the note, Jennifer.

I like your idea about the Great Movie Ride. Something completely new could be cool too... depends on how much of a free hand (i.e. budget) Imagineering is given to develop it, I suppose.

I can't disagree with your assessment of my trip experiences. I have no doubt that many folks (not just CMs) were on edge. As you pointed out, we're all human, afterall...

However, the one experience I had at Chef Mickey's, the one that I didn't fully document in the trip report, is so flabbergasting that I just can't chalk it up to that.  It really comes down to a cast member that -- no exaggeration here folks -- should be flat-out fired.  I have never thought that way about a cast member before.  On occasion, I've thought that a CM may need some additional training, perhaps another run through "Traditions," but this one particular CM shouldn't work for the Walt Disney Company.  Period.  It was just that severe of a situation.

(Note:  That last paragraph wasn't included when I answered Jennifer's note via email.  I just felt that I needed to add it when I was formatting this page for publication.)



"Sheryl" writes: Hi Brian, Great column. It mirrored much of the disappointment my husband and I felt about our stay at the All-Stars Music. The cost-cutting was really in evidence.

We saw no reason to return to that hotel (even at $49/night) except we did like having a food court --- we usually stay offsite and pay Priceline prices for 3-4 star hotels and we plan to return to that plan.

I think the single worst cost-cutting measure I saw throughout WDW was the substitution of INSTANT coffee for real coffee not only at ASMuR and the theme parks but also at Animal Kingdom Lodge's Boma restaurant. I used to love getting coffee at the theme parks -- always fresh, always pretty good for a theme park!

You may not be a big coffee drinker like I am, but that WDW management thinks it's okay to serve instant coffee in a fine restaurant really blows me away. The only way I could get a "real" cup of coffee at Boma was to pop for the mini-pot of Kenyan coffee for an additional $4.50.

It did feel like bait and switch in a way. Coffee was supposed to be included in the buffet price, but I just don't consider instant coffee to be acceptable.

The refillable mug prices have been raised to $9.99 at the ASMuR. My husband reported that all of the sodas were significantly watered down. We felt a bit ripped off by this practice and I don't feel I got my money's worth (except I now have a new commuter coffee mug). :)

Also, we found the security "checks" quite tedious but we felt no safer by the cursory review by the security guards at the resort entrances or at the parks. I guess they were looking for very large bombs/guns in our bags??

When trying to get to Boma, the guard did let us in just fine after we showed our resort ID.


Java drinkers arise!  The Walt Disney Company is taking away another perk(olated) beverage!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun, even though it was a bad one.)

Seriously, the coffee remarks reminded me of something else that happened on several occasions during our trip.  When ordering food at several of the fast food counters (Auntie Gravities, Tusker House, Columbia Harbor House, and Pinocchio's Village Haus) I ordered ice water to go with our meal.  (We drink a lot of plain water at home, so doing so on vacation isn't a big deal... plus it saves a lot of money!)  Anyway, when I ordered "ice water" we actually got bottled water and were charged the usual $2.50 or $3.00 a pop for it!  In every case, I asked them to take the water back and just give me a "courtesy cup" of ice water and the money was refunded each and every time... although not always cheerfully.  It was just amazing to me to have that happen, though.  I don't even think I remember to put that in the trip report, but it's another example of Disney's attempt to increase revenue at the expense of customer satisfaction.

(Note:  Again, that last paragraph wasn't included when I answered "Sheryl's" note via email.  I just felt that I needed to add it when I was formatting this page for publication.)



Larry writes: Just read your trip report and I am sorry to hear how disappointing your trip was in reference to poor guest assistance. I have a feeling that you are right in your assumption that the employees may be a bit bummed right now. Plus, the whole mood of the country is pretty tense, so I am sure that has a lot to do with it.

I have decided to take the family down for a quick 5 day trip in November. Hopefully, the holidays will lighten the attitudes up a bit. Thanks for the report. In trying to plan the mega trip for next year, I decided to take a small one next month.

I was trying to decide which new restaurants to try. I am definitely trying Boma. That sounds wonderful. I also may give Ohana another shot. The last time we went I was very disappointed. We always do Narcoosees and I am leaning towards the Flying Fish Café for one meal, as well as the House Of Blues. Hopefully, they will all be as good as I expect they will be.

On another note, If you decide to do Williamsburg, Va. There are a couple of pretty good books you can find. We were just there in the spring. We did Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Busch Gardens and also split 3 days off in DC. It is a great place for some kids. Our 8 year old loved the whole trip, but at times our 2 year old got a bit restless, as they are known to do. Take care.


Thanks for the note, Larry.

I highly recommend Boma and 'Ohana. Both are great! I've never tried Narcoossee's, Flying Fish Cafe' or House of Blues, so you'll have to fill me in on those when you get back.

Have a great trip!



Kim writes: Brian - I just wanted to shine a little ray of hope your way - I was just at WDW this past weekend (10/12-14) and had a wonderful time. As an AP holder who goes WAY too often, I have noticed the little things disappearing as well. But on this last trip everything went smoothly - the staff at AK Lodge were great - every one of them. And on our Keys to the Kingdom tour I didn't notice any 'garbage' all over the place in the Utilidors (although Cinderella in her bloomers was a sight to see! :)

Since many of the Cast Members left are full timers, they tend to be the nicest and love Disney the most - and I've noticed it too. I've met some really great Cast Members over this last month. Too bad our complaints about those missing 'little things' don't get all the way to Burbank.

Maybe all this stress will be too much for 'ole Mikey and he'll retire - It would be a dream come true.



Thanks for your note. I'm glad you had a good trip.

I just wish things weren't so inconsistent. We, too, had great experiences during our recent vacation. It wasn't all bad -- not by a stretch -- it's just that the bad stuff that happened (that I didn't really disclose in the trip report) were so horrendous that it tainted the rest of the trip.

Well, like I said... I'm glad it was me. Maybe I got all the bad in September so everyone else could enjoy their trips in October and November. :)



Gary writes: Brian, I enjoyed reading your lengthy report. I think everyone (especially Disneyphiles) should be very value-conscious. I simply refuse to stay on-site anymore since the value just isn't there anymore.

There are many very nice places to stay for much less money in the area. I have stayed at the Polynesian, Wilderness, Beach Club, and Port Orleans since '92. The rates were high but not as outrageous as now. I will not stay at the "value resorts". They are very unappealing.

I think the "early entry" privilege is absolutely worthless. I make a point to avoid the park that has "early entry" day because the others are much less crowded that day.

People who pay high prices for a mediocre product simply encourage Disney to create more high-priced mediocre products. That's why we got a DCA.

Disney has been resting on its laurels for far too long and the unsuspecting public has been short-changed. I think the current economic pain that WDW and Disneyland are feeling will improve the situation. They are going to have to work a lot harder to get the people into the parks.

Beyond all that, there are so many great places to vacation in the US. Spending every vacation at Disney parks just doesn't make sense.


Thanks for your note, Gary.

I think you've hit several nails on the head. :)



David suggests: Hi there again Brian. Boy did you open a can of worms when the final installment of your latest trip to WDW was published on the web! I myself noticed a change in your normal ebullient mood, but just put it down to having a "bad hair" day. As you yourself say, 5 visits in 3 years and perhaps your feeling a little jaded.

However, as a result of readers posting their reactions to your report perhaps you have started an additional resource at MousePlanet. Perhaps it could be called " What I Like and Don't Like at WDW At The Moment". Recent visitors could post their observations (both good and bad) on the latest happenings at WDW, thus helping future holiday makers. When you arrive at WDW you will be surprised, one way or the other. Ever the optimist I'm sure this would turn out to be a short-lived resource as things will improve at WDW!

You guys have just taken a king hit, but if history is any guide you will get up, shake your head and strive forward to bigger and better things.



The "can of worms" really exploded after I ran the special edition of Notes From the World on Tuesday! I haven't had so many responses (both pro and con) in a LONG time.

I'm not sure I have the stomach for an "all-complaints all the time" column. :) I like to enjoy the good so much... in fact, maybe that's why my recent trip experience was such a shock. I just didn't expect things to go the way that they did. Of course, I did not include the specific details about the worst of the experiences in the trip report, but I'm still amazed at how I was treated so poorly.

If you want to see a site that does just as you propose, though, you can check out out by clicking here.



and in a follow-up, David writes: Gad's Brian! Perhaps that is part of the current "problem" with the way things are at Disney Resorts. Because they had a reputation for friendly, courteous service in a fun-filled atmosphere for such a long time, that when there is a drop-off (for what ever reason) it is more noticeable. It would be interesting to know whether visitors to other theme parks (Universal, Seaward, Knots Berry etc) are experiencing similar situations. Is it a general trend everywhere?

I have some friends visiting WDW from Australia over Christmas. Without filling their heads with pre-conceived notations, I intend to get them to take note of any notable changes. They have visited nine times, so will be pretty astute.

No matter the result, my family and I still intend visiting for a couple of weeks in Oct 2002.

Mind you I have to say that, from an Aussie's perspective, American's have always had a reputation for good service. On my many trips to the US I am always impressed by the level of service, whereas "down-under" American friends who have visited have always noted our lack of service, compared to your level. I guess it boils down to what you are brought up with. What you may find unacceptable, we may accept as we know no better.

Regards and thanks for responding so quickly, what with being swamped with all that mail.



I completely agree that my own perspective and my own standards (what I expect from Disney because of how I've been treated there in the past) are very much the cause here. It's exactly because I know how GOOD service at WDW used to be that I'm unhappy with how things are now.

I'll be very interested to hear how things go on your friends visit and your next trip, too.



Stew writes: Brian, In reading your trip report, I didn't initially pick up on the problems that you had on your most recent trip... and I am very sorry that you did. I personally have no connection to the Walt Disney Company, except that I am a Fan of both their Animated Films, as well as their Theme Parks.

We had a very nice trip to Disneyland this past summer, though from what's been going on ever since, it sounds like things are being cut **WAY** back in some areas, that might make us have to rethink any future trips as well.

I hope that they offer some (at least) apology (if not more) for some of the situations you must have encountered. It's bad enough when they do things to upset the AP Holders; but to upset a DVC Owner is a REALLY BAD IDEA... You've invested in them for the long-term, and if they don't live up to their end of the bargain, then something has gone very very wrong indeed!

It was one thing in the early 1980's when they were charging $10 to get into the parks --- now that it's between $40 and $50 a day, guests have come to expect nothing but top notch treatment (and rightfully so). It's too bad Disney isn't seeing the parks for anything beyond "the bottom line."

They are so much more than that, to so many of us. Whenever they (the company) does something STUPID (and doesn't realize it), we shake our heads and wonder who is minding the store?!?

Here's hoping things make a turn for the better. 15 months is a long time to go "with out a Disney Fix!"


Thanks for your kind note, Stew.

Actually, I was already contacted by someone from WDW's Guest Communications group. I have an unlisted phone number at home, and did not include the number in my formal, written letter of complaint that I'd sent. Someone had to do some real work to get my phone number (at minimum, they had to get the record of my recent visit at Old Key West and track down my phone number from there).

Anyway, I was told that I would be receiving a follow-up call from a "case worker" (I don't remember the actual term that was used) who will call within a couple of weeks.

An apology for the worst of the incidents would go a long way to making me less hostile. :) Simply apologizing won't take me back to WDW before late 2002, but at least I'd know that the company still has at least a corporate goal of customer satisfaction, even if they're not executing well right now.



Greg shares: Dear Brian, I am an occasional contributor to your trip report archives and an infrequent poster at RADP. Still, like many others I feel like a part of your extended family. I remember when you and Barb first bought in to the DVC - I was so envious! As I read your most recent trip report and your subsequent Notes from the World piece, I felt both sympathy and fear.

If you were to look up my last trip report (from June 2000) you'd notice that a little of the magic was missing from our last visit. It happens -- and because it happens I could put myself in your shoes. To me, there is something about knowing how much things cost and how hard it is to put everything in order for vacation that raises the "enjoyment factor" needed to assure me that we got our money's worth. To Lisa and the kids, it's just pure adventure (and I'm glad it's that way), but to me it's an investment and an adventure. If, on top of that, I was also acting as a host/tour guide/expert I'm sure I would feel additional obligations and pressures.

For what it's worth, as I read your report I shared those experiences with you (along with the sublime pleasures like finding sunken pirate treasure with Allan).

It took a while to figure out where my fear was coming from, but I bet it's not uncommon. First, I take a lot of the complaining on RADP with a grain of salt, knowing that the world is made of all types of people with different tastes, preferences and idiosyncrasies (I'm sure some people scoffed at my outrage over the handling of my golf clubs, that's ok too).

To the extent that I know you, however, you are not a complainer. Therefore if you have several complaints then I am concerned that: 1) there really are some problems at WDW; and 2) other recent complaints may be more credible. Second, I think one of the main reasons we only go to WDW once every three years is that I never want to feel what you felt at the end of your trip. Knowing what you experienced makes it seem just a little more possible that it could happen to us. In a weird way, I guess I need to know that while I'm away from the World others are there having the same kind of unique and magical experiences I have had, and expect to have again. It's like insurance that the magic is still there.

My first inclination was to write and talk you out of your bad experiences, but that wont change anything. I know you are handling this the right way. You were right to keep the details to yourself and give WDW a chance to respond to your complaints. I did this at Cedar Point a few years ago and was very pleased with their response - things did indeed change. You are also right to take a break from the World and consider other vacation destinations. Legend has it that sunken pirate treasure has been scattered in pools throughout the country ;-)

Here's one more vacation idea that you may not have considered that's pretty close to home: Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Put-in-Bay is located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. It has history. It had great strategic value in the War of 1812 and was also the base for what I think was the only naval battle ever conducted in the Great Lakes. During the Civil War, neighboring Middle Bass Island was used as a jail for captured Southern soldiers. It has caves, wineries, art galleries, shops, parks, fishing (some set up specially for kids), museums and restaurants. The only drawback I can think of is that it's seasonal, generally open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Enjoy your break - and don't lower the bar for Disney. Remind them why they were successful and what they need to do to remain that way.



Thanks so much for your note. It's so sad, to me personally, that the quality of the experience of a WDW vacation has changed so much since the mid-90's. What used to be a very different vacation is now quite ordinary (not bad, just not what it used to be).

Hopefully things will change for the better down the road.




Daniel writes: Hello Brian, After reading today's column and your response regarding not wanting to dictate a personal vendetta against Disney I offer my letter to them after my recent trip.

(Editor's note, I chose not to include the actual text of the letter.  It described Daniel's personal history of enjoying trips to Walt Disney World followed by a description of problems he had at Coronado Springs Resort.  The room itself was not well cleaned when they checked in, and housekeeping really didn't resolve the problem.  Further, Daniel was not offered another room in exchange -- something that just floored me when I read it.)

I think this says it all. I couldn't wait to "get out of dodge" myself...


Welcome to the club, Daniel. Too bad we both had to write such letters.

Out of curiosity, did you get any response?



and in a follow up, Daniel answered: Yes, guest services called us about four weeks after the letter was send to "simply acknowledge receipt". If wasn't until 3 weeks after that call that I finally spoke to a representative from guest services. I got a lot of lip service about how sorry they were and they would speak with the appropriate parties.

They offered to "refund" one nights stay to compensate. I further explained to her, "You just don't get it, it was my daughter that was disappointed. After all the great experiences I've had staying at Disney, it was my daughters first time to experience the magic. There was NO magic - That's the unfortunate reality."

In the end, they sent us three five day park hoppers for any future visit and a signed picture from Mickey Mouse. My daughter has not once mentioned anything related to that vacation in Disney World - it still shocks me. Feel free to pass any of this along. Keep up the great work!!


I hope that Disney doesn't just "compensate" folks when they get up in arms... but rather that they fix the root cause of the problems.  They need to change their current policies that stress increased revenue over customer satisfaction.  They've completely forgotten Walt's own attitude that providing a product that customers want to have will cause further demand and allow for a natural increase in revenue due to repeat business and excellent word-of-mouth advertising.


Well, folks, I'm going to wind down the feedback from my recent trip.  I am completely incapable of changing the policies of the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World.  The company has a responsibility to the shareholder to do what is best for the bottom line.  I just hope that the board of directors and the company managers and cast members at the Disney parks will remember Walt's own words and will realize that the shareholder is best served by providing the best possible experience for the guest...

"Whenever I go on a ride, I'm always thinking of what's wrong with the thing and how it can be improved."

"It's (Disneyland) something that will never be finished. Something that I can keep developing... and adding to."

"Disneyland is a show."

"I don't want the public to see the world they live in while they're in the Park. I want to feel they're in another world."

"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."

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Well, I hope you enjoyed the reader feedback for the WDW Trip Planning Guide!  Feed free to send more questions or comments to!

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