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Brian Bennett

WDW Trip Planning Guide Reader Feedback

by Brian Bennett


Now, before we get into our regular email, I wanted to cover a series of questions and answers that I posed to a well-informed MousePlanet reader. Here are the questions and the responses:

1. What are the current plans for opening Pop Century?

After talking with a few people, it looks like they are shooting for an "early" spring 2003 opening. Their is no estimate even for the first reservations to be accepted. I would prefer they never open the @#$%& place, it's tacky and cheap -- it makes the All Star look like the Grand!

2. Is there any internal discussion about how (financially) successful the French Quarter closure was?

Closing the French Quarter saved a little money, but it really helped in moving around labor. It's hard to fill Housekeeper roles, so by moving those cast members to other resorts (during a slow time) we didn't have to hire anyone. The company spends an average of $27 an hour on cast members (you work for Disney for the magic and the benefits!)

During the closure, the food court was also remodeled and it's really nice.

3. Has there been any discussion whatsoever about reinstating Early Entry during the Summer or Holidays?

NO! The letters are rolling in about how great Character Caravan is and the suits in the Ivory Tower (Team Disney) love that! Animal Kingdom is going to be open from 9:00am - 6:00pm all summer. They have found with that park, an one hour "early" open doesn't help attendance that much, so I guess they figure that theory holds true for all parks. An interesting note though -- all parks (except the Magic Kingdom) are required to be show ready 30 minutes prior to published opening time. This lets us "rush the gate." Which keeps the lines from backing up to much.

Here's some other information that was sent to me...

There is some talk about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party -- right now they are planning ten nights. But if ticket sales are strong, they can add two or three more!

Here's some character info -- Cinderella appears EVERY day from 10am - park close at the Hall of Fame in Toontown.

WDW is expected to make a major announcement on or about May 18. Look for the third water park! I've heard that Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom are going to be getting new attractions!!

Sadly, River Country is probably never going to reopen. I saw the sign shop today taking River Country off one of the purple and white road signs. 

On summer hours for the parks:

  • Magic Kingdom: As of right now, the MK will be open from 9am-10pm. One Spectromagic a night @ 9:00pm and fireworks @ 10:00pm. Of course, July 4, will have different hours. The hours are subject to change (and they probably will) if attendance is good this summer. WDW is planning to have two Spectromagic performances all summer long.
  • Epcot: Hours will remain the same... Future World 10:00am-7:00pm and World Showcase 11:00am-9:00pm
  • Studios: probably be 9:00am - 9-10:00pm
  • Animal Kingdom: 9:00am-6:00pm

Also, as of late April, the following hard ticket events are on sale (editor's note: I have never seen WDW start selling Christmas party tickets in May! But listed below are the dates, of course subject to change, but guests can buy these tickets now at the parks and through the Central Reservations Office!)

Night of Joy

  • September 6th & 7th from 7:30 pm until 12:30 am
  • Night of Joy will feature different talent lineups each night
    • Advance Sales price for an individual - $34.95 plus tax
    • Day-Of Sales price for an individual - $39.95 plus tax
  • To attend both nights:
    • Advance Sales price before 7/1/02 – $49.95 plus tax
    • Advance Sales price after 7/1/02 – $53.95 plus tax

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

  • October 11th, 17th, 20th, 25th, 27th, 31st and November 1st from 7:00 pm - 12:00 am each night
  • Advance Sales *:
    • Adult $27.95 plus tax
    • Child $22.95 plus tax (ages 3 - 9)
  • Day-Of Sales:
    • Adult $29.95 plus tax
    • Child $24.95 plus tax (ages 3 - 9)

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

  • December 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th and 20th from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Advance Sales *:
    • Adult $33.95 plus tax
    • Child $23.95 plus tax
  • Day-Of Sales:
    • Adult $38.95 plus tax
    • Child $28.95 plus tax



Bobbi Jo writes: Dear Brian, As always I love your site... and pretending to be at WDW through reading about other's questions.

The last email on your latest Notes from the World was a question from Keith, who asked about carrying a backpack, and also about park hopping. 

You mentioned that the parks have lockers. You may also want to mention that if he keeps his receipt and park hops, he can get a new locker at the new park without having to pay again.


Good point, Bobbi Jo. I'll included that in a follow-up. :)



Paul Writes: Brian, Great site... I read it as often as I can and research it for answers before I post any questions. And, because of your latest column, I need to ask you about verification of a statement made. In that column, "A MousePlanet reader" states that if I am holding an old child hopper pass from a previous visit and on our next trip s/he is an "adult," by Disney standards, that s/he can have it upgraded, free of charge. If this is true, GREAT! But has this been confirmed? I'm not trying to second guess anyone as I am far from an expert on WDW, but this almost seems too good. Also, exactly where in each of the Parks and Downtown Disney would one go to do this (as well as validate an AP...which I am considering purchasing for our next trip)?



The information that I provided on the "free upgrade" in that situation was confirmed by a Disney CM. You would handle the upgrade, and AP validation, at guest relations at any of the parks or Downtown Disney. Each of those locations have a guest relations office outside the park to handle those kinds of transactions.



Greg writes: Greetings -- love your site! I'd seen reports that the Epcot Food Fest will be October 19th - November 17th this year. I called Disney to inquire, and they confirmed the dates, but they had no details yet on what chefs would be there, or what specific events were planned. Said the cast member (with a noticeable sigh): "We don't even have the final details yet on the FLOWER festival!"

Also: a great place for a marriage proposal is Victoria & Albert's (if the fellow popping the question is willing to also pop for an expensive meal...) A friend of mine did that a couple years ago and it went off without a hitch (except, of course, for the GETTING hitched part...heh heh heh.) Evidently, the V&A folks handle a LOT of that sort of thing, and they are well-versed in the art of hiding the ring, setting the mood, keeping the Intended in the dark and all that. I imagine they probably wrap up the evening in an especially festive and romantic way, too. It's worth investigating!

Keep the great work.


Thanks for the information and comments, Greg.

It's been a long-standing complaint among Disney CMs that special event information is so slow in being available. Frankly, I think that is somewhat on purpose... so that any special events going on during those themed times are not fully booked months and months in advance by the folks like us that know what's going on. Making it so that information and such is just not available until closer to the time makes it more open to the casual guest. I think the same is true of the priority seating system... the 120/60 day rules are intended, I'm sure, to limit advanced planners to keep things open for the masses.



A MousePlanet reader writes: Brian, just some extra points about the last update (which was great as always):
  • The DAK Meal Certificate is officially known as "The Meal PLUS Certificate." With tax it runs $11.65 / adult, $6.35 / child. Like the reader said it is a three part coupon (1) Counter Service Entree and nonalcoholic beverage (2) One Ice Cream Bar or Cone (3) One bottle of soda or water.
  • This can save you some money, as there are some entrees at Flame Tree BBQ that cost $11.00. This is only a TEST and may end at any time, or it may go to all four parks. The certificate can be purchased at the Vacation Planners. Guest Relations or the Counter Service food locations.

And finally, on the front of the line perks, it isn't true at WDW. 


Thanks so much!



Brian (a different one) writes:

I have an idea where the reader's source might have got this idea.

"Allan writes: Brian, I had heard that not long ago someone from one of the well known travel web sites made a comment that if you stayed onsite at a WDW resort that you could show your resort ID to the Disney employee working the line at a ride and they will move you to the front of the line.

"According to this person, this was kind of an unwritten policy. Have you heard of this?"

Several years ago at the Universal parks, resort guests of Portofino Bay could jump to the head of the line for the first two hours every morning. They just showed the ID to the greeter and were sent through the attraction exit to be boarded.

and Steve chimed in on the same topic:

... Well, as you know, that is not the policy at Disney World.

However, it is the policy at Universal Escape Florida (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure Parks). For guests staying at Universal Hotels, your resort ID allows front of the line access, and immediate seating at restaurants. We visited in January, and thought it was a GREAT perk! (See January 2002 trip report) You save a ton of time not having to stand in line, which in the busy summer months could make the difference in how many attractions you get to see.

It works by showing your room key card to the employee at the entrance of the ride. In most cases, guests who use this perk is directed through the exit on the same path as the handicap accessibility. You are then inserted into the ride at the loading station, bypassing the entire wait, so generally you are the next on the ride. You show your card again at this point, to confirm you aren't someone who has walked backward through the exit line.

At restaurants, your card entitles you to the next available table. Again, this is very helpful, and acts like an instant reservation.

I guess this is do-able at Universal Escape because they only have 2 hotels at this point (3rd hotel is being built currently), so the number of people who could take advantage of this perk are small. At Disney, you can upwards of 100,000 people staying on property, so I don't think it would work!

Mike wrote:

Brian, one of your readers in today's article asked about getting to the front of the ride lines when you have a resort ID. The reader must have confused WDW with the Universal Orlando resort - - for a short time last year, in order to boost room volume, they had a policy that anyone staying in the Universal hotels could skip lines (although I don't believe it was UNLIMITED, but it was pretty extensive).


Thanks, Guys. I'll share that in a future update.


and in a follow-up Mike wrote: Not necessary if you don't think it's relevant. To follow up, however - - another web site reported almost a year ago that version 2 of the Fastpass system included the ability for Disney to sell "premium" access to the rides, essentially vending out Fastpasses valid immediately (rather than having to return to the ride later) for those who paid a higher admission fee. The option has not yet been activated (although other features of the new version, such as being able to detect if the person was using a Universal Studios ticket to get a Fastpass, had been implemented). But once the economy gets better, I'm sure Disney will take advantage of the income that could be generated by this kind of "VIP Ticket".


Thanks Mike. I've heard all of that info too.

Personally, I wish Disney would just do away with Fastpass. It messes up the way I like to do things by forcing advanced planning (even minimally) when I'd prefer to be more spontaneous in the parks. :)



Another MousePlanet reader pointed out:

Hi Brian! I noticed a little error while reading your column that I would like to point out. 

"By the way, kids do NOT eat free at Walt Disney World as a matter of policy. You can always ask for an extra plate, which are always brought without hassle in my experience, but you'll be feeding your daughter from food that you ordered. Children's meals, even for kids under the age of three, have a fixed price."

Actually at certain places kids do eat for free. At the buffets kids under three do not have to pay for what they eat. Just thought you would like to know this. Of course they do not eat for free, if they eat off a regular menu, but at the buffets they are OK.

and Tracey writes

Brian, You answered a question on April 22 regarding a child one month shy of her 3rd birthday not being able to eat free. At character meals she will be able to eat for free (3 and up are charged.) We know this from personal experience. Something that surprised me however, is I have made reservations at Whispering Canyon and they asked the age of my daughter. When I told them 2, he told me that she would eat for free. This I was NOT expecting but it sure was a nice bonus.


Good point. I wasn't thinking about the buffets specifically when I wrote that comment. It's funny how knowledgeable MousePlanet's readers are... you folks keep me on my toes. :)



Justin writes: Hello Brian, After reading your edition dated April 22nd, I needed to respond to the query about becoming a Grand Marshall. Although this experience is not mine, it was the experience of my best friend and his wife. Keep in mind that this will take us back to 1995, but none the less the request was granted.

The wife of my friend had been watching the old Walt Disney World Inside Out shows of years gone by and in particular her interest was peaked at a segment that proposed this very question. In short, the segment indicated that guests could just write to Guest Relations at the Magic Kingdom. This is what she did and in her letter she explained that this was a special occasion and asked if it would be possible. Sometime later she received a very nice handwritten letter. In the letter, the cast member asked when would they be visiting Walt Disney World; he also went to say that indeed most families are hand picked that day, but sometimes special events, like her request, could be accommodated.

In the end, both my friends were Grand Marshall's on the day they requested and of course they had an incredible Magic Moment in the Magic Kingdom. They also made a great friend out of that Cast Member from Guest Relations. Sadly, he is now retired and we do not get to visit with him on our trips to WDW.

I would suggest that if such a special event is coming up then it would be best to write directly to Guest Relations at City Hall. Be sure to send your letter directly to City Hall at the Magic Kingdom. Also be aware that the Cast of Walt Disney World receives hundreds if not thousands of requests and not every one of these wishes can be granted.

I just want to further point out that Guest Relations receives a fairly high volume of requests and not every wish can be granted. The point is that it cannot hurt to ask nicely, the result could be surprising.

PS - I would like to add how much I enjoy your site, as well as the rest of MousePlanet. As a Disney Store CM we see the good and the bad of the Company and its Guests. MousePlanet provides unique perspective opinion of the Disney Company and the people who frequent its many outlets and buy into its many products and other offerings. I hope that you and the rest of the MousePlanet staff will be able to keep up the good work for many years to come.

PPS - I have a perspective another letter found in yesterdays column, the letter about resort guests going to the front of the line. There is indeed no rule written or unwritten that substantiates this claim. However, I will point out that I believe that Universal Orlando had a similar program that debuted not long after the introduction of Disney's Fastpass. This would not be the first time that I have experienced Guest Confusion as to which park they are referring. Frankly, a majority of the Guests I speak with about the parks often confuse Universal and Sea World as part of Walt Disney World. Of course we know this to furthest from the truth. Perhaps this may explain the question from that reader.


Thanks for the note, Justin. I wasn't aware that Guest Relations would entertain such requests. It's good to know that they do (or at least that they did). :)



Rob writes: Brian, Recently in your column you responded to a question about resorts in proximity to the Wide World of Sports (WWoS) complex. Actually, the closest resort to WWoS is the Caribbean Beach Resort. From there, you just drive down Victory Way (which borders one edge of the resort), and you run smack into the entrance of WWoS. When Pop Century eventually opens, it will be even closer, as it's literally right across the street.

The All-Stars and Coronado Springs are probably about the same distance as the Epcot resorts, but there's less turns involved in getting from them to WWoS.


Thanks, Rob. I should have studied my resort map a bit more closely before I answered that one. :)



Tammy asks: Brian, What's the deal with WDW's Pop Century Resort? I've read it was to open in April 2002, but called and found out it would not. Is there a new opening date? I'm taking my 4 year old daughter in October, and would like to try one of the kid-themed resorts. If I cannot get a room at Pop Century, which of the All Star resorts is newer and/or better kept?

I'm concerned (for myself) about staying a week in the smaller roomed resorts. If I chicken-out what do you recommend as the most kid-pleasing deluxe resort?



No new date has been set for the resort's opening.  (Editor's Note:  This email was answered before I got the information about the Spring 2003 opening.)

I think you'd be happy at any of the All Star Resorts as far as the upkeep is concerned, but with a four-year-old daughter, I'd suggest you consider the All Star Movies resort as the best option. However, as you point out, the All Star resorts do have smaller rooms and are more spread out and have fewer amenities than the moderate and deluxe resorts.

I'd suggest you go to the WDW accommodations index page where you can find a link to MousePlanet's "Fast Facts" pages for all of the WDW resorts and review the options. If you have any specific questions about any of the resorts, I'd be happy to try to answer them... but I think the bottom line comes down to price versus the level of service on one hand and the themeing of the various resorts on the other. Pick the level of service you want (and are willing to pay for) then choose the theme that you're most happy with and enjoy!



Jude writes:

Dear Brian, I am writing to you regarding annual pass media. I live in Scotland (Great Britain) and have visited Disney World twice in the last three years. Each time I make the trip I try to use all the good advice from fellow adventurers such as yourself. I reckon that because we Brits stay over at least two weeks an AP would be beneficial. My question is this. If I was wanting to take advantage of any AP accommodation offers would I have to purchase a pass in advance of traveling? I hoped that I might be able to make a booking and then produce the pass on arrival. Also can I purchase an AP from Britain or do I pick it up form the US only. Finally I tend to travel in September and just hope to book any of the Deluxe Resorts, whichever there might be an offer at. Any advice would be appreciated.

and Bill writes

Hi Brian, I saw a recent letter in Notes from the World about AP rates. I am curious if, at check in, is the voucher you receive when you buy an AP sufficient for the Disney resorts in order to secure the AP rate, or do I have to go to a park and trade the voucher in for the actual pass? I would certainly like to avoid a trek to a park just to do the exchange.


You do have to show proof of having bought an AP when you check in. However, you can buy a "voucher" which is sufficient proof that you're bought the AP at check-in time, and activate the AP the first time you visit the park. The AP vouchers can be purchased at Disney stores or online from Disney directly. Keep in mind that even though you would be buying your new AP in advance, the AP will still be valid for one full year from the first day that you use it. After you've handled the check-in chores, you can go over to one of the parks or Downtown Disney to stop in at Guest Relations and get your AP.



Steven writes: Hi Brian, You had helped me out with some information before but I just read something from another site that concerns me. My family & I are staying at the Wilderness Lodge and we have a character breakfast scheduled for Chef Mickey's on Tuesday during the trip. My plan was to drive to the Contemporary have the breakfast then jump on the monorail to EPCOT meaning I would be leaving the rental car parked all day at the Contemporary. I read that they tow the cars after a certain period of time if you are not a guest at that hotel. Do you know if this is true? It would really stink to come back from EPCOT only to find our car gone. If they do tow cars, is there a water shuttle I can take from the WL to the Contemporary for the breakfast? I am trying at all costs to avoid having to take the bus from one resort to another.



With a Wilderness Lodge parking pass in your front window, you won't have to fear about being towed away. If you were staying off-site, and would not have a WDW parking pass, I would have suggested that you plan to go to the Contemporary for the breakfast, then drive over to Epcot to continue the day. In your case, though, you won't have any problems.

There is no direct boat transportation from Wilderness Lodge to the Contemporary.



Kelly writes: Hi Brian, One more question for you. I found out when the E-Ride nights are during the time we are going. The question I have is we are going to buy a 6 day hopper plus. We hadn't planned on going to the Magic Kingdom that day so if we wanted to go to say Epcot that day could we use the hopper feature to enter Magic Kingdom later in the day without using up another day on our pass and then stay for E-Ride?

I think that is what you are saying but I wanted to make sure. Otherwise we will change our plans and go to the Magic Kingdom that day. If we have to do that the E-Ride night is on a Monday. I heard that is a busy day for MK would that be a problem if we had to do that? Thanks for all your help!



You are correct. Since you'll have a park hopper pass, you can go to Epcot for the first part of the day and use the park hopping feature to go to the MK for E-Ride without using another day's credit on the pass.

I wouldn't worry about Monday being an E-Ride day.  The number of people for E-Ride are limited regardless of which day of the week it is.



John writes: Brian, Thank you for informing us. My Fiancé and myself will be hitting Disney for 3 days on our honeymoon. We will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Is there anything you can tell me about this resort, anything interesting? Do you have any tips on how we can get the most out of our short stay?


I'd suggest you check out MousePlanet's "Fast Facts" page on Port Orleans Riverside Resort at. It's a lovely resort, and one of my own favorites. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!



Kelli writes: My family and I are visiting WDW in August of this year and we are having a hard time deciding what to do the first day. We are arriving at 10:50am at the airport and off to Disney we go. After check-in we do not know what to do. We also have not asked this question to anyone we bought a package including ultimate park hopper tickets, do we get all of the passes when we check-in or what?



In general, your ultimate park hoppers will be valid on the day you arrive and the day you depart, so you should go to your resort first thing, check-in (even if you can't get your room keys just yet) and get those park hoppers. Then you can spend the balance of the day doing whatever you'd like. Late afternoon, you can get your room keys and move your stuff in. If you're not going to have a rental (or your own) car available, the bell services folks can store (free of charge) your luggage until you can move into your room.



Debra writes: Dear Brian, thank you very much for all of our useful information. My husband and I are planning our first vacation in WDW in early May 2002. I purchased our 4-Day Park Hopper passes/ tickets from an independent company called TicketMania several months ago. Since that time, I have been doing a lot of reading on your web site and various books about the tickets being non-transferable. The tickets do not display any names... they just say Guest. I don't question the validity of the tickets I hold, I have more of a logistical question that I hope you can answer, as I am sure I am not the only customer who does not buy their tickets directly from Disney. I have two questions:
  1. How does WDW link my name to the tickets?
  2. Do we need to do anything with the passes or register with Customer Relations at the Ticket Center before going to the entrance of the park with the passes. I don't want to make a beeline to the park entrance just to find out I missed something. Thank you very much for your help.



The passes usually have a place for you to sign them. Then, when you enter the park, you show both your pass and a valid photo ID with your signature so your signed pass can be validated. Of course, it's very, very rare that visitors are actually asked to produce that valid photo ID, but the admission media fine print usually states that such ID is required. I'd suggest you look over your passes, read everything in detail, and see what it says. If you have any other questions, I'd suggest you call your ticket agent ASAP and make sure you thoroughly understand all issues regarding the use of those passes.

I wish you well on your ticket purchase. Let me know how it goes as I have had no one give me any feedback (good or bad) on using a third-party for admission media purchases.



Mike writes: Brian, I gave you a trip report a couple months back, and now I have a quick question for you-has there been any talk whatsoever about bringing early entry back in time for the summer busy season? As of now, my next trip is set for October, and I thought the only prayer I had for EE was if they brought it back during summer and kept it there. Given the recent press about the crowd size going back up, it will be interesting to see if Disney keeps its word as far as restoring the cut perks when the crowds came back.



You stated, "it will be interesting to see if Disney keeps its word as far as restoring the cut perks when the crowds came back," but I don't remember Disney ever making any claims about restoring the cuts. Personally, I am expecting that Early Entry will be reinstated when crowd levels warrant, but no one from Disney has ever said that would be the case.

So, to answer your question... no, I have no such information. :(



Deanna writes:  Dear Brian, I had a crazy idea last week, to take a long desired trip to WDW next month. I am so happy we found your sight - great tips! We decided we would go all out and stay inside Disney, for the first time. I've been there 4 times in 27 years and can't wait. I'm a little upset about the elimination of early entry but was very happy to find out that even though we were booking only a month out, we were still able to get a discount through the Disney Club. We saved $216 for two rooms, 6 days (couldn't book 7 and booked a non Disney for the first night, now I wonder where I got that idea?) with the length of stay passes at Port Orleans Riverside. Considering the club cost $31 (entertainment member) it was definitely worth it.

My question is whether we really need to make priority seating reservations before we go? We did book our character breakfast. We will be there May 5-10th and I have heard conflicting info as to whether it is a busy time. Many of the resorts are listed as full.

Also, is there a specific time that we should get to the hotel for our admissions media? As I mentioned, we will be staying off-site our first night and would like to get full use of our tickets the first day. Are they going to look at us like we are crazy if we show up at 8am for a 3pm check or is this common?

Sorry this is soooo long! I know you're very busy but I hope that you have time to answer. I would really appreciate it. Again, thanks for all the info you provide on the sight It has been really helpful in planning our trip.



Sounds like you have a fun trip planned already!

As far as priority seating is concerned, I wouldn't worry about it except for those hard-to-get-into restaurants. You mentioned a character breakfast, I think you were wise to have PS for that. Other than that, you should do fine with walk-ups as long as you don't mind short (20 minute or so) waits.

There is no specific time to arrive at your hotel to get checked-in. Arriving early to get your admission media is very commonly done, so don't worry about that at all! On my last trip, we arrived earlier than normal check-in time and I was given our pre-programmed room key cards. I wasn't told what room we were in, but when we came back to the resort later in the day, I simply had to call the front desk to find out where we were and our keys were ready to let us in. It worked out very nice. I'm not sure that POR Riverside does things that same way, but you may want to ask if they can do the same thing for you there.



Kyle writes: First off I would like to thank everyone at MousePlanet for a great site, Very well done. 2nd I really enjoyed your April fools list, I think you should send that list to Disney as a list of what to do in the parks.

Anyways, With all of the talk about DisneyQuest I have been wondering if anyone else thinks the reason it isn't doing well is it's lack of advertising?

Back last February me and my family went to Disney and were planning to have at least one day open to anything we wanted, I chose DisneyQuest, I had heard VERY little about what it was and what I had heard sounded good to me but not my father.

I enjoyed my visit to DisneyQuest and could have stayed there all night. The main problem with DisneyQuest is that No one knows that DisneyQuest has Tons of arcade games plus a couple of big simulators that take up entire rooms. If this fact had been explained to me in the first place it would have made my argument with my father all the more convincing.

In my opinion they would be doing great if they just spent a little money and got word out about it.



You certainly make a good point. In fact, anyone can enjoy their visit to WDW to a much greater level if they are knowledgeable and plan ahead. As you probably know from reading my own comments, I'm not one for over-planning a trip... but having a good working knowledge of what's available to do certainly is key to have a fun vacation!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the reader feedback for the WDW Trip Planning Guide!  Feed free to send more questions or comments to!

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I've always gotten email about the WDW Trip Planning Guide, but since we added the feedback form to the site several months ago, the number of questions has increased dramatically!  I do my best to answer each and every question personally, but I've noticed that a lot of the questions are asked again and again.  The question that one person asks might very well be the question that someone else is wondering about.  Thus this page!

So...I'll post reader email and feedback every once in a while, because the question someone else asks might be the same one you're thinking about yourself!


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