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WDW Trip Planning Guide Reader Feedback

by Brian Bennett


Just a reminder, folks... trip reports to any of the Disney resorts are always welcome here at MousePlanet!  If you have a trip report that you've written, but have never submitted to MousePlanet, I would love to add it the archive here!  Complete instructions for submitting a trip report can be found in the left-hand margin of the trip report archive index page.  Even if you have a trip report from a long, long time ago, send it in!  A lot of us enjoy reading about some of the older attractions.  It brings back a lot of great memories.


In a previous Notes From the World, I responded to the following note:

Stella writes: Hi Brian - I was wondering if you could help me. About a month ago I found a site where they helped you get a PS for Cinderella's Breakfast. I can't seem to find that site now!! Do you have any idea what that address is??? Thanks you!!!



and I responded


There is a site out there that has a "black market" regarding Cinderella's Royal Table priority seatings.  The way it works is that a group of folks, that don't really need priority seatings, make as many of those priority seatings as possible.  Then, the priority seating numbers are pooled and they are dolled out to people that come to the site and ask.

In my opinion, the practice is despicable. I hope Disney steps up to the idea of asking for photo ID to prove that the name on the reservation and the name of the person there (at the restaurant) match up.  That would put the black marketers out of business.

In any case, I've made it my policy to not share the URL of that site regarding this matter.  Furthermore, if anyone from Disney contacts me, I'll happily provide more details on the site that is doing this.

Well folks, WDW has come up with their own solution to this black market problem.

A major change will be made to the priority seating policy for the character breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table.  As of June 9, 2002, a credit card deposit (the card will actually be charged) of $10.00 / adult and $5.00 / child will be required at the time that the priority seating is made.  After the priority seating is booked, no changes can be made to the name on the booking.  If necessary, priority seatings may be cancelled without penalty (i.e. the deposit will be refunded) if the cancellation is done at least twenty-four hours before the priority seating time.

When I first found out about this policy change, I thought it might have just been Disney doing what Disney does best -- separating us from our money as soon as possible.  But when I read that last part of the new policy, that no changes can be made to the name on the booking, I realized that this policy change was probably targeted right at our internet friends that were working so hard to bend the rules in their favor.


Tina asks: Brian, I am coming to WDW during the late Summer with my 8 year old daughter.  I know that a majority of the kids will be in school, so we are hoping that the parks are not going to be that crowded. We want to spend only three days at Disney, perhaps two days at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, and then maybe a day at Blizzard Beach. On the only day that we will have off, my daughter states that she wants to go to Disney Quest. Is this Disney Quest worth a half of a day, or, in your opinion should we skip this in favor of sitting on the beach?



Depending on when you visit, a half day at DisneyQuest would probably be enough (evenings and weekends are the busiest, so plan accordingly). I can't really decide between DisneyQuest and a beach for you and your daughter. It really depends on what you both would prefer doing. Sounds like you have a difference of opinion to deal with. :)



Laura writes: Hi Brian, I'm taking my Daughter & two grandchildren to Disneyworld in June, my Disney card just has my last name. My daughter has a different name. Can she use my card?



I'm not sure what "Disney card" you're talking about. If it's a Disney credit card, you'd have to check with the credit card folks about their transfer rules. If you're talking about the Disney Club, then officially you or someone in your immediate family has to be present to make use of the card. Of course, if you're talking about the Disney Club, then the cast members accepting it are very unlikely to worry about the fact that the last names don't match... but if it comes up, with different last names, your daughter would have no way to be able to prove that she's your daughter.



John writes: Hi Brian, In September, my partner and I will be making a return trip to Walt Disney World (my second as a former Cast Member!) and this time we decided to go in style -- after thinking about it for a long time.

I've read several different opinions in your column about the value of taking package tours, and I thought I would give you my analysis.

We'll be staying in a lagoon-view concierge-level room at the Polynesian (we've requested an MK view and hope we'll get it!) and will be staying five nights. Since we both vacationed at WDW last year (it was his first-ever trip there), and we feel we've gotten to know the parks a bit, our goal was to enjoy ourselves and not to feel rushed. We wanted to create an experience that would allow us to savor the things WE like about WDW -- the general atmosphere, the recreation, the food, the "history," etc. Most importantly, we have been working on creating a vacation that will really be a vacation -- one during which we can enjoy ourselves and do the things we liked.

Because of that, we opted for the Deluxe Magic package. We fully intend to make optimal use of the dining portion of the package, and are carefully selecting our restaurants to maximize the value we receive from the package (i.e., we're going to go to the most upscale restaurants every day). We also do intend to do things like golf, tennis, and other recreational activities. Lastly, we want to take backstage tours to learn more about the parks and how they operate.

I say all this so you can know we may be a little bit different than the "typical" WDW guest -- but also similar to many of your readers. We're "seasoned" WDW guests, so we're planning on using the package to take advantage of that.

So, the question becomes: Is a Deluxe Magic package worth the price? The answer, in our case, is a definite yes (though, of course, we'll only know that for SURE after we finish the trip!).

Here's my analysis (note that each item is priced for two people) of what it would cost us to do the trip "a la carte," paying for each item individually. Note that I've only broken out those elements that a five-day park-hopper user would have to pay extra for:

  • ROOM: Deluxe room at Polynesian for five nights -- $2,550
  • Five-Day Ultimate Park-Hopper Ticket -- $507.92
  • Compact Car (National Car Rental; price approx.) -- $225.00 
  • Breakfast each day (assuming $15 per person) -- $150.00
  • Lunch each day (assuming $25 per person) -- $250.00
  • Dinner each day (assuming $40 per person) -- $400.00
  • Cirque Du Soleil (approx. $60 each) -- $120.00
  • Backstage Safari Tour -- $130.00
  • Hidden Treasures of World Showcase Tour -- $118.00
  • Inside Animation Tour -- $118.00
  • Undiscovered Future World Tour -- $98.00
  • 1 Round of Golf -- $80.00
  • 1 Hour of Tennis -- $30.00
  • DisneyQuest Admission -- $30.00
  • Pleasure Island Admission -- $42.00
  • Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf -- $30.00
  • Parasailing (@ $75 per person) -- $150.00
  • Water mouse Rental (for one hour) -- $40.00
  • Bicycle Rental (Full Day, 2 People) -- $40.00

The "a la carte" total is $5,108.92. For our vacation package, we're paying approximately $4,880 (for two people), giving a savings of $320.92, or 6.3%.

One of the ideas we love about the package (in addition to food and recreation!) is that it allows us to sample things we might only be curious about. For instance, we'll have access to DisneyQuest (I've been there, he hasn't), but if we go and only want to stay 20 minutes, we won't feel we've wasted the admission price. Likewise with Pleasure Island and, if we decided to go, the World of Sports.

We think the Deluxe Magic Package is a terrific value -- for those who really intend to plan ahead to use all of its elements to the fullest extent. Is it expensive? Yes. But if you want to go to WDW in style and you want to be able to experience (virtually) everything that WDW has to offer, it seems to be a great value.

Just wanted to pass along my findings!



This was an EXCELLENT analysis! Actually, you've done just what I've always suggested... you've evaluated the package against what you'll use and found that it's a good deal for you. The "average" WDW guest would never use all of those features in a trip, but for someone that is planning include those things in their trip plans, then the package is, indeed, a good deal.

Looks like you have a great trip planned. I hope I'll get a lengthy, detailed trip report out of the deal. ;)



Margaret asks: I know that MGM is not currently running Beauty and the Beast every day. My 4 year old is a big fan and I would like to plan our visit to MGM on a day we can see it. Do you know the schedule? Also, do you know if they do dinner seatings for the 5:30pm showing of Fantasmic? Thanks a bunch-your site is really helpful.



My best suggestion is to check the park guidemap when you arrive at WDW. All show schedules are subject to change, so it's best to plan such things on the days you're in the parks. (By the way, if you're staying on site you can get those guidemaps in the hotel lobby when you check in, then you can plan your days accordingly.)

I don't think there is a 5:30pm showing of Fantasmic! The show effects depend on the dark, at least to some extent... and it's not even close to dark by 5:30pm in the afternoon. For that reason, Fantasmic! usually runs at 8:30pm or later.



Jayne writes: Hello Mr. Bennett, You have a wonderful site full information for us "Disney Virgins!"

I have a question for you regarding DVC. All I can find on the internet is why everyone LOVES it. You had a couple of opposing arguments (listed in the index under the heading "The Great Debate") on your site and I was wondering if there is a site where there are more opposing arguments? I'm trying to find all the good and the bad before we make our purchase. I see all the re-sales and wonder "why?". Why are these people selling if everyone loves it so much?

I thank you very much for your help.



I'm sure there are other sites out there with similar "debates." A Google search might provide a list for you.

My opinion is simply that some folks, for whatever personal reasons, decide to sell their points. It may be for financial reasons (other priorities, etc.), or because they found that an annual WDW trip wasn't their cup of tea after all.



Tracy writes: Hi Brian, All of your letters and answers are very helpful - have enjoyed your site. We're going to WDW in Mid-May staying at Port Orleans Riverside and getting excited. I have a few questions for you when you have time.
  1. I believe early entry is no longer available - can you confirm that? In books and articles I still see mention of it and just don't know for sure if it is still on or not.
  2. My kids are 4 and 2. Right now I am thinking to try to spend the most time in the Magic Kingdom, 1/2 to 3/4 day each in the Studios and Animal Kingdom, and then just a small amount of time in Epcot to see a few things and catch illuminations.
  3. I know Epcot is wonderful - especially for older kids and adults, but don't think my 2 year old especially will appreciate it. What do you think on this? Have a colleague who just came back and was disenchanted with Magic Kingdom because he says it has "nothing new" and is the same as it was many years ago.
  4. He also has an 8 year old who of course is at that borderline age of appreciating the characters. He indicated that even his 3 and 4 year old really like Epcot.
  5. Am I short changing my family by not evenly dividing time and trying to see more of Epcot? We will likely return in a few years and would spend more time on that trip as the kids will be a little older.
  6. I have heard that only Mama Melrose and Brown Derby allow the Fantasmic seating arrangement - do you know if they'll do this arrangement with 50's Prime Time cafe?
  7. Any data on average crowds the dates we are going?

Thanks in advance.



You are correct, early entry has been discontinued for the time being.

What I would suggest you do is spend the first morning at the Magic Kingdom, then switch to Epcot in the evening. The next day, start out at Animal Kingdom then move over to the Studios for the later part of the day. Then, based on the response you get from the kids you can decide where to spend the rest of the time you have.

Frankly, I think you'll find that the kids will enjoy all four of the parks. :)

You'll have to call the (407) WDW-DINE Central Reservations number and ask about the Fantasmic Dining Experience. The last information I had was that the Prime Time Cafe DID participate, but you'll have to check to be sure.

Crowd levels during late May are usually moderate.



Sandy asks: Greetings Brian. I love your site and the information you provide about WDW is terrific. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP!

We are traveling to WDW with my parents (for Fathers Day and to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday), my brother/sister-in-law and my niece (7) and nephew (4) for the kids first visit. We are staying at the Grand Floridian for 4 nights and I have most of the trip planned -- thanks in great part to MousePlanet!

I was hoping you (or one of your readers) could provide a recommendation for room requests when I contact the resort 5 days prior to check in.

We have Lagoon View accommodations, and it is very important that my parents and brother have adjoining rooms. Also my dad's mobility is not great -- he will have an electronic cart for the trip.

I was thinking about Boca Chica -- is it close to the monorail? And is this where you get the best view? My parents will be baby-sitting the kids some nights and I would love them to be able to see the fireworks, if possible from the room.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



First off, I'd suggest you look over this map of the Grand Floridian.

You'll notice that the monorail station is in the very front of the main building. From any other building, you'll have a long, long hike to the station!

Boca Chica is probably the building with the best views of the lagoon, but be aware that parts of Sago Cay, Sugar Loaf, Conch Key, Big Pine, and even the main building (especially the upper floors) all have some rooms that are designated "lagoon view." You may want to consider the main building for the mobility issue... although most of the main building rooms are concierge, suites, and otherwise considered to be an upgrade from the "standard" rooms.

What I would suggest you do is call the resort and explain all of your concerns and issues, and ask THEM to recommend a building or area of rooms. Alternatively, you can just call up central reservations and just note your needs and requests without specifying a particular building or location. Almost certainly, you'll be provided with adjoining rooms (when you make clear the reason for the request) and I'm sure you'll be given rooms that meet all of your needs to the best of their ability at the time.

In any case, get your requests in now... don't wait until 5 days before departure! For one thing, you might forget to make that last contact (or be too busy to deal with it at the time). Also, if your requests are already in the system, when you do call or fax them again just before the trip, you can spend more time explaining WHY you need those requests to be filled (and gain more empathy from the room assignment folks) and less time discuss WHAT the requests actually are.

One last thing... do you have any room in your suitcase for me?



Dana writes: Brian, this is one of the best Disney sites I have found, thanks for all the hard work. My question is this... my husband and I are taking our 3 children down to Disney the last week of May, they are 14, 13, and 3. We are staying at the Port Orleans Riverside this stay, we would like to know what area of the resort would be best for us. We would like to be near the food courts, pools and bus stops. We stayed at the All Star Movies on one of our visits and had a wonderful location, near food court, pools and bus stops. We would like the same this time.



Thanks for the kind comments about MousePlanet!

I'd suggest you look over this map of the resort.  My personal preference for location at Riverside is Magnolia Terrace. It's a walk across Ol' Man Island to the Landing where the restaurants, marina, etc. are located. It's directly adjacent to a quiet pool, and it's near one of the first bus stops on the run to the parks.

In the bayou area, buildings 14 and 18 are closer to the Landing and are fairly close to a quiet pool, too.



Mary writes: Hi Brian, I love MousePlanet!!! I can hardly wait for our next trip (wife, husband, and two boys ages 3 and 5) to Disney.

Here's the thing. Wilderness Lodge vs. Port Orleans. I have read your review but I have not visited Disney for about 10 years and have never stayed on site.

What would you say are the pro's and con's for the two above Resorts.

Would appreciate your opinion.



Wilderness Lodge is classified as a deluxe resort by Disney. Port Orleans, on the other hand, is classified as a moderate. The main difference between the two categories is price versus the level of service provided. The rooms tend to be a bit larger in the deluxe resorts, too, although not so much that the average person would pay more for that fact alone. Also, the deluxe resorts, in general, have fewer rooms -- so lines for check-in and out, buses, and other services are usually shorter. They also tend to be more compact, with restaurants and other guest facilities being more close together than at the moderates. The deluxe resorts offer more amenities (restaurant options, etc.) and more variety in transportation (Wilderness Lodge, for example, has boat service to the Magic Kingdom while all park transportation at Port Orleans is via bus). Finally, the deluxe resorts offer concierge service... something you will NOT find at a moderate.

Beyond those generalities, the themes of the two resorts are completely different, of course.



Mike asks: Brian, Hello again. Your information and that of MousePlanet have been put to good use on our trip to WDW last October. In fact the planning for this years trip in October is now in full swing. My question is about AAA. Out of the blue I called my AAA office to get price info on WDW tickets and while on hold I heard a recording about a AAA lounge in WDW. Also, they mentioned if AAA members bought their tickets through AAA they would receive a diamond lot parking pass? They stated that you still needed to pay the parking fees but that the diamond lot at each park is located closer to the entrance than the general lots. When I finally got a hold of someone in the office, they informed me the office manager is out of town for 2 weeks. UGH! its a small office and the rest of the staff there could not answer any of my questions about these 2 issues and suggested I call back in 2 weeks.

So I was wondering if you have heard of the lot and/or the lounge and could shed any light on this?

We purchased our tickets last year through AAA and were never told about the lot OR the lounge, so now we are very curious to find out about them. We have known about the ticket discounts, but we didn't know (and other MousePlanet readers may not either) about the diamond lot and the AAA lounge. Any information on these would be much appreciated. Thanks and keep those tips coming!



I'd suggest you check out this MousePlanet page.  It discusses all of the AAA perks including the diamond lot parking and the lounge in the Magic Kingdom.



and in a follow-up, Mike writes: LOL, thanks Brian. Just proves there's so much on MousePlanet that you're bound to miss something if you don't pay attention. :)

Hate to follow up a question with another question but something else has us a little concerned.

We noticed many people in WDW with 2-way radios last time we were there. By the end of our trip we wished we had them and are planning on getting a set for this upcoming trip in October. Our question is about concerns with airport security. Would you recommend us putting them in our checked baggage or in our carry-on so we can show that they work? We're afraid if we put them in our checked baggage that when they are x-rayed they will see electronics and pull our luggage off the plane. However if we put them in our carry-on we don't want them to be confiscated. After all, I suppose someone with bad intentions could use these to communicate with each other on the plane.

This brings us to another question. Is there a place either in WDW itself, or somewhere close that you can recommend that rents these radios? The other option we thought of was buying them there when we arrive, and then shipping them home when we leave. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks again.


Well, Mike, I have another MousePlanet page for you to check out. This one covers two-way radio rentals in the Orlando area. You may find the information helpful.



Rachel asks: Dear Brian, My husband, young daughter (aged 3) and I are visiting WDW in November of this year. I am using MousePlanet to aid planning the trip - it is really helping !

I am a member of the Disney Club and I have recently received a newsletter. One of the offers is for 10% discount on portrait photographs with "Disney event productions" - do you know anything about them ? I have never heard of this service before and wondered whether it was linked in any way to the photographers who are waiting for you at the entrances to the parks?

I would be grateful for any information you may have.



Disney Event Productions is the group that handles all of the special things that go on at the conventions and other business meetings that are held at WDW. They do have professional photographers on staff for those events. I'm assuming that they are just running a little slow on convention business if they are shopping the photographers around. :)

Keep in mind that the work done will probably be similar to any studio photography, but the price, even with the 10% discount, is likely to be inflated. Just check out all pricing before you commit, and you'll be able to make a good, informed decision about the services provided.



Vikki asks:

Hi, We went to WDW Florida for our honeymoon last year and fell in love with the place. We are hoping to go back Christmas 2003 and stay at a resort hotel (mid or deluxe depending on money!). Are there any reports of Christmas holidays on the site? If so I'm having real trouble finding them! I'm trying to find report on the park, hotels, extra charges, meals etc at Christmas. Can you help????? Thanks.

and Glenn asked:

Brian, I've scoured you "Notes..." archives, but wasn't able to find info on Christmas Day festivities. We will be staying on site with 6 days in the World, outside our travel days. Since I'm sure the parks will be busy, should we use this as a take it easy, take it slow day? I'd appreciate any feedback on what to expect on that day.

Also, our daughter will celebrate her 4th birthday on the 28th. In addition to a character breakfast, any suggestions on what other offerings Disney makes, to make it special?

Keep up the great work and all those helpful hints!


There are several column pieces that you may want to read on Christmas at WDW.  First, there's a great article on Christmas at the resorts by Sue Holland and several others by Sheila Hagen on Christmas at the resorts, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, The Studios, and Animal Kingdom,

As well as a bunch of trip reports. Those can be found by going to the trip report index page, and there you'll find links to the lists of "holiday" trip reports that have been submitted to MousePlanet from over the years.  Here's a sampling in 2001: Wahl, Niklewski, Holland, and in 2000: Bartlett, Fendrick, Veach, and Holland (again).

All of the days right around Christmas week will be VERY BUSY. In fact, this is the busiest week throughout the year at WDW! Christmas Day is the very busiest of the year at the Magic Kingdom. I've never been to the park on that day, so I can't answer your question about anything additional that is done on Christmas.

Regarding your daughter's birthday, there's one last MousePlanet page I'd suggest you read through that covers special days at WDW.



Loretta asks: Hi! I want to know more about the Leave a Legacy at Epcot. What type of picture do you need to bring with you? How much does it cost to have done? Finally, how many people can fit on the piece? We will be going in 3 weeks. Hope you have some info on this. Thanks and I really enjoy reading all the information on MousePlanet.



I don't know much more about "Leave a Legacy" than what's shown on Disney's own site. There is a phone number to call, if you'd like to check on pricing and so on.



Jayne asks: Hi love your site and am still doing my homework for our first trip to WDW in August 2002 with myself, husband and 2 small children... We are staying at Double Tree Guest Suites on site but non Disney. Haven't heard any personal reviews from this Hotel, what is your opinion? Non themed doesn't bother us for a first trip. What would be the approx. length of time by bus/shuttle to get from the hotel to either of the parks? We are trying to see if coming back to the hotel mid day for a nap/swim would be workable! I am still a little confused as to how the transportation works at Disney.

Who can ride the boat, monorail and buses to and from each park? Is this a service just for WDW guests or everyone and what are the costs for each transportation?

We are hoping to book a character breakfast at Cinderella's Castle but reading through the site I understand it may be next to impossible to secure one. Although we will still try when our 60 day window opens up. My next option was a character breakfast/meal with Winnie the Pooh and Friends for my 2 young children ( aged 5 & 2 ) where do I go about finding and booking this character breakfast and what is the advanced booking time for this one? 60 days? I know I have bombarded you with many questions but I do like to understand the grounds and know what I have in store for my family before we get down there a little planning can't hurt can it? Thank you so very much for your wonderful site it has already given me so much information. I feel as if I have been to WDW already. I'll be sure to write a trip report from a first timers point of view when we get back. Thank you again.



Shuttle transportation to and from any non-Disney resort will depend on the shuttle schedule as much as anything. You really should contact the Doubletree and ask what the schedule is! Once you're on the bus, you should assume that you'll be in transit for thirty minutes or so (as you'll likely stop at other Downtown Disney hotels on the way to and from the park).

Officially, Disney Transport (the actual buses, boats, monorail, etc. operated by Disney) is available according to your needs based on what you buy FROM DISNEY. For example, guests that are staying on site at a Disney-owned and operated resort (which you're not), are eligible to use any and all Disney transportation services. However, offsite (and that includes the Downtown Disney resorts) visitors are eligible to use Disney transportation depending on the admission media that you purchase. If you buy park hopper passes, then you can legitimately use the transportation to get from one park to another without question. If you have park hopper plus passes, you can use Disney Transport to get to the water parks, too.

I would suggest that you go ahead and try to make your priority seating for Cinderella's Royal Table as vigorously and rigorously as you'd like given how important it is to you. The one and only time that I tried to make breakfast arrangements for Cinderella's Royal Table, I was able to make them on my second call (that was for a trip in the Fall of 2000), so it's not impossible! The back up plan that you mentioned is Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom. Frankly, I prefer Crystal Palace to Cinderella's Royal Table in terms of the food quality (it's a buffet versus being pre-plated). The bigger difference between the two, of course, is location, location, location -- and which characters are available.

I'll be looking forward to that trip report. :)



Oleg asks: Brian, Thanks for maintaining a great site!

I plan to visit MK on May 4, right after the grad night on May 3 (which runs until 5am). Is there any reason not to visit on the day following grad night (i.e. unusually high number of people in the park, attractions closed, etc.)?



There will still be some additional folks around due to grad night overflow, but mostly the effects are seen on the night of the event itself when the park closes earlier than normal to accommodate it.

The main thing is that you'll likely see an influx of local Florida visitors because the 4th is a Saturday and Spectromagic will be running, too.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the reader feedback for the WDW Trip Planning Guide!  Feed free to send more questions or comments to!

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