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WDW Trip Planning Guide Reader Feedback

by Brian Bennett


This is not brand-new information, as it's been bouncing around the web and newsgroups for a few days now, but I thought I'd mention the fact that the Crystal Palace restaurant (where Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends are available for character meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will be undergoing building repairs during the later part of this year.

MousePlanet columnist Mike Scopa, who writes our Scoping the Parks trip planning column, contacted Walt Disney World through their WDW-DINE phone number and was told:

  • The Crystal Palace will be closed between July 29th and December 15th.
  • Starting in August (no date has yet been announced), character breakfasts and lunches will be held with Pooh and Friends at Tony's Town Square Cafe.
  • Price will be the same as it was for the Crystal Palace.
  • Current plans are for dinner at Tony's to NOT be a character meal!

Mike adds, "I think these character meals may (notice "may") not include a buffet meal as was held at the Crystal Palace but instead may include a pre-plated meal in which each guest receives their meal on a plate."  He goes on to add that it's still, "all you can eat. Guests may ask their servers for seconds and more."

Before we get into other email, I have a whole bunch of reader responses to previous "Notes From the World" questions and answers...

Dave writes:

Hi Brian, I just finished reading your update dated today (June 3rd), and I just wanted to add a thought for Leslie. You might have wanted to suggest that Leslie go to either Downtown Disney Marketplace or one of the resorts to soak up some atmosphere. Either option is free, and Leslie can still be in the middle of Disney Magic. Keep up the good work.

Vincent shares this information:

Good morning Brian,

In response to the reader concerning taking the train to the Orlando area, I have done it twice, and both times had a wonderful trip.

On both trips I booked a berth from NYC to Orlando. The trip took twenty-four hours each way, and provided a wonderful opportunity to relax before and after the trip. However, as with any modus transportation, delays can happen. One time on a non Disney trip, our train sat on the tracks for seven hours. So, if you go by train, plan carefully.

On my two trips to WDW, I booked the actually stay on Disney property for the day after I was supposed to arrive. This way, if we were on schedule, then I just called, and in both instances the Disney hotels could squeeze me in.

The Amtrak service was pretty decent. Getting a private room also mean my meals in the dining car were paid for, as well as having snacks and drinks throughout the journey. The little television set in the room was a nice touch, as they played movies all the way down there. Well, except, of course, at night. Also, having a private shower was a real plus.

I usually fly wherever I go, but if you have the time and want to spend more on a private room on the train, I highly recommend the investment.

One last important thing... Prepare in advance if you are going to rent a car or take transport to WDW. You will have to pay for a cab to a car rental office, or a cab to Disney.

Andy writes:

Brian, As always I enjoy reading your column, I was reading about the questions about the transportation and thought I would add my 2 cents.

We went on a last minute trip over the Memorial day weekend, as expected the resorts were booked and we had to stay offsite. We haven't done in a long time but decided it would be a "retro" trip and have fun anyway. The parks were mobbed of course but I have to tell you that the staff levels were high, the rides were running at capacity and waits were not much longer than slower times when staffing is low. Disney does it best when the parks are full. The parks are beautiful and the staff is ready for the summer season, they are definitely not going downhill. Slower seasons are when they do the maintenance and such as you know and I guess misleads some people to believe the place is falling apart. I'm happy to report the work has been for the most part taken care of and the whole resort is in tip-top shape.

Saturday the Magic Kingdom was open until 11:00pm and the rides, restaurants and shops were full even beyond 11:00, they were obviously making a profit during these hours.

I just don't understand why Disney would not take advantage of the revenue these hours provided for them. There's no place more beautiful than the Magic Kingdom at night and I really miss the later hours.

As for the transportation issue we had to drive our own car and park in the lots because we were offsite. The tram announcer said that ALL transportation was available for ALL guests with a ticket, not just resort guests. I don't know if this is a recent thing or not, I remember when you got a separate transportation ticket when staying at a resort and they actually asked to see them at boarding. Although they have changed the bus routes to make it more difficult for offsite guests to clog up the bus routes, such as the Downtown Disney busses not going directly to any park to keep people from parking for free in their lots and the using the busses to get to a park.

You would have to take at least two busses to get anywhere and that is time consuming.

Speaking of time consuming, I know there has been a lot of debate about the advantages of staying onsite now that there are no Early Entry days. In the time it took us to just get to our car in the main lot we would have been arriving at our resort were we staying onsite, and that to me is a huge perk. The lines for the express monorail to get to the Ticket and Transportation Center were staggering! Then another long line for the parking lot Tram and finally getting down SR192, even with most of the construction finished is nightmarish... People were not sure where their hotel is or trying to find a restaurant still serving food (futile) makes this a poor way to end a good day. We could have been at the resort, gotten something decent to eat and been in the pool by the time we got back to the dump we stayed in. No more "retro" trips for us, if I don't get a resort I'm not going. Which may mean I won't be back until the end of summer but I can wait.

and I responded:

Thanks for the great note, Andy.

Regarding the availability of WDW transportation to offsite guests... again, that is true for holders of park hoppers, but not for holders of one-day tickets.

Sandy writes:

Thank you Brian for answering "Bob's" note, "Bob writes: Brian, I was checking out eBay today and saw something so shocking I just had to let all the WDW Disney planning sites I know. There was an auction for the Cinderella breakfast!"

I felt your answer was direct and informative. In a professional manner you stated WDW new policy for CRT breakfast and why the change was needed. Thank you for not mentioning the web site wars that are still raging on this matter.

And I responded:

Thanks, Sandy. I try to be reasonable... really, I do. :)

Jeff writes:

Brian, Just an update on DVC prices. I just bought into the Beach Club Villas and they were charging $75 a point. There was supposed to be a price increase on 2 June to $80 or $85 a point. Since you had someone asking in today's (June 3rd) update I just wanted to pass it along. Heard they may have put off the increase until July 1st, but they may have been for selected states (I know they were having problems getting approval to sell BCV in some states like New York).

Thanks again for all your work and efforts, we've been reading your stuff since '97 and use it for every trip we take. . . and will continue as we take our DVC trips now!!!

Keep up the good work!

and in an follow-up, Jeff writes:

Brian, Just to give you the right price, it is an increase to $80 a point, but again I keep seeing people on another board saying there has been a delay in that increase. Not sure what the details since we locked in a few weeks ago.

Elizabeth writes:

Brian - your reader inquired about WDW resort discounts for the time period after August 24. Discounts codes are now out through October 2nd (I got my info at - I just booked 6 nights (October 1-7) using the codes and saved quite a bit. We are resort hopping but still managed to get the discount for all but one night by being flexible. I originally wanted 2 nights each (in this order) at Wilderness Lodge, Yacht Club & Animal Kingdom Lodge. By switching to 1 night each at Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge, we maximized the discount (Wilderness Lodge on the 1st is discounted, and our entire stay at Yacht Club is at the discounted rate since we check in on that rate on the 2nd). For the last night, I am paying rack rate for a savannah view at Animal Kingdom Lodge but overall saved several hundred dollars over what we would have spent without the discount codes (so I didn't mind the "splurge" at the end). If we hadn't switched resorts after the 2nd, our whole stay would have been discounted.

Thanks for the site! I especially appreciate your integrity in terms of not encouraging the "skirting" of rules when certain issues come up.

and I responded:

Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm glad to hear that early Fall is covered now.

(Editor's Note: By the way, I'll take this opportunity to once again plug  That site really is a tremendous resource!  You should definitely make part of your trip planning ritual unless you're independently wealthy and just don't care about the cost of your trip... in which case, can you adopt me?  ;)

Rick shares this information:

Brian, I haven’t written in awhile, but there are two items in today’s update that I wanted to comment on. First, you mentioned that Orlando is not known for its public transportation but the Lynx system was recognized by the U.S. Department of Transportation as the best public transportation system in the country back in 2000. They must be doing SOMETHING right!

The other item has to do with babysitting at the Disney resorts. Going back twenty years or so to when my parents used this service for me, Disney actually used outside babysitting services that had been checked out and approved by them. At least at that point, a check mark in the babysitting column didn’t mean day care—it meant in-room babysitting referrals.

To which I answered:

Thanks for the note, Rick.

Lynx is, indeed, a great system. However, (and feel free to correct me if I'm showing a lot of ignorance here) although it's great for convention goers and folks staying around the International Drive area, it's pert near useless for WDW visitors.

And following up, Rick writes:

I will admit that I have never personally ridden the Lynx—I’m just going by that award they won. I just checked the Lynx website and they seem to have several routes that run to Disney. Depending on where one stays, they may have to transfer at a large bus center, but if budget is more important than convenience it still seems like a good option.

Regarding conditions at the Magic Kingdom, Stephanie writes back:

Hello again Brian!

I just wanted to write again to defend myself against Jason's comment that you have been a victim of a "trollish poster" because of my past letter. I assure you that it is not the case. The conditions I described are exactly as I perceived them to be on the day of my visit, yes, bras and all :)

I am glad that Jason had a different experience than I did, and it goes to the fact, as Cynthia pointed out in a different note, that perhaps it was just an exceptionally busy day during my visit. In any case, it does illustrate the need for Disney to rethink their cutbacks if they are not able to keep up with these

unexpected crowd surges. If Jason had a different experience, I am glad to hear it. I just wish he could have told us about it without calling my honesty into question...

On another note, I did not mention previously, and perhaps I should have, that the other parks, especially MGM were very clean and did not have any of the problems that I noticed at the MK. My earlier observations related to the Magic Kingdom only.

Thanks again for your wonderful site!

Bill writes:

Brian, I wanted to comment on Tina's revelations in the latest Notes (6/3). She mentioned that the MK was closed early at 6:00pm for three consecutive days due to a private party. I have to say that I would be very upset if this happened to me. I had a similar experience last December when the Studios was closed early on December 5 for the 100 years celebration press event. While I wasn't happy about this, I was able to plan around it and dealt with it. But three consecutive days? That is going too far!

People pay far too much money to be sold out like that. I understand Disney probably made a healthy bit of money, but it isn't fair to those paying the big bucks to be at - and more importantly IN - Walt Disney World! I am curious to know how often this occurs and when the information is released to the public! I'll bet such arrangements are made way ahead of time, but the public rarely knows more than a month out the schedules for the parks, so we aren't told. It would be a big reason for me to change my plans if I knew ahead of time that a park was to be closed early like this during my stay.

Sorry to rant but this one got to me!

I answered:

I agree, Bill. I would come unglued if that happened to me.

(Editor's Note:  Does anyone out there have any information on Disney's policy on such events?)

Mark writes:

I just booked a package through the Disney Club and part of the package is special viewing areas for fireworks at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom and special parade viewing in the Animal Kingdom. Just thought you might want to know if you didn't already.

and Patrick Carey, a MousePlanet reader and occasional guest columnist, writes:

Brian, Regarding the Illuminations viewing area near Italy, In addition to the area being available to annual passholders, AAA members and (possibly) Disney Club members, my family and I have twice gotten access to that area as a result of staying at the Concierge floor at the Yacht Club. We asked the Concierge Cast Members if we could get signed up for that perk and they were able to work their magic to do so. Thus, this is yet another benefit available to those who elect to stay on a Concierge floor at one of the Disney Deluxe resorts.

and I responded:

Thanks, Patrick. I'll share that additional info soon.

(Editor's Note:  There still seems to be some confusion on who, exactly, is eligible to use the IllumiNations viewing area.  My answer is, stop at Guest Relations early in the morning and drop all of your membership cards on the counter and ask which one (AAA, Disney Club, Disney Vacation Club, American Express, or your local library card) will get you admission.  You might just be rewarded for asking the question... Although the next two reader notes might squash those hopes for the next few months.)

Stephen writes:

Hi Brian, I had a fantastic trip to WDW this weekend! Just wanted to let you know that according to Guest Relations, the special viewing area for IllumiNations has been discontinued.

Todd writes:

Hi Brian, I just got back from a trip to WDW (5/25 - 6/1) and wanted to give you some feedback related to your last Notes update (6/3).

First, the AP viewing area for Illuminations is definitely no longer available. I asked at the EPCOT AP lounge and they said that the perk had been discontinued at least for the summer. They said that this is because the site is used so much during the summer for other groups/companies.

Second, about the condition of the parks, I'd have to say that in general things are not as bad as some have said, but do seem to be on a downward trend. For example:

  1. We saw vomit on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (don't ask me how you throw up on that ride :-) that had not been cleaned up, despite the fact that the car had already been around the circuit more than once.
  2. The hand rails at the NEW Primeval Whirl ride at AK already had the vanish worn off in many places (and I don't think it was part of the "theme" since all the metal had nice fresh paint).
  3. We actually saw a bench (in the area behind the Christmas shop at MK) collapse under a guest. The wood had apparently rotted and the screws just pulled out. (I know some readers will think this is a troll, but we REALLY did see it happen.)

The Cast Members seem to the be only part that is still (for the most part) consistent (doing a good job keeping the magic going). Still, I wonder how long this can be kept up. Many CMs seem overworked, some having to do jobs that used to be handled by more than one person.

The bean counters at WDW seem determined to see how far they can push things. They don't seem to realize that the most prized asset of Disney is it's reputation. Once it's lost, the value of the company will go down the drain. They (with the apparent exception of people in Japan) don't seem to understand the need to keep looking at the long term picture.

Thanks for the site,

BTW, I've attached a picture of "Space" under construction, as viewed from the GM lounge at Test Track. I thought you might like the view.

Mission Space Construction (photo by Todd Alden)
Mission Space Construction (photo by Todd Alden)

And I answered:

Thanks so much for your update and the picture, Todd. I'll share it ASAP on the site!

And now, back to our regular email...


Angela writes: Dear Brian, We just returned from a trip to Disney World May 11-18, and we noticed several things that we attributed to budget cuts. First of all, the Flower Show at Epcot did not seem nearly as impressive as it was when I went three years ago. We didn't see any hanging baskets in the World Showcase area at all! My aunt and uncle were with us, and were really looking forward to the Flower Show. I think they were disappointed after hearing how fabulous it was from us for several years.

We also hopped from the Magic Kingdom to MGM to catch the Beauty and the Beast show, which we think is one of the best attractions at Disney. When we arrived, we were EXTREMELY surprised to find that there were no shows that day! It was my aunt and uncle's last day in the parks, and they were very disappointed! We had even had a cast member call from Magic Kingdom to check the times of the show!

We were also quite disappointed that the Magic Kingdom closed at 6:00 or 7:00 all week, with no fireworks or night parade except Saturday, the only day we couldn't go!

Last but not least, the service did not seem as wonderful as it usually is. I have e-mailed guest relations with my concerns. I was not sure about the reasons for the changes with Port Orleans, cancellation of Early Entry, etc., but my aunt and I both figured they were cutting back. I had asked cast members about some of these things, and I was told the "entertainers needed a break" (for the Beauty and the Beast show) and that Port Orleans must be being "renovated." I certainly understand that their business has been down, and that they have to watch the bottom line, as do all businesses. Since the budget cuts seem to be common knowledge to many people, I would have appreciated an honest response much more.

Thanks for your great website! It is very helpful!!!!



Unfortunately, I'm getting more negative email now than I've had over the last few months. Maybe things are taking a downturn with the larger crowds in late Spring?




Greg writes: I really appreciate and learn from your site. I have a simple question. Living near Disneyland and having an annual pass for that park, why do the theme parks at Disney World close so early during the summer?

In Anaheim, Disneyland Park closes at 12:00 or 1:00 am in the summer. Why does the Magic Kingdom at The World close at 10:00 pm, especially when it is so hot during this time of the year? We are going to The World in the middle of August and can't figure out why such an early closing. Please help us understand.



During the very busiest times of the year, the parks very well may be open as late as midnight. The "regularly scheduled" hours are less, but if the demand is there (i.e., the parks are at or near capacity), they'll alter that schedule from week to week and even from day to day.

The one thing that you have to understand at WDW, versus Disneyland, is that there is just so much capacity in this resort as a whole, that it's hard to build up enough demand to tax that capacity. As a result, the regular schedule has the parks closing with a show (Spectromagic, IllumiNations, Fantasmic, etc.) with the expectation that many guests will then go to the resorts and Downtown Disney for the very late hours.


and in a follow-up, Greg writes: Thanks Brian. I do wish, however, they would have the Magic Kingdom open till midnight. Your explanation makes sense, but sometimes I think they close for they can make more money on "E" Ticket Night.


Well, Greg, that certainly plays into the equation, I'm sure. :)



Jim writes: Just thought I'd pass on this tip (we read it in one of the many guides we read, and it was so true): We thought Epcot was the best place to meet characters - I forget what its called, but a double-decker busload of characters appears (check the schedule) and you can see 8 - 10 characters with almost no waiting (at least the day we were there).

And we were totally unimpressed with the 'Character Caravan' - the lines at the Wilderness Lodge were worse than in the parks! We skipped it and went to the pool.


Thanks for the note, Jim! I'll share it soon.


and in a follow-up, Jim writes back: You responded to Bradley, who was disappointed he didn't try to get priority seating 60 days in advance for Cinderella's castle. He shouldn't feel bad, he wouldn't have gotten it anyway, unless he's very lucky! 3 years ago we got in on our first try, and had no idea how lucky we were. This time I did the redial thing 5 mornings in a row (for each day of our stay) with no luck.

Bradley asked: "if we made an early lunch Priority Seating, would we have any chance of seeing any characters hanging around after breakfast?"

But I was able to get a walk-up PS in the park for 12:15. We showed up at 11:45, to wait downstairs. At about 11:50 Cinderella appeared from the elevator and greeted kids on the 'fairy godmother' throne. Not a real character breakfast, but quite a thrill for my 7-year old! The food was average, but the service was incredibly fast.

So Bradley, I don't know how often this happens, but it is possible!


Thanks for the note, Jim! I'll share this one soon, too. :)



Elizabeth writes: Brian - love your site! Thanks for all the work you do making information available to people planning trips.

On the Swan Renovation issue: I was pumped to get what I felt like was a great rate there, then started reading about renovations. Starwood preferred guest booking had no notes in their system about renovations 9which they normally would), but I was seeing too many things about it not to check it out.

I called the front desk and the marginally helpful girl confirmed that they would be renovating - that it was due to start soon (the next few weeks) and would definitely not be done before our October stay. Dissatisfied about her vague assurances that this would not impact our trip, I called Starwood again and provided feedback about my frustration with the fact that for their preferred members, they had no information on this renovation.

My comments were sent in an email to the hotel General Manager, who is supposed to be contacting me within 7-10 business days. I will let you know what he says about renovation plans. In the mean time, I cancelled my Swan reservation and talked my husband into the Yacht Club. :-) I was at the Grand Floridian a few years ago, and this time wanted to be Epcot based and this seemed like it would offer a similar hotel experience with the Epcot/MGM base of operations.


Thanks for your note, Elizabeth. Let me know what you find out.



Following-up, Elizabeth writes: Brian, rather than a phone call, I received a letter from the General Manager of the Dolphin/Swan complex (as he referred to it) William McCreary. I quote the pertinent portions, "During the latter part of this year, we are scheduled to begin renovations of the guest rooms of the Swan wing of the complex. This process will involve guest rooms only and the public areas will not be affected." He went on to say, regarding my request for a newly renovated room when making the reservation, "While we make every effort to honor our guests' requests, we cannot guarantee that one of the renovated rooms will be available. If you prefer to stay at the Dolphin wing, please let us know and we will be glad to make that change."

This is a kind "honeymoon we never had" for us; if I considered it a regular vacation, I would be inclined to take my discounted rate, make my request for a renovated room, and roll with what happens. But this trip is special for us and so we have opted to switch to the Yacht club - more money but I am also feel much more comfortable as I anticipate our WDW experience later this year.

Thanks again for the great site!



You'll enjoy the Yacht Club very much. It's a top notch resort.



Amy writes: Brian, Hi! We (me and my family of 5) recently returned from a trip to WDW. We had what can only be described as a nightmarish trip, with one complication after another due to poor communication / customer service between the resorts, parks and dining.

Do you know who I would write to in regard to this? I have written a nine page letter explaining everything that occurred and will be mailing it registered mail, but would like it to go to someone that will use it best and hopefully if I ever decided to go back, won't run into these same situations. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of Michael Eisner, but with Disney Corporation doing so poorly these days (Not that I wouldn't love to tell him where to start fixing this problem) I'm sure he has much bigger fish to fry, then my bad trip to WDW. A friend of mine recommended your site to find where I would write to but I'm not that much of an internet guru and would like to get this in the mail soon.

Thanks for all of your help!

PS I just love your site, it gave us a lot of insight!!!



I would suggest that you send your letter to:

Guest Communications
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

Sorry you had a bad trip. :(



Elmer (who happens to have the same last name as I do) writes: Brian, cousin Elmer here! Just kidding, we share the same last name "Bennett." 

Great site, review it everyday from work, you won't tell my boss will you?

We are now empty nesters and finally can afford to stay at the Contemporary, we will be renting a car at the airport, I think it will be faster to travel by car from the Contemporary to the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort for dinner at Boma.

Question: I have been told that the Contemporary now charges for valet parking and if you use it upon arrival, you will be charged $6.00 or $8.00 for every day of your stay, even if the car is never moved. Is this true?

To avoid this, you have to park the car yourself at check in, get a parking permit, go back to the car and put in in the window? 

While I have you. Can you get a more desirable room (view) by faxing the resort at the beginning of the week of your arrival? 

Thanks, keep up the good work.


Howdy Cousin! :)

You will, indeed, be charged the $6.00 fee for every day that the car is in the lot.

One neat thing (if you can call it that) is that if you use Valet parking on any given day, your receipt will give you "free" valet parking at any of the other resorts that same day. That might be handy if you plan to do any resort touring.

I'd suggest you check out this page, and scroll down to the "room controller" section. Calling in your requests does seem to work (I do it myself, in fact), and I would assume that faxing would help too... but I'd prefer to talk to a live person. :)



Ed writes: Like everyone else, love the web site!

We'll being arriving 6/19 and I've heard that the new version of BLAST! called SHOCKWAVE will be playing in Epcot. Have you heard anything more on this, and will there be a Dinner/reserve seating package available?


and Mandy asks:

I've been following the site for the last few months to help plan a trip for December of 2003 and have a few minor questions.

  1. Are the two improv troupes still at Epcot? (United Kingdom and Wonders of Life)
  2. Is a performance schedule available for Off-Kilter
  3. How is the clubs at Pleasure Island (I'm 22 soon to be 23)
  4. Is the Fish & Chips stand in the UK open still?



Ed (and Mandy),

I'd suggest you check out Steve Soares excellent site with WDW Entertainment Schedules. This site is excellent for deciding what shows and acts to try to catch even before you leave home!

On Mandy other questions, I wrote:

I'm not a club person, so I can't be of much help on PI, but I know there's a great Yahoo Club on PI that you might want to check into.

Finally, yes, the Yorkshire County Fish Shop is alive and well.



Tracey asks: Brian: We are planning to do a character breakfast at the Polynesian in August. I know they issue you temporary parking permits at the gatehouse for this purpose. If we pay for parking at the main entrance, can we leave the car all day without fear of towing if we display the paid parking permit along with the temporary one?

My other thought is, can we park in the valet parking all day at the resort with the temporary permit without trouble?

Thanks for your site. There's a lot of great info here!



If you pay the valet parking, you can leave your car as long as you want -- even without that temporary pass. The temporary passes are only for those folks that are using self-parking (and, in some cases, are trying to avoid the fees at the main parking lot).



Carol asks: Hi Brian! I'm fairly new to MousePlanet. It seems to be the best place to get up-to-date info. I want to thank you for the "heads up" on the Very Merry Christmas Party. We already bought our tickets. However, when I searched the official Disney site nothing popped up about it. It's always interesting to me that if you e-mail Disney with a question, they refer you to their web site. I guess it would work if the web site was updated.

I was wondering if you had any info on the Candlelight Procession. I saw it a couple of years ago at Disneyland and would now like to see it at Disney World.



I do know that "Holidays Around the World at Epcot" will be running from November 29 - December 30 this year. That includes the Candlelight Processional, but when I called recently (about a week ago) to ask about dining reservations for the Candlelight, I was told that those packages wouldn't be available for reservations until mid-August.



In the kind of note that I just love to get, Michelle wrote: Brian, This is an absolutely outstanding web site - I can't believe I will need to look anywhere else for information now I have found you!! Well done.


Thank you very much for the kind comments. :)



And another kind note from Sue: Brian, Hi! We are going to WDW in August, and recently found your site. I LOVE WDW! I could go every year, however my family thinks I am crazy!!! Your site is terrific! I have found so many wonderful ideas and hints! Thank you for putting this together.


Thanks for the kind words, Sue. :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the reader feedback for the WDW Trip Planning Guide!  Feed free to send more questions or comments to!

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So...I'll post reader email and feedback every once in a while, because the question someone else asks might be the same one you're thinking about yourself!


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